Eclipse Pretty Cure transformation ( So that he will have one too :3 )

Eclipse animation I’m working on ^^

Once its done it will be posted on my Youtube Channel :’D

This is one of my bigger projects I’m currently working on :’D feel free to share this around and um yay this will be my first youtube Video on my new Channel >u< Hope people like what I did so far XD

Me is trying to make it as fabulous as possible :3 It looks really smoothly so far and I hope I can keep that quality up to the end  XD

I also showed this to my patrons but they didn’t say anything about this XD

Programs I’m currently using for this : Paint Tool SAI

The animation will be uploaded on my                                                                 new Youtube Channel as soon as it is completed : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAAFJ-SzEb_rNI9FtU066Hg

A little sneak peek of the future design!
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ARTWORK BY @tincek-marincek (check her out, she’s epic)

This here is Kai Donovan, drawn by the infinitely talented @tincek-marincek and featuring a two-sentence sneak peek from one of many stories and vignettes that will be a part of the universe known as The Chaos Cycle. All the stories are written by me, and will feature artwork by @tincek-marincek
This illustration is also to announce the launch of my website, coming October 1 2016! For all the dirty details about the website and what I do, you can visit my dA journal HERE.

The first vignette will be posted on the website launch date, October 1, so if you’re interested in what we’re doing, I hope you stick around!

✨💫🎉 AWWWW im feeling the disney magic in this #behindthescenes selfie from last night’s @rockstarwigs (ft @whcostumes) photoshoot! All these new character wigs/costumes make me feel so cute & magical! Best tink wig ever?? I think so! Now I just need some pixie dust!!✨ PS. I am not sure when these will be out, but I’ll post the official photos as soon as these cosplay wiggies are available!💖 #sneakpeek #comingsoon

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Dopo tutti questi mesi passati a lavorare in sordina, mi fa stranissimo essere arrivato a questo punto.
Tra esattamente un mese, il 20 Ottobre, vedrà la luce Ricomincia da Qui, il primo libro a fumetti che BAO Publishing mi ha dato la possibilità di raccontare.
Questa è la copertina definitiva. Ce l’avevo in mente da tanto tempo, e realizzarla è stato relativamente semplice, sebbene non senza alcune paranoie che mi porto dietro tuttora (eh, le copertine incutono sempre i più abominevoli timori).

Ad ogni modo, qua trovate anche una gif con le varie fasi, dallo sketch primordiale all’impaginato definitivo. Le macchie di sudore (freddo) le ho tolte con Photoshop.