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i love those things where it’s like “the five times this almost happened and the one time it did” so maybe something with reddie in a secret relationship where it’s like the few times the losers -almost- caught them kissing and the one time they did?? sorry if that’s too specific haha

1. It was the last day of school and The losers were finally not freshman anymore. Eddie had stayed back for a few minutes in his last period class in hopes that he would miss Henry Bowers gang when he went out to find his friends. Eddie’s last class of the day was the only one that he had that didn’t have at least one other loser in it, so you could say that it’s been a pretty lonely year in his eight period Spanish class. After, about 10 minutes of waiting he figured that the coast would be clear and Henry would be gone “Is his life really that dull and empty that he would hang around at school on the last day just so he can mess with some asthmatic kid that can’t defend himself” Eddie thought to himself as he picked up his bag that was now light with a few empty binders and notebooks with hardly any paper left in them. He exited the classroom and stepped into the hallway scattered with papers and locker doors left open. There wasn’t really anyone left in the school even the teachers were eager to get away for there summer break. Eddie sighed in relief as he made his way to big doors, knowing that his friends were just on the other side waiting for him. “Hey you little fucker! Did you really think that you could hide from me.” He heard any angry voice hiss from behind him. Eddie turned around and there stood Henry Bowers, he was all alone which was unusual since Henry never seemed to get to far away from the rest of his gang, but Eddie just figured they were off harassing some other helpless kids, while Henry had business to tend to here. “I’m talking to you, you little bitch” Henry said getting closer. Eddie didn’t know what to do, he new he couldn’t run he wouldn’t make it far before he ran out of breath. besides Henry was much faster then him. “I-I was, I was um just-” Eddie had suddenly developed a stutter one that sounded quite similar to Bill’s. “You what” Henry spat out as he pushed Eddie against a locker placing an arm over his chest, holding him there. “Leave me alone dickhead” Eddie spoke trying to sound as brave as he possibly could, given his current situation. Eddie then brought up his right foot and kicked Henry as hard as he could on the shin. Henry cried out in pain but did not loosen his grip on Eddie. Instead he just pressed his arm harder into Eddie’s chest to the point to where it was getting hard for him to breath. “You’re gonna die, you little fagot” Henry said as he brought up his fist, Eddie clenched his eyes shut and prepared for the pain. “Get away from him you redneck asshole” Eddie heard a voice say from down the hallway. It wasn’t just any voice, but the voice of hid boyfriend Richie Tozier. “What the fuck did you call me, four eyes” Henry said as he let go of Eddie and started to walk towards Richie. “I said that you were a redneck asshole. and that you should probably be getting home. Daddy’s dick isn’t gonna suck itself” Richie said looking directly in the cold eyes of Henry Bowers. Henry did’t say anything, he just brought up his arm and collided his fist with Richie’s nose. Blood immediately gushed out and Richie’s hands went up to his face “Dick!” Richie yelled as he held his nose in his hands. “Richie are you okay.” Eddie said gently as he walked to his bleeding boyfriend “You’re next you little prick” Henry said as he grabbed Eddie’s shoulder roughly. “That’s enough Mr.Bowers” a teacher said entering the hallway.”School is over, you have no farther business here. Now leave before I give your father a call.”  Henry tensed at the mention of his father and let go of Eddie. “I’ll see you pussies later” he said before he walked out of the school. The teacher walked away to without even asking if Richie was okay. “Fucking dick” Eddie thought as he bent down to help his still bleeding boyfriend “ Are you okay Rich”. “Yeah don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Richie said while whipping the blood from his nose on the back of his sleeve. Any other time Eddie would comment on how unsanitary that was but he bit his tongue because he knew that Richie was in pain and it was pretty much his fault. “I’m sorry you got hit” Eddie said while grabbing Richie’s hand in his own. Richie chuckled slightly. “How did he mange to be so damn cute all the time” Richie thought looking into Eddie’s sad brown eyes. “Ed’s I told you I’m fine. It doesn’t even hurt.” he lied. He then kissed Eddie’s cheek and brought him into a hug, thankful that he got there i time before it was his nose that got busted. Then the doors swung open again and the two boy’s parted fearing that Henry had returned, but instead in was the rest of there friends all with worried looks on there faces. “We were wondering what was taking so long” Stan said looking at his two friends. “Shit Rich you’re bleeding” Beverly said walking over to the glasses wearing boy “Really Bev I hadn’t noticed” Richie said sarcastically then flinched when she touched his nose. Eddie and Richie went on to tell them about what had happened, and the losers were so enthralled in the story and the concern of Richie’s nose that they had completely forgotten about the hug that they had witnessed between there two other friends.

2. Richie and Eddie were always trying to find paces to sneak around but since there town is so small it’s really hard for them. One day the losers were all going to the quarry to swim and Eddie and Richie saw this as there opportunity to get away so they both came up with excuses as to why they couldn’t go. So they ended up going to the movies because Eddie wanted to see “Dead Poets Society” and Richie thought it would be nice to cuddle with Eddie in a dark movie theater for two hours. So they walked in with there popcorn and candy and as soon as they sat down Richie grabbed Eddie’s hand and Eddie put is head on Richie’s shoulder with a small sigh of content that made Richie smile. Richie pressed his cheek to the top of Eddie’s head and just as he started getting comfortable they heard the movie theater door swing open. Richie’s head shot up and they both quickly released each others hands as they looked over and there stood the five other members of the losers club. “What are you g-guys d-doing here?” Bill asked. “Yeah I thought you guys said that you weren’t feeling good.” Stan added. “Yeah well we were both feeling better and uh-” Eddie started, “And we were gonna go meet you guys at the quarry but we figured it was to cold to swim so we came here instead” Richie finished for his boyfriend, hoping that they bought it. “Oh well us to” said Ben, “The water was freezing so we figured we’d just hang out here”. “How lucky that you guys were here to.” Bev said with a smile as Mike plopped down beside Eddie and playfully through his arm around him.The rest of the losers took there seats next to there friends as the movie began. “Well so much for cuddling with my boyfriend in dark movie theater for two hours” Richie thought.

3. It was one of the hottest days of they year and the losers were all gonna go to the park to get some ice cream to cool off, they all agreed to meet at Eddie’s house then go to the park together. Since they knew that Henry Bowers and his gang would be driving around looking for kids to harass they figured that there was safety in numbers and were better off going to the park together then showing up at different times alone. When Richie heard about this plan he decided to get to Eddie’s early in hopes that he could get to spend some time with him without the other losers around. Don’t get him wrong he loves his stupid fucking friends but he misses getting to do stupid gushy stuff with Eddie, like holding his hand, kissing his cheek, running his fingers through his hair as his head lays on his chest while they listen to whatever lame song Eddie is obsessed with that week, and all that lovey shit that Richie loves doing with him, but he would never say out loud. They hadn’t had much time alone together because it seemed like every time they get a moments peace someone always barges in on them. So when Richie knocked on Eddie’s door and Eddie opened it he wasted no time stepping inside slamming the door behind him and taking his smaller boyfriend into his arms and pressing his lips to his. Eddie’s lips always felt so soft they usually tasted like cough syrup which you’d think would bother Richie but it never did, the faint bitterness on the asthmatic boys lips was his favorite taste in the world.”God Richie” Eddie gasped as he gently put his hands on his taller boyfriends chest “You know you can’t kiss me without warning like that” the small boy said while taking small gasps of air “You could cause me” gasp “to have an” gasp “asthma” gasp “attack” Eddie said taking big breaths between every few words. “Come on Eds you know you love it.” Richie said with a smile as he used the one hand that wasn’t wrapped around Eddie’s waste to ruffle his hair. The smile on Richie’s face quickly faded when he noticed that Eddie’s breath had began to quicken. “Fuck Ed’s” Richie exclaimed as he quickly walked Eddie to his couch sat down and pulled him onto his lap. He reached into his pocket to grab the inhaler that he always carried around with him just in case the smaller boy might need it. He quickly popped the lid off ,stuck it in into Eddie’s mouth, and pushed the button. He felt Eddie’s body relax as his hands reached up to take over and take another puff off the inhaler. “That’s it baby breath” The glasses wearing boy said gently while he rubbed circles onto Eddie’s back. Eddie pulled the inhaler out of his mouth and put it on the table “You okay” Richie said wrapping an around Eddie’s waist hoping that he wouldn’t want to get up. “Yeah I’m good” Eddie said wrapping his arm lazily around Richie while pressing his forehead against his boyfriends,much to Richie’s delight. “Thank you” Eddie said softly “For what? Giving you a fucking asthma attack because I can’t keep in in my pants?” Richie said with a small chuckle. “No dumb ass” Eddie said rolling his eyes but keeping his forehead pressed against Richie’s. “For getting me the inhaler. I think it’s really cute that you always carry one around for me.” Eddie said wrapping his other arm around Richie’s neck. Eddie blushed at Eddie’s words and quickly tried to think of something witty to say. “ Yeah well I can’t have you dying on me Kasprak. Then who the hell would I make out with?” Richie said pulling Eddie even closer “Whatever you carry it around because you loooovveee meee” Eddie said, while singing the last part. “ Maybe a little bit” Richie whispered his lips just millimeters away from Eddie’s. Just as there lips touched they heard the dreaded knock coming from the other side of the door. “Come Eds let’s go” “Yeah hurry” they heard there friends shout from outside “One of these days Kasprak” Richie said with sigh “One of these days”

