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Hi! I love your blog :) May I request RFA+minor trio reacting to the MC being a Neko (girl with cat ears and tail) and meeting her for the first time? Thank you!

Hi there! 

Here’s your request, hope you like it!

but especially, hope i got it right


  • w o w
  • that’s cool!
  • he’s super impressed
  • he loves everything about MC
  • he can’t wait to tell everyone that the pretty lady with cat hears and a tail is his girlfriend
  • super duper proud of her
  • if he had a tail, you can be sure it would be wiggling
  • blushes a lot whenever his eyes meets MC’s, because she’s just too cuuuute


  • he was not expecting it
  • when MC asked him “how about this cat? meow!” several days before, he thought she was joking
  • so when MC showed up at his door, with some fish-shaped bread…
  • he was surprised, to say the least
  • but now, they’re both on the couch, cuddling
  • and trust me, the sneazing isn’t the only thing he’s keeping under control
  • if you know what i mean
  • MC is also purring, as he’s stroking her hair
  • he doesn’t know how long he can handle it
  • the beast is about to be released
  • he has to admit he might take a liking to cats, though


  • definitely not turned on
  • i mean, why would he?
  • MC is only a girl with cat hears and a tail, why would he ever be turned on by it?
  • or at least, that’s what he’s trying to convince himself of
  • because it would be very awkward to think otherwise in that moment
  • especially since they are at a RFA party, in front of hundreds of people
  • and getting a boner right now would be very inconvenient
  • the fact that MC seems to be purring is not helping tho
  • on second thought, she is definitely purring
  • she’s quite close to him, so he can hear it quite clearly
  • he’s trying really hard not to do something he might regret
  • but he can’t help but blushing


  • not impressed
  • i mean, she’s not a cat-lover
  • she actually feels quite weird
  • she can’t help but worry about c-hair
  • so when MC approaches her to talk a little, she’s super embarassed
  • she’s blushing and stuttering, hoping MC wouldn’t notice how nervous she actually is
  • she’s also hoping mr han doesn’t see MC, since they’re in the company building
  • bc she knows the situation would get immediately weirder
  • and she needs to avoid that
  • or she’ll die of embarassment


  • did someone say cat girl?
  • bc he’s totally up for it
  • we could say it’s actually his biggest fantasy
  • right now, MC is standing in front of him, almost naked, because he had the great idea of going to her apartment when she was about to take a shower
  • you’re a genius, seven
  • he’s trying really hard not to become something that jumin would define a cat abuser
  • he knows he’s the one who would need a cold shower, after all


  • at first, he doesn’t even notice
  • it’s actually seven, being the lovely friend he is, who tells him
  • “dude, your girlfiend is a cat!” or something like that
  • so ofc he has to check that seven is not trying to mess with him
  • since he does that with everyone
  • so when MC actually takes his hand and puts it on her hear, he shivers a little
  • seven wasn’t lying
  • he’s not bothered by it, not at all
  • actually, he wants MC to be his model for a couple of shoots
  • and we all know MC can’t refuse


  • he’s seven’s brother, after all
  • so he might have a little thing for cats
  • and with might i mean definitely does
  • when he saw MC for the first time, he couldn’t believe his eyes
  • she looked definitely better than he ever imagined
  • you can bet he’s having a looooooot of dirty thoughts
  • he would never admit it tho
  • especially because he knows that seven would make fun of him and tease him about it
  • but he might mention it once he and MC are more… intimate


  • this guy is super chill
  • honestly, MC could have green skin and he wouldn’t be bothered at all
  • “cat ears and a tail? cool”
  • that’s it, that’s his reaction
  • as long as he is in public, of course
  • because once he and MC are alone…
  • well…
  • we could say he’s not chill anymore
  • if you know what i mean

Feedback is always appreciated!

Malec Parenting: Max Gets a Cold

Based loosely off what happens in Alxsteele’s Through the Looking Glass series when Magnus gets a cold (Part 11). (But like with baby Max, you get the idea).

Magnus had told Alec that this always happens every ten years or so, his little click of warlock friends get together for one week, just them, no spouses or significant others, and catch up on what’s been happening. And Alec was happy to get to spend some quality time with Max (who was now one and a half by Magnus’ reckoning).

Alec had asked for the week off Shadowhunting because he would be the only one to look after Max. Maryse had tried to object and again some grandmother-grandson time, but in the end gave in to Alec’s persistence, on the condition that Alec bring Max to visit a couple times, so he could at least train.

It was while Max was with Maryse, and Alec was training with Jace, Clary, and Izzy that Max sneezed. Alec had warned Maryse that Max seemed to have gotten a bit grumpy with Magnus absent, but hadn’t thought anything was wrong. “Well don’t you have the cutest sneaze?” Maryse asked Max as he shook his little head with surprise at himself.

Max looked up at his grandmother and said, “No.”

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The outside world was colder then she had imagined. Fluttershy shook herself and sneazed. The dublicate had just gotten out of the cave from the mirrorpool. It had started to rain. The yellow pegasus spread her wings and flew out of the forest. She needed a place to sleep and a shelter from the rain. Looking around, she spotted a large house. It looked pretty and very noble. The pegasus landed on the balconery and sneaked into the next room. It was a dining room with a warming fire.

Monte Cristo had just finished dispatching some dummies with his sword. He trained to stay sharp, to keep his body as healthy as his mind. As such, his ears perfectly picked up on the sound of someone landing on his balcony, even if it was on the other side of the house. Monte Cristo strode up calmly to the intruder, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. His composure cracked as he saw a mare that looked disturbingly like Shycedes.