sneeze fail

Perfect Timing

“Why do you always stay late and do extra work?” you shifted your head towards your office door and found your work friend leaning on the frame.

“Umm. Because I love my job?” you chuckled at her question and signaled her to take a seat.

“I don’t get why you work so hard? Most girls out there are literally throwing themselves at rappers just to cop that lifestyle.” She motioned her hands animatedly. “and then, there’s you.”

“Well, I’ve got mouths to feed other than mine. It’s a tragedy, really.” You laughed at her frustration over your work ethic.

“Go home early today, please.” She requested you before she stood up and left.

After she left, you went back to finishing your work. The truth was that aside from genuinely enjoying what you do, you hated going home early. You hated having to fight with the rush hour traffic after office hours and these days, you hated coming home to an empty house.

While you were rubbing your temples, your phone buzzed to life and saw Jay’s face on the screen. Excited that he may want to have dinner, you picked up immediately.

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Snezcanon: Voltron Edition

My take on something I know has already been done, sorry not sorry (?) <.< But In My Humble Opinion here’s the mains—

Allura: She’s got the dainty sneezes. The ones with the distinctly girly-sounding endings, like “hehttChiew!” However, for all her daintiness, she sneezes in threes, and on the third, her magic has a tendency to go haywire. This makes for some interesting times aboard the castle, and she’s never allowed to pilot when ill.

Coran: His sneezes are obnoxiously vocal, and usually contain a handful of gratuitous syllables (I think you can guess what I mean without me spelling it). He uses handkerchiefs religiously. Because every sneeze is a dramatic production, he gets exhausted really really quickly when he’s sick or allergic or what have you. Usually the Paladins and Allura have to force him to go to bed.

Shiro: Shiro’s sneezes blindside him almost without fail. This is a source of embarrassment for him because, regrettably, his sneezes are not discreet. He wishes he could make them more so, but he almost never realizes he has to sneeze until he has to sneeze. So he’ll be sitting quietly, minding his own business, when suddenly his lungs seize up and – “hahDJYSSCHhhuh!” (Pidge has been known to fall out of her chair) He’s usually good for one, unless he’s sick, in which case he sneezes intermittently and gets wicked headaches and sinus pain due to his scar….

Pidge/Katie: She’s got the kitten sneezes. Quiet but forceful, and many at once. She haaaates this because once she starts she knows there’ll be a good dozen before she’s finished, and it’s annoying as hell. Sometimes it’ll happen while she’s in the middle of working or worse, an explanation, and she tries (and fails) to continue typing or speaking every time.

Lance: Lance’s sneezes are ticklish AF. He’ll build up for a good several ticks before finally dissolving into mini-fits of 2-5 that take a lot out of him. His sneezes distract him horribly while they’re forming, which is bad news for everyone else usually (”Lance, watch where you’re aiming those ice blast - oh shit he’s gonna sneeze take cover”) and his eyes water like mad, especially with allergies. He’s also bad at remembering to cover, which gets him yelled at. A lot.

Keith: Keith is The Stifler of the bunch. He hates drawing attention to himself, so when he sneezes he can almost always do it near-silently, though if he’s sick it gets a lot harder and he has to physically pinch his nose and such. When he does let himself sneeze (i.e. when no one is around and/or he’s too tired to stifle) his sneezes are harsh and tear his throat. He sneezes twice without fail, occasionally in small fits of these pairs, but Lance has his sneezing patterns figured out and is inordinately amused (”hehGgKXt!” “hahaha okay waaait for it~~” “sh-shut uhh- hheGKkTSh-t!-dh - up!!”

Hunk: Hunk, amazingly, has the squeakiest sneeze of them all. He’s not quiet, per se, but his voice cracks and pitches higher when he sneezes. (first time it happened, everyone lost their shit. he was Not Amused) Like Shiro, he’s usually good for one, but he’ll be sniffly for a long time after, and sneeze again if he doesn’t blow his nose. 

anonymous asked:

please please if you want to- Lance and Keith in a relationship in college, Lance is really sick and thinks he’s gross, but Keith is caring with him and thinks he’s adorable anyway? :3

awwwyes, I want to! c: ♡ thank you so much for the ask, I hope you enjoy!~ Ao3 link

“Uh oh,” says Keith, and he climbs up on Lance’s mattress, Lance is sitting cross-legged between several piles of study notes. “I’m not sure what happened here.”

He holds out Lance’s mug and they both peer over, Lance squinting at what may have once been a marshmallow.

“Um. Don’t… you just add water and stir?” Lance says after a moment, his voice coarse and stuffy, his n and m’s all stuck together. Lance takes the hot chocolate anyway, tries not to grin at Keith’s wince, then takes a tentative gulp.

“Yeah? Maybe? That’s what I did, though,” says Keith, and he crumples his nose, splutters a laugh as Lance attempts a brave face.

“Agh,” says Lance, and he cracks up enough that the drink nearly spills, wipes his eye with his sleeve. “You literally just-”

“-sorry,” Keith says guiltily, ducks his face behind his knees as he tries not to laugh again. “But seriously, why are you still drinking it?