4.  The next time that the two boys were almost caught the losers were all over at Bill’s house for movie night. they were already halfway through ‘Back to the future part 2′ when Bev had proclaimed that they were out of popcorn. “o-okay” Bill stuttered “I’ll go g-get some m-more” he said as he started to get up. Richie quickly hopped off the couch and gently pushed Bill back down “Not to worry captain Bill” Richie said using his “army guy” voice “I will get the popcorn” he finished dramatically placing his hand on his chest. “But Ed’s it looks as though I will be needing your help, for I can not handle this mission alone” Richie continued looking at Eddie who was sitting on the floor next to Ben. “ You can’t get it yourself?” Stan asked looking at him. “Do you want the damn popcorn or not Stanley?” Richie spoke to his friend. Eddie and Richie then walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. “Real smooth drill Sargent, that did’t look suspicious at all”  Eddie whispered to the taller boy when there friends were out of earshot. “I’m sorry Eds but I saw my opportunity and I took it” Richie said putting his arms around Eddie and pulling him closer. “No Richie we can’t” Eddie said only half struggling to get away “Our friends are right outside” “Well then I guess you’re gonna have to be quiet then” Richie said before pressing his lips to Eddie’s. It didn’t take long for Eddie to start kissing back and to wrap his arms around Richie’s neck. Then they suddenly heard footsteps entering the kitchen and Eddie pushed Richie away from him and against the cabinet. “You guy’s haven’t even put the popcorn in yet?” Mike said as he entered the kitchen where the two boys were standing “Well hurry up you’re missing the movie” He said before walking back out again. “Well that was close” Richie said with a sigh “You think” Eddie said hitting Richie in the chest before stomping back into the living room.  

5.The last time that the boys were almost caught was at the quarry. The two boys had road there bikes down there hoping to spend some time alone together without any interruptions. They had only been there for about five minutes and  Richie had already made his sixth joke about Eddie’s mom.Eddie started to walk over to were Richie was standing ”if you don’t shut the fuck up Tozier I swear I’ll-” “You’ll what?” Richie said with a sneaky smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck. Eddie had the right mind to push over the cliff and into the water, but as he looked through the through lens of his boyfriend’s coke bottle glasses and straight into his big brown playful eyes, he couldn’t help but smile and melt into his touch. They both smiled as there lips touched and Richie’s hands went down to Eddie’s waste to pull him closer while Eddie’s fingers ran through Richie’s soft chocolate brown curls. “Hurry up guys let’s go!” a faint voice yelled, one that sounded strangely like Bev. “No. it could’t be”  Richie thought as he loosened his grip on his smaller boyfriend. “They’re all supposed to be at the library working on an English project” Richie’s thought continued “Oh no its them” his fears were confirmed when Eddie let go of Richie entirely and ran both of his small hands through his hair. Richie looked over and saw five familiar bikes coming out of the woods with five even more familiar faces riding them. “What do we do?” Eddie said looking to his boyfriend with wide eyes. Richie sighed. he hated seeing Eddie panic. “Just stay here” Richie said as he quickly grabbed his bike and headed to the opposite side woods, as fast as he could without being heard by the others. He hated leaving Eddie there all by himself, forcing him to come up with an excuse as to what he was doing there without any help, but Richie figured it would be easier to explain what one of them was doing there alone than what both of them were doing there together. They had been caught alone together a lot lately and were starting to run out of excuses. So Richie hid out in the woods for about fifteen minuets until he figured it was safe to emerge. So he rode in casually as if he had just arrived “What’s up fuckers” he said as he saw his friends sitting together laughing about whatever it was they were laughing about. “You losers thought you could have a party without inviting me” he said as he dropped his bike and walked to his friends. “We couldn’t find you smart ass” Stan said with an eye roll and a smile.”I wasn’t far” Richie said while he took a seat in between Mike and Ben he also shot a small wink at Eddie that the losers missed when they went back to there previous conversation, But Eddie caught it and smiled faintly hoping the blush wasn’t to noticeable as he felt it creep onto his cheeks.

6. The losers had been at the quarry almost all day swimming and having a good time, but it was past seven and was about to get dark, so they figured that they should be getting home. “Hey wait have you guys seen my inhaler, It’s not in my fanny pack” Eddie said while digging through his bag. “No. Did you look in your other fanny pack?” Ben said while hopping on his bike. “Yeah but it’s not in there.” “It’s fine Eds I’ve got an extra remember?” Richie said while he started to dig in his pocket to pull out the backup inhaler. “No Richie I need my inhaler.” Eddie said firmly looking Richie directly in the eyes, hoping that he would get the message. “I need my inhaler and I need you to stay here and help me look for it” Eddie continued. “Oh.” Richie said looking at Eddie. “You need me to stay here and help you look for your inhaler. Got it.” “Okay well see you g-guys later then.” Bill said while giving them a strange look. “Yeah good luck finding it you guys.” Mike added. As the rest of the gang rode away the boys immediately crashed there lips together. “Couldn’t find your inhaler huh?” Richie said in between kisses. “Hey it worked didn’t it” Eddie said while entangling his hand with Richie’s. “No” they heard coming from behind them. The boys turned around and saw there friends standing there with smiles on there faces. “I knew it.” Bev said happily “I knew that there was something going on between them.” “Yep. Ya know what ya caught us.” Richie said, letting go of Eddie and throwing his hands in the air. “Congratulations. Now will you losers please get the hell out of here so that I can make out with my boyfriend.” Richie practically screamed and Eddie’s face turned bright red. “Yeah no problem” Stan said picking up his bike again. “You two have fun” and after a few laughs and couple innocent jokes the Losers said goodbye to there friends and rode home. “Well” Eddie started “ At least now we might be able to get some time alone” To this Richie smiled and kissed his cheek, happy that they no longer had anything to hide from there friends.

Sorry this took so long.

Redneck Revenge

Prompt: You’re Chib’s daughter from another woman(aka not Fiona). You and your father are very close. You are in your early 20’s, the same age as Jax and Opie who both recently completed their prospect years with Samcro. You are secretly dating Opie but when your father find out, he does not approve. Will Opie be able to prove himself to your father or will you have to choose between the two most important men in your life: Requested by: Anonymous 

 You rolled to the other side of the bed, pulling the blanket over your head trying to force the morning to hold off just a little longer. When you had finally started to fall back asleep after finding that sweet spot in the bed, you heard it, the bellow of your father shouting, “Aye love get your ass moving or I’ll come up there and wake ya myself”! You groaned loudly in response, quickly sitting up in bed, knowing that your father would make good on his threat to come wake you which usually involved him flipping your damn mattress. You’d been staying with your dad at his home in Charming for the past two and a half months. You had recently graduated from college and while you weren’t sure exactly where you wanted to be or who you wanted to be, you know you needed to spend some time with your dad before you embarked on your next adventure. When you first arrived, the house was sparsely decorated, but over time, your father had been pulling pictures and mementos from your times together out of storage and putting them up around the house. While you grew up in Chicago with your mother, stepfather, and half siblings, you spent every summer in Charming with your father and he made sure to pack in as much excitement into those summers as possible. It was no surprise to anybody that Chibs Telford was a total softie when it came to his daughter, which is probably why he was currently walking around the kitchen cooking eggs and bacon while singing along to a Led Zeppelin song blaring on the radio. You chuckled as you walked into the kitchen and went over to the brand new keurig machine to make yourself a cup of coffee. Your father called out to you “Aye lass, you’ve decided to grace me with your presence”? You rolled your eyes as you plopped down in a kitchen chair, wishing you could hook up your coffee to an IV drip. Your father walked over to you, kissing you on the forehead while dropping a plate overflowing with scrambled eggs, bacon, and two slices of toast slathered in butter. You looked up at your father with dismay, “What are you trying to do to me dad? Raise my cholesterol overnight”? Your father laughed and patted you on the head, “Well I’m not about to let my little girl go hungry so just hush and eat your darned breakfast”. You raised your hands in mock defeat “I don’t think there’s a chance of me going hungry, or being hungry again until tomorrow with all that you’ve put on this plate dad”! Your dad joined you at the table with a cup of black coffee. He took a sip and then looked up at you “Well sweetheart, it might be a late night for me anyway so you’ll be on your own for dinner. Do ya think you’ll be able to entertain yerself”? You laughed again “Dad I’m 22 years old. I’m not a child anymore. I think I can keep myself entertained”. Your dad shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he looked up at you, “I know you’re grown now lass but you’ll always be my little girl and I’ll always worry about ya love”. You smiled, reaching across the table and grabbing your father’s hand, “I know you love me daddy and I love you too. I promise I’ll be safe and won’t get into too much trouble”. Your father laughed, shaking his head as he finished his cup of coffee and got up from the table to prepare for his day. While finishing your gargantuan breakfast, you began making a mental list of all you wanted to get done today. On the top of that list was seeing your man. It was hard to sneak around without your dad catching on so it’d been a few days since your last date. You missed him in more ways than one, and you almost let the sink overflow reminiscing about your last night together. You laughed to yourself and tried to shake your mind free from the thoughts of the two of you together. You dried your hands and headed off to the bathroom to get ready. Gemma would be pissed if you were late.

