It feels like oxygen, that’s #WhyIMarch. Truly. I may be on the wrong side of the world to go physically, but my heart beats with every step of the protesters, my blood runs faster at their every chant. 

I march because I am a woman watching a misogynist of apocalyptic severity assume the presidency of one of the most influential nations in the world. I march because I am a sexual assault survivor watching a known rapist and perpetrator of abuse become the leader of millions of women who share my story. I march because I am mentally ill and watching the swearing in of someone with so much disrespect for disabled people and affordable healthcare that it’s a wonder he hasn’t slid down to the core of the earth with the weight of his hatred. I march because I am bisexual and watching the POTUS exist with a permanent sneer for anyone who isn’t straight, and for that matter isn’t cisgender either. I march because I have a uterus and intend for its use to remain my business but I’m watching a world leader who treats women’s bodies like public property. I march because I have luckily made a liveable wage in the past and I’m watching someone with their hand on the bible who wants to ensure millions of other people don’t make that much. I march because I’m an artist and have no doubt that I’m watching a ‘leader of the free world’ who will continue to disrespect any creative thing or person he doesn’t perfectly agree with and probably attempt to enact censorship or defund the arts in many ways.

I march because my spirit is screaming in solidarity with every human like me who will be directly affected by all this hatred and ignorance. I will shudder with every news report but they will live with it every day - my American friends and role models, I march in spirit with you, and you’re symbolised all over this very jacket, which has forever been my kaleidoscope and my sword. 

I march because I am also white, middle class, well educated, cisgender, physically abled, and not of any religion including those that are targeted; and acutely aware of all these privileges, desperate to break them down and show solidarity to those without them who are disrespected at best and in danger at worst.

I march because I cried for three hours straight on election day in sheer disbelief and exhaustion and they were too and the only bright spots were to #organize and #stayhuman, to look ahead to our glorious action, gruelling and marvellous at once. 

I march because I must. I march for all of us.

Timed Prompt (10 min)

  • Prompt: Word/Phrase: Athletes

“Cheerleading is not a sport.” Jongin spits as he strolls around the football field and removes his helmet.

The cheerleaders all sneer at his pompousness, aggravated by his arrogance. One person in particular finds his eyes trained on the foolish linebacker. Kyungsoo stands to his feet, with his cheer uniform on, and marches toward the asshole. His tongue is ready to give this guy a piece of his mind, however, when he turns around the bleachers, he stops and doubles back. He listens to the conversation between the two athletes.

“Man, you gotta stop being mean to the cheerleaders. How do you expect to get Kyungsoo to notice you like that? It’s childish.“ The other athlete tells Jongin. Kyungsoo’s eyes widen in shock from the news, and he peeps around the metallic stands to look at Jongin’s expression.

“I know, I know, it’s just,” he pauses, “Kyungsoo is surrounded by pretty girls all the time and I don’t know what to say…Is he even gay?” he questions more so to himself. Kyungsoo snorts loudly, quickly hovering a palm to his mouth. “Hey! Who’s there?!” Jongin yells, and Kyungsoo thinks to make a hasty exit, but stumbles over his feet and falls to the ground.

When the linebacker comes forth, he hurries to Kyungsoo’s side, helping him stand once again. The look on Jongin’s face is petrified.

“You didn’t–you couldn’t– how long have you been standing there?” Jongin asks briskly.

“Long enough,” Kyungsoo chuckles faintly, patting down his clothes, “And for the record, I’m gay,” he smiles, and Jongin returns the gesture with one of his own. It lingers on his lips until Kyungsoo abruptly punches him in the shoulder with a force that sends his body back into the stands. “And cheerleading is a sport.” he declares with a huff before perking up with a smile, “Now, what do you say about going out Saturday night?” Jongin’s surprised expression doesn’t leave his face…

Darcy/Loki, Library

for @georgiagirlagain

“What kind of organizational system is this, anyway?” Loki sneered down at the books on the bottom shelf.  “It’s impossible to find anything…”  

“Dewey Decimal system ain’t hard, Lokes,” Darcy replied.  “You can always go perform a search on that computer over there, it’ll tell you what shelf to find your book.”  

He straightened his back and walked over to said computer.  

Darcy turned and shout-whispered across to him, “Use the keyboard, though!  Not an AI like in the tower!”

Some other library patron shushed her.  She rolled her eyes.  Her little shout whisper was better than Loki making sweeping commands of a Dell computer.


