sneaking around is so hard

Imagine sneaking around with Castiel when the Winchesters aren't home.

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“Cas…oh..Cas don’t stop”

Just as you begged him to keep going, he stopped his thrusting, and smirked.

“What’d you call me little girl?”

“Castiel..please..” you begged.

You couldn’t help it, but when Cas had you this close to the edge, you couldn’t control what you said. He had been pounding you into the sofa so hard, so fast.

Sneaking around the Winchesters wasn’t easy, but it was fun. And right now it had your folds wetter than they had ever been.

“Y/N, I can’t..” He grunted, he reached down, and began rubbing your clit in circles, it didn’t take long, you were already so close. “Come for me baby girl.”

And that was it, within seconds you were screaming his name, which sent him into his own sweet release.

You had both finished just in time, because you heard the door to the bunker open and Dean yelling about pizza and beer.

“I love you” You said to Castiel. He leaned down and kissed you. “I love you too, Y/N.” He said with the biggest smile on his face. He pulled out of you, and you both got up, Cas already having the both of you completely dressed with just the snap of his fingers.

You were never going to let this angel go.

Council Gajevy though.

I really like the idea of Gajeel trying to act all tough and in charge and at first it works and his underlings whisper about the terrifying Gajeel Redfox and how he’s taken out entire dark guilds all on his own before …

Then Levy enters the picture and everyone stares with bated breath as the small thing strides up to Gajeel and … he blushes.

Gajeel Redfox blushes.

And just like that all of his hard work is destroyed because he can’t keep up the dark and intimidating act in front of Levy, and everyone realizes he is a major dweeb. Like the biggest dork around. (His team finds it endearing though and they poke fun at him, especially when Levy is their backup. She gets the same treatment from her team too.)

And the teams decide to spread a rumor about how Gajeel is an unstoppable force if not for the beast tamer Levy, and they sort of become legends in the council …