#154 - Collaboration with @you-andthebottlemen

Friends, family, gather round. Evangeline @you-andthebottlemen and I cordially invite you to the wedding of your dreams. Van McCann… he’s dying to get hitched, and fuck, does he look good in a tux. 

To read it for your perspective, stay here for 6,131 words of wedding bliss written by me. When you’re finished, click this link to read 6,390 words from Van’s perspective, written by Evangeline. We’ve worked for a long time on this, and spent a lot of hours looking at wedding boards on Pinterest (click here for some of the photo refs we used). We’re super fucking proud of what we’ve made together, and we hope you love it so much it hurts. 

xo Rhi

Filling three general requests for a wedding, two requests for Larry seeing the wedding dress before Van (and being sassy about it), and one request for photo booth fun. 

You’d always been the type of person to stay calm when the rest of the room was in a panic. Even tempered and sure, you were reliable in a crisis and had an overwhelming soothing influence on people. There were many moments in the lead up to the wedding where you thought maybe it would be the one thing you’d be anxious about, but standing in front of the mirror doing final checks, you weren’t. There were many factors that had ensured that, though.

Firstly, there was the outfit. It was hard to find the perfect dress when you were working around the perfect shoes. You’d spotted the golden shimmer sparkles of the Kate Spade sneakers in a shop front in London. Instead of laces, there were ribbons, and instead of wedding heels, there would be flats. You’d built the rest of the outfit, and probably the rest of the wedding’s aesthetic, around the shoes. A dress free from lace was rare, but eventually you found one that was shorter at the front to allow the shoes to be the focus, and longer in the back for a little extra drama. The silk flowed down in long sleeves, but the dress was synched in at the waist for shape. The necklace plunged, and a thin gold chain that Van had given you when he proposed sat between your collarbones.

The only person that had seen you in the completed outfit before the actual wedding day was Larry. You and he shared lots of little things separate to your relationship with Van. You weren’t just Larry’s best mate’s girlfriend, fiancé, soon-to-be-wife, but his other best mate in your own right. As you did a twirl he laughed and nodded. “Van’s gonna go mental when he sees you,” he said. “Can I tell him I’ve seen it?” You nodded, and spent the rest of the day helping Larry send teasing messages about how pretty you looked, and how perfect the dress was. The shoes remained a surprise.

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Weekend Wrap
19 - 21 May 2017

Friday night feasts ahoy! Getting ready in our rooms then meeting at the front door: My Girl & I looking very matchy-matchy in our grey jumpers and black leather jackets! Luckily we were off to separate venues. The Husb & I ran into a couple we’d met on a cycling tour of Croatia two years ago this month, so joined their table and enjoyed a wonderfully buoyant and social meal together. Coincidentally, we’d ordered the exact same starters which were very reminiscent of coastal Croatian cuisine.

All about shoes! Yesterday My Girl & I spent a rainy morning at the State Art Gallery looking at the sneaker exhibition. The earliest sneakers with vulcanised rubber soles were from the mid-1800s & gosh, people had little toots back then! As we moved through the ages the feet got bigger until we reached GIANT basketball splods! I liked the sneaker art section the best.

We left the gallery & headed to Karrinyup Mall (I wanted to drop off some pants that needed taking up) but I’d also had my eye on some sparkly sneakers for some time, and thought, dammit why not? I got there to find they were 20% off PLUS I got a free pouch! There was free embossing in-store so I shouted My Girl a clutch (now she won’t keep pinching mine!)

But that’s not all! I found the best raincoat in lululemon & splurged on that. My wardrobe is missing a waterproof jacket so yay 😁. It has so many inside pockets you don’t need a purse. I am pretty excited about it. If I want to go out in the stormy weather we are having now, I’m covered!

Gotta show some homecooked food! The first food pic was the 5.00pm lunch (would you call that dunch?) I made after the shoe bonanza: potato/zucchini/egg hash with chorizo, haloumi & spinach - so good. The other was a particularly delish spicy chicken stir-fry.


Neymar speaks briefly on his relationship with Odell on his episode of sneaker shopping with Conplex.