  “What’s going on?” Bay murmured behind him, quickly registering the brewing fight. “Oh, for fuck’s sake!” 
  “Hey, nice of you to finally join us,” Loch sneered sarcastically at him over his shoulder.
  “Oh ha ha, whatever. Let’s just get her out of here,” Bay retorted, as he began making his way through the small crowd that had formed, cursing under his breath.
  “After you.”

that boy, i remember when he made me smile
he was the first to ever write poetry to me
he made my stomach do flips and my heart flutter

when the phone rang and i ran to answer it
i remember smiling most wide

and on the day that i broke up with him
as his letter found its way into the hands of my mother
i lost that smile

and on the day that he sneered and jeered
for his mate to hold me down, while he tried for nearly an hour to rape me
i hadn’t a smile to wear

never regret what which once made you smile
and what of a shark, as it’s taking a bite?
or snake, as it’s lunging to strike?
what of an avalanche or a tsunami?
have you ever looked at a beautiful mountain covered with snow?
have you ever looked out to sea, and smiled towards a lost horizon?
oblivious to the deathly potential it holds

please, be less cavalier with your thoughts and ideals
because, you’re treading all over my memories, as you do

Idea: more fantasy heroines who don't look down on female-coded work

Sword-swinging mercenaries who admire the hell out of their sister-in-law’s delicate, painstaking embroidery. Mages who find their experience with running a household helps them organize and control their magic. Desperate rebels who know they are absolutely dependent on the women who cook and mend and care for the wounded.

I am so bored of heroines who sneer at ‘womanly’ things and complain of the uselessness of embroidery. Your average medieval kingdom wouldn’t last a week without people doing women’s work.


Harry Potter + Book Moments

‘Cruc — ’ yelled Harry for the second time, aiming for the figure ahead illuminated in the dancing firelight, but Snape blocked the spell again; Harry could see him sneering.

No Unforgivable Curses from you, Potter!’ he shouted over the rushing of the flames, Hagrid’s yells and the wild yelping of the trapped Fang. ‘You haven’t got the nerve or the ability –’

‘Incarc — ’ Harry roared, but Snape deflected the spell with an almost lazy flick of his arm.

  • me: *auditioning for Broadway or whatever* hi today im going to sing a song from my favorite musical
  • judges: *smiles as if i was going to sing phantom or cats or something*
  • me: hit it
  • me: underneath these stairs i hear the sneers and feel the glares-
  • judges:
  • me:
  • me: of my cousin, my uncle, and my aunt

Draco, 8th year?? He needed to shake the war, and shake himself a bit. He decided to go into muggle London, because why not, everything else in his world was on its head. Then he saw it: the leather jacket. And well, wouldn’t that just piss off his dad, and everyone, and he needed to change. So he bought it. The smoking came along after. First it was after one too many drinks with Zabini. Then it became something that helped to fill the holes in his soul. But no matter how many drags he took, the smoke would always escape.

Until he went back to school. And shit, Harry must have done a double, triple, quadruple take seeing Draco sitting in an archway smoking, in a leather jacket with his hair hanging loosely around his face.

And maybe one day Harry took his Gryffindor courage and sat across from Draco. And Draco would sneer and tell The Chosen One that this wasn’t his Golden Throne, for Merlin sake could Draco just be in peace for once. But Harry wouldn’t leave because Draco’s voice lacked the usual venom. So they sat for a while. Day after day, which soon turned to weeks, and greetings turned to conversations, and insults turned to jokes.

The smoke still couldn’t fill the holes left in his soul, but maybe, just maybe, the small, warm seed of something else growing in his heart could.

And Harry would smile, because he felt it too.



“Dad!” said Dudley suddenly. “Dad, Harry’s got something!”
Harry was on the point of unfolding his letter, which was written on the same heavy parchment as the envelope, when it was jerked sharply out of his hand by Uncle Vernon.
“That’s mine!” said Harry, trying to snatch it back.
“Who’d be writing to you?” sneered Uncle Vernon, shaking the letter open with one hand and glancing at it. His face went from red to green faster than a set of traffic lights. And it didn’t stop there. Within seconds it was the grayish white of old porridge. “P-P-Petunia!” he gasped.

I don’t get jealous

(A/N): Fuck me up with possessive Bucky

Request:  💕 💕 jealous!bucky where your ex-fiancee comes back and you have to work w/ him and bucky becomes real protective 💕 💕

Warnings: some swearing, creepy ex

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    “Oh god,” You whisper as that all too familiar man walks into your office. “Oh god no,” You’d recognize that sneer and glinting eyes anywhere, that was your ex. And not just any old ex, this was your ex- fiancee. You gulp as he walks down the aisles with pride in his step, obviously very pleased with himself for being able to worm his way through S.H.I.E.L.D. You turn your head away as he walks by, hoping he didn’t catch a glimpse of your face and for a minute you actually had hope that it worked. He continued to walk down aisles, his steps getting further and further away before they suddenly stop as does your heart. The footsteps come back your way and your heart begins to beat within your chest, god please let him pass you, please let him pass you.