Lance realises the same thing a half-second later, has to swallow yet another mouthful before he can try and wrestle Keith from the bed with one arm.

“Maybe because you made it for me,” Lance yelps, his papers scattering to the floor as Keith is far too quick. “Or ‘cause I can’t actually taste anything right now-” he adds, laughs as Keith narrowly misses the ticklish spot at his side.

Keith lets him go, his smile falling as Lance pulls his jacket over his face to cough. Lance’s eyes water apologetically as he does, his coughing sounds about as awful as he feels, goes on far longer than he can help.

“Here, here” says Keith, and he takes the mug and sets it on the windowsill, carefully wraps an arm over Lance’s back.

“-you okay?” Keith murmurs, and Lance feels Keith’s thumb skip between his shoulder blades, as if he isn’t sure whether to rub Lance’s back.

“Still breathing. Occasionally-” Lance manages, throws Keith a blurry smile. Lance can feel Keith reach for something with his other hand, he’s trying to stretch for it without letting Lance go. When Lance looks up, he sees Keith holding the spare blanket.

“In case you feel… a bit cold?” Keith ventures, which Lance gathers is Keith for, in case you feel like the undead and sound even worse.

“Thank youu,” Lance says croakily, gives Keith’s ankle an affectionate nudge with his sock. “Sorry for being so gross. Don’t think I don’t know it’s-”

Lance pokes his tongue and rolls-back his eyes, doing a fairly decent ‘super-super-gross’ impression despite the effort making his head spin.

“No, you’re okay,” Keith says softly, and he deposits the blanket into Lance’s lap, stares at it, then makes a clumsy effort to unfold it over both of them.

Lance blinks, his chest feels less achy and heavy for the gesture alone. He wipes his nose with his wrist in an attempt to cover a smile.

“Do you want a tissue or something,” Keith mumbles, and Lance gives a husky laugh, he hadn’t really thought about it.

“Yeah? Maybe?” says Lance, then decides it’s probably a good idea, his eyes are tearing horribly as he tries to sniffle. Lance cups both hands over his face a second later, tries to hold-in a sneeze and fails.

“Okay maybe yes please?” Lance says hopefully, still half-hidden behind his hands as Keith scuffs through his pockets, Keith looks far more mournful than he should as he realises he doesn’t actually have any.

“-s’all good-” Lance blurts, his inhale hitching as he snatches up his jacket for the second time. He sneezes twice more, then groans and shakes his head, flops backwards on the mattress, arms sprawled to either side. “-I’m just never wearing this again.”

Keith’s head pops into his vision, and Lance can’t be bothered to hide it, he brims to an adoring smile back at him.

“Oh my god,” says Keith, and he breathes out a laugh, leans down and presses a brief kiss to Lance’s brow, Lance’s mouth falls ajar with surprise as Keith pulls back up.

“Is that a good oh-my-god,” Lance ventures, his voice scratchy and his cheeks warm, he can still feel the spot where Keith kissed him. “Or like, a, I-can’t-believe-I’m-getting-this-close-to-you oh my-”

He pauses, gives a shy grin as Keith carefully pushes the rest of the papers from the bed, then lays next to him. One of Keith’s eyes is squashed into the pillow, the other stares at Lance from beneath his hair.

“The second one?” Keith tries, and Lance jokingly pulls the front of his t-shirt to cover his face, gives him a thumbs-up and holds his breath so they can cuddle.

“No, no,” says Keith, and he gathers Lance in his arms, his smile scrunched-up and gaze all squinted. “I mean… I like being close to you. I still can’t believe I… get to be?”

Lance peeks up at him from under the t-shirt, Keith’s fiercely trying not to look at him.

“Are you calling me cute?” Lance mumbles, teasing as he feels a weird, swoopy sort of emotion prickle at his throat.

“Is that Lance for, stop?” Keith laughs, low and and nervous.

Lance swallows, finds Keith’s hand with his free one, then tucks Keith’s palm beneath his cheek. Keith gives a small smile, brushes his thumb where Lance’s hair is damp at his face.

Lance shakes his head, Keith’s touch cool and soothing as he closes his eyes.

“No,” Lance whispers gently, “it’s Lance for stay.”

Bless You | Taehyung

genre: fluff 

summary: they say time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life and waking up next to Taehyung was one of those said moments.

word count: 321

A/N: shoutout to pinterest once again for this prompt. I’m thinking of writing a bunch of drabbles inspired by prompts I see on pinterest. Here’s the link to the prompts I’ve pinned so far & hope to write something with, if you guys are interested.

Waking up next to Taehyung was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the first thing you’d see every day when you woke up was his beautiful face and in the winter time, he was that extra warmth you needed. A curse because Taehyung had a thing for using you as a pillow and as much as you loved cuddling, he made it nearly impossible for you to get up before him (and you would always be the first one to wake up.)

