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Sneha Solanki  ‘The Lovers’

Two networked machines, one infected with a virus, slowly infects the other through the interface of classic romantic poetry.

A breakdown in the relationship was inevitable once the virus had seeped into the memory of one machine and then into the other through a singular network cable affecting the poetic text files. Communication between the two deteriorated, leading to irrational & at times odd behaviour. Each machine reacted with equal confusion and conflict. The interface text became an illegible poetic mutation of itself.

How I fell in love with Sharon (Sneha Kapoor)

It’s easy to love Swayam.. he is generally such a good,sweet guy.. a pacifist and a very devoted lover..Shantanu plays him with that disarming smile of his.. you don’t need to do much to like him.
Sharon on the other hand was a tough nut to crack. I remember getting infuriated many times over as I watched Sharon diss the weaklings or break Swayam’s heart over and over again. She was a diva.. brash and harsh ..spoilt brat ..thought too highly of herself. Plus she treated people poorly. So convincing was Sneha that many a times I really believed the actress to be similar in nature (though it was far from the truth.. Sneha in real was polite, soft,hardworking and lovable)

However, Sharon was a phenomenon. You would wonder what Swayam saw in her… eventually you end up falling in love with her the same way. You really see what Swayam sees in her and you can’t help but smile at her brashness sometimes.. Overlook her harsh words and you get to see the real person behind it all is a complex girl.. confused and insecure besides being efficient intelligent smart terribly loyal and a romantic at heart.

It’s the success of story telling as well as the actress that Sharon became such a lovable character inspite of being a far cry from your typical heroine with niceties and sweetness ..basically the devi type portrayals of heroines on screen.