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I'm an Aquarius and my teacher is a cancer. She constantly tries to call me out for being on my phone or just anything in general when other kids like across or next to me are doing the same thing, is this normal???

I’d just get sneakier

re: riverdale 01x04

~~spoiler alert~~

ok so why is no one talking about the fact that betty clearly set up the whole thing with grundy getting kicked out? her mother was a gun that she loaded (with the badly-hidden gun and her pink diary) and then cocked and pointed towards that fake ass grundy. at the end of the episode, she writes down some stuff about doing crazy shit for love in a grey diary. AND betty knows her mother is the type to read her diary, so it would have been stupid of her to keep her Actual Diary in such an obvious place.

TL;DR Betty Cooper is sneakier and way more sly than everyone gives her credit for. And also Fake Grundy and her goddamn lolita sunnies can fuck off outta here.
1,000 Points From Gryffindor
By Organization for Transformative Works

By blithelybonny (HD_Erised 2016) | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 25,000

The story of how Harry Potter single-handedly lost Gryffindor the House Cup while attempting to have a “normal” year at Hogwarts. Featuring Harry’s suspicious nature turned up to eleven again, a new DADA teacher who is so not here for Harry’s fame, multiple detentions, Slytherins being sneaky, Hufflepuffs being sneakier, and the mystery of Draco Malfoy’s hoodie because seriously Hermione who gave that to him and is he wearing it just to torment me? This is ridiculous!

Genre: Humour, Banter, 8th year, Cute

My Comments: Bless my heart, this is the cutest and silliest and funniest story I’ve read in a while. Harry is just so captivated by the mystery of Draco’s Hufflepuff sweater and they’re both so cute about it. 

Christmas YouTube Special (Carry On Countdown Dec 2nd)

I don’t know much about the ins and outs of YouTuber’s camera and editing set up. Still I hope you all enjoy my attempt at this AU! @carryon-countdown

Simon followed his boyfriend around the house, pulling at his jumper sleeve anxiously. Baz was trying his hardest to ignore him, but his will was slowly crumbling. Finally Simon resorted to sneakier methods, texting Baz’s aunt and getting her to yell at him over the phone.
Baz spun around after he hung up.
“Fine I’ll do it!”
Simon smiled widely.
“You won’t regret it, I promise.”
Baz glared at him.
“Oh. I definitely will. I promise.”

There was a camera pointed at Baz’s face. He felt vaguely irritated by the bright light being used for the video and cursed himself for agreeing to this. There were ingredients laid out everywhere. Simon’s baking channel was usually complicated enough, but today he had gone the extra mile. Not only were they making sour cherry scones, but it was also a Christmas episode.

Simon faced the camera comfortably.
“Hiya! It’s time to make a favorite of mine, sour cherry scones. Today we’re joined by my boyfriend Baz. Say hi, Baz.”
Baz, feeling incredibly ridiculous in his light up Christmas jumper, waved glumly at the camera.
Simon pushed his hand through his curls in an adorably confident gesture and looked at the camera again.
“We’re wearing Christmas jumpers today to celebrate the holidays.”
“They light up,” Baz mumbled.
Simon nodded. “And sing.”
Baz turned to his boyfriend.
“Wait what?”
Simon reached over and pushed the nose on the reindeer of Baz’s jumper. After a moment the jumper started playing Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer.
Baz glared at the camera and thought to himself I definitely regret this.

Penny had paused the YouTube clip on a particularly embarrassing moment. Baz had accidentally sneezed around some stray flour, which had then shot up into his face. Simon had insisted on keeping the bit in the video.
“Baz…you look…” Penny couldn’t even get the words out she was laughing so hard.
“Oh shut up.” He snapped.
Agatha smiled as she scrolled down to the comment section.
“Aw. They’re all so jealous.”
Baz frowned moodily. “Of what?”
Agatha smiled. “Your guy’s relationship. They all think you two are the cutest.”
Baz paused and looked at Simon who was glowing with happiness. Sure, Baz didn’t like getting in front of the camera, and it had been embarrassing. But when he watched the rest of the video he realized that they did look cute fussing around in the kitchen together.
He leaned into Simon and kissed the mole on his cheek.
“Fine you win.”
Simon cuddled closer. “Hm?”
“I don’t regret it.”
Simon chuckled. “Told you so.”

Whenever Trump gets discussed here, at least in my life, it’s done with an air of, “oh those silly Americans.”

And I’m in the UK, but this goes for a lot of countries - Trump is only one manifestation of a disease spreading through the Western world.