But none of that mattered when he’d lean his forehead against yours, eyes slowly opening and instantly crinkling as his lips curved into a loving smile at the sight of you. It happened every morning.

Neither of you spoke, gazing into each other’s eyes. His eyes were always soft and full of love and adoration when locked with yours. Pure silence enveloped the two of you as you relished into each other’s warmth, taking it all in.

One moment time stood still and then the next, action kicked in as if someone had suddenly pressed the play button. 

Taehyung’s nose scrunched up and before you could process the sight, he abruptly yelled, letting out his loud and notorious dad sneeze that never failed to scare the crap out of you.


You let out a scream of your own, pushing yourself away on instinct as you felt something moist hit your face. Gross. Little did you know that throughout the night, Taehyung had invaded your side of the bed, pushing you closer to the edge and you ended up rolling off, hitting the floor with a loud thud followed by a groan.

Taehyung rolled over, sneaking a glance at you from the edge of the bed. All traces of sleep were gone as he caught your glare, a sheepish smile tugging at his lips.

 “Oops. L-O-L.”

You sighed. “Bless your soul, Kim Taehyung.”

Waking up next to Taehyung was definitely both a blessing and a curse.


This fic is fluff and rated teen, you are in a poly! relationship with Jesse and Hanzo, and today they are both sick! 

Link for AO3:

Today, you received a cryptic text message, and it’s not shocking that it’s from Jesse.


Jesse: were dyin


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Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x male Headcanon》 When your ill

Jeff the killer:

You made some weird sniffling noises and wiped your nose with your sleeve, “What the f*** was that?” Jeff questioned looking at you suspiciously. “Nothing” You mumbled turning away from him quickly while trying to hold in a sneeze, however you failed and it slipped out making you do a squeaking sound. “Ha! Your ill Y/N!” He mocked turning you around to reveal your flustered face, “No I’m not!” You growled punching him. “Geez! Calm down” He laughed pulling you closer while feeling your forehead, “Y/N! Your burning up!” He exclaimed tugging you back to your room.

Eyeless jack:

You wrestled jack on your bed because he tried to make you stay whereas you were bored, “Y/N your ill you need to rest!” He growled pinning you down on the bed making you unable to move. You suddenly stopped struggling and froze in place once you felt a sneeze coming, you quickly lashed your head to the side and sneezed into your elbow while kicking him off by accident. You coughed weakly but stayed in bed finally giving up and letting jack take care of you, he pulled the covers over your body while placing a cup of water by your bed; he ruffled your hair and let you get some sleep.


You groaned as your arms were wrapped securely around your stomach, sitting up in bed you immediantly slouched over in pain and squeezed your eyes shut. You were in so much pain that you didn’t even realise a hand gently push you back onto your bed, you curled up in pain while burying your face back into your pillow. You peered up to see hoodie holding a glass of water, he placed a hand on your forehead then swiftly replaced it with a cold towl.


You covered half your face with your pillow while trying to kick masky away from you, “Go away or your going to get ill as well!” You tried to shout but your voice came out hoarse and dry. He rolled his eyes while holding a cup of water for you, he dodged your sloppy attacks while quickly walking towards you then sitting beside you. You started to have a coughing fit so you buried your head in your pillow trying not to give him the cold, he seemed not to care as he placed a hand on your shoulder gently and handed you the water.


You stayed in your room refusing to come out when you managed to catch a cold, you would only come out in the middle of the night for water and food, you were buried under the blankets when toby crept into your room after getting a glass of water for you. He shook your shoulder so you would wake up, “Noooo you’ll catch my cold” You whisperd throat sore and dry. He ignored you and jumped on your bed while pulling the covers off you, “Y/N you need to eat!” He persisted poking your shoulder. You furrowed your eyebrows and rolled to the other side of the bed too tired to move or even open your eyes, your eyes shot open once you felt him pick you up and carry you somewhere else than your comfortable bed.

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Nico di Angelo and sneezing


nico di angelo has a tiny cute baby sneeze and you can’t tell me no

also nico di angelo never sneezes just once instead it’s like between 6 and 15 times in a row and you still can’t tell me no

and will solace tries so hard to contain his laughter when nico has a sneezing fit but fails every time and no matter how hard you try you just can’t tell me no

anonymous asked:

Eren/Levi/Farlan/Erwin are sick and their s/o takes care of them

“I’m fine.” Eren whimpered for the umpteenth time, despite the rasp in his voice and the red stain across his cheeks. “Mhm.” His partner answered, changing out the cloth on his forehead.

“I don’t need to be babied, ____.” He whined, glaring pitifully at his partner. They raised their eyebrows at him in an unimpressed manner. “You know, for somebody who doesn’t need to be babies, you sure are acting like one.”

“____,” Eren groaned again. They could not wait until he was better.

Levi had refused to let them take care of him at first. He’d barricaded himself in their shared bedroom, busying himself with office work beside sneezing every ten seconds and shivering constantly.

