sneaky the cat


that time kara accidentally found out about cat’s coffee ritual

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“If there was one thing Adrien loved as much as Marinette, It would be the sneaky kisses she gave him when no one else was around.”




I should write fanfic lol

haikyuu character writing tips

Hinata is sunshine baby full of Hope and Love, but also an unyielding monster who never takes his eyes off the horizon. 

Kageyama is a genius with a scary face, but also hilariously awkward tragic dweeb who doesn’t know how to make friends

Tsukishima is a mean, calculating bastard, but also quite shy and has a hard time dealing with his own feelings. Despite appearances, probably one of the most emotionally vulnerable characters in the series. Also a nerd with a wicked sweet tooth

Yamaguchi is Tsukishima’s best friend and a good server, but also one of the most self-aware characters in the series. He has a backbone of steel, and is 100% willing to call people out on their shit

Oikawa is frivolous, childish, and petty, but also intensely focused, dedicated, and passionate. He refuses to let anything hold him back for long

Bokuto is a beefy goofball with turbulent emotions, but also one of the most encouraging and positive forces on any court he’s standing on. He brings up the spirits of both teams, and what he lacks in academic smarts, he makes up for in how good he is with people

Kuroo is a provocation master of a sneaky cat of a captain, but also a genuinely nice guy who fusses over things that aren’t his responsibility: other teams’ first years, his elderly coach’s old dream, and making sure his unsocial best friend is eating properly. He also loves science and doesn’t like to swear.

Ushijima is the most powerful, terrifying Ace in the prefecture, but also a precious awkward meatball with bad people skills. nevertheless, he is firmly, steadfastly reliable and does his best to be kind.

Tendou is a sneaky player who takes pleasure in crushing his opponents, but also loves and supports his teammates with everything he’s got because he remembers what volleyball was like without them


@pangur-and-grim these are my kitties sneaky and poostle!! They don’t actually like each other, hence no snuggle pictures. They’re both incredibly dumb, sneaky is a more traditional cat with her love of boxes and traditional ‘loaf’ format. Poostle screams constantly and is ugly irl but photographs very well xx

smol birb and sneaky cat reach for the same thing (a game for kenma’s bday present, something he’s mentioned offhandedly every now and then) and accidentally touch hands

What She Says: I’m fine.

What She Means: American rock band The Academy Is… did a reunion tour for the 10th anniversary of their debut record in 2015. Since then, there’s been no actual confirmation if the band has actually split up or not. Now, in the Lord’s year of 2017, is the 10th anniversary of TAI’s sophomore album ‘Santi’ and the band’s official Facebook page has changed it’s profile photo and cover photo to Santi-era pictures. William Beckett, lead singer, did an AMA on Twitter via the Emo Night Twitter account in which he replied he’s keeping his mouth shut on the Santi reunion rumors. In addition, William has been liking tweets about Santi tour rumors. What does it mean? Is The Academy Is… still a band? Why are they literally Schrödinger’s Cat?