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Reggie Mantle x Reader Locker-room Confessions

Could you maybe do a Reggie x reader where the reader is Jughead’s sister and she’s getting bullied by Chuck and Moose and he catches her crying in the locker room looking for Archie and comforts her and tells her nice stuff and compliments her and just fluff and cuteness.

A/N: This was my first request so I enjoyed it plenty, I hope you love it or least like it! It takes a while to get to the Reggie x Reader only because I wanted it to have a good storyline. 

Words: 1511

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Summary: Reader is Jughead’s sister and gets bullied and Reggie comes to the rescue. 

Spoilers: There may or may not be a kiss.

Warnings: Like three swear words.

Being Jughead’s sister was not easy at Riverdale High. Everyone questioned you for the small similarities and differences that you had with each other. You hung out mostly with Jughead’s friends since you grew up with them as well.  You were only a year apart in age, but not by grade level. Some even questioned you both if you were twins and Jug became tired of it, so he would claim you were fraternal twins. The high school caste system was not really in favor of you and your brother. You’re brother Jughead had it worse with The Goonies as he called them. He was “freak” to them because he was different than the testosterone filled, brainless guys at your school. Jug was the brooding writer, keeping to himself. You however would dress like him plenty of times, but you liked to try different styles and colors. You were usually the one they’d catch smiling more often. You just tried your best enjoy the hell hole that high school was especially in a small town.

During the weekend you had a sleepover with Veronica and Betty at Veronica’s house. You were mesmerized by the aesthetic of Veronica’s. There was something about big homes that you thoroughly enjoyed, since your family had a small house. You didn’t complain though, you were just happy your family was back together and your dad was getting his act together.

You were thankful for these friends that made Riverdale suck a little less. You had fun with them, as they helped you escape from life for a while when you hung out with them. Veronica was new, but it felt like you had known her all your life. It was now Sunday morning and you all had just eaten breakfast.

“Here you go” Veronica spoke up while you were hanging out in her room.

“What’s this?” You questioned her as you opened the gift bag and took a box out with the most mesmerizing sneaker wedges you had wanted when you guys went window shopping a week before.

Your eyes dilated, and a small smile was forming on your face until you looked up and spoke up “I- I- I can’t take these Ron.”

“Now why not? Those would look great on you with that crop top you bought, but never wore” Veronica declared.

“You would look amazing, (Y/N)” Betty budded in with a smile on her face.

“I just, you guys can’t keep buying me stuff, my parents, and I am not going to be your charity case” you declared with a sad look in your face.

“Oh c’mon you are not my charity case (Y/N/N), I simply bought the wrong size shoe and can’t return them” She retorted.

“Yeah, I was there they would not let her return them” Betty innocently added on the lie.

“You can’t return them?” You questioned Ron with hopeful eyes.

“Nope and now that I look at them they’re not really my style and I don’t want to see them go to waste” Veronica added on with a smirk on her face.

You thanked her, and promised to wear them on Monday, with some ripped skinny jeans and the crop top as you left her house to work your shift at Pops.

Monday came and you hesitated on the outfit, but you put it on anyway since you weren’t going to let down Ronnie, and weren’t going to let your money go to waste by never wearing the crop top.

You took a quick glance in the mirror and smiled confidently and walked out of your home to get to school.

As you arrived, you felt all eyes on you and it made you slightly uncomfortable until you caught a glimpse of Ronnie and Betty and walked towards them.
“Hey” you said shyly to the blonde and brunette.

They turned to look at you and you heard gasps coming out of their mouth with a wide eyes plastered on their faces.

“My god! (Y/N) you are gorgeous” Betty declared.

“The phoenix rises! (Y/N) you look hot!” Ronnie added on and you couldn’t help but cover your face and giggle as Kevin approached you three by the lockers.

He did a double take not believing it was you until he added to the compliments “Smokin’ (Y/N), if I weren’t gay you’d be on my list” as you all laughed at his words.

You all departed to your classes and plenty of people complimented you on your outfit.

It was the end of the day and you were at your locker, when The Goonies approached you in the empty hallway.