You pulled your car into the parking lot of Teller Morrow garage and parked it next to the line of bikes. You scanned the bikes but didn’t see your father’s there. You briefly remembered him saying something about business with Jax that morning. You scooped up your bags from the cafe and walked into Gemma’s office. As you entered you saw her trying to sort through invoices while holding Jax and Tara’s son Thomas. Young Abel was coloring on the floor in his own little world. Gemma had offered to take care of the boys since it was summer break and because Tara’s schedule at work had been picking up. She loved getting extra time with the boys however that left little time for her to be able to manage the garage and it was all piling up onto poor Chucky. That’s why you were here. Depending on the day, sometimes she’d have you help in the garage and other days she’d have you watch over the kids. You insisted that you didn’t need to be paid and enjoyed helping out but she would always slip money in your purse anyway and you soon learned it was best not to argue with her. You used some of that money each morning to pick up coffee and bagels for you two and donuts for the little boys. The boys began looking forward to their morning treat which is why they both began to cheer in excitement as you walked into the office that morning. You handed the boys their treats, handed Gemma her breakfast and then grabbed the papers from her desk, telling her to relax with the boys while you got everything set up for the day in the garage. As you were placing work orders on clipboards, you suddenly felt a strong calloused hand wrap around your waist and a bearded chin nuzzle against your cheek before soft kisses were then placed down your neck. You smiled, turning around in the arms of your visitor and wrapping your arms around his neck. You Looked up at your man and kissed him on the lips before suddenly remembering where you were and slapping him on the chest and scooting out of his arms scolding “Opie Winston, we’re in the middle of the garage, and if we get caught my dad will kill you”. Opie pulled you into his arms once again, chuckling, “Babe it’s 8 am, half the guys are still asleep”, he reassured you “besides I needed to start my morning with a little sweetness” he winked, then planted a sloppy kiss on your lips while grabbing a handful of your ass. You rolled your eyes at him and thrust a clipboard into his hands “Get to work Winston. You’re distracting me” you ordered as you restarted the task of sorting the clipboards. It was his turn to roll his eyes,laughing , as he picked up his work shirt and sauntered off to get started.

It was three o’clock and you were already on your fourth cup of coffee. This was turning into the day from hell. Chucky was sick and while he tried to work, you had to send him home after he puked all over a customer’s shoes. You apologized profusely and offered a free oil change but you were pretty sure that was a customer lost. After cleaning up that mess, you were suddenly slammed with a multitude of calls for cars needing towed. Apparently some prankster had used their lunch break to go down Main Street slashing tires which meant lots of angry people and lots of cars needing towed. All the while dealing with this nonsense, you couldn’t help but yearn for some down time with your man. You could tell he was missing you too because while he couldn’t talk to you, every chance he got he would brush by you, sending shivers up your spine and clouding your thoughts with all sorts of naughty things. Normally you wouldn’t mind the flirty distraction but not during this shit show of a day. By the time your dad and Jax rolled into the lot, you were on the verge of having a full fledged breakdown. When they walked into the office they were both alarmed to see you on the verge of tears. Your dad immediately ran over to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and brushing your hair out of your face, questioning what was going on that had gotten you so upset. Taking one look at the lot, Jax guessed what had you so upset. He walked over to the mini fridge, then over to you taking the coffee cup out of your hand and replacing it with an ice cold beer. “You’re off the clock. Get out of this office and go to the club house” Jax ordered. Your dad straightened up nodding at him in agreement while stating that he needed to go update Clay on some business but then he would meet you in there for a beer. Your old friend quickly shot down any protest from you and scooted you out of the office with a wink teasing “Besides, I think Ope is in there”. You laughed nervously, willing yourself not to blush. You and Opie had never come out and told Jax that you two were hooking up but Jax had guessed as much and being the good friend that he was, he kept his mouth shut. 

 About two hours and 4 beers later, you were playing a round of pool with Juice, Tig, and Bobby when you all heard a commotion outside. Everyone was immediately on alert, and all three guys motioned for you to hang back while they went and checked it out. You waited a couple minutes and after not hearing any gunshots, you decided to venture out and see what was going on. As you walked outside, you noticed a very angry redneck attempting to scream at Gemma but she was having none of it. All the guys were frozen because while they wanted to back up Gemma, they also knew she could potentially get pissed at them because she was constantly telling them that she could take of herself. That all changed when said redneck decided to reach back and slap Gemma across the face in anger. Jax and Happy immediately jumped on top of the asshole beating the shit out of the scum bag while your Dad and Bobby stepped in to check on Gemma. That’s when you noticed Abel’s little head peaking out of the office. You grabbed one of the prospects and hurried over to rush the boys back inside and away from the violence. It didn’t take long for you to get the boys settled down with an episode of Paw Patrol and as you turned around, Opie strolled into the office. The blinds were already closed, so you pulled him to the back of the office quickly out of sight of the boys. He chuckled as he wrapped one arm around your waist, using his free hand to tuck a stray lock of hair behind your ear. You were slightly irritated at his calm demeanor with all the commotion going on and gave him a look that he knew meant that you wanted an explanation. He sighed, plopping himself down in the office chair and pulling you onto his lap. “Well apparently the redneck was a victim of the tire slashing earlier today”, Opie explained, “however before he came to pick up his car, Gemma realized it was on of the cars we had gotten a call about repoing. By the time the redneck got to the garage to pick up his car and pay for the new tire, Gemma informed him that she had already called the bank and that we couldn’t release the car to him so he freaked out. Don’t worry though, we took care of him, he shouldn’t be coming back”. You smiled down at him, caressing his face before placing a soft chaste kiss on his lips. “I’m honestly really glad you all were here when he showed up. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to deal with him myself” you confessed with one hand on his chest, and the other hand absentmindedly running through his hair. “Hey Y/N”, he called out to you while taking your face between his hands “You don’t have to worry about that. Seriously babe, I would never let anything happen to you. I promise I’ll always keep you safe”. You looked up at him and saw the emotion behind his eyes. The two of you had never said the “L” word before but this was as close as you had gotten. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your forehead against his whispering “I know baby, I know” as you cuddled into your man. He wrapped his arms even tighter around you sighing in contentment. Of course this had to be the moment that your father walked in the door. You heard him before you saw him as your father screamed a colorful array of expletives that were heavily muddled by his Scottish accent that only got worse when he was angry. You quickly jumped off of Opie’s lap trying to find the words to calm your father but it was too late. He had grabbed Opie up out of the chair and dragged him outside to the parking lot. When he got him out to the parking lot, your father began punching Opie over and over as hard as he could. You knew that Ope could easily overpower him, being much larger and younger but due to the fact that he literally had no idea what to do he figured it was safer to just lay there and take it until he was done. The rest of the guys quickly ran over confused as to what was going on. It took Jax, Tig, and Happy to pull your dad off and keep him off of Opie who was currently being helped up off the ground by Juice and Kozik. Before anyone had a chance to ask what was going on your dad began screaming “That piece of shite, that filthy animal is trying to get in my baby girl’s pants! I’ll kill him”! Everyone looked shocked, well everyone but Jax, and began looking back and forth between you and the two men. “Daddy it’s not like that” you exclaimed. Your father shook his head “I don’t give a flying fuck what this is but it ain’t happening! I’m putting you on a bus back to your mother’s first thing tomorrow morning” he shouted with pure malice and anger in his voice. You looked back at your father shocked at how angry he had become. Then you looked over at your man who had a mixture of emotions on his face ranging from fear and anger and quickly escalating to panic when he realized that he was losing the woman he had fallen for. You looked back at your father while becoming angrier yourself shouting at him “I’m an adult now Dad, you even said so this morning! And while I’m not going back to mom’s you don’t have to worry about seeing me at your house cause I’ll be finding some place else to stay”! At that you turned on your heels and stormed over to your car quickly peeling out of the lot. You didn’t know what you were going to do but you knew you didn’t want to face a lot filled with gawkers. You drove home angry and conflicted. You adored your dad and didn’t want to lose him but you also knew that you couldn’t give up your relationship with Opie. Your dad never cared about when you hung out with Opie and Jax growing up but ever since they got involved with the club he’d acted all weird. You knew the SAMCRO life wasn’t a glamorous one but you didn’t care and it’s not like you and Opie were getting married. You just wanted a chance to see if your relationship could work in the real world besides with a business degree you could find work almost anywhere you moved. You were in the middle of debating what to do when all of a sudden you felt your car jolt forward and your head smacked against the steering wheel. Of course, to add on to this day from hell, you were now in a fender bender. You internally cursed the asshole while gathering your insurance information and exited the car to exchange the information. The second you stood up you knew something was up when multiple guys got out of the car. You went to reach into your pocket to grab your cell phone when all of a sudden you felt a gun barrel pressed against the back of your head. You quickly put your hands up while the man from behind you walked around into your line of sight and you recognized him as the pissed off redneck from earlier. He reached into your back pocket to grab your phone, lingering a little longer than you’d like, and tossed it to one of his buddies. “Not so fast princess” he hissed at you, “we can’t have you running off on us just yet but don’t worry we’ll be calling your guys to join us real soon”. You shivered at his words but before you could do anything else, he smacked you across the face with his gun quickly knocking you unconscious. “Throw the bitch in the truck. I’m getting my damn car back”. 