   “(Y/N), is that you?” His voice had you nearly cringing, the greasy tony brought back some not so nice memories. Despite this you turn to look at him with a forced smile, trying your best not to look as annoyed as you were. 

   “Yep,” You chuckle, “It’s me,” 

   “Oh my god,” He smiles, showcasing his teeth. “I haven’t seen you in ages,” Yeah, that was kinda the point dipshit. “This is crazy!” You smile a little wider, causing you to feel like your skin may crack at the force. 

   “Yeah, right,” 

   “So uh- uh what’re you doing here?” You suppress a groan at this longer than needed conversation instead deciding upon smiling more and answering the question. 

   “I’m a field agent, sometimes I work alongside the Avengers-” At this his eyes widen and his jaw nearly drops. 

   “You work with the Avengers? That’s so cool!” You merely nod, hoping this conversation would end soon. “So does this mean you’ve met Tony Stark? Oh my god, have you met Captain America?” 

   “Haha, yep, I sure have,” The man sighs, folding his arms over his chest as he stares at you in a less than comfortable fashion. 

   “That is incredible (Y/N),” You only nod, hoping your face didn’t portray just how uncomfortable you were getting. The stupid man was just about to open his mouth again when the doors to the room open once again and this time the person who walks in is far more pleasant than the man before you. 

   “Bucky,” You sigh out as your present fiancee walks in the room, his other half not far behind. Bucky and Steve seemed to be engaged in quite the conversation when Bucky turns to look at you, smiling softly as his gaze connects to yours.

   You want to jump from your seat and run to his side, grab him and hold him like your life depended on it but you can’t, not with Mr. Sleazy standing right beside you. So instead you wait until Bucky waves goodbye to Steve and begins to make his way over to you to get up and excuse yourself momentarily. 

   “Sorry,” You give the man a tight lipped smile as you stand, dusting your suit off before standing a bit taller. “I’ll be right back,” You walk past him and instead to Bucky, your Bucky. 

  You nearly sigh in relief when Bucky opens his arms up, inviting you into his embrace. You gladly accept, wrapping your arms around his waist and nuzzling into his chest. 

   “Hey doll,” Bucky’s chest rumbles, soft and comforting against you. 

   “Hey,” You breathe out, just happy to be back by his side, rather than that creepy man’s. 

   “Who’s the creep lingering by your desk?” Bucky’s voice is no louder than a whisper, not wishing anyone to hear what you guys were saying. 

   “Remember that asshole boyfriend I told you about?” Bucky’s grip on you tightens at your words, just enough to give you a soft squeeze before it relaxes. 

   “Yes,” Bucky’s jaw is clenches and his words are now a hiss as he glowers at the man by your desk. 

   “Guess who’s working with us now?” 

   “Not that creep right?” 

   “Unfortunately yes,” Bucky growls softly as he pulls you against him a little tighter, making sure to keep you blocked from the man’s line of sight. 

   “Has he tried anything-” 

  “No Bucky,” You smile softly against the ex assassin. “He hasn’t tried anything…not yet at least,” You knew your words were only going to spurr Bucky’s little jealousy fit and you could definitely tell when he growled once again, pulling you even closer to his chest. “Buck-” You gently pat his back, “I’m just joking, he’s not going to try anything, I made it very clear we were over and that I didn’t want anything to do with him,” 

   “Well he’s here and he’s talking to you,” 

   “He works here Buck, we’re just gonna have to live with that,” Bucky sighs softly, albeit unhappily. 

   “If he tries anything you tell me, okay?” He tilts your head up at his words, his thumb and pointer finger clutching your chin gently. His blue eyes are boring into yours and his face is etched with concern (and jealousy). You find yourself smiling at the literally man puppy holding you before you lean in, pressing your lips to his briefly before pulling away, much to Bucky’s dismay. 

   “You got it Sarge,” Bucky smiles, his eyes crinkling softly at the nickname you’d given him. 

   You go to pull away, intending to go back to your seat and work when Bucky pulls you back against him, causing you to squeak in surprise. 

   “One more kiss?” Bucky asks softly as he gives a damn good pair of puppy dog eyes. You roll your eyes, feigning annoyance but you couldn’t even deny how much you loved it when Bucky asked for kisses. You lean in, pressing your lips against his once more, only intending for it to be an innocent kiss but as Bucky began to nibble on your bottom lip you realized he wanted more. 

   “Bucky,” You warn against his lips, after all, you were at work and you were sure Fury would kill you both if he caught the two of you displaying anymore public affection. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky replies cooly as once again leans in to claim your lips as his own. You can only smile against him, making it nearly impossible to keep up the kissing. Eventually Bucky gives in, succumbing to a smile as well. “Think I made my point?” Bucky murmurs against your lips, just allowing himself that small amount of teasing pleasure. 

   “What point?” You murmur back, genuinely confused. Bucky smiles as he nuzzles his forehead against your own, looking just about as smug as could be. 