You just gave a huff closing your locker thinking you just might get catcalled, surprised though that Reggie was not with them. You remembered you actually hadn’t seen Reggie with them for a couple of days now.

The Goonies were surrounding you, you couldn’t escape them, and they trapped you against your locker.

Moose spoke up “Look at the ugly duckling thinking she is turning into a goose.”

“Yeah Goose” The other jocks repeated.

“Don’t you mean swan?” You retorted sarcastically.

“Whatever, besides you’d never be a swan” Moose scowled at you “I just wanted you to know that not even like that, no one will even look your way”

“I don’t know” Chuck added on “You’d be a good, onetime thing, don’t you think she’d like maple syrup?”  He spoke to the guys and he creepily caressed your cheek as you swapped his hand off your cheek.

“What do you think freak? Would you like a bit of Chuck in your life” he whispered in your ear.

“You’d really consider this piece of trash?” Moose spoke up

“The thing about trash is, you use it, and then when you’re done with it you throw it away” Chuck gave you a smirk as he turned to collect high fives from the guys and you took it as a chance to flee and go looking for Archie in the locker room to ask him to take you home, or ask him where Jughead was.

As you fled from The Goonies, you heard the collective laughter from the venom filled mouths as you tried to hold in your tears.

You arrived at the locker room and much to your dismay it was empty. You started hearing the rain from the outside and realized they probably cancelled practice.

You sat down in one of the benches and started sobbing, until you felt someone sit next you so you stopped and turned your attention to see who it was. 

“I am so sorry about those jerks” Reggie spoke up as he rubbed his thumbs up to cheeks to rid of the tears “They never did learn how to treat a lady” Reggie added.

“What are you doing?” You questioned him, confused as to why he was being so nice to you when he was the one that bullied your brother.

“I- I am” He stuttered as he grabbed you by the hand, not knowing what to say.

“Wow a speechless Reggie that’s new” you chuckled.

“I’m just really sorry about those assholes, I’ll take care of them though” He smiled at you.

“How?” You asked him.

“Well I am captain of the football team (Y/N)” He stated.

“Why would you help me though? They bullied me, and you bully my brother with them” You spoke up “What’s the difference?” you added on.

“(Y/N) I am really sorry about that, I regret ever being rude to Jughead, I really am” He said with disappointed look on his face.

“Why were you rude to Jug? Does this mean you are going to leave him alone? I noticed you haven’t been hanging out with the guys for a while now” You rambled on, not knowing how to react this soft side of Reggie.

“Um” he mumbled while scratching his head “I kind of have a crush on you” He spoke softly with a small smile on his face.

“What?” You gulped as he caught you by surprise.

“I promise to apologize to Jughead,  I know I was stupid for going down that route” He paused and spoke again “I’ll apologize, I swear, wo- woul- would you go out on a date with me? Please?” He proclaimed with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Only if you apologize to Jug” You smiled at him, surprised to seeing this vulnerable side to Reggie made him so much more handsome.

“Deal, Thank you, I will, I’ll also take care of the idiots who bullied you” Reggie proclaimed as he pulled you in for a hug.

As you two pulled away you started missing his tight hug until Reggie grabbed you by the chin and planted his lips on yours.

Your stomach was filled with butterflies and your lips were in sync with his.

“(Y/N) where are you? Moms going crazy, it is raining and you’re not answering your- uh- phone” Jughead interrupted your kiss with wide eyes and wide mouth plastered on his face and you couldn’t help but smile.

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like everyone thinks he’s this 6ft force of nature but hes actually like

5′3′’-4′’ and probably wears those secret wedge sneakers to be taller like 

either these where the heel is hidden 

Or these where theyre like high heel kinda things


my boy had Grantaire give him tattoos to go over his top surgery scars

they probably dont /cover/ them exactly as much as highlight them because I feel Enj would be that guy that puts quotes on them???

