Youngjae’s sneeze powerful too😄

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VLD Headcanons

Keith is half Galra and no one’s stoppin me on this. And this boy, theres like no stopping him, but what if, big what if, this purple fluff monster gets sick? @atrailof-whispers came up with some of these too

  • the poor guys cant handle his forms, and its just a hot mess
  • each sneeze, those fluffy ears of his come out of nowhere. No ones complain because let’s face it theyre cute. PLus he turns purple.
  • and we know Keith can be considered anti-social, but when hes sick? Cuddly af. and he will cuddle just about anyone, but really prefers lance
  • And he purrs. Loudly. like those big cat chuff kinda purrs. happens most of the time when hes cuddling someone. Lance gets super jealous, because damn he only purred for lance when they were cuddling during the night
  • dammnn does Kieth get needy. he clings to just about anyone. and yall thought Lance was dramatic? if shiro found him you bet Keith would cling to him like some koala bear and shiro would have no choice but to deal with it. like the kid weighs anything anyways. 
  • you could just see shiro walking through the castle with keith either on his back or being carried like a princess. at that point, if shiro sees anyone else, keith is immediately their problem. cough cough lance cough
  • the coughing tho, sounds like hes hacking a hairball
  • ok back to the ears. if its a really serious head cold, those ears of his arent going away. plus hes like super expressive with them everyone can tell what hes feeling without him saying a word
  • you know how pidge will sleep anywhere? Keith will do the same thing and usually hes not going anywhere unless someone picks him up and carries him to bed. usually lance or shiro.
  • ofc when he finally gets better, cuz theyre just all praying for that day to come, he vehemently denies any of the stuff he does. him cuddly? please, thats the last thing keith is. and no he doesnt purr! Who said that? lance i bet it was you
  • And everyone is just like….ok, he’s normal again.

Hori Chie: They’re here.

Mirumo is beside her.

Nishiki, Roma and Kurona appear.
Miza, Naki, the White Suits, Tsukiyama and the hooded ghouls appear.

Miza: Hmm, those three seem familiar… Are you sure you don’t know them…?

Also, Hakatori appears. As well as Seidou facing Akira.

Matsuri: And another point…
Matsuri: …Bureau Director Washuu Yoshitoki has been killed.
Matsuri: …During the operation, a ghoul raid took place in the ship.
Matsuri: Information came in late and by the time I arrived the Bureau Director was already…
Matsuri: Special Class Marude may have gone mad and committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea.

Somewhere in a forest, a man with drenched clothes is seen sneezing.

Matsuri: Among the past leaders, it was Bureau Director Yoshitoki who wanted peace the most. He was also loved by the staff.
Matsuri: I am… a Special Class Investigator of the CCG. Not as an investigation commander…
Matsuri: But as a Washuu, as a son. I am willing to walk in those footsepts in behalf of the Director’s will.

A hooded lady greets Kanou and Okahira.

Kanou: Nishino-kun, you’ve brought the experiment materials, correct?
Kimi: …Yes…

It was Nishino Kimi, Nishiki’s girlfriend.

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what are they like when they're sick/how often do they get sick?


  • pretends to not be sick
  • comes to school with a scarf and medical mask on, coughing and wheezing and sniffing, and still has the gall to claim he’s not sick
  • “Oh, it’s just seasonal allergies!” “…it’s December.” #foiledagain
  • once he’s caught out and forced to stay home and in bed, he’s really sleepy cuddly, and maybe a little whiny because he can’t get anything done (Iwaizumi has cut class on more than one occasion to go and make sure Oikawa is still in bed)


  • complains about Oikawa not resting when he’s sick, but frankly, Iwa-chan is just as bad
  • gets the Mum Cold, where he still goes around getting shit done while sick, unless his actual mum or Oikawa manage to wrestle him into bed
  • sits in bed glowering and sneezing when he’s being forced to rest


  • can be a bit of a germophobe, so he doesn’t get sick often
  • awful at taking care of himself when he’s sick, just wants to watch television all day, which won’t help him feel any better
  • uses being sick as a lame excuse to not do stuff/get what he wants (“I need ice cream for dinner… I’m sick…”)