“This is stupid. I’m not a child.” Levi pouted when they brought a spoon full of chicken noodle soup to his lips. His partner only smiled at him happily, making airplane noises for affect.

“You know, I wouldn’t have to be doing this if you’d just take the damn soup.”

Farlan sat in the center of his and ___’s shared bed, the duvet wrapped around his body meticulously. They stood in the doorway, laughing at the way he tried to hold in a sneeze and failed.

“Need something?” He groaned irritably, looking at them with tired eyes. They smiled and shook their head fondly, bringing out a bowl of soup from behind their back.

“Want some?” ___ asked, eyebrows raised hopefully. Farlan sighed in defeat. He didn’t like being the one who was taken care of. “I suppose.”

Erwin hated how much they were enjoying taking care of him. He didn’t understand where the appeal came from.

“Aren’t you taking this a bit too far?” Erwin questioned when they came in adorned with a mask pulled over the bottom half of their face, some soup, and a wet towel for his forehead.

“Oh, I’m just getting started. Get ready to rewind to the age of ten, old man. I’m your parent now.” They smirked teasingly, but they were anything but sarcastic about what they had said.

anonymous asked:

You know what would be great? If you could write about Nico and Will where Nico starts getting sick (like beginning of a fever, runny and itchy nose, sneezing) and when Will comes hime from work he takes care of him and it's all fluffy and kisses. Nico falling asleep on the sofa in WIlls lap. Then the next day the cold is much worse, high fever, sore throat, sneezing and sniffly and the like. Will is still taking care of him, cuddling him and watching movies and all. (continuing in next ask)

(continuing here hi hehe) And then the next day Nico is a bit better but in the evening Will is feeling like he is getting sick as well and the day after that he has a full on cold as well, maybe even worse then what Nico had and now they are both shivering and sniffly with Nico still recovering and Will being really sick. That would be soooo amazing if you could write something like that. Love your writing btw. :D

Nico sneezed again into the crook of his elbow. He was beginning to think that something might be wrong. He was currently curled up on the sofa, a blanket tucked snugly around his shoulders, while he tried to ignore the constant itch in his nose and the burning at the back of his throat.

He was unusually tired, which was weird because the only productive thing he’d done all day was drag himself from bed and collapse onto the couch. Just staying awake seemed to exhaust him. He checked the display on his phone—it was early afternoon and Will would be home soon. He made the executive decision to close his eyes and take a short nap before then, with the hope of being back to himself once Will got home.

Will came home to a quiet apartment. It wasn’t unusual—Nico wasn’t exactly known for his raucous behavior. But he also wasn’t prone to curling up and falling asleep on the couch, which was where Will found him after setting down his things.

Nico’s cheeks were splotchy and red, the circles under his eyes dark and prominent. His breathing was shallow and wet, and he trembled slightly beneath a thick blanket. Finding the look a little endearing, he ran his fingers along Nico’s hairline, brushing wisps of black hair away from his forehead and found his skin burning to the touch.

Nico frowned at the gentle touch, his eyes fluttering open and taking a moment to adjust to wakefulness. “Will?” His voice was raspy and painful sounding, and he turned away to cough harshly into his closed fist.

“Hey, babe,” Will greeted softly. “Not feeling so hot, huh?”

Nico shook his head, leaning further into the cushions. “I feel awful,” he croaked, wincing at the feeling of his raw throat. “Even worse than this morning.”

“I’m sorry,” Will said, stroking his cheek. “Want me to help you to bed?”

“Too tired. We can stay here.”

Will chuckled, lifting Nico’s head and squeezing himself into his corner of the sofa. Nico rested his head in Will’s lap, humming appreciatively at the impromptu pillow. Will was warm and it was a welcomed change to the chills that had tormented Nico all day.

He lifted his head briefly to sneeze into the blanket, groaning when his fingers came away wet. Will made a sympathetic sound at the back of his throat and handed Nico some tissues, first for his nose and then to wipe his hands.

“You have it pretty bad, don’t you?” Will asked. He folded over and kissed Nico on the forehead. “You should really let me get you something for that fever. You can’t be comfortable.”

Nico closed his eyes and whispered, “I’m much better now that you’re here.”

They both woke to the rough sounds of Nico coughing.

At some point they had migrated to the bedroom after Nico woke up and complained his back was hurting. Will had complied, not wishing to fall asleep sitting up, and knowing that Nico would be more comfortable in the long run. Will had coaxed him into taking some fever reducers before going to bed, but judging by the immense heat he felt beside him, it definitely time for another dose.

Nico cringed as he coughed, the harsh influx of air scraping painfully along the inside of his throat. It felt like he’d swallowed a cupful of nails and sandpaper, and then chased it down with a shot of molten lava.

When he could breathe again, Will persuaded him into drinking some water, promising that the cool drink would soothe his throat. It didn’t, but it was the thought that count.

“How’s your back?”

Nico stared blankly, his mind working slowly against the throes of fever. “My whole body hurts,” he answered finally, his voice tired and thready.