You came to confused and disoriented trying to remember what had happened. Your head was killing you and you thought you felt dried blood on your face. You went to touch your face when you realized that your hands were tied behind your back. You tried to wiggle your hands loose but the ropes were too tight and stung your wrists. You looked down at your feet. Your shoes were gone and there was an equally tight rope wrapped around your ankles. You quickly looked around at your surroundings. You were sitting on an old dingy couch in a sparsely decorated room. There was an equally dirty arm chair, a couple tables, and countless empty beer bottles and cigarette buttes. You heard your captors talking outside. You tried not to make a lot of noise as to not alert them that you had woken up. You could only hope that somehow your dad or Ope had figured out that something was wrong and were looking for you. 

 Back at the clubhouse all hell had broken loose. About an hour after you left all of the men had received a text from your phone. The redneck didn’t know who was who so he simply sent the text to all the guys. It was a picture message. In the picture you were tied up on the dingy couch but were still unconscious. The angry redneck was posing next to you with one arm draped around you touching your chest and the other hand on your thigh with a disgusting sneer on his face. The picture was captioned “You take something of mine. I take something of yours”. Chibs was so enraged when he received the message that he literally crushed his phone. Thankfully all of the other men had working phones to receive the next message which thankfully didn’t include another horrific picture. The message read “Bring the car and have the trunk filled with $5000 cash if you want your bitch back”. Before another phone was broken, Jax quickly called out “chapel now, and prospect let Gemma know that we’re going on lockdown til this shit gets settled so start making phone calls”. The prospect nodded and ran off while all the patched members quickly entered the chapel ready to plan the shit storm that was about to rain down on the assholes who dared to take one of their own.

Your entire body was aching. While you could tell your kidnappers weren’t exactly the brightest out there, they could throw a good punch, something they showed you quite often. You were worried cause the longer you were there, the angrier they seemed and the worse the beatings got. The only thing keeping you going was thinking of the beating these guys were going to get once SAMCRO rolled up. You were hoping that they would arrive sooner rather than later. You were a tough chick, hell growing up in Chicago and being a daughter of SAMCRO you had to be, but you were exhausted and you weren’t sure how much longer your captors would be patient and keep you alive. Before you could finish that thought one of the guys walked into the room with a knife and duct tape. You were terrified and began screaming, certain that this was the moment your life would end. Tears welled up in your eyes as you cursed yourself for the way you had left things with your dad and Ope, angry with yourself that their last memory of you would be you yelling and storming off. You closed your eyes as you felt your whole body tense, preparing for what was to come. You were surprised when you felt your captor slice through the rope around your ankles and felt firm hands placing duct tape against your mouth. “Get up bitch, we gotta move” the angry man growled, roughly grabbing your arm and dragging you out of the room and to the front yard. You fell to the ground and clumsily tried to catch yourself with your bound hands. You felt your breath begin to quicken and you felt like your heart would beat out of its chest. You’d never been so terrified, trying to figure out what was happening, as your captors fought amongst themselves. Suddenly you heard the rattle of a car engine approaching and you felt the familiar feeling of a gun barrel at the back of your head. You raised your head slightly towards the sound to see what was happening and saw the angry redneck’s car pull up to the little house in the woods. Your dad slipped out of the passenger seat and Opie climbed out from the back. Jax emerged from the driver’s seat and as soon as he saw you covered in bruises, laying in the leaves, with tears flowing through your eyes he wanted to kill the bastards who dared to hurt his friend but he knew that acting rashly would only put you more at risk. However the second he looked at his brothers all he could see was rage in both of their eyes. He quickly jumped around the car having to use all his strength to push the angry men back, reminding them that they needed to stay calm in order to get you back safely. Both men straightened up assuring him that they were under control. Meanwhile one of your captors grabbed you from the ground, pulling you into him with one arm and the other hand putting a gun to your head. One of his buddies shouted out “Hey asshats, we gonna do this or what”. All three SAMCRO members shot a death glare his way. “We’ve got your shitty car and the moneys in the back now just let me wee lass go ya greazy scum bag” your father barked. You sighed, never feeling so happy to hear your father’s Scottish drawl. “You steal my car and you have the nerve to call me a scum bag” the angry red neck accused. You could see all three of your rescuers clench their fists, wanting more than anything to beat the shit out of this monster. “Hey we’re sorry man it was a misunderstanding with the bank but here we brought it back, even called the bank and told them we made a mistake and had the wrong car. Your money is in the back packed in duffel bags, why don’t you come look” Jax offered. Your captors quickly conferenced and then nodded, forcing the three bikers to move away from the car while they dragged you along with them to check that everything was in order. You felt yourself begin to relax knowing that soon this whole ordeal would be over. One of the angry rednecks confirmed that the money was all there and that the previously slashed tires had been replaced. “You’ve got what you wanted, just give her back to us man” your boyfriend pleaded. You’d never heard such fear and desperation in his voice before. “Joe, Mark hop in the car and make sure that fucker starts” the man holding the gun to your head ordered his two buddies. They quickly complied getting into the car and turning it on. The man holding the gun to your head slowly began to back away from you. Then before you realized what was happening you felt a hard shove and you tumbled into the trunk of the car. The man quickly shut the truck and the car peeled away. You heard shouting but no gunshots as the guys didn’t want to risk hitting you. You began to panic screaming and pounding your bound fists against the trunk. Hot tears were pouring down your face as you began hyperventilating. After a couple of minutes you felt the car sputter to a stop. You heard the sound of your captors yelling, soon joined by the familiar shouts of SAMCRO members. You heard a few gun shots and held your breath terrified as to what was going on outside. You screamed as the trunk opened only to be met with the concerned face of your father. Even though you logically knew that you were safe, your anxiety was off the wall due to the ordeal and you couldn’t calm yourself down. Your father gingerly scooped you up out of the trunk and placed you feet first on the ground, quickly untying your wrists and gently taking the duct tape off of your lips. As soon as he had done away with your restraints he pulled you into his arms, rubbing your back and whispering to you “It’s ok sweetheart I’ve got ye, you’re safe now. We took care of those arseholes”. You tried to calm yourself down and relax in your father’s arms but you couldn’t get past the panic that was still rising inside of you. Your father placed one hand on the side of your face and tilted it up so he could look you in the eyes. He saw that you were still so panicked and sighed,craning his head to see the rest of the guys, he looked at Opie and signaled for him to come over. Opie quickly ran over to you and your father. Your father slowly unwrapped you from his arms and placed you into Opie’s. He clapped a hand on Opie’s shoulder and pleading with him “Just help her…please”. The two men exchanged a look and nodded at one another. Opie quickly gathered your face between his two big strong hands and began stroking your cheek. “Y/N, baby I need you to breathe with me okay? I know you’re scared but you’re safe now” he reassured you. You felt yourself begin to relax and your breathing began slowing down enough for you to speak and the words began to spill out so quickly you didn’t know if you’d ever stop, “How did you guys find me? How did you know he wouldn’t take off with me somewhere? What if they took me and who knows what they would’ve done Ope. They were awful and dangerous and”…. “hey, hey, hey baby stop you’re getting yourself upset again” , Opie interrupted moving his hands from your face to wrap both arms around your waist , “Do you really think we’d give those assholes an escape? A mile or two before we got to the ransom exchange, we drilled a couple holes in the gas tank. Not enough that they would notice, but enough that we knew they wouldn’t make it more than a couple miles….(Y/N) I’m so fucking sorry baby I can’t believe I let this happen”. It was your turn to interrupt him “Ope it wasn’t you’re fault at all, it was literally an issue with the shop” you reminded him. “Doesn’t matter” , he replied “You’re my girl and it’s my job to keep you safe no matter what”. “I’m your girl huh” you questioned. “Well unless you don’t want to be or something” he responded suddenly shifting around uncomfortably. It was your turn to gather his face in your hands which was a little difficult due to his beard and the fact that he was a foot taller. You settled for wrapping your arms around his neck. “Ope of course I want to be your girl you giant goof. I love being yours and I love you Opie Winston” you declared as you stood up on your tiptoes to kiss your man on the lips. “I love you too (Y/N) and I always will. You’re MY girl” he responded. You suddenly remembered that you weren’t the only people there and the rest of the club probably didn’t want to watch you two make out. You turned away from your man and walked over to your dad, tucking yourself under his shoulder and wrapping your arms around him. He responded by wrapping his arms around you pulling you into his arms and holding you close as you told him, “I love you too daddy and I always will. You can’t ever get rid of me”. “Wouldn’t dream of it lovie. I love ye so darn much. It would kill me if anything happened to ye” he whispered clearly pained at the thought of losing his little girl. “Well it’s a good thing I’ve got two strong guys watching my back” you teased your dad. “What the fuck are the rest of us chopped liver. We all showed up to save ya too (Y/N)” , Jax jokingly chimed in. “I’m sorry Jax”, you responded walking over and hugging your old friend, “I’m thankful for all of you, my knights in leather armor…but seriously guys thank you so much for saving me”. “Hell doll you’re family and no one’s allowed to mess with the SAMCRO family and get away with it” Tig declared throwing an arm around your shoulder. You smiled and looked around at your family and whispered to Tig “Wish me luck”! You tiptoed back over to your father and proposed “So daddy, since everyone’s in such a loving mood, ya think you could give me and Opie your seal of approval….pretty please”? Your dad sighed and looked between you and your man who was suddenly looking very nervous “Well I guess I’d be a real arse if I said no huh”, you’re old man chuckled, running his hand through his hair. “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you daddy”! you exclaimed, jumping into his arms and wrapping your arms around his neck. “Of course my little love, as long as you’re happy” your father responded. “I’ll make sure she’s always happy brother”, Ope called from across the way. “I’m sure, but if I ever catch the two of you playing grab ass, I’ll kick your ass, both of ye” your father warned. “Sure sure daddy”, you replied pecking your father on the cheek and running over to grab Opie’s hand and calling out to everyone “Come on y’all, I want to go home! Last one to the clubhouse buys pizza”!