  • rarely gets sick, even though he has two little sisters (kids are always bring sick germs into one’s home)
  • not so much someone who tries to work through being sick, but is good at getting tasks done and taking care of himself when he’s sick (he’s had to take care of himself and his sisters, all sick, a couple times)


  • sleeps right through it anytime he’s sick
  • although he always wants chicken noodle soup when he’s sick… like, you can eat it when you’re not sick if you want Kyouken-chan
  • will shuffle around the house wrapped in his duvet in search of pots and soup and noodles


  • terrible immune system, gets sick a lot
  • like Iwaizumi, gets the Mum Cold, and tries to like, clean the entire house, because he doesn’t want to waste the day off school
  • never realizes that it takes him twice as long to get better because he’s exhausting himself instead of resting like he should be!!


  • is supernaturally gifted with the ability to tell when he’s getting sick several days before
  • mad with the vitamin C and ginger ale and whatnot, always #prepared
  • even with others, he’s always whipping out tissues or vitamins if they so much as sniffle


  • earnestly tries to take care of himself, but is just useless when sick, honestly
  • doesn’t like people visiting him when he’s sick, because he thinks he looks really silly with his hair down


  • would probably die if nobody checked on him while he’s sick, because he just wants to rest and doesn’t get up to eat (although that’s like… how he is normally anyways)
  • he just languishes under five blankets and duvets until somebody (Kindaichi, Oikawa, and/or Matsukawa) comes over and makes him eat and drink something

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85. MatsuHana

85. everyone i’ve loved has either died or left me and i’ll be damned if you name is added to that list.


“I’m sick.” 

“I know.” 

“I don’t know how long I’ll last.” 

Forever, that’s how long.” Issei snaps, gripping Takahiro’s hand tight. “Hiro, everyone i’ve loved has either died or left me. And i’ll be damned if your name is added to that list.”

Their eyes lock, and in a second, they’re both cackling. 

“H- Ha, I can’t believe how serious you looked!” Takahiro sneezes, and coughs, and Issei pulls a face. 

“I love you so much, but seriously take some medicine.” 

“You know I don’t trust it!” 

“Shut up you creampuff.” 

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The cruelest irony ever would be human Carmilla having cat allergies

Omg I said the same thing!

Imagine her picking up a stray cat and hugging it and talking to it like a baby and then Laura’s like “Carm no stop you’re allergic to cats what are you doing???” and Carm looks back up at her and her eyes are all red and watery and she’s like “But Lauraaaaa I *sneeze* love him so much look *sneeze* at that cute little face!”

APH Nordics sneezing
  • Sweden:sneezes very quietly, like a kitten sneeze
  • Denmark:very high pitched girly sneeze
  • Norway:sneezes normally, occasionally he does magic so he sneezes sparkles(Denmark mocked him about this once and only once)
  • Iceland:normal sneezes
  • Finland:sneezes so violently that he has broken chairs when he sneezes in them.
A Hard Lesson Headcanon

For @mrschiltoncat and @delia26! Enjoy!!!

4. Rafael is the world’s worst patient in the wake of a simple cold.

           I’m dying.

           Rafael stumbles into the townhouse, coughing and sniffling. His tie is askew and his hair rumpled. Natalia can’t help but be concerned at the sight of him in disarray and she rushes to his side.

           What is it?

           A cold, hermosa.

           He announces it as if he has the plague, and Natalia lifts one eyebrow as she places her hand on his forehead.

           At least you don’t have a fever. Maybe a shower and then call it an early night?

           He sneezes dramatically, groaning as Natalia relieves him of his briefcase and helps him to their bedroom. Sitting him down, she removes his shoes and lightly kisses his cheek.

           Come on now, Atticus. Get cleaned up and I’ll bring you your favorite pajamas.

           Her promise pulls a smile out of him.

           Thank you.

           Happy to take care of you.

           She lovingly unfolds his blue flannel bottoms along with the matching shirt. Meeting him in the steaming bathroom, she presents the items of clothing and watches his lips curl into a frown.

           Not those. They’re too itchy.

           Really? You’ve never mentioned that before.

           I want the gray ones.

           But they’re… it’s the same set. Just a different—

           He cuts her off with a string of coughs, and Natalia gingerly pats his back and retrieves the carbon copy of the rejected PJ’s in a slightly darker hue.


           Yes. Thank you.

           She softens a little as she tucks him to bed and brings him a glass of water and some NyQuil tablets.