Ferre and Courf were the first people he told when he first came out and that’s why they use their last names because it was a way to refer to Enj with family around and not misgender him and it just kind of stuck after the years even after Enj changed it

Marius??? TOL BOY

A solid 6ft probably

comes from line of giants??? probably??? thts what Courf says anyway

Marius hit a second growth spurt around 22 and Enjolras will forever be salty over it 

Marius opted out of top surgery even when Courf offered to pay for it when he has more than enough money

My boy… doesn’t like the thought of surgery and knives 

he just dont 

but you can bet your ass Enjolras was that friend who made sure Marius had proper binders and used his personal experience with each brand to determine the best fit for him

Not Strong Enough (Adam Cole One Shot)

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This one is for @bizclizbaybay <3 I hope you like it!!!

The reader is the younger sister of the Young Bucks and Adam falls for her. Inspired by “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica.

Sexy times with baybay ahead

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Vernon/OFC: I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you (m)

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Genre: Fluff/Romance/Friendship/Angst/Implied Smut

Word Count: 6588

Characters: fwb!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various Seventeen members

Prompts: fwb!Vernon, five times kissed + one, friends-to-lovers, gratuitous use of film, music and book references.  

(a/n) My Christmas gift to my lovely followers. It’s not necessarily Christmas themed, but I hope you guys like it all the same. Much love!

The first time was Begin Again.

He was just fed up. Fed up with his perpetual writer’s block, fed up with how behind he was in education, and all over just wishing for some peace. Vernon missed sleep. He longed for how easy it was back in middle school to fall asleep, to collapse on his bunk and have a full eight hours to happily ponder over absolutely nothing. Now, whenever he did get around to sleeping, he was stuck in a purgatory of being infinitely restless. He felt nervous whenever he closed his eyes, thinking about what kind of packed schedule he’d face in a couple hours’ time, or that he could be spending this time perfecting his lyrics.

But the movies helped.

It was sometime around the end of winter that this whole thing started. Some random neighbor waiting for the elevator to open, who had about two or so boxes stacked so high he couldn’t see her face. When the elevator just didn’t want to help her out, she wedged her sneaker between the emergency exit to the stairwell.

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Indecent Proposal - Chapter 5

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 4

Jared’s POV

“Wow, that was crazy,” Melody said as we were driving away from the restaurant.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until I post that pic of us holding hands,” I said and chuckled, “That’s when the real madness will begin.”

“You’re not helping,” she said obviously terrified.

“Relax, you’ll get the hang of it eventually,” I said and continued to drive.

“I’m not so sure. I never wanted to be under the spotlight,” she said and sighed, clearly worried about the way our situation will develop in the future. Somehow I felt like I should maybe comfort her, but I went with my incessant need to pick on her.

“Well, I guess you’re just gonna have to suck it up, won’t you now, wifey,” I said never taking my eyes of the road. 

But the moment I finished the sentence I felt a pit in my stomach. This didn’t feel right, as it would usually do, when I tried to make her feel bad. I could feel the despise coming from her eyes, even though I wasn’t looking at her. This felt even worse, but I just ignored the feeling and kept driving.

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the signs as... shit aria montgomery does
  • Aries: Wearing wedge sneakers on your first day of karate lessons... and then making out with the instructor.
  • Taurus: Keeping all your eating utensils from dates with your s/o as "mementos".
  • Gemini: Everyone assuming you have an evil twin that's responsible for 90% of your town's crimes.
  • Cancer: Setting up a wildly inaccurate online dating profile for your mother and not telling her.
  • Leo: Looking at yourself in the mirror so often that perfect strangers assume you're mentally unstable.
  • Virgo: Being the reluctant participant in a magic show after a mime singles you out in the audience.
  • Libra: Waking your s/o from a deep slumber so you two can conduct a creepy impromptu photoshoot involving paper bags.
  • Scorpio: Getting turned on by your ex's gunshot wound.
  • Sagittarius: Boring Adam Lambert at a Halloween party with all your relationship woes. He's dressed as a vampire.
  • Capricorn: Blowing your rape whistle in the middle of town square to get out of an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Aquarius: Only being a vegan when it makes you look better than everyone else.
  • Pisces: Asking your ex-English teacher to prom.

I’m tryna figure out wtf ‘girl crush sexy’ could mean in k-pop terms/aesthetic. And my best guess is 'tomboy femme’.