sneaking out II

After that night with Jack, you were really worried you had ruined your friendship. You weren’t sure what was going to happen the next morning, but since everyone had been drinking and decided to stay at your guys’ place, the next morning you and him were the first two awake and he basically confessed that he’s had a thing for you and he would love if you would let him take you out, but if you don’t want to he didn’t want your guys’ friendship to be ruined.

So your first date, you teased him about how long he had been crushing on you, but to be fair, you’d been crushing on him for quite some time too, he just confessed first and you were having too much fun with it.

He admitted to never making a move because of JJ, which caused you to roll your eyes. You understood that they were best friends and all, but you figured if your brother could pick the boy you date, he would pick Jack, just because of their friendship and how well they knew one another.

Fast forward a month later and here you and Jack are, still going out on dates, and still sneaking around your brother. Of course, when Jack would come over, your brother was never too suspicious, because you and Jack were so close before, it was nothing for you two to sit by one another on the couch while you all watch a movie, or have him throw his arm around your shoulder when you guys would be out walking around, or at the mall. And you and Jack would hang out before, just the two of you. Like JJ would be with Mike or someone else and you and Jack would go grab something to eat, or he’d come over and wait for JJ to come home and the two of you would just sit around and watch a movie, or go sit in the hot tub, or jump in the pool. So sneaking around wasn’t too hard to do, but at time, it still kinda was.

Jack had told you he wanted to see you tonight, take you out to get something to eat and then you two could go back to his place and watch a movie or something. He really wanted you to stay the night, and you couldn’t say no to the face he made when he had asked, so you told him you would. You told your family you were parents you were gonna go get something to eat with Jack and he would drop you off at Andrea’s, and also had texted JJ that same story, since he was with John and Nate.

Jack picked you up and as soon as you got in his car he immediately turned your face towards his and planted his lips on yours; you melting into the kiss.

“you look cute” he spoke as you two pulled apart and he threw the car in drive and started heading towards the restaurant.

“thanks” you smiled, lacing your fingers with his as he slipped his hand into yours.

Dinner was great. You guys went to some local diner. It was a small little hole in the wall place, but you could have gone to wendy’s with Jack and it would have been just as great, as long as you were with Jack you didn’t care.

It was around 8 when the two of you had left the diner, and it was just starting to get dark. The radio was playing lowly in the jeep and Jack was mouthing along. You couldn’t help but smile at him, admiring him.

You reached over and placed your hand on his thigh, causing him to look over and smile at you. You bit your lip in response, the only thing on your mind at that point being him. His smile just seemed to put you in a trance, ridding you of all clear thoughts, and Jack Gilinsky being the only thing on your mind then.

You leaned over and kissed Jack’s cheek, and then moving your lips down towards his jawline.

“Lia, what are you doing babe?” Jack asked as your lips made their way to his neck, sucking and nibbling, your hand that was on his thigh moving higher until it was tracing the outline of his dick through his jeans.

“nothing” you mumbled, fumbling with the button of his jeans.


Jack threw his head back and bit his lip. You were so good with your mouth. His knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel. He was so glad he was stopped at a red light.

“fuck Lia” he groaned as you hummed around him

A car next to him honked, bringing him out of his daze as he turned to look at who was honking to see Sammy.

“fuck” Jack muttered, nodding his head at Sammy as he hit the back of your throat.

Sammy gave Jack a nod and thumbs up and Jack could read his mouth saying get it as he saw a head on Jack’s lap. Sammy knew exactly what was going on.


When the two of you got back to Jack’s place, he carried your back pack full of clothes into the house, your hand in his. Once inside, you two headed up to his room, where you changed into one of his shirts and your panties and crawled into his bed next to him, only in his calvins, where the two of you watched netflix and made out until you both fell asleep.

The next morning Jack had completely forgot JJ and the guys were supposed to come over and watch the Nebraska football game and chill. Had he remembered, he would’ve set an alarm for the two of you, but instead he was so caught up in being around you he let it slip from his mind.

“YOOOOO G” JJ yelled through the place, knowing his family was all out doing something.

“he’s probably not awake yet, he was definitely getting some last night” Sammy spoke, walking into the kitchen with the rest of the guys, cracking open a beer.

“what do you mean?” John asked, rolling a blunt on the kitchen counter.

“well I saw him last night at a red light in town and dude was getting dome. There’s no way he didn’t bang after.”

“shit you saw him?” JJ asked.

“yeah man, I mean, a girl that gives road head is a blessing” Sammy laughed.

“true” Nate and John agreed, JJ nodding his head.


Jack woke up before you and just admired you for a minute. You looked so beautiful, your hair thrown all across the pillow in different way, your lips slightly parted, and the way the sun came in from the window and highlighted your face. Jack smiled and kissed your cheek before slipping out of bed and sleepily heading towards the kitchen to make you guys some breakfast.

Shuffling in, mid yawn his eyes shot open at the words “there’s the man” from Sammy.

“fuck. w-what are you guys doing here?” Jack asked, looking behind him to check for any sign of you from upstairs.

“the game’s on today. remember?” JJ spoke, laughing and sliding G a beer.