Hatecrimes against immigrants, refugees, people of colour, Muslims, LGBTQIA people and more are still happening at an alarming rate. Disabled people are living in squalor and facing violence of all stripes. Sexual and other violence against women is so commonplace as to be heartbreaking. Not just near wherever Trump is, but everywhere.

Trump cannot be an excuse for us non-Americans to pretend that everything is hunky-fucking-dory elsewhere.

Trump cannot be an excuse for us not to stand together against the fascism that turns us and others into targets.

Just because other prominent political figures - many of whom are actually already in power and I’m talking about YOU THERESA FUCKING MAY - are sneakier about their fascist leanings and couch their eugenicist ideas in fancier, politer language does not mean we can give them a pass.

Just because the spirit of Florida Man is manifesting itself in a steaming pile of wig-topped faeces we can all laugh at, doesn’t mean Trump is an isolated problem.

Things are getting worse. All over. And we need to make them better as best we can.

One of the sneakier pitfalls of an efficiency-based attitude to time is that we start to feel pressured to use our leisure time “productively”, too – an attitude which implies that enjoying leisure for its own sake, which you might have assumed was the whole point of leisure, is somehow not quite enough. And so we find ourselves, for example, travelling to unfamiliar places not for the sheer experience of travel, but in order to add to our mental storehouse of experiences, or to our Instagram feeds. We go walking or running to improve our health, not for the pleasure of movement; we approach the tasks of parenthood with a fixation on the successful future adults we hope to create.

- Bitty being super suspicious of everyone because of the surprise he got on his last birthday

- he thinks Jack is gonna be even sneakier this year so he goes full-on detective mode and starts Investigating months in advance

- He finds this flyer for a baking convention taking place about a week before his birthday just lying around in Jack’s flat when Bitty visits providence to see a game

- Bitty is convinced Jack got him tickets to the convention for his birthday

- THEN Bitty notices Jack is acting shifty whenever they Skype, never pointing his webcam so the kitchen is showing and one day he gets a glimpse and how long has Jack had that beautiful oven because Bitty’s pretty sure he didn’t see it when he visited a few weeks ago?? Did Jack get him ANOTHER oven for his birthday??

- he’s so confused because if Jack got him another oven why did he also get those tickets (the answer is that Jack is a giant nerd who loves him very much)

- R&H let slip that Jack has been ‘planning a suuuper romantic date bro’ (‘Holtzy you weren’t supposed to mention it to him!!!’ 'Oh CRAP’)

- Chowder keeps giving him these dopey looks and Bits knows that Chowder must have info on Jack’s present so he bakes a shitton of bribery pie and eventually Chowder cracks and lets loose that he thinks Jack has got Beyoncé tickets? He’s been asking a lot of weird questions about Bitty’s Beyoncé playlists

- at this point Bitty doesn’t know what to think and he’s going crazy because what is Jack planning?? Baking convention followed by Beyoncé concert followed by candlelit dinner where Jack reveals the new oven he got for Bitty?

- but it gets to the day before Bitty’s birthday and Jack hasn’t mentioned the convention even though it was a week ago? Was it a red herring??

- He wakes up at 6 am to the sound of Beyoncé

- Specifically his Beyoncé baking playlist

- Bits figures the boys are planning some kind of all-day kegster or something and heads downstairs

- But when he gets down he can’t hear any of the usual chirping between the boys and what’s that smell??

- Baking. That smell is baking. Specifically his maple crusted apple pie

- and there’s Jack who wasn’t supposed to arrive until this afternoon, standing in the Haus kitchen at 6am with flour in his hair, humming along a little to Halo, and the pie he’s making looks Terrible with a capital T and Bits almost wants to laugh

- and the light is shining through the window and catching perfectly in his hair and Bitty has to stop for a moment because suddenly he’s travelled back to that day last year when he and Jack baked together, and good lord that seems like forever ago now and his heart beats a little faster because everything has changed but at the same time nothing has

- Bitty must have made some kind of sound because Jack turns and blushes and stammers a little and oh, that’s new

- 'Bitty, you weren’t supposed to wake up yet(!!!)’

- and now he looks closer he can see more ruined pies scattered across the counter and he didn’t think he could love this boy any more but. Here he is with a few tears welling up

- 'woah Bits I know I ruined your pie recipe I’m so sorry I wanted to surprise you so I got a new oven and I went to a convention for advice and practiced but I knew I should’ve just bought you something and please don’t cry I just wanted to learn for y-’

- Jack can’t say anymore because suddenly his mouth is being Occupied.