    “Think that loser over there knows you’re mine?” You peek over Bucky’s shoulder to see your ex-fiancee looking anywhere but the two of you, obviously very uncomfortable.  

   “I think everyone knows I’m yours you nerd,” Bucky smiles wider, causing his nose to scrunch up in the cutest way. “You know I love you right?” You ask a bit softer, just enough so that only Bucky could hear you. Bucky smiles as he wraps his arms around your waist a bit more snugly, nuzzling his scruffy face into the crook of your neck as he does so. 

   “I love you too,” 

   “Hey!” The doors open and in walks Fury, damn near seething at the sudden display of affection. “What’d I tell you motherfuckers the last time I caught you?” 

The Guide to Moon Lovers Deleted Scenes

It includes deleted and extended scenes, but also different camera angles that were shown in the previews, but not in the actual episodes.

(Warning: EXTREMELY LONG POST WITH PICSPAM! It took a lot of time and effort to create this list so please refrain from stealing and reposting!!!)

Episode 1

Riding to Songak

The various previews and trailers show many shots of Wang So riding to the Goryeo capital which never made it into the aired episode.

Episode 2

Beating a Prince

This is not a deleted scene, just a long shot shown in the preview, but not making it to the aired episode.

The Royal Apology Part 1

The episode 2 preview shows Wang So making a disbelieving sneer, similar to the one he makes in the actual episode after he hears HS demanding an apology from him, but the background behind him is different just as is the camera angle – so it’s either a deleted scene, a deleted part of this particular scene or simply a different version of it.

The Royal Apology Part 2

Talking about different camera angles, it’s clear that the PD used different camera angles in the previews and in the aired episodes. Just compare these screencaps – in the drama version the PD changes camera angle when he shows WS’s reaction after HS avoids his „apology“, however, in the preview we see his reaction from the previous camera angle.

Eun’s Black Eye

The episode 2 preview shows Jimong, BA and Won laughing at Eun’s black eye – while the scene stayed in the aired episode, this particular moment never appeared in the final cut.

The Queen and the 3rd Prince

An undescribed scene between Queen Yoo and Yo.

The Wolf Killer

The flashback showing WS surviving his fight with the wolves ends with him throwing the torch while standing on the slope of the hill with the Kangs below; however, the released stills reveal that the scene actually continued with Wang So making it down the hill and confronting the Kangs about their attempt to kill him.

Episode 3

A Stolen Look

Just before Wang So leaves Soo and Wook in the bamboo forest, he steals a look at HS and while the moment stayed in the aired episode, we only see him look away from her, not actually the moment of him slowly, almost secretly looking at her. That moment is only shown in the previews and you can see a hint of something more, something deeper in So’s eyes there.

Wang So’s Nightmare

The moment with little Wang So tied up as a hostage shown as a memory in episode 14 was originally a scene deleted from episode 3. Hae Soo came to his room to return his butterfly hairpin, but left when she saw him having a nightmare about his childhood. Supposedly the Chungju Yoo clan and Shinju Kang clan had a feud between them, so when the Yoo army was attacking the Kangs for some reason, they put So up there to stop the attack. In episode 3, So wakes up and follows Hae Soo to the stone piles and they have a discussion about motherhood (a scene which was added in the rebroadcast version) that leads So to eventually decide on covering up his mother’s plot.This is also why when Wang So tells Hae Soo that he’ll be living in the palace, she tells him to stop having nightmares. It would be such a poignant scene because it’d show that even his nightmares are actually real because So’s life has been one huge nightmare until he met Hae Soo.

The Ride to the Monastery

Originally, Wang So’s ride to the monastery in episode 3 was supposed to be slightly longer, just like his ride to Songak in episode 1.

Burning It All Down

The final cut of episode 3 shows Wang So only in the aftermath of setting the temple on fire; however the previews, stills and the way how the camera follows him after he kills the head monk reveal that the entire scene of So setting everything on fire was filmed.

Even the aftermath scene outside of the temple was longer, revealing more of Wang So’s reaction to what he has done. In the drama, we only see him completely destroyed and numb. However, based on this preview still it’s clear that while he initially felt rage and satisfaction after leaving the temple, as everything he did sunk in he started to feel remorse and numbness which is shown in the aired version of the episode.

Episode 4

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until this moment, wylan hadn’t quite understood how much they meant to him. his father would have sneered at these thugs and thieves, a disgraced soldier, a gambler who couldn’t keep out of the red. but they were his first friends, his only friends, and wylan knew that even if he’d had his pick of a thousand companions, these would have been the people he chose.

  • me, holding my brain at shaking knifepoint: answer the message!!
  • my brain, sneering: you won't do it
  • my brain, pulling me uncomfortably close and thereby calling my bluff: never