sneaky the cat

Meet Kitty

Meet Kathy Evans, or Kitty –for they say she’s as agile and sneaky as a cat. Kitty has freshly graduated from high school, at 19 and the world open for her, she is determined to make the best of her life. Kitty is known for her quirky and cheerful demeanour, she always seem to have a spring to every of her footsteps. Behind closed doors, Kitty is a self proclaimed detective. She loves to study people, as she would say her sixth sense was to be able to read people. For her, personally, she loves to find the weaknesses of others and write it in her little notebook which is her greatest weapon. A little psychopathic of her, but nonetheless it greatly is her greatest pleasure. She doesn’t let any other know though, to the people around her. Kitty is just Kitty, and not the least bit unusual.

Until they find out that is.

“If there was one thing Adrien loved as much as Marinette, It would be the sneaky kisses she gave him when no one else was around.”




I should write fanfic lol

smol birb and sneaky cat reach for the same thing (a game for kenma’s bday present, something he’s mentioned offhandedly every now and then) and accidentally touch hands

Cat Mudad AU inspired by the incredible @niitsumee here!

  • Cat Dio is a pedigree owned by Pucci, who spends most of his non-Church days brushing and spoiling him to bits.
  • Cat Dio had four kittens, but three were adopted out. Giorno still lives with the two of them and is the most sneaky cat in the entire world??
  • Where did Pucci’s car keys go. Where did his wallet go? It turns out it’s Giorno’s favorite toy. He hides them by loafing on top of them and looking as unsuspicious as possible.
  • Giorno also knows how to open the pantry door to get at the cat food. But to be honest, it was probably a trick Dio taught him.
  • Dio will purr, Giorno often doesn’t.
  • Dio’s a great deal larger than most cats, even for his breed, and therefore has no problem pinning kitten Giorno and cleaning him.
  • Often, he’ll just sit on him, like a jerk.
  • Nothing is safe around Cat Dio, nothing will stop him from pushing a valuable vase off the counter or shredding curtains. Giorno, on the other hand, is more well behaved.
  • Both are lap cats that struggle for space on Pucci’s lap.
  • Dio doesn’t get along with the family of stray black cats that live down the street and have a weird pattern just above their shoulders… wonder why…

After seeing 208 promo -:

- Simon may or may not confess to Clary

- Clary will see Simon and Maia about to kiss; but this maybe an illusion

- Alec and Jace both have illusions with their problems; Alec with Clary and Jace with Maryse

- Raj being held responsible for something that he didnt do; or he says or do something wrong again and someone isnt happy and well…..ya..

- Also Raj will mention something about Lydia’s status in Idris; what she’s doing now

- Izzy approach Raphael and he may advice her about yinfen; in a good or bad kinda situation

- Aldertree becomes sneaky once again

- Magnus cat eyes is shown


Lets see how many becomes real ~~~