  • King of the South/Panther King
  • Lazy asshole but very protective of his people




  • Momoi stays at his side 24/7 tbh

  • His s/o keeps him in check and isn’t afraid to kick his ass if he goes overboard with something 

  • Really sneaky, and very strong, but isn’t the best with keeping his attention in one area

  • Kingdom colors: Black, Scarlet, Grey, Maroon.


  • King of the West/Fox King
  • He’s so cheerful and kind to all of his people!!
  • Kasamatsu/Moriyama holds down the fort when Kise is out or patrolling the city.
  • Kasamatsu is literally the only oNE WHO CAN KICK HIS ASS WHILE HE’S ON HIS THRONE
  • Kise found a little fox baby outside of the kingdom and took care of it, and now it’s fully grown and very loyal to him.
  • Sneakier than Aomine, but just as vicious towards his enemies
  • His partner is spoiled mercilessly by Kise, but the love and affection is returned greatly, and people are so happy to see someone who genuinely loves their king.
  • Kingdom colors: Gold, Deep Blue, White, Black.


  • King of the East/Eagle King
  • People are kinda afraid to talk to him because of his cold demeanor but in reality he wants more people to talk to him.. n-not like he’ll admit it though.. nanodayo.
  • Even the little kids of the kingdom say “nanodayo” on a regular basis because of him
  • Takao personally loves riding the eagles.
  • Miyaji or Otsubo usually hold down the fort while Midorima is out.
  • He’s not the best with telling his partner that he loves them, but he makes sure they know by small gestures, and light kisses whenever he can.
  • Kingdom colors: Orange, Beige, White, Silver


  • King of the North/Bear King
  • The children and older people in the kingdom literally love him because no matter how lazy he may seem, he helps out people without giving it much thought.

  • Himuro is usually the one to keep him in check, and of course there are some people who wonder why he isn’t the one that’s king. But he brushes it off and continues to help his purple giant friend <3


  • Surprisingly, it was Okamura who set up Murasakibara and his future s/o.

  • Because it’s colder where his kingdom is, he enjoys cuddling with his partner and staying in bed a lot.

  • Usually keeps his hair in a ponytail when he’s handling work, or in meetings.

  • Very protective of the weak and those who find it hard to protect themselves.

  • Kingdom colors: Lavender, White, Silver, Deep Violet


  • King of the Land Underground/Wolf King
  • His kingdom isn’t actually underground, it’s just the land with the darkest overcast, though it can be hella bright where his kingdom is!
  • His people are so gentle and happy, and they’re quick to help defend their king, because they know how good of a person he is.
  • Hyuuga keeps everyone in order, Izuki is the party starter, and Kiyoshi just sits back and watches the others with the biggest smile. He also gives Kuroko amazing advice when needed.
  • Kagami is usually the one to patrol the town when Kuroko is busy, and it usually results in him doing little mundane jobs for the people in the kingdom and being paid with food and small goods.
  • Though he is tiny, he has huge wolves for pets, and some guard the gates outside of the kingdom
  • He’s so sweet and loving, he can literally make his partner blush at his smiles, no matter how small they are.
  • Loves his s/o so much, and vows to protect them. He also gives the best hugs okay
  • Kingdom colors: Black, White, Mahogany, Grey


  • King of the Land Aboveground/Lion King [hAHAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE]
  • The brightest kingdom.. like seriously please wear sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to light bruh.

  • Of course he has lions, who would want a lion ?

  • Feared and Respected by his people, but he means no harm to them, it’s just his aura and his manner of speaking.

  • Mibuchi is his right hand man, okay. They actually make a lot of the decisions when it comes to their economy and treating the people of their town. They also handle foreign affairs with Mayuzumi.

  • Hayama and Nebuya keep the people alive with their antics and their playfulness, it’s amazing.

  • He treats his s/o like the royalty they are, and spoils them without a second thought. The love is returned in abundance, and he can let down his walls around his partner and happily be in their arms.

