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1/7/2017-1/9/2017 Soup-Nose The Goat has some swelling under her jaw. We suspect bottlejaw (fluid retention caused by anemia). Anemia in goats is usually a parasite issue, so we wormed her, and I drove to the hippie feed store and bought some of the fancy organic sweetfeed to try and convince her to eat a bunch of delicious nutrition. Even Soup Nose’s Olympic-class food fussiness is no match for sweetfeed.

Sweetfeed is made of corn, molasses, oats, various trace vitamins, and tiny shavings from a shining blue meteor that landed in the Darkhad Valley in Mongolia in 1953. The workers who harvest the meteor cover their ears so they can’t hear it singing to them.

Sweetfeed smells amazing. I have genuinely considered cooking it like oatmeal and eating it myself. My google history is full of searches for cornflake and molasses cookies, gingerbread cornmeal cookies, something, anything. Internet forums are thronged with people wondering how to make moonshine out of it. It smells like molasses and raisins and cornbread and coming home to the family you never knew you had after a long time wandering in the dusty dark between worlds.

We have to keep a brick on top of the bin with sweetfeed in it, because otherwise the feral cats sneak into the barn and eat it. 

The cats try to eat goat food.

(Seriously. I tell a lot of lies on this blog. That is not one of the lies. It’s uncanny stuff.

Also, if you know any recipes that involve molasses and cornflakes, please send them to me, the smell is driving me mad.)

Boyfriend problems

So, the reason why I haven’t been on as much as much is because my new boyfriend hates everything I do on this blong. Please understand that this is really hard for me to deal with. I don’t want to cause any prblems with him, but it’s hard for me to sneak around and do this. Can someone give me some advice? I really don’t know what to do, I can’t help the fact that this blog helps me be okay with who I am because all of you guys like my blog too. I love yaoi, I love Ereri and Sebaciel and winmin and… and I feel like crying. 

pll is making my brain fry

i havent been capable of making a theory in sooo long and im not sure i even have one now, but i just have some thoughts and this is my pll blog so i guess i’ll leave them here!

Aria is a shitty friend. She left Ali, is lying about meeting up with A.D., and is most likely going to join the bad guy literally all to protect herself. People are saying “i think aria will join AD but just do it to help out the girls” and i think thats BS. the only reason she’s even sneaking around is because there is something so bad about her in that file that she has to fuck over her friends. Ali can already tell i think. When the game landed on hanna again and all the girls were saying that the game is broken, ali looked right at aria when she said “its not broken it knows exactly what its doing.” Ali is the queen liar, I’m sure she can tell when someones lying. Plus, she hand-picked these 4 girls to be friends with all for different reasons. Aria was meant to be the “compassionate” one and i think shes gonna prove alison wayyyyyy wrong. I cant think of anything so horrible that it would make me completely switch up on my best friends. literally nothing. i saw someone say that she got an abortion in high school from being with ezra, and she never told him about it. thats the only reason i can see why ezra would choose nicole over her and nicole would have to visit him in jail, because he could be charged with statutory rape. idk man idk aria is just shady ive never liked her lol

all the reveals were good, but mostly just confirmations of a lot of things people suspected on tumblr. the only unexpected reveal was that lucas was friends with charles at a troubled boys camp. idk what to even say about this but i know its gonna tie some things together. i just feel like some things need to be talked about after this. alison used to call lucas “hermie” …and he was friends with a transvestite…idk how they could link but just a thought. idk where to go with this. i really feel like lucas stayed close with charles through the transformation and everything. maybe lucas would tell charlotte things about the girls and alison, maybe lucas knew a lot of things for a long time. maybe he was working in or helped make the dollhouse? ugh

idk if ally is going to keep the baby but i hope she doesnt. i also have no idea why AD even wanted her pregnant? i read this theory and it makes me want to freaking die because its so overwhelming…it said AD stole emilys eggs, fertilized them with charlotte’s semen (assuming she still had male reproductive organs i guess), and implanted them into alison because if they used charlotte’s sperm with ali’s eggs, thats incesty and the baby could come out disabled. idk what the fuck man thats some crazy shit. i love crazy shit but idk about all that

ezra has to be bad he has to be or else im gonna go insane idk why i dont wanna post a list of reasons im just saying it ok he has to be. hes somehow gonna be correlated with wren whos gonna end up being related to rollins and thats just what needs to happen

we dont have many episodes left so theres no more time for characters to admit something and it later be proved as a lie. this being said, im going to just believe mary did kill jessica and try to frame peter. mary is really crazy and that’d be the perfect plan to get rid of both of them at one time, except it didnt really work lolz.

sydney being in the limo pissed me off so bad. i read that marlene picked her specifically for her appearance, i guess because shes always pretending to be jenna? but that explains why such a horrible actress got chosen to be on this show. sydney can be used for answers, but please no type of big reveal endgame stuff. i think thats all i got!

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Oh my gosh I love your blog! It;s so adorable :3

Cas: All rightie, time to sneakie-sneak into Da Moose Club.

Dean: Waitaminnit, why am I wearing this danged RIBBON on my head?

Cas: That’s not a ribbon, that’s your ANTLERS.

Dean: This isn’t antlers!  Why can’t I wear a bad-ass HELMET, like your brother?

Loki: Ehehehehe!

Cas: Because reasons.  Now listen closely.  The most important-est thing is when they call Moose Roll Call, you answer, “I’m Da Moose!”

Dean: So I answer, “You’re Da Moose?”

Cas: No no no!  You’re answer, “I’m Da Moose!”

Dean: That’s what I said, You’re Da Moose.

Cas: No, you’re Da Moose!

Dean: No, you’re Da Moose!

Cas: Shhhhh!

Sam: Welcome to Da Moose Club!  Now it’s time for Moose Roll call!

Moosie #1: I’m Da Moose!

Moosie #2: Quelle coinky-dink!  I’m Da Moose too!

Dean: I’m not.

Sam: …

Everybody: …

Dean: Wait!  No!  I got it, YOU’RE Da Moose.  Right?  No?  He’s Da Moose?  Dangit, it’s hard to think with this ribbon squashing my head.

Cas: *sigh*

the-pirate-and-the-princess  asked:

Hey Shira! :) We got 3 kisses with CS in 5x07, and I am pretty sure I saw all of them. But do you by any chance have gifs of the all 3 of them? Because I want to see them again (yes, I do that :P), but I don't remember where I saw them from. I know there was 2 in the sneak peek, but the third one I don't remember. Mind giving me a link or the gifs? Thanks so much, and hopefully this is no trouble! :D PS, love your blog! -Amber

This is totally understandable! LOL, and yay, it gives me a good reason to put these gifs again, no trouble at all, I already have them right here :) The third one is from the new promo from a couple of days ago.

And thanks a lot! I love your blog too :) 

The first

The second

The third

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Maybe that's why the episode is called sneak attack, obviously for the episode reasons and because Maya's feelings sneak up on her

That’s the going theory among most of the analysis blogs, yeah. (Missy, aka bulldozer in a pink sweater, was ANYTHING but sneaky even though that’s how Riley still sees things.)