Yesterday I took the train with a couple friends down to Chicago. On the train there was this couple.  They were actually one of many couples but this was the only couple who looked truly in love. You can see them in the middle of the picture in between another couple who talked casually during the train ride there and 4 girls who talked the whole train ride about other girls, while swearing and smearing chapstick on their lips.  But that couple in the middle were so peaceful but still were so alive, like they were unaware of everything but themselves. At every stop the guy would cradle her wrists, rub her arms, kiss her shoulders, neck, or cheek, or whisper into her ear through her dark hair. When he checked his phone in was right in front of her so she could see whatever he was texting, and when she checked her phone  for a spilt second I saw her background was a picture of both of them. They were so unlike the other couples on the train. The other couples talked loudly, swore in normal conversation, checked their Iphones constantly, and hardly touched each other. But the couple sitting underneath me were so in love, I can’t help but share how beautiful it was to watch them.