“Oh, baby,” Will crooned, cupping Nico’s cheek and resisting the urge to flinch away from his heated skin. “I hope you’re not getting the flu.”

“I don’t think so,” Nico said, reaching for a tissue to wipe his nose. “I get really sick to my stomach when I have the flu.”

Will chuckled. “I know. I was there last time, remember?”

“This su—” His breath hitched as he prepared to sneeze. After several failed attempts, he sniffled wetly and wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve. “Sucks.”

“Use a tissue,” Will chided gently. “That’s probably how you got sick in the first place.”

Forcing himself out of the warmth of their bed, Will padded into the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of fever reducers, as well as a bottle of hand sanitizer. He shook out two pills and handed them over, placing the hand sanitizer on the end table.

When Nico eyed the pills reluctantly, Will sighed. “Nico, you feel like a furnace. Just take the pills, please.”

Eventually, he conceded, but not without much coughing and spitting and complaining. After swallowing them, Nico buried himself back into his blanket, his head resting soundly on his pillow. He looked pitiful with his rosy cheeks and his sad, little sniffles. In short, it didn’t look like he was leaving the bed anytime soon.

“Can we watch a movie?” Nico asked from the depths of his blanket cocoon.

“Of course we can. What do you want to see?”

Nico sighed and fell away into a short coughing fit. “It doesn’t matter.”

Will ruffled his hair affectionately and climbed back into bed. It wasn’t like Nico not to want to choose what they watched—a true testament to how crummy he was feeling. From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like Nico would make it halfway through anything he would have picked anyway.

Will propped up his pillows and started the last movie that was in the player, fixing Nico’s blankets so he wouldn’t suffocate after falling asleep. Nico murmured a quiet thanks, his voice nearly gone.

As predicted, Nico passed out only twenty minutes in, his head nuzzled into Will’s side.

“You’re too quiet. What’s wrong?”

It was day three of Nico’s cold. They were situated comfortably on the couch, Nico lounging between Will’s legs, his back leaning against the blond’s chest.

“I’m tired, Nico. It’s a lot of work looking after a sick person.”

Nico tilted his head back as far as he could and kissed Will on the very tip of his chin. “Sorry I’m a lot of trouble.”

Will blinked, taken aback. “It’s no trouble. In fact, I like taking care of you, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. Nursing you is like a full time job.” He leaned over and kissed Nico on the tip of his nose. “It looks like you’re feeling better today.”

Nico nodded, biting his bottom lip. “Thanks to you.”

“No kidding,” Will chuckled. “If I would have just left you to your own devices, you probably would have burned away with fever or tried to sleep your cold away.”

“I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping anyway, though.”

“That’s okay,” Will said, tucking Nico’s hair behind his ear. “Sleeping is part of the healing process.”

Nico leaned back into Will’s chest, resting his head in the space between Will’s neck and shoulder. Will’s cheek was warm, so Nico nuzzled against it, getting a sleepy mumble in response.

“Looks like you could use a nap too,” Nico mused.

Will hummed, rubbing tiredly at his eyes. “I’m so sleepy for some reason.” He frowned and tipped his head over the back of the couch. “And my head hurts.”

“Then go to sleep.” Nico scooted down so they were both more comfortable. “I will too, that way you know I won’t get into any trouble.”

Will chuckled. “That’s a relief.” He smoothed back Nico’s hair and sighed. “I’m sorry I’m not much company today.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “Because I have been so entertaining the past few days. You’re tired, I get it.”

He grabbed Will’s hand, lacing their fingers together and squeezing gently.

“Thanks,” Will murmured. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Nico’s. “You’re a very understanding patient.”


Nico stood in the doorway to the living room, his blanket falling off his shoulders like an oversized cape. He stood there, frozen and completely shell-shocked. “I don’t believe this.”

“I’m sorry,” Will said. He sounded almost tearful.

“Don’t apologize,” Nico sighed, dragging a hand down his face. It was too early and he was still too sick for this mess.

Will responded by burying further into his nest of blankets and coughed roughly into its depths. He was severely congested by the sounds of it, and how he’d managed to be worse off than even Nico was beyond him.

“It was bound to happen, Nico,” Will said, clearing his throat and grabbing a tissue for his streaming nose. “I haven’t really left your side since you got sick—eh'tchshh!

Nico cringed, drawing back a bit. It was one thing that he was sick, but now Will was too, and Nico could be somewhat germaphobic when it came to certain illnesses, and everything about Will’s cold just seemed…sloppy.

Still, he knew that he owed Will sympathy at the very least. Maybe an apology if Will would accept it, though he also knew that Will didn’t blame him for any of it. Germs spread and that was just an unfortunate fact of life.

“Cuddle with me?”

Nico blinked, meeting Will’s eyes. Will was watching him with an almost sheepish expression, his blanket drawn up to hide most of his face. It was a very well-known fact that Will loved to cuddle even while healthy, and Nico was not about to be that jerkish boyfriend that denied him that one thing while he was sick.

