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Sneha Solanki  ‘The Lovers’

Two networked machines, one infected with a virus, slowly infects the other through the interface of classic romantic poetry.

A breakdown in the relationship was inevitable once the virus had seeped into the memory of one machine and then into the other through a singular network cable affecting the poetic text files. Communication between the two deteriorated, leading to irrational & at times odd behaviour. Each machine reacted with equal confusion and conflict. The interface text became an illegible poetic mutation of itself.

Rati has the power to surpass everything. It also has the power to make us forget everything. When rati intensifies and is unaffected by opposing moods, it is known as prema. Gradually manifesting its own sweetness, prema transforms into sneha, mdna, pranaya, rdga, anuraga, and bhava. When prema matures and possesses the power of illumination, it melts the heart and is called sneha. Sneha is of two types, butterlike and honeylike. Sneha with intense affection is like butter. Sneha in the form of possessiveness is like honey.“