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There is massive amounts crap going on with student politics at my uni, and a guy who used to be a student wrote this and fuck I think it’s amazing. Even if you just ignore the student political undertones I think the general message is one which rings so true. So yeah, this shit matters - why did you come to university? 

Why did you come to university?

a) to get a good job

b) because all my friends were doing it

c) to get drunk and or high, play sport slash video games and meet aesthetically pleasing members of whatever sex i’m attracted to. 

But what about d? The idea that maybe it might be nice to learn something once in a while ,god-forbid expand your mind find someone who disagrees with you and have a serious rational conversation about something other than fashion or football teams. University is supposed to be somewhere where people learn to think, instead we learn to drink and judge people by how they’re dressed, as though the test of a persons character is whether they can form instead of how they perform in cognitive colosseums. We’ve turned tute rooms into mausoleums, where new ideas go to die, crushed by a culture of doing the bare minimum.

Get the grades, get the job, get the money. Get the grades, get the job, get the money. As though getting wisdom ain’t worth the time, as though standing out is a crime, as though speaking out is uncool as though this shit doesn’t matter when it does.

This shit matters because right now power hungry wannabe politicians have hijacked student politics and lobotomised campus culture. This shit matters because it’s your money their spending, this shit matters because of the messages it’s sending, this shit matters because corruption is a slippery slope and if we let this side we have little hope, because the ropes woven today becomes the nooses of tomorrow and we chastise our state and federal politicians but where do you think they learned their dirty tricks in the first place?

A wise women once said that democracy isn’t taken all in one go. They do it slow, sowing weeds, seeds of corruption grow until one day you wake and find yourself asking how come is was allowed to happen, who is making these decisions, why is no one listening, why is no one listening, why is no one listening, why is no one listening.

A word to the wise - they stopped listening when you stopped caring. And yes I know there are so many things we’re told to care about but right now we need to care about this, because a culture which tells students they should care more about toga parties than the quality of their education is the first piece of a puzzled, passive, primitive population. This shit matters because mental stagnation is rapidly reducing our classrooms to criteria sheets, our campuses to advertising billboards and our degrees to scrap paper.

So why did you come to university?