Taking a look around the room, Nico noticed that Will had grabbed everything he’d needed before leaving their bed that morning and taking refuge on the couch. He had a bottle of water, a blister pack of cold medicine, an ice pack for either his headache or to aid with lowering his fever, and a half used box of tissues littered around him. He definitely had thought of everything to avoid causing any trouble for Nico, which then only made Nico feel worse.

Seeing that there was absolutely nothing else that Will would need in the foreseeable future, Nico sighed and trudged forward. “All right, all right.” He climbed onto the couch, pressing himself snuggly into Will’s side, but only after the blond had scooted over and made himself comfortable. “I can’t believe you left the bed when you were feeling this sick.”

Will laughed, breaking away into a harsh cough. “I didn’t want to bother you while you were still recovering.”

Nico made a disbelieving noise. “It’s my fault you’re sick in the first place. Can’t you just think to worry about yourself for once?”

“Not when it comes to you,” Will said with a smile. He kissed Nico lightly on the side of the head, frowning at the heat against his lips. He passed over the packet of medicine. “Here, take two.”

Nico rolled his eyes good-naturedly and chased the pills down with a swig from Will’s water. He leaned in close when he felt a shudder ripple through the body beside him, propping his chin on top of Will’s shoulder. “I guess we can both be understanding patients then.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sunday Morning (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

Requested by @marvelforlife16: Hey could you do a Sebastian Stan imagine where he’s your teacher and you fall for each other? Your writing is amazing ❤️

Teacher!Seb x Student!Reader

Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in

If there was something I didn’t like about New York, it would be the weather. The only days I didn’t have to attend classes at your University, it would always be a rainy day. My English professor had taken a two-week leave for his 35th wedding anniversary. He and his wife went to Peru with their children and their own families. 

I walked through the streets, clutching my phone close to my chest as I felt the raindrops become heavier with every step. I had planned to go out for lunch with my best friend but with the weather, she just decided that a train ride wouldn’t be at her best interest. 

I shook off my hood once I entered the cafe at the corner of my apartment building. A few college students sat all around the cafe, it wasn’t packed. I ordered my usual order and sat at the counter where the baristas made the drinks. I tapped my fingers against the polished wood, humming softly to the beat of the pop song I forgot the name of. 

I felt a presence settle them self beside me. I turned my head to see a man looking straight ahead, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Can I help you?” 

“There was just no other empty seats, so I took this one.” he looked at me, shrugging shyly.

I looked around, seeing five empty tables, then cocking an eyebrow at hm. “Next time you try to talk a girl up, at least make sure what you’re saying are facts.”

The man laughed, “Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have lied. I’m Sebastian.”

I shook his extended hand, “How do I know that isn’t a lie?”

“I swear to you, that terrible excuse of a pick up line will be the only lie in this conversation..” He trailed off, gesturing me to tell him my name.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“That’s even worse than your terrible pick-up line.” I joked. “So Sebastian, what brings you to New York?”

“A new job.” He answered, his blue eyes sparkling under the lights. His hair was wet, sticking to his forehead. His lips were bright red, shivering slightly. “What about you, Miss Y/N?”


“What sch-”

“Y/N!” the bartender called. 

I stood up, smiling guiltily at Sebastian, “That’s me. I’m gonna have to take off.”

“Can I at least get your number?”

“When we see each other again, then maybe.” I thanked the bartender and took a sip from my warm drink. “That is, if we see each other again.”

“But New York is huge!” he groaned. “What if I don’t see you again?”

“Have a little faith in the universe.”

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you
That someday it would lead me back to you

My friend, Y/F/N, squealed once I told her about my encounter with the handsome stranger at the cafe. “Y/N, you should’ve given him your number! Why did you basically reject him? He seems so hot.”

I sighed, biting my lip, “God, you don’t idea how gorgeous he really is. But I don’t know, I have this feeling and I can’t really explain it. I just hope I’m gonna see him again.”

“But what if you don’t?”

I just shrugged as we made our usual way to the second row where we always sat. My heart stopped when the substitute professor turned around. 

“Oh my god.”

Y/F/N turned to me with a worried expression, “What’s wrong?”

“That’s him.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh girl, you’re fucked.”

That was the longest hour of my life. Sebastian recognized me ten minutes into the class. He’d lost his train of thought, causing him to stumble over his words. The class was confused since he’d been doing so well before, cracking jokes and telling us basic facts about himself. He quickly apologized, regaining his composure and managing to avoid my eyes for the rest of class. God, I really had to find a new seat.

“My name is Mr. Stan.” He introduced, fixing his tie. “I graduated from NYU three years ago. I have a degree in education, business, and film. I moved to Iowa for a business thing a year after graduating but decided to accept this teaching offer when it was brought upon my attention. I’m 33 years old, American-Romanian, and I’ll be your sub for the next two weeks. I promise I won’t be too hard on you.”

I left before anyone else could when he announced that the class was dismissed. I can’t believe that he was my teacher. Y/F/N caught my arm, turning my body to face her. 