           What’s this?

           So you can sleep.

           But I haven’t had dinner yet.

           Rafael’s ostensibly deadly illness obviously has no effect on his appetite. And the old adage is to feed a cold.

           I’m making roasted chicken and rice. Maybe just the rice with a little bit of butter—

           I want soup.

           Cliched as it is, Natalia acquiesces. She peeks in on Violetta who is still lost in her late afternoon nap. She studies a can of New England clam chowder. Far too rich. Tomato? Not interesting enough. She settles on a mild pasta fagioli. Tasty with protein and vegetables to boot. Once it’s ready, Natalia crumbles a few crackers into the broth. Returning to Rafael, she proudly presents the tray.

           What’s that?

           Um… your soup.

            He inhales the scent wafting from the bowl and crinkles his nose as he shakes his head.

           I wanted green soup.


           Like Mami used to make.

           Natalia cannot recall ever seeing green soup in a can. Maybe if she had pork stock on hand and a baby girl who wasn’t bound to wake up at any moment…

           Rafael, this is good, too. I swear you’re going to love it.

           He takes a sip and makes a face.

           It’s fine. Not really what I wanted. But it’ll do.

           She tries to let the veiled insult roll off her back. A cold is worlds away from a death sentence. But it is not fun. Just let him finish the soup, take his medicine and awake much more like himself.


           Leaving Violetta in her high chair with her tiny plate of rice, Natalia heads back to the bedroom to find her husband pounding the pillows as he twists between the sheets.


           I can’t get comfortable.

           His voice is a shrill whine, and Natalia tries to adjust the blankets when he keeps fidgeting.

           If you would just stay still—

           I don’t like these pillows. They’re too soft.

           And… that’s a bad thing?

           He plucks a tissue from the box on her nightstand and blows his nose like a foghorn with nothing and no one to warn as he leans up on his knees.

           Can you get the ones from downstairs?

           From the sofa?

           Rafael eagerly nods his head and Natalia carefully considers the request.

           I don’t think so. Let’s try to keep the germs in one room.

           His face rapidly falls, and he turns to his side with a sulk.

           Fine. I’ll just suffer in silence.

           The sound of Violetta calling out for milk is more than welcome. Once she tends to the baby, she decides to skip the bath and just put her to bed.


           What happened to suffering in silence?

           She lingers in the doorway with the baby, not daring to bring Violetta any closer when she outstretches her chubby arms.


           Violetta seems so keen to help, but Natalia has to keep her at bay.

           No, sweet pea. Papi needs his rest.

           Papi ouch?

           It seems like as good an explanation as any, and Natalia hopes that it will be enough as Violetta tries to wriggle free from her mother’s grasp.

           I make Papi feel better!

           Oh no. I don’t need two sick babies to deal with.

           Violetta’s tiny lip quivers and her wailing fills the room.

           Nice, Natalia. And in front of our daughter.

           It’s a cold! Am I supposed to start reciting novenas?

           Would have been nice if you got me the pillows I asked for.

           I am not doing this with you right now.

           Turning on her heel, she cannot stop Violetta’s sobs as she tries to bundle her into the pink sleeper with the little butterflies on the sleeves.

           I want Papi!

           Not tonight. You can see him in the—


           Violetta scrambles towards her chest of toys. She pulls out the Doc McStuffins plush doll and frantically waves it in her mother’s face.

           Time for checkup!

           It might be cute if Rafael wasn’t carrying on from the other room, and Natalia shakes her head as she places Violetta in her crib.

           Now how about a song and—

           Mami sings bad!

           Violetta cries until her face takes on the shade of a tomato. It’s not as if Rafael can give her a sweeter song as he makes like he is hacking up a lung. She waits until Violetta tires herself out.

           Now it’s time to deal with the bigger guisante dulce.

           How are you?

           Rafael pouts as he tries to find something to watch on TV.

           I’m not happy with Netflix right now.

           And I am not happy with you.

           He tosses the remote aside and looks at her with puppy dog eyes.

           Hermosa, don’t be so mean.

           Do you even hear yourself? Maybe you should spend the night in the nursery.

           As if on cue, Violetta’s faint cough pours through the baby monitor.

           Is she alright?

           Yes, Rafael. It’s called a common cold for a reason. And I’ll look after both of you.