“oh. Right… I-I forgot”

“forgot? or just had some late company last night?” Sammy spoke, all the guys looking at G

“what?” Jack asked

“Sammy saw you last night getting some road head” John spoke, taking a hit from the blunt and passing it to Nate.

“oh…uh yeah I gue-” Jack started but was cut off by your sweet voice.

“Jack? you in her-” you cut yourself off as you walked into the kitchen and saw all the guys, including your brother. You stepped away from Jack, who you had started to wrap your arms around, but realized that didn’t help considering you still only had on his shirt and no pants.

Everyone was looking around, speechless and wide eyed.

“Lia?” Sammy broke the silence, staring between you and Jack, and the hickey on your neck and mark on Jack’s collarbone.

“uh..hi” you muttered awkwardly.

“so are you two like…?” Nate looked between you and Jack.

“uh..” you started, but didn’t know what to even say. You felt extremely awkward at this moment.

“you fucked my sister?” JJ spoke, everyone looking at him now

“listen it’s not-” Jack started but was cut off again.

“you either did or you didn’t” JJ spoke, looking at Jack.

“I mean-” Jack started but was cut off, yet again.

“what the fuck man!? That’s my little sister!” JJ started, throwing his beer aside and walking towards Jack, but was grabbed by Nate.

“guys, can I talk to him alone” you spoke, everyone looking at you; you nodding to let them know it was okay.

Jack was the first one out of the kitchen, heading up to his room to throw on some actual clothes besides just his boxers, the other boys following behind him and heading to living room, where you soon heard the tv.

You and Jack stood in silence until you finally decided to speak, having your thoughts all together.

“Jack” you sighed, walking towards your brother, putting your hand on his shoulder to test the waters. He didn’t say anything, or look up at you, but you could work with this.

“what the fuck is going on Lia? I thought you were staying at Andrea’s”

“I know…that’s just what I told you.”

“so you lied to me so you could fuck my best friend?” Jack looked up at you.

“No…we didn’t sleep together…well, not last night” you muttered, causing Jack to look at you.

“so then what the fuck is going on here Lia? why are you in my best friends house in his shirt?”

“Jack…I really like him. We’ve been hanging out more. Like last night he took me to dinner and then we came back here and just sat around and watched movies and talked and stuff.”

“so what? you’re dating my best friend?”

“I really like him J” you confessed, looking away from your brother now.

“when did all this happen?” Jack spoke, looking in your direction even though you weren’t looking at him.

“the night you had everyone over and I stayed in my room all night. I was gonna sneak out and go to Andrea’s since you told me I couldn’t but then Jack came in and pulled me back into my room when I was halfway out the window.”

“that was like two months ago” Jack muttered.

“yeah, almost.”

“so you guys have just been what? hanging out?”

“yeah. I guess”

It was quiet between you two for a minute. You didn’t know what to say anymore. You were hoping he would understand where you were coming from.

“he makes you happy?” Jack spoke, finally breaking the silence.

“yeah” you smiled looking at your brother.

“I mean…I guess if you were gonna get with any of my friends I’m glad its G. He’s a good guy. I just-It’s gonna take a bit to get used to I guess” Jack spoke, making you smile wide, throwing your arms around him.

“I love you” you muttered into his shoulder.

“I love you too Lia”

you two pulled apart and you couldn’t stop smiling.

“can you please go throw on some actual clothes? I mean, I’m cool with you guys. Like I said, it’s just gonna take some getting used to, and you standing in his shirt isn’t helping” Jack laughed.

“oh right. yeah. sorry” You spoke, kissing his cheek and turning and running upstairs to change.


Everyone was sitting around watching the game, G had his arm thrown around you, pulling you close into his chest, with Sammy on the other side of him, and then Nate John and JJ on the other couch.

Jack turned to look down at you and couldn’t help but smile. Tipping your chin up towards his, he gently pressed his lips to yours.

“aw c’mon guys. I know I said I’m okay with it but seriously?” you heard JJ, causing you to smile against Jack’s lips as everyone lightly laughed at the comment before turning their attention back to the game.


a/n: so idk wtf kinda ending that is. Also….after like 5000 years I’ve finally posted again. I’m so so so so sorry it took this long, I honestly was just at like a roadblock apparently and had no motivation to write this, and then had like writer’s block. I’m sorry it’s so shitty. Pls don’t hate me. I love you guys.

starter for @scion-of-kings ::

Galadriel stared across the smooth surface of the pool, watching the way it reflected the light of the stars like a hundred tiny diamonds. She sat beneath a willow tree whose branches softly brushed the water, creating small ripples when the summer breeze stirred them to life. The air was filled with the scent of a great many flowers, their individual fragrances blending together to create a heady perfume. 

How beautiful it was here. One could almost forget that a shadow grew in the East once more. It grieved her heart. If only Imladris and its people could stay like this for all time, calm and at peace. But that was not to be, not while Sauron still lived. Though his forces had been beaten back, he had survived, crawled back to his foul land to nurse his wounds and wait for his next opportunity to strike.

He would strike. That much she knew. Memories of her most recent vision rose to mind: the faces of elves and men, preserved forever beneath dark waters. The days of war were not yet done. 

She was pulled from her thoughts by the soft sound of footsteps on the garden path and the feeling of another, familiar mind nearby.

“My lord Ereinion,” she said before she saw him, eyes not leaving the water. Her voice was slow and languid, as if she had just woken from a dream. 

Birthday surprise (Grayson)


Y/BF/N = Your best friends name

I was awoken by a lot of yelling and jumping on my bed,“WAKE UP, WAKE UP, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!”, my best friend, who was also my roommate and an extraordinary Youtuber, screamed. She, of course, had a camera in her hand and was vlogging the whole thing.“Okay, okay! I’m up.” I mumbled as I swung my legs over the side of my bed, rubbing my eyes. “Today is going to be the best day ever! To kick off your magical birthday I, Y/BF/N, have prepared your favorite breakfast meal. PANCAKES!” She screamed, I jumped back laughing at how ridiculous she was. I grabbed my camera off my dresser and hit record. “Good morning everybody, today is my 17th birthday! To fill you in so far today I was rudely awoken by Y/BF/N jumping on my bed which you can watch in her video. I am about to go into the kitchen where I believe there are lots of pancakes, my favorite.” I walked into the kitchen to see our dining table covered in stacks of different flavored pancakes, helium balloons covering the whole celling and a pile of presents in the corner. “WOW!” I exclaimed, Y/BF/N stood in the corner smiling, I knew how long she must have spent on this. I panned my camera around the room, “Y/BF/N how are we going to eat all of these pancakes?” I said walking over to the table. “Yeah I don’t really know, we can invite some people over for breakfast I guess.” She said giggling at the stupid amount of pancakes. “We would have to invite like all of LA!”. She laughed and pulled me up a seat, I sat down and began the task of eating as many pancakes as I could manage.

After what felt like the longest breakfast of all time, and growing an impressive food baby I was instructed by, Y/BF/N that is was now time for the presents. They were piled in the corner of the room, a selection of small bags and boxes and then one giant box. This was the only present that I had a feeling I knew what it was. I had been eyeing up a hanging egg chair for a while now and Y/BF/N had hinted that she might get it for me for my birthday. I opened up the smaller presents first, as Y/BF/N vlogged for me so we could capture my reactions. She went all out, I was so lucky presents varied from jewelry to perfume to humorous inside joke gifts. I stood up and gave her a massive hug, thanking her for the gifts. It was now time to move on to the big box, I tore the wrapping paper off and saw that there was a picture on the outside of the box of the hanging chair. I squealed in excitement. “I’m going to need a knife t-”, I was cut off mid sentence by Grayson jumping out of the box, “SURPRISE!” he screamed and pulled me into a hug. I couldn’t even hug him back I was so shocked I just stood there with my mouth open staring at him and Y/BF/N. “Wha, oh my God, what are you doing here, what is going on?” I blurted out. They both laughed. “Did you really think that I would miss being with you on your birthday?” He said, tears started to well up in my eyes. I pulled Grayson in for a proper hug, sobbing into his chest before pulling back for a passionate kiss. “I missed you so much.” I said, “Me too.” I took a deep breath and tried to comprehend everything that has just happened. “Wait where is the chair? You have a box with the picture on it. How did you get inside? Is Ethan here?” I had so many questions, again they both laughed and Grayson kissed me on the cheek. “The chair is on the balcony, I took it out of the box this morning.” She said. “Then I came over, got inside the box, Y/BF/N taped and wrapped it up and I waited.” Grayson said taking my hand in his. “Wow. What about tour though?” I asked him, Grayson and Ethan were supposed to be doing the South American leg of their tour. Just at that moment, Ethan bursts through the front door. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!” He rushes over to be and wraps me in a bear hug. “Oh my God! Ethan! This is too many surprises I’m going to have a heart attack in a minute!” He laughed and pulled away from the hug. “We finished all our South American shows so before we carry on with the rest of the world tour we are doing a show tonight in LA.” Ethan said, he must have been listening to our conversation in the hallway. I frowned a little, “So you won’t be here for very long then I guess.” I said looking sadly at Grayson. “No not really, but lets not think about that right now, it’s your friken birthday and we are going to make it the best one yet!”, he said. My smile returned before we started to catch each other up on whats been happening in our lives.