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Honestly, no.” I frowned. “I mean, it’s not like I expected to see him again, even though I hoped every night that I would. Better yet, I never expected him to be my teacher.”

“He’s only gonna be here for two weeks, you can make that right?”

I hope so.

Sebastian only made it harder and harder for me to keep myself together. He showed up the second day wearing a button up, looking more casual than he did in his suit and tie from the first day. His black skinny jeans hugged his legs tightly and please forgive me for the thoughts I had. Along the week, he continued to charm everyone with his charisma, especially the girls. By the end of the week, all the girls, besides me, had been shamelessly flirting with the incredibly hot professor.

“Miss Y/N, please see me after class.” My head snapped up when my name escaped his lips.

“Me?” I asked from the 15th row. 

A teasing smile formed on his face, “There’s no other Miss Y/N is there?”

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Stan?” I bit the corner of my bottom lip, my fingers gripping my side bag.

“Come on now, Y/N.” He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. “Call me Seb.”

“You’re my professor.” I said, backing away, which was a mistake because I bumped into the first row. 

“Class is over, so technically I’m not your professor.” He started packing things in his bag, stuffing various papers inside it. “Plus, I’m here for another week then I’m never gonna show my face in this university ever again.”

“But still.” I argued, however my actions did not back up my words. My eyes trailed up and down his body, taking in how utterly gorgeous he really is.

“You said you’d give me your number if we saw each other again.” His voice broke the silence. 

“I said maybe.”

Sebastian smiled, “Please?”

I rolled my eyes playfully before walking over to his desk and scribbling my number on a pice of white paper. “See you on Monday, Mr. Stan.”

Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm
Change the weather still together when it ends

It was Wednesday and it was pouring once again. I didn’t have english today so I was thankful that I didn’t have to sit there staring at the guy I wanted for an hour straight while girls flirted with him. Sebastian and I really enjoyed each other’s company, over text at least. We stayed up late texting over the weekend and after classes. It was like we were back in high school all over again. 

I walked in the too familiar cafe, spotting an also too familiar jacket. I sat beside him, “Is this seat taken?”

He looked up, his lips quirking into a smile when he realized it was me, “Hey.”

“Why aren’t you at work?” I asked.

“Sick.” Sebastian sneezed after he replied. “Totally forgot how shit New York weather can be sometimes.”

“Go home, you loser.” I nudged him. “Get some rest, eat some soup, or something! Get better.”

“You know I could use some sleep, but this one girl has me staying up all night.” he chuckled, taking a sip from his coffee. “She’s so worth it though. Funny, gorgeous, smart, everything anyone could ever want.”

I felt my cheeks flush at his words, “She seems lovely but seriously get some rest.”

“I can’t if I wanted to.” he sighed, zipping up his jacket. “They’re cleaning out my hotel room so I don’t really have a place to stay until 7 PM tonight.”

“Come on.” I stood up, waiting for him to follow me.

Sebastian stood up, taking his coffee with him, “Where are we going?’

“Just come on.”

We arrived at my one bedroom apartment, him smiling at my poor attempts at decorating. All that was hanging from the wall was my high school diploma and a small polaroid picture of me and my best friend. 

“Taking me home without buying me dinner first? My gosh, Y/N, you didn’t strike me as that type of person.” he teased, shutting the door behind him.

“Shut up.” I blushed, looking down as I fixed my bed for him to lay in. “Go get some rest.” 

“Stay with me.”

“Seb,” I sighed, placing a pillow on the couch for me to lay on. “You know we can’t do anything until you’re done being my professor. We’ve talked about this.”

“I promise I won’t try to kiss you, as much as I want to.” He crossed his heart, swearing that he wouldn’t. “Plus I don’t even want you getting sick so why would I kiss you?”

I gave in, kicking off my shoes and joining him in my bed. It was a twin sized bed, he alone could barely fit on there, I didn’t know how we both managed to fit. His fingers traced the curve of my hip, dragging his fingers from the top to the bottom a few times. His lips ghosting over my shoulder blade and I wanted nothing more but for him to place loving kisses on it. I turned to face him, my lips just inches from his. 

“Hi.” he breathed out, looking down at me.

“Hey.” I whispered, tracing the outline of his t-shirt. “How are you?”


I laughed at his response seeing how sick he looked. He smiled, scrunching his nose up trying to stop a sneeze. He failed. 

His eyes widened, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

“It’s fine, Seb, you can’t help that you’re sick.” my fingers latched with his, rubbing it with my thumb. “Two more days.”

“Yeah, two more days.”

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

“Hey.” I smiled, walking closer to the table Seb sat at. He was wearing the skinny jeans again but this time with a gray t-shirt and a navy blue bomber jacket. He stood up, taking my hand and kissing my knuckles. 

“Hi.” he grinned, placing our intertwined fingers on his chest. “It’s Friday.”

“Yeah, it’s been two weeks.” 

“Yeah, it has.”

