sneeze whisperer

  • Moe (while talking to all the newbies): "OKAY so when we line up,let's all dab together!"
  • Broon: "No, I will not dab because I'm a grown woman and neither will any of you."
  • Carli: "Moe, what is that? Are you sneezing?"
  • Tobin (whispering): "We're still doing it right?"
  • Allie (whispering): "Of course."
  • Ash: "Becky, I'm also a grown woman and I say we do it."
  • Broon: "Debatable and the answer is still no."
  • KO: "What about me? I'm an adult. I wanna do it."
  • Broon: "Kelley you're an actual squirrel, and please stop annoying me."
  • Newbies: "So... is it always like this?"
  • Dawn: "Just smile and nod. They'll work it out or jump on each other to try to establish dominance."
Dusty witches - Part 1

Summary: Reader x Sam
The Winchesters and reader go on a witch hunt, hoping to find the one who is turning people into animals. Let’s just say, they don’t get to kill her at the first meeting.

obviously, there is going to be a second part to this… so i hope you like it and I’m not writing it for nothing :)

Warnings: None
Words: 3086

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A Little Trouble Off-Screen (CHANYEOL)

(I don’t own the Gifs unless stated otherwise, credit to their owners) And Thank you <3

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  You opened your eyes to see a peaceful Park Chanyeol sleeping right beside you with his arms wrapped around you. Then you looked past him to see that it was only 6:50 am. “It’s too early to get up,” you thought. So you decided to close your eyes and stayed in Chanyeol’s arms for a little while. But then you suddenly felt a soft touch on your face, wiping your hair away and tucking it behind your ears. Of course it was Chanyeol, who else could it be? “Good morning beautiful,” his voice, like music to your ears, echoed through the room even though his voice was soft and quiet. 

  Chanyeol rested his forehead against yours and closed his eyes. “I want to stay like this forever. Do you think that’s possible, (Y/N)?” he asked you. You were certain so you answered him, “Of course Channie. I think that’s very possible.” 

“You’re lying, (Y/N).”


“Cause we have to go to work in a few hours. You won’t be in my arms, but instead you’ll be in Kyungsoo’s arms. It hurts my heart seeing you with him.”

“We’re just acting, Channie. You know that.”

“I do. But it still hurts.”

“You have to act with girls all the time and I know that there’s nothing going on between the two of you.”

“Well sorry for loving you too much to think of it like that when you’re in the arms of another man. And having fake kissing scenes all the time.” He said sarcastically.

“I come home to kiss you for real don’t I? I sleep in your arms every night don’t I? You don’t have to be jealous.”

“But I am. I’m sorry but I am.”

“I love you, you know that.”

“And I love you too.”

“Lets get dressed now, I don’t want to be late.”


Both of you got up and went to your sides of the closet. You picked out what you want to wear, nothing too fancy because you have to go change at the set anyway. You went to the bathroom to change into the clothes you picked out. Then you came out to see Chanyeol already dressed. “How about this Channie?” You asked for his opinion. You wore a pink tank top and white skinny jeans. Chanyeol eyed you from head to toe, giving you the “I-don’t-approve” glare. You rolled your eyes.


“I don’t like it.”

“Why not?”

“You’re showing too much skin.”

“Right, but when you take off your shirt for a photo shoot you don’t see me complaining.”

“What is there to complain about? My body is amazing.”

“So are you saying my body isn’t amazing?”

“No, no, no, no, no, that’s not what I meant. I just don’t want other guys looking at you the way I look at you.”

“I’m not changing.”

“You don’t have to.” 

Chanyeol took off his hoodie and gave it to you. Then he grabbed your hand and dragged you out the door. He held your hand the whole time he was walking to his car. You both got in his car then drove off to the set. When you got there, the director told you to get your makeup done and change your clothes. You did as you were told. When you were finished changing, you went to get your make up done. While the make up artist was putting make up on your face, the director came over to talk to you. “We’re changing the script a bit, we’re zooming in on your face so you actually have to kiss Kyungsoo.” 

Your eyes shot open when the director said that while the make up artist was doing your eye shadow. Thank god it was just eye shadow not eye liner. “Like… lips on lips?” The director nodded.  You let the make up finish putting make up on you and immediately looked for Chanyeol. You went into his dressing room and saw him reading his script. “Channie!!” 

He turned to you and smiled brightly. Then he suddenly grabbed your waist and sat you on his lap. But you rejected him and quickly stood up. He looked at you confused. “I don’t want to break your heart even more but I have a kiss scene with Kyungsoo.” you spatted out. His jaw dropped and eyes wide open, looking really hurt. Then he nodded. “Okay. I got it.” He stood up and walked out the door. You followed him. He walked into Kyungsoo’s dressing room, you followed. 



“What’s up hyung?”

“…You know what, never mind. Keep studying your lines.”

Then he turned around and walked out the dressing room. You were really confused at the situation. So once again, you followed Chanyeol. He went back to his dressing room and sat in his chair. “Channie, what was that all about?” You asked him curiously. He didn’t answer. You crossed your arms and looked at him through the mirror. 

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry.”

“What were you gonna say.”

“I was gonna give him a piece of my mind but because he’s freaking satan’s son how the hell am I supposed to say anything?” 

“Channie.” You chuckled at his response. 

“I know it’s just work. I’m still trying to accept the fact that it’s not real but your acting skills are amazing so every time you’re with Kyungsoo I really do believe you guys are in love.”

“We’re not. You’re the only one that I love you know that.”

He came over and wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you,” he whispered in your ear. Then he softly kissed your lips, trying not to mess up your lipstick. Then you walked hand in hand with Chanyeol to the set. It was time to film the kiss scene. You were extremely nervous, because that was the first time you were gonna kiss someone other than Chanyeol. 

When the director yelled out action, and the lights went on, and the camera was all up in your face, Kyungsoo grabbed your face and pulled you closer to him, his face inched in closer to yours, you wanted to pull away but you couldn’t. All eyes were on you, including Chanyeol. You felt so freaking trapped. Then you felt a tickle in your nose. You tried to keep it in… but you couldn’t. You pushed Kyungsoo away and sneezed. That saved you from the kiss. “Thank you sneeze,” you whispered to yourself. “Cut!” the director yelled, “(Y/N), lets try that again.” Kyungsoo and you go in your positions again. “Action!” the director yelled again. Kyungsoo grabbed your face, inching his in closer and closer. His grip was tighter this time. All eyes were still on you. You closed your eyes cause you didn’t want to see Chanyeol and how hurt he must have felt. But then Chanyeol came in between you and Kyungsoo, pushing him off you. 

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“Nuh-uh. It’s not happening. Nope.” Chanyeol said. The director is now very frustrated. “Channie,” you spoke. Then he cut you off by crashing his lips onto yours. He gave absolutely no shits about your lipstick now. He kissed you with a burning passion, like you two were the only ones there. He pulled away, leaving you unsatisfied. 

“That’s what this scene should look like. But no one’s allowed to kiss her like that except me,” then he turned to Kyungsoo, “got it, satansoo- I mean Kyungsoo?” Kyungsoo nodded. Then you grabbed Chanyeol’s face and turned it to you and kissed him. You swung your arms around his neck and he pulled you closer by your waist. Then you slowly pulled away, your lipstick is now all over Chanyeol’s lips as well. You wiped it away with your thumb. Now you’re satisfied. 

“Did the camera men get that? You guys are giving me a headache… seriously. WRITERS!! Rewrite the damn script. Oh gosh, these freaking kids.” The directer yelled out. 

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