After a couple hours of us all talking, Ethan and Y/BF/N left to go do some ‘top secret birthday things’ leaving Grayson and I to properly catch up. “Y/N, do you want to know your birthday present?” he asked me as we snuggled down on the couch together. “Gray you didn’t have to get me anything.” I said looking into his eyes. “I didn’t.” he started, “It’s a different kind of present.” he replied. “Okay, what kind of different?” I asked him, he looked kind of nervous. “Tonight, at the show, I’m going to confirm that your my girlfriend.” he said it so quickly I barely understood. I sat up , “Gray thats really sweet and as much as I want this present I cant accept it. I don’t want to upset your fans or hurt your career. I know you think I hate being kept a secret but I don’t mind, honestly. you don’t need to feel pressure to confirm any of the rumors.” He looked so sad and it broke my heart to knock him down like this. “I have talked to my managers, Ethan, my parents, friends, other Youtubers and they all think that it’s time I confirmed it. We have been together almost a year now, your a huge part of my life. All the sneaking around is becoming so hard and fans are starting to get mad that I won’t clear up the rumors. I’m going to do it, I really wan’t to do it Y/N”. Tears welled up in my eyes, when did i get so lucky, I grabbed his face and pulled him in for a slow, soft kiss. “I love you so much.” I muttered.

I sat back stage at the show with Y/BF/N anxiously waiting for the moment. Grayson came off stage to get me while Ethan announced it. “Today is a very special day, as some of you may know it is Y/N’s birthday today.” The crowd screamed which calmed my nerves a little, at least they didn’t boo me. “You may also know that there have been a lot of rumors going around that the beautiful, Y/N, is dating my brother. So, here to confirm the rumors, please welcome Y/N.” Grayson held my hand and we walked out on stage together. Thankfully the fans seemed happy to see me. I smiled and waved at them until the quieted down a bit. “So, uh I’m just going to say it, this is my girlfriend, Y/N, she has been my girlfriend for almost a year now. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, we both wanted to be sure this was what we wanted, and I am positive that I want her.” he said as he turned to me. I smiled and looked down at the ground. “have anything to say?” Ethan asked me while handing me the microphone. “Um I just want to say thank you for anyone who has or will support us and our decision to share this with you all. Wow, it feels really good to not hide this anymore you have no idea. This has been the most incredible birthday ever and I love you all so much!” I said, the crowd roared with excitement as Grayson kissed me on the top of my head. He walked me off stage and gave me a hug before finishing his show. 

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Imagine sneaking around with Castiel when the Winchesters aren't home.

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“Cas…oh..Cas don’t stop”

Just as you begged him to keep going, he stopped his thrusting, and smirked.

“What’d you call me little girl?”

“Castiel..please..” you begged.

You couldn’t help it, but when Cas had you this close to the edge, you couldn’t control what you said. He had been pounding you into the sofa so hard, so fast.

Sneaking around the Winchesters wasn’t easy, but it was fun. And right now it had your folds wetter than they had ever been.

“Y/N, I can’t..” He grunted, he reached down, and began rubbing your clit in circles, it didn’t take long, you were already so close. “Come for me baby girl.”

And that was it, within seconds you were screaming his name, which sent him into his own sweet release.

You had both finished just in time, because you heard the door to the bunker open and Dean yelling about pizza and beer.

“I love you” You said to Castiel. He leaned down and kissed you. “I love you too, Y/N.” He said with the biggest smile on his face. He pulled out of you, and you both got up, Cas already having the both of you completely dressed with just the snap of his fingers.

You were never going to let this angel go.

HUGE fitzsimmons fic rec list

in honor of fanfiction writer appreciation day, as well as this being the second part of my 1k followers surprise, i created a huge fitzsimmons fic rec list for you guys to enjoy :)

okay for starters i am going to say that i am terrible at explaining things, so the brief explanations / premises of these fics that i wrote are terrible, but all of these fics are amazing and these writers are all so talented so you should read their work. this list is really long because i just kept adding and adding and adding and before i knew it my word document was 4 pages long and counting so it’s going to be under the cut

it is divided into 3 sections, multichapter fics or a fic series, one shots, and AUs

for the multichapter and AU section:

* = mean it is a multi chapter fic that is finished

** = means it is a multi chapter fic that isn’t finished yet

the fics aren’t ordered in any specific ranking or anything, i just added a fic on to the list whenever i read a fic and liked it :)

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Council Gajevy though.

I really like the idea of Gajeel trying to act all tough and in charge and at first it works and his underlings whisper about the terrifying Gajeel Redfox and how he’s taken out entire dark guilds all on his own before …

Then Levy enters the picture and everyone stares with bated breath as the small thing strides up to Gajeel and … he blushes.

Gajeel Redfox blushes.

And just like that all of his hard work is destroyed because he can’t keep up the dark and intimidating act in front of Levy, and everyone realizes he is a major dweeb. Like the biggest dork around. (His team finds it endearing though and they poke fun at him, especially when Levy is their backup. She gets the same treatment from her team too.)

And the teams decide to spread a rumor about how Gajeel is an unstoppable force if not for the beast tamer Levy, and they sort of become legends in the council …

Tadashi HamaDAD (Tomadashi Drabble)

Tadashi remembered when he first met Hiro. He held him in his arms. He was so small and fragile, like one of his parents vases on display.

He couldn”t put him down. He sat in the hospital room, Hiro in hands. He was truly adorable, with fluffy black hair and chubby cheeks.

Tadashi made a vow to protect him for as long as he would live.

Then Tadashi grew up. He met people, friends, teachers, family members he didn’t know he had. Then he met her.

That black short hair, those chocolate brown eyes. He couldn’t help but love her. Her love of bubble gum and all things fast. The way she would defend what she loved.

How comfortable she was around him. He fell in love and hard.

She fell for him hard.

So they began dating. Sneaking around mostly, simple little moments in the lab, a job at his aunt’s cafe. Anything to be near each other.

If only she was near him when he ran into that fire. All she remembered was walking with Cass, making small talk. Wasabi, Honey, and Fred had already ran forward, in hope of food.

“So, you and Tadashi are really a thing huh?” Gogo looked surprised at Cass’s words. All she could do was nod.

“For how long?”

“A year.” Cass smiled, placing an arm around Gogo’s shoulders. “And you’re okay with it?”

Cass nodded. “This past year he has been happier than usual. I had a feeling.

“I love him so much. I haven’t told him that though. I mean, when he meets at the cafe I was going to tell him. That he was my guy and no one else’s. I mean, he’s annoying as heck and he"s over confident but I love him like that.”

Cass nodded, a smile plastered on her face. “He loves you too. Just wait until you hear it from him.”

“Can’t wait.” Gogo said sarcastically before laughing.

Then she heard that scream. A very familiar scream.


And he was yelling Tadashi.

She remembers blacking out in dispair, being washed away by loss and sadness. Running to Hiro and hugging him, crying into his mess of hair and the smell of Tadashi’s cologne still lingering.

bout an hour later they pulled out a body. It was covered in ashes and burned covered all the exposed skin. Tadashi always bundled himself up. Gogo always made fun of him for it.

She’d have to tell him to keep doing it. That’s what might’ve saved his life. He had small burns on his face, but his arms covered it. He had red scars and burns all up his arms from where the fire burned through his sleeves.

He was so helpless in those few moments.

But he was Tadashi. He bounced back.

Six months dragged by when life remained the closest to normal it possibly could be. Two years later they graduated. His surprise to her that night we her away.

He proposed. So while having a graduation party, they were announcing their engagement. Let’s just say, yes came out of her mouth like it was a reflex. They got married a few months later.

Then another decision came. Kids. Tadashi wanted then, Gogo wasn’t hip on the plan. But she leaned towards mini Tadashi’s and she agreed that it was a good idea.

They tried and it didn’t work. So they tried again. And again. Until she was told that it wouldn’t happen. Something with him and her that wasn’t compatible. Everything else was though.

