sneaky dee


Yesterday was amazing!!! Palaye Royal put on an amazing show!!! I’m so happy!!! I got to meet my Internet friend Darby, I got a shirt and free pins because Emerson took note of my pin covered bag(how sweet of him), I got to meet Remington, Emerson, and Sebastian, I took pictures with them and got them to sign my art, I saw them preform, and overall just had a great time! I also learned something, yesterday at the concert when I went up to Emerson so he could sign my art, I apologized to him if he didn’t like it and if I was bothering him. He called me cute and adorable, gave me a hug, and said “never apologize for being amazing. Okay?”. I took those words to heart. I need to incorporate more positivity into my life, stop feeling like I’m always doing something wrong and start seeing the positives. I think you guys should too! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been feeling down but after the concert I’m way better. I love you guys.


A night around town, catching up with good old friends, visiting same old spots and feeling nostalgic. I missed Toronto! 

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