SneakyUSB (available now) & SneakyUSB Kits are going to be up soon, like in the next 24 hrs. Just finishing up the last 3 pick sets I have before ordering more materials. They just need to be sanded a bit more before I can give them my seal of approval.

Available for purchase with USD, Bitcoin, silver or gold bullion.

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Ordered enough new material to make at least 10 sets of these for the sneakyUSB kits. Just got to bang them out.

The new OS option for these is being banged away on and my palms are sweaty to get my mitts on it and play around! I will let more slip as I get developments to share.

Have a few ideas about doing an upgraded kit (More dosh, more sneaky), but I’m not sure the demand is there for me to try and sell them. In a few weeks I’ll put one together and see what the reception is. I am a hobbyist with a passion for ideas and gear, I’m not trying to make a living at retail sales.

SneakyUSB with TAILS

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Secure information should be a part of your urban e&e gear. These live USB drives run TAILS Linux on any PC or MAC. TAILS is The Amnesiac Incognito Live System, its probably not NSA proof but it is a covert way to access information on just about any computer you have access to.

I chose these verbatim USB drives as the are crush and water resistant. The small form and built in clip make it easier to conceal. There is also extra room on these drives for PDFs, programs or other files you may need.

This does not include the other sneaky stuff shown.