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o man ur back i missed this blog! i hope yall r doin ok!! so what if the matsus had an s/o that was p playful at times? like sneakin up behind them and squeazing their sides, askin for play fights, pinchin their butt lol shit like that (if this shows up twice its because tumblr didnt let me know if it sent the first time! sorry bout that if it does)

(( It’s all good - We’re happy to be back!! ))

Osomatsu - He is ECSTATIC for a playful s/o, seeing as how his personality is pretty laid back. Expect massive amounts of joke flirting and/or winking from him; he would probably be the one to plan out deliberately to make his s/o flustered from whenever they’re in a playful mood.

Karamatsu - He’s gonna try and pretend like he was expecting the butt touches but he’s no where nearly as quick to recover as Osomatsu. His cheeks turn red and stutters out a come back, and his “cool” exterior pretty much melts; he appreciates the affection.

Choromatsu - Pfft, his s/o is sending the green bean to his grave. His whole face with become red and heh tried to swat away his s/o’s hands - his reaction would be the most grand and loud. He squeaks every time and stares at his s/o like they just committed a crime. His s/o wouldn’t even get to touch his butt, it would be too much for him.

Ichimatsu - It’s constant screaming in his head, like nonstop until something snaps him from it. He may seem calm at first, but his s/o would start to notice the blush on his cheeks and sweaty palms. He might even pass out or have to sit down after the encounter - he probably wouldn’t be able to look into his s/o’s eyes for a good few hours or his mind would wander back to it.

Jyushimatsu - He’s a very hands on person and LOVES to show affection, he would beam like a ray of sunshine and do the same back! He hardly has a reaction, and will probably hover near his s/o for a bit. His s/o might want to be careful though, he’ll become playful and sometimes play a little t o o rough.

Todomatsu - He’s conflicted; between loving the affection and hating it. He’s extremely ticklish and the moment any part of the skin had been touched by his s/o, either it be by complete accident or in purpose, he’ll start giggling. He’ll even try to be flirty after a few touches but it’s just not meant to be.

~Mod Ichi

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Pinned! (((ask-disabledmedic)))

Eugene hadn’t expected someone to be there when he turned. Instinctively the rough edged sniper swept the man’s legs out from under him before pouncing. His knife drawn as he held the man to the floor with the weight of himself. His eyes narrowing with suspicion. “Tha hell ya doin’ sneakin’ up on me?”


can y'all believe troye sivan, my lord and savior, just gave us the foxes and andreil irl??!?! can y'all believe he is actually neil josten in the flesh?!?!?

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(30 perc alatt a Föld körül) Commodores - Machine Gun

(A HÉT) Vangelis - L'enfant

(ABLAK ajanlo) Space - Air Force

(ABLAK ajanlo) Space - Fasten Seat Belt

(ABLAK ajanlo) Space - Just Blue

(ABLAK főcím) Space - Final Signal

(ABLAK temaajanlo) Space - Magic Fly

(ABLAK temaajanlo) Space - Running In The City

(ABLAK temaajanlo) Space - Tango In Space

(BETUREKLAM) Promises - Baby It’s You

(BUDAPEST KORZETI HIRADO) Presser Gábor - La Baletta No. 2

(CSELLENGOK) Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

(DELTA) Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan - Song of the Second Moon (1957)

(DIAGNOZIS) Pink Floyd - Time

(EGYMILLIO FONTOS HANGJEGY) The Brecker Brothers - Sneakin’ up behind you

(EUROVIZIO) Charpentier - Te Deum - Prelude

(EVMILLIOK EMLEKEI -Juhasz Arpad) Vangelis - Alpha

(ÉVGYŰRŰK) Paul de Senneville - Sonate No. 1 Diva 1985

(EZ+AZ) Mozzart - Money

(FELKINALOM) Kraftwerk - The Robots

(FOLLOW ME) Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields 2

(HAZIBARAT) Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World

(HIRADO ajánlati blokk) Hipnosis - Windland

(HIRHATTER) Tangerine Dream - Remote Viewing

(IDOJARASJELENTES ) Paul Mauriat - Gentle On My Mind

(IDOJARASJELENTES 1970) Sony Bono - Chitty chitty bang bang

(IDOJARASJELENTES 1996) KB. Caps - Do You Really Need Me

(INTERVIZIO) Sosztakovics - Intervisio

(JANI HÁZHOZ MEGY) INXS - Beautiful Girl

(KALENDARIUM) Space - Save your love for me

(KEPUJSAG) Art of Noise - Peter Gunn

(KEPUJSAG) Modern Jazz Quartet - Blues in C minor

(KEPUJSAG) Szabo Gabor_Country illusion

(KERDEZZ FELELEK) Miquel Brown - So Many Men So Little Time


(KOCKAZAT) Pink Floyd - Money


(Kossuth Rádió szignál) Kossuth induló

(LEGYEN SZERENCSENK) Vangelis - Pulsar

(LOTTOSORSOLAS) Logic System - Logic

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(MÁV) Székely Tamás_Szignál

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(PAPIRSARKANY) The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

(PARABOLA) Spagna - Call Me

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