Then they went to adoption and found the most beautiful little girl I’m the world.

Livia-Cia, a spitting image of them. They wanted her. A week later, she was approved and she was officially Livia-Cia Hamada. They took her home and she was welcomed into the family quick. Still the though never left her mind.

A mini Tadashi. Man that would be splendid.

She spent all the time she could with Livia and Tadashi and her new family. Then something happened when Livia was three and a half, almost four.

Gogo felt sick. Yet she couldn’t be happier.

A mini Tadashi was going to happen.

She held off telling him til she got to the safe period as they called it. She told him on Christmas, when both their families were crowded together, as well as others like Honey, Wasabi, and sadly Fred.

He opened his present, a t shirt that said ‘Worlds Best Daddy’ He smiled brightly and hugged Livia tightly as she giggled.

Then he opened Gogo’s present. It was a small card, a picture taped inside. There in bold letters said,

‘Mini Tadashi!’ Pointing to the picture.

Tadashi sat awestruck, like words couldn’t describe it.

All he said was, “No way.”

“Yes way Tadashi. That Tadashi Jr. right there. See?” He nodded as Livia sat on his lap.

“Who’s that?” She pointed. Tadashi leaned in and whispered.

“That’s your new sibling who’s a little miracle child like you.” Everyone in the room was either in hysterics or pure chaotic happiness.

“I’m gonna be a big sister? Like you and Uncle Hiro?” Tadashi nodded as Gogo took a seat next to them.

“Yep. That’s your sibling. They’re right here.” Tadashi poked Gogo’s stomach.

“That’s awesome!” She enveloped them in a big hug.

They moved into an actual house two months later. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom, and all the other needs. They were unpacked in a week.

Livia’s room was bright mint green, like Tadashi’s old shoes he wore everwhere. They painted the new baby’s room yellow, to brighten things up. It was finished in a week too.

The next months went by fast. It seemed so quick. That fateful day came and Hiro took Livia for the day. He went to the hospital and sat in he waiting room for hours, coloring and sketching to robots they could build.

Hiro sat her on his lap and told her stories about when her daddy was little and how to be a responsible older sister.

Then Tadashi walked into the room, a grin on his face. Hiro just smirked as the man reached for his daughter.

“Livia meet Lang-Hei. This is your baby brother.” The little girl waved at him.

“Hi Lang, I’m here to protect you.” The little girl giggled as she curled up next to Gogo on the hospital bed, both asleep in minutes.

Tadashi looked down at the bundle in his hands. He had shaggy black hair, brown eyes, a button nose. He was so small and breakable. Tadashi remembered being four and holding his baby brother.

He looked over at his family asleep on the bed.

This was his duty. To protect them. His family.

“I love you guys so much.” He whispered as he kissed Lang’s forehead.

“Tadashi HamaDAD.That’s my nickname. Man, best nickname in the world.” He said as he sat on the bed next to his small, perfect, loving family.

Man, life couldn’t get better.

Enjoy this sappy drabble! darkx143 sweethaddockboy lattekitten gameranimegal00 elsacid @pure-prokrastination Here ya go! More to come! Love you all!


My parents were really starting to annoy me. We were at dinner with their college friends and they had a son who I recently met, a year ago at the beginning of sophomore year, but my parents just kept saying stupid things about me as a baby.
I text Calum, my parents’ friends’ son, under the table.


C: don’t worry babe. Almost there.

Me: my parents are killing me. Hurry up.

C: you just can’t wait to see me all dressed up can’t you ;)

I’m not allowed to date. My mom thinks my dad is absolutely ridiculous, but my dad insists that I cannot date.
Unless, my dad personally introduces me to the guy and gives the guy his approval, but the guy would be weirded out by then so, no chance. And my dad wouldn’t even do that. He thinks no guys are good enough to have his approval. To pile on top of that, he always reminds me that guys only want girls for sex. He says “all guys will treat you like a queen, and then once you let them into your pants: they will be an asshole and break your heart, and most importantly get you pregnant with a douches baby.” My dad doesn’t realize that I’m old enough and smart enough to know what’s good for me.

Calum is good for me.

Ever since Calum and I met, I knew there was something between us. And I knew that Calum wasn’t like what my dad thinks all guys are like.
Calum knows I am not allowed to date. He said “oh, we aren’t dating, Y/N. We are just friends. Who do couple-y things.”
So we hide. We don’t have to sneak our make out sessions and what-not at school, but we do after school when he’s not allowed to be over. Sometimes he hides in my closet or under my bed when my dad comes into my room. Late at night, sometimes I sneak out of my window to meet him in his car and we go on crazy midnight adventures. Or he creeps thru my window and sleeps next to me, whispering sweet nothings and kissing me gently, until the light starts to come in.

“Hi, hi, sorry work ran late today.” Calum says as he sits next to me on the booth. He is dressed in a suit, with a pink tie. Fuck he looks so good.

I try and listen to our parents talking but all I can think about is Calum’s leg all the way pressed against mine. I love sneaking around, but sometimes it gets so hard not to suck each others faces in public.

Calum leans over and whispers, “so you like?” He gestures to his outfit.
“I love.” I whisper back.
He rests his large hand on my thigh and draws shapes with his middle finger.
“Come over tonight.” He whispers again, his voice deeper than before.
I just nod. He runs his hand up my thigh and under my skirt. He starts moving his fingers slowly over to my center, over my panties. I suck in a breath when he starts to rub me, and I try and act as normal as I can. Then the food comes, and he pulls his hand away from me.
I look over at him and he smirks down at me, licking his lips.

I take a bite of my food and breathe out, “oh my god, yum.”
Our parents agree and Calum leans down and whispers to me again, “that’s what I’m gonna be saying about you tonight.” His voice is low, husky, and filled with lust.

My eyes go wide, shocked at what he just said. He’s making me go crazy. I gotta get my revenge.

I rub my hand up Calum’s thigh, and once I get near his package, I go back down near his knee. I do that a few times before I feel Calum’s hand grab my own and pull my hand toward him. I laugh to myself, knowing he wants me to touch him.
I slowly palm him through his dress pants, and he makes a grunting sound. Maybe a little too slow, because I feel Calum’s hand on mine again. He’s pressing my hand down onto him harder. I palm his length faster and with more pressure until I feel him get harder. I can hear his breath getting louder and shorter. Then I stop and go slow again. I tease him like this for a few minutes, and then I flat out stop touching him. He let’s out a breath and looks at me, confused and shocked hat I stopped. I just smile innocently.

We get the bill and I say to my mom, “Calum and I have a science project to do, so can I go to his house?”
“Sure, you two can leave without us, all we have to do is pay.”

I pull Calum to his car by his tie, and right when we get in, he grabs my face and we start making out like crazy.
“Fuck, I have waited for this all night.” He moans against my lips.
His hands are both on my face and mine are on his shoulders. Our tongues are exploring each others mouths, and we are breathing each other’s air.
It’s hard to explain, but when I’m sneaking around with Calum, I feel like I just got new batteries put in. I’m alive with energy.

“Lets get to your house so we can finish what we started.” I say while quickly pulling away.
“That sounds like a good idea.” He winks and starts the car, driving faster than normal to get to his house.

Something new

Original Imagine: Imagine losing your virginity to Dean.
Author: (TheNight)
Reader Gender: (female)
Word Count: 3972
Warnings: (I can’t think about anything, but Smut, and the beginning is really fluffy.)

(Note: It says that I submitted it but I didn’t - I edited it before publishing to add the Imagine link and Read More but since I’m in a different browser at the moment it messed up…Sorry! -Max)

„Oh, so you are not chubby enough?” Dean laughed and leaned against the doorframe. The small sporty girl turned around with tomato stains on her shirt.
“I could say the same about you, Mr Teddy!” You grinned and turned back to stir the sauce for the spaghetti.
“Hey that’s all muscles!” He made a grunting noise and flexed his muscles, but you turned around laughing and started to pinch his side.
“Oh really, so what’s this? And this? Feels pretty much like fat!” You knew how ticklish he was.

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coldfootcat-deactivated20170117  asked:

••zombies•• Another tough day had gone by in the apocalypse. Aiko scratched another line to the fifty some odd that where there "fifty eight zombie kills and twenty humans... Dammit everything is going to shit" he muttered dark bags under his eyes. His hair greasy from not having a shower in about two years. "How did this happen" he turned his head and curled into a ball in the lantern lit room

Helen had been walking around, trying to find shelter. He had always been quiet so it wasn’t hard to sneak around. He noticed the light and had a glimmer of hope that someone was still alive. He creeped to the opening of the room, peeking inside hoping not to startle whoever it was