  • Kingdom colors: Pastel Blue, White, Gold, Teal.
East Coast Gothic
  • It’s the rainy season. Mud puddles have sprung up everywhere. At first you could dodge them by listening for the wet squelch of their landing, but they’ve become much sneakier lately.
  • You’ve been wandering for several hours now. All these houses look the same. There are no turnoffs or side streets. They all look the same. You’re so thirsty. They all look the same.
  • A plastic bag floats by in the water. At least, you thought it was a plastic bag, until it grabbed a nearby fish and swallowed it whole, the unlucky animal warping the smiling logo with its thrashing tail.
  • “And if you’ll follow me, we’ll see the next building this college has on campus!” says the perky tour guide. It’s been hours since you started this tour. Her smile stretches like a surgical mask across her face, and you think you can see movement behind her pupils.
  • There is a sign in the burned-out husk of the frozen yogurt stand that says “YES! We’re Open!” The place burned down a year ago, with all the employees inside.
  • These pine trees are impossibly tall. You think you see a shooting star bounce off one of their trunks. No wonder there are so few old growth forests left: they must really mess with airplane flights.
  • They call it a strip mall for a reason: nothing lasts long there. Parts of the shoe store have already begun to peel away, revealing the darkness underneath. The repairmen pull out their extra strength adhesive.
  • The museum has a new exhibit. You walk in the front doors and are greeted with a computer screen. “YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO EXIST” it tells you. You turn to leave, and are greeted by a hallway stretching into infinity, each door a copy of its neighbors.

the gotham girl gang has a white board on the front of their apartment that can’t stay the same for more than 24 hours. some classics:

-the bad dads club
-tim drake’s early onset ulcer
-the real housewives of crime alley
-team chicks before dicks (that means you grayson)
-being invisible to batman just makes us sneakier
-here, top-tier and incredibly queer
-Kidz BoP
-cullen’s angels
-the #keepharperawayfromartilery initiative
-plz leave if u don’t have cereal ❤️ cass
-yes, damian we are available to gossip
-babs’ bitches
-who needs funding when you have a 2 bags of pretzels and the neighbors unlocked wifi???
-the team gotham doesn’t need but sure as shit deserves


Gif source:  Nick

Imagine surprising Amaro with a birthday party and a kiss.

——— Request for anon ———

He trails after you by the grip your hand has on his, pulling him from the people you had invited to his birthday party and to a more secluded area to get a word in, “I can’t believe you set all this up!”

You’re smiling as you turn to Nick, jokingly pretending to be shocked for a second, “What? Detective Guapo didn’t deduce I was gonna’ throw him a surprise party?”

Nick rolls his eyes, but the smile on his own lips still lingers as he catches another glimpse of the extensive decorations covering his home all because of you, “Yeah, yeah, maybe I’m just getting rusty.”

“No,” you chuckle, curling his tie around your fingers to gently tug him down to your lips, “I’m just getting sneakier.” He breaks out into a full grin before he moves the extra breath to meet you in a kiss. It’s brief, because he does have the squad attending this party, but it was satisfying nonetheless, and as you pull away, you find yourself giving him one last quick peck on the side of his mouth, “Happy Birthday, Amaro!”

Fic-related replies
prideling replied to your post “ME Fic: Over It”

Noooo poor Tali! Trust Kasumi to make it her mission to get those two together when she saw any inkling of possibility. Kasumi’s even sneakier than you think, Tali! I love this <3

Kasumi is suuuuuper sneaky and enjoys meddling, especially if she can meddle without appearing to meddle.

dawntreaderflynne replied to your post “ME Fic: Over It”

Heeee I love Kasumi! And Tali’s crush is adorable.

She managed to convince herself she was over it, but then he came back, and it was all over.

ferociousqueak replied to your post “ME Fic: Over It”

Kasumi, you clever little match-maker! I love everything about this :P

Thank you! <3 Coming… eventually… the follow-up from Shepard’s point of view.

thievinghippo replied to your post “ME Fic: Over It”

I’m just sitting here with a silly grin on my face. I love this!

I am so glad, because I have so much more written about them.

Megalovania Misinterpretation

I honestly think Sans’ genocide battle gets misinterpreted really badly for angst fuel. Like I enjoy painful premises as much as the next masochistic Undertale fan, but…I was really thinking about it and reviewing dialogue since I’m editing a dub for my animation project, so I seriously sat down and listened to what Sans actually meant.

The typical interpretation of the average fanart/comic/fansong/animation for the final Genocide battle is that Sans has been kicked into action by his sorrow and loyalty and feeling of protection for monsterkind. It’s revenge for killing his brother, his friends and their protectors. He sees a monster he has to stop before they kill everyone. Add Papyrus’ scarf and murdery flashbacks for additional angst. 

Allow me to supply my own opinion that this is drop-dead wrong.

Sans gets babied, softened, woobied to an insane amount. I’ve done it! I’ve done it myself. It just happens to the point where canon Sans gets lost in projected emotion and fanon material. Sans is much harder, sneakier and apathetic than people give him credit for. The proof is in the neutral runs. 