For the first time in two weeks, he kissed me. And I swear to God, his lips tastes like vanilla and mint and sugar and everything I’ve ever dreamed of. His lips were soft against mine. He pulled away, not being able to continue kissing me with the smile fighting to break out on his face. He pulled out my chair, pushing me in when I was seated. Sebastian sat across from me, holding my hand in his, still grinning like a fool. I imagined myself looking the same way.

“I ordered for us, I hope you don’t mind.” he said when the waiter brought our drinks over to us.

My heart swelled when my usual order was placed before me. “You remembered.”

“Of course I did.” he smiled. “Y/N?”


“I’m really happy you taught me to have a little faith in the universe.”

“Me too.”



BREAKING NEWS: I have learned to sneeze!

I sneezed for the first time while chillin’ in Mommy’s hand! Mommy melted into a puddle from the cute. She says I have the most adorable sneeze ever! My sneeze sounds almost like Mango’s adorable snore, but with an A-CHOO! inflection.

Mommy really wishes she got my sneeze on video, but neither of us was expecting it. I was so startled by my own sneeze that I hid my face in my leg! Mommy was squealing so hard that she didn’t think to take a picture of that, either.

Then I fell asleep in Mommy’s hand.

And I’m Home

sick!blaine and kurt who wants to snuggle the heckadoodle outta him *u* 

also on Ao3: here!

Five o’ clock in the evening, and Kurt arrives home from work, steps into their dark bedroom – and feels like he’s tripped head-first into an oven set to smother him with heat.

His lungs heave a sigh from him. He pouts at the sickly, bundled-up lump of his boyfriend in their bed. 

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Hide your body from the scarecrow

I need an imagine where you and Gerard are playing hide and seek. And you promised if he find you, he gets you as his prize but if not we has to stay up with you and watch a cheesy romantic comedy.

“Geeee.” You said. You were cuddling him on the couch watching the movie “Wayne’s world”.
“We should do something.” You said.
“Like what?” He asked.

“I don’t know…we could play a game.” You flipped around so you were looking him in the eye.
“Do you wanna play hide and seek?” He asked your eyes lit up with excitement.
“You know me so well.” You said happily.
“Should we have prizes?”
“Yes! If I win I get you as my prize.” Gerard said quickly.
“Easy there tiger.” You joked. “If I win we have to watch….ROM COMS” You said dramatically.
“Noooo anything but the rom coms!” He said
“I’m hiding, count to like forty.” You said as you got up. He didn’t really want to unravel himself from you so you had to pry yourself out of his arms, causing you to fall off the couch. Unlike a normal boyfriend, who would help you up, gerard just laughed really hard.
“You’re a jackass.” You said when you got up.
“But you love me!” He said with a cheeky grin.
“Just count.” He closed his eyes and began whispering the numbers. You darted silently out of the room and looked around for a place to hide.
You snuck down the hall to your closet and jumped inside the hamper. It was a tight fit, and your knees dug into your chest, but you were confident that you could win.
You got comfortable and waited for gerard to walk down the hall.
He came down about five minutes later. He was intently checking every nook and cranny, he really despised rom coms so he did not want to lose. You could see through the basket and saw him glance at the hamper, but he didn’t check it thinking it was too small. He then left the room and went down the hall. You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You sat in that basket for a while, and Gerard came in many times looking for you. He seemed frustrated. By the seventh time he came in, he looked ready to give up.
‘Oh shit I’m going to sneeze.’ You thought to yourself when you felt the urge to sneeze come upon you. You tried fighting it, but failed. You sneezed so hard you knocked the basket over, making a very loud crash. He came rushing in with a big grin on his face.
“Found you!” He said as he helped you out of the hamper.
“Awww I was so close!”
“You know what that means.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows.
He grabbed your wrist and practically dragged you into the bedroom. He gently pushed you onto the bed and began taking your clothes off.
When he removed your shirt he kissed every inch of the exposed skin. He reached around to unhook your bra and began playing with your nipples.
He moved down your torso, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses. He pulled down your sweats and panties at the same time and kissed your inner thighs. He pulled off his shirt and his jeans and began licking your folds. He kissed your clit gently, causing you to release a breathy moan. When you were getting close he stopped. You let out a sad whimper, but that was replaced with a moan as Gerard thrusted into you. He started off at a slow pace, making sure you were okay, and then began to speed up. His hands interlocked with yours and he kissed you over and over again. Whenever he pulled back he would whisper
“I love you.” And kiss you again. When you began to feel the knot tie, his thrusts got sloppy. You came, screaming his name and he came shortly after. He fell into the bed next to you and pulled you into a warm embrace and kissed your hair until you both fell asleep.
I can’t stop listening to 'whatsername’ by greenday and 'welcome to the family’ by avenged sevenfold help

Soft Spot {m.c.} Part 2

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Summary: (Click here to read part one) After Michael had apologised for everything, the two of you decided to work things out and try being friends. 

Word Count: 1,073 

Warnings: Kinda smutty lmao

(A/N: this is so shit wtf im sorry michael) 

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