I’ve just been working really hard on a very detailed, much more animated story in Snowdin! :D <3 (sorry the save feature for stills in flipnote saves them as jpeg… which distorts the colors ;3; )

There’s so many characters in it, and It’s already spanning 4 flipnotes, with another 3 or 4 planned… But It’s been soooooo much fun painting backgrounds and animating all these random background characters~!

I don’t want to spoil the plot for you guys… But… Let’s just say… Papyrus Pulls his first prank. >W<

I pulled a few of my favorite stills so you can get a feel of the details I’ve been putting into the background and characters.. >W< I hope you guys like this little update!

I am still about a week or so off from releasing this, but I was just too gosh darn excited to share something, I had to show you guys x3 I hope work gives me an extra day off or two this week so I can really put a dent in this!

Love you guys! I swear I am animating every day, it’s just been on a bigger project instead of a bunch of tiny ones! ^^