           Natalia wearily lifts Violetta from her crib, brings her to their bedroom and watches the little one snuggle close to Rafael’s chest. He seems to forget the soup that was not up to par and the lack of anything to watch as he snatches another tissue and wipes her tiny nose.

           Pájaros del mismo plumaje, muñequita.

           Violetta giggles in spite of her coughs and Natalia adds another blanket to the bed.

           Have fun. I’ll be downstairs.

           She leaves them, relieved at the sound of them falling asleep. Tomorrow is bound to be a trying day playing nurse to two fussy patients. Natalia leaves messages for Carmen and Lucia. All three of them will stay home. Sinking to the sofa as she considers bringing up the pillows that Rafael wanted most, Natalia’s eyes grow heavy…

           …and she wakes when she feels a pair of hands tugging at her sleeve.

           Are you two alright?

           Natalia suddenly feels as if she has failed as a mother as she moves to her feet and touches her baby’s face. Not warm.

           At least you guys can go through it together. Maybe you’ll be even happier when Maggie comes back in the morning .

           She asks them if they want some water and nearly hits the kitchen when there is only Rafael’s hand on her shoulder.

           We want you to come to bed. We’re lonely without you.

           Rafael’s green eyes grow wide, and Violetta’s same gaze puts the point on his request. Even at their worst, they are still the best things that ever happened to her, and Natalia kisses them one after the other.

           Look at you and your little lawyer, Atticus. I don’t stand a chance, do I?

           I hope not.

           Natalia picks up the pillows and as the three of them cuddle in the bed, Rafael pets his daughter’s hair.

           I’m sorry. The soup was good.

           I got that much from the clean plate.

           Natalia sees his smile and kisses the corners of his eyes as she lays her head on his shoulder.

           Tell me that you’re going to feel better tomorrow.

           I feel better right now, hermosa.

           She minds Violetta’s slumbering head as she nuzzles his neck.

           I can’t stay mad at you.

           You are too good to me.

           I said that I would take care of you, Atticus.

           She longs to fall back to sleep in her family’s embrace and savors the feel of Rafael’s fingers dancing down her arms when he pushes back and narrows his eyes.

           But how did you not know that I preferred the gray pajamas?

           Natalia playfully slaps his side.

           Best believe I won’t forget again.

           I’m going to hold you to that.

           The next day would bring runny noses and shared coughs. But she would look after them and bring them back to health.

           How could she do any less for the two great loves of her life?

Me just a little bored today. When I was feeling pretty darn good. Laser is really showing some results!

 How am I tonight? Not so good. Just a few hours ago my nose started running. Not much, but just a bit. Constantly. Then a throat thing started an hour or so later, followed not too much later with some frequent sneezing, with my nose continuing to get worse.

 I’m at home now and things aren’t any better, and if anything, just a little worse with a bit of a stuffed up nose. I’ll petty much know if I have what I think I have, which has been spreading around work for the last 3 weeks or so, by tomorrow. It may just be my turn. Fairly thankful it’s happening towards my weekend of course, but it’s a bummer as I have therapy on Sunday, and I may really feel crummy by then.

 Or, maybe I’m just overreacting and am just having a bad allergy afternoon? I sure hope that is the case!

 I’ll keep my post short tonight as I went on a bit of a rant last night. Just know I’m there for y’all if you need me. I may not know everything, but I have nearly 35 years of life experience under my belt, and if you need someone to talk to, or even just to vent to,  I’m here.

 - Lana

man, Quake Darkplaces is probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen

Darkplaces is a source port of Quake. If you don’t know what a source port is, it’s basically porting a really old game to work flawlessly on modern operating systems without any sort of hassle. Most source ports like to add a few modern-day frills, like new lighting effects or new texture options.

Darkplaces takes that shit to a whole new level though, seriously.

It takes a decades old FPS game and puts one of the best dynamic lighting systems in it I’ve ever seen.

Like, who makes that sort of decision? Who says “hey, you know Quake? One of the first proper 3D First Person Shooters? The one with the graphics that look like the PS1 sneezed? I’m gonna leave the models and textures alone, but I’m gonna ramp the SHIT out of the lighting. I’m gonna make that shit look STUNNING.” 

It’s almost tacky, in a way.