Leave all but a single Vulkin alive. Leave all but Shyren dead. Kill everyone except Undyne. Only kill Papyrus. Only kill the bosses. Sans will not lay a finger on Frisk. So long as ONE monster stays alive, he will do no more than guilt them for a minute and then let them go on to finish the route and leave a follow-up phone call. Is it painful for him to let these things happen? I’d like to think so, somewhere deep down, and that it hurt a lot more a long time ago. The point is that Sans knows enough about the universe and the “game” to the point where he doesn’t care any more. Sans is nihilistic, but not in the fandom-glorified despairing kind of way (though I certainly do think he has some form of depression). Sans simply…doesn’t care. His laziness is induced by futility. It doesn’t matter any more, because Frisk will still be here to start all over again. 

Sans will only act if the destruction of the world is imminent. How he knows what the end result is, or what he knows about it, is anyone’s guess. His fight dialogue is so, so important. He doesn’t play games. He doesn’t ask them to reset. He doesn’t ruminate on the monsters’ deaths. At this point, he knows Frisk is beyond reason. He knows in some rueful way that he is an exciting challenge to overcome. He doesn’t try to change their mind; his goal is frustration. It’s the only thing he knows he can do, and honestly, if Frisk’s game-breaking didn’t come into play after he falls asleep, It would be a successful tactic. We don’t have the answers as to why Sans is such a meta character, but he is, and THAT is the reason why he will try to stop them. Even his mid-fight spare  is a dirty cheat in order to piss them off. Sans has no intention of offering mercy, not out of spite or hatred, but a grim sense of duty to the very existence of his world.

Sans loves Papyrus, and I believe he is a genuinely good guy at heart. So none of this is trying to say that Sans is a jaded heartless lazy sob. but he’s sharp; he knows he’s a threat and he uses it, even in pacifist runs. He only waits and watches until Frisk turns into a bigger threat.The only reason Sans would stand by and watch everyone die would be a massive existential crisis or a secret hatred towards everyone. And we know that the latter just isn’t the case. 

So, this isn’t an attempt to prove anyone wrong. It’s just a general stray from canon I’ve noticed about Sans, not that it isn’t the first one. So take it as you will.

some important things about jean and bobby

  • they are the only members of the o5 who are good at roller skating
  • one time at a school dance they were supposed to be chaperoning they got drunk on jello shots stolen from a neighboring adult birthday party and then jean dared bobby to kiss the ice sculpture at the dance and he did
  • they have absolutely used terrible sibling insults from movies at each other like “fuckass” (donnie darko), “penis breath” (e.t.), “go suck a fuck” (donnie darko also), etc.
  • synchronized choreographed dance routines to multiple songs
  • they both cheat at board games, jean’s just sneakier at it

porn blogs are getting sneakier one of them just followed me and there was a picture of a cat as their icon and i went to follow back but clicked into the acc just to make sure and it was a fucking ‘call me kitten, daddy’ blog and i’m done with this website. I’m out.

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The only scaring you should do to children is jumping out from behind stuff and making them scream and laugh. Fearing extreme punishment just leads to kids being sneakier and resenting their parents.

Exactly 👍

Prompt: Surana experiences culture shock after leaving the Circle. (With some added F!Warden/Alistair silliness because reasons, ssh.)

Alistair was perpetually late. If there was one thing Surana could count on in her new life–with all the Blight and civil war nonsense–it was that Alistair would absolutely show up at least twenty minutes past the agreed-upon time. On a good day.

Surana couldn’t fathom it. She asked him outright, one day–and when he deflected with bad puns, she got sneakier. Dug into his past a little. Still, she found no apparent explanation for his pathological tardiness.

Of course, Alistair did tell her his life story eventually. She frowned as he spun his tale, her expression twisted in thought. When it was finished, he asked, full of nervous energy, “Are you upset? I can never tell.”

“I just have one question.” She clasped her hands, resting her knuckles against her mouth. “This Orlesian bitch–did she ever happen to throw a timekeeping device at you?”

“Er…” Alistair glanced from side to side; their conversation was semi-private, the rest of their party a ways back. He looked like he might want them a little closer. “Sorry, I don’t think I heard you correctly. Because I just told you that I’m the bastard son of a king, and what I heard you say is, ‘Did Isolde throw a timekeeping device at you?’ ”

“It was ‘Orlesian bitch,’ if you recall. And you didn’t answer the question.”

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