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Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

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Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)

After clearing out a banquet hall of enemies, I decide to play up my rogue’s thieving nature and steal all the silverware. The DM made me roll for it, and I got a nat20, so he narrated me stealing all the knives, all the forks, all the spoons, and then going for the candelabras on the mantle only to find a “loose brick” that revealed a hidden treasure room behind the fireplace. The rest of the party is shocked by the huge piles of treasure and are about to storm the treasure room.

Me: “WAIT! I… need to… check for traps!”

They let me into the room ahead of them, and I confirm there are no traps.

Me: “Guys… look at all the GOLD!”

Me, OOC: “I grab a handful of jewelry, and wave it in the air, to distract them from the gold I’m shoving in my pocket with my other hand.”

This was my introductory game to see if I’d fit in with the rest of the group. My devotion to my character’s personality, combined with a full conversation with the DM consisting of nothing but memes, earned me a place in their ranks.

Our rouge doesn't rouge very well

Context: were in our first session ever of this group, and we spend it setting up the story. It begins with us meeting a sales woman who is protector of some staff, and I converse with her.

Rogue: I roll to steal some jewelery.

*Rolls 9*

Dm: you clumsily take a ruby ring, getting the attention of the sales woman.

Rogue: *throws some gold onto the table quickly, trying to seem inconspicuous.*

Rogue: I try to steal back the gold

*Rolls 15, barely making it*

Dm: you take the gold, but the sales women notices but just rolls her eyes and continues.

I’ve watched listened to WAY too much Grey’s Anatomy (all of it from the start, within a month and a half probably, or less). xD I meant to ACTUALLY include Anders in his nurse’s outfit but the way this went he didn’t want to be in the picture. xD LATER, then.

Charlie and Natalia: man we should really lay low, there’s a lot of speculation and rumors going around

Also Charlie and Natalia: we should be together constantly and in every photo that’s taken of us be touching somehow. We should also wear each other’s clothes because that’s not suspicious

So our rouge was hitting on another rouge, and right after the encounter, realized she was missing 5 gold. So, while she had one of the other players distract her, she went in to steal twice as much. She passed the Stealth check, but then rolled a Nat 1.

DM: As she’s distracted, you silently slip beside her. You slip you hands into her pockets, only to realize you’ve slipped your hands into her pants.
PC Rouge (OOC): Shit.
NPC Rouge: Well there’s better ways to get into my pants than that, darling.

Needless to say, after a handle of Charisma rolls, our rouge gained a girlfriend after that encounter.


I have a pile of messages in my inbox requesting Ore Monogatari drawings….and believe me there’s nothing more I’d like to do right now than draw Takeo…but I am kind of uh, “fasting” from fanart right now so I can focus on other things. 

…Like this! Here’s a sneaky peek at what I’m up to these days. : )

undertale-ship-trash  asked:

Okay regarding your answer to- Why does Gaster have blood? I SWEAR TO GOD CAMI. The question you left at the end. ( Maybe now they can withstand more of something else ? OwO) If it's firkin' determination I'll throw my laptop out the window. You have to pay attention to literally EVERYING in the story. You sneaky thing. Anyways, loved the animation as always. <3

Thank you! The plot’s been in development since August from last year for a reason xD

Context: One of our original players (Rogue) came back after a long time and got to know the new party. Rogue set up a deal/quest for us to do and accidentally lowered our gold reward that Sorcerer wanted. Cleric and I(Bard) were away for a few sessions and came back to the Sorcerer questioning us about Rogue.

Sorcerer: So that friend of yours…
Bard (Me): He’s not my friend, but continue.
Sorcerer: Alright?


Sorcerer: So I have something to say about your friend, (Rogue).
Cleric: He’s not our friend.
Sorcerer: Then why did you keep him around?
Bard: He’s good at killing things. Also stealing things.
Cleric: Like your money. 

Things I never expected to get from watching Timeless

-Having a massive crush on Harry Houdini

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