I’m picturing Sonamoo deja vu which wasn’t tomboy at all but as tomboy as k-pop ggs get and still very feminine. Just no heels or skirts. wedge sneakers because they’ll never wear normal ones. and probably scenes where they do wear dresses and skirts.

also rapping and badass choreo define the girl crush aspect too so hopefully….Irene’s time has arrived


“I have a deep, deep love for sneakers.” –Kerry Washington

Shop it: Giuseppe Zanotti, Multicolor Patchwork Hi-Top Sneaker

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Drastic - [NCT] Taeyong!Au

[A/N] Inspired by Taeyong in glasses. Trying hard not to look at Jaehyun. Or Yuta. Or Mark. I swear guys in physics look mostly like Taeyong. Crazy and out-of-control. At least where I studied. Engineers, man. *shucks*

Pretty sure it was too early for you to get this mad at him, but with your sneaker wedges flying over his head, he knew you weren’t blissed today as well.

Shoving his shoulders with your own, you passed him a death glare as you picked up your shoe from the ground. Taeyong steps idly, wordlessly, not a tinge of curiosity passed his mind. ‘This is not over!’ You roared and he didn’t look back at you. Ungrateful little prick.

The class are getting filled up as time passes. Taeyong chose a seat behind everyone. As he walks, he catches a few phrases that was indirectly directed at him.

'I heard he has a tattoo.’ 'He is so scary.’ 'There’s a reason why he sits at the far back…’ 'That’s what makes him so attractive.’ 'When he props his elbows on the table?’ Mewls. 'Or when he slouches in his chair…’ Mewl again. 'His lips though…’ Claps, mewls and moans. What a bunch of dimwits. You cursed.

'You know what’s attractive? When a guy writes 10,000$ check for you,’ you slammed the quiz paper on the table, 'Don’t try to copy my answers this time, bitch.’

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Won’t happen again.

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Simon Dominic X Ness

You were so excited you were finally free from work and were able to go watch at least one of the concerts that the AOMG crew was having in Seoul, and you really wanted to support your boyfriend Kiseok or also known as Simon Dominic. You wanted to show him that you really cared about him and his love for music.

You were almost done getting ready, you wore a swagy outfit, an army bomber jacket with light wash ripped jeans and a sneaker wedge, tryna match the aomgs theme.

You texted Jay and told him that you just left the aparatment, you were planning on surprising Simon, because he’s been asking you to come and your work hours never worked with their concert hours, so you decided one day of an extra shift should make up for today.

Jay was waiting for you at the entrance because he knew it would be very hard for you to manage to find them in that big concert hall that they have book.

“Heyy you” you told Jay in a cheery voice, he came to and gave you a tight hug, “Heyy, you made it, I haven’t seen you in a long time”

“I know but I’ve been busy with work you know” you told Jay and he nodded understandingly.

Jay was one of the closet people to you from the AOMG crew after Simon, he always has that laid back friendly feeling, so it was easy to get close to him.

You guys were walking in to where the waiting rooms were and you could hear their loud voices from far, you looked at Jay smiling at them, Jay was just shaking his head at them and smiling.

You were glad you came, because you love being around the guys and hoody, they all make each other feel like their family and no one is ever left out, so when ever you had a bad day, the AOMG lounge is where you usually go.

Some girls were sitting in the waiting room too, you figured they were the backup dancers, you really liked the dancers from the videos you saw of them they were so good, and you wanted to see them live too.

When you walked in the guys still didn’t notice you coming in, you were glad because you wanted to surprise Simon, but before you could announce yourself you saw Kiseok sitting next to one of the dancer super close and just smiling and laughing at whatever she was saying, you were really getting really pissed and hurt, wondering if Kiseok does that every time your not around him, you had seen pictures on his SNS with the dancer but Simon was always friendly and you didn’t think anything more to it so you brushed it off, but the scene in front of you may have been proving you wrong.

Jay noticed the change in your face and how uncomfortable you looked, so he cleared his throat,

“Hey guys, Ness is here with us tonight, were finally complete” he said trying to get everyone’s attention and make a joke at the same time.

“Heyyyyy” Ugly Duck was the first one to come and give you a crushing hug, you noticed from your side eye how Simon shifted and quickly got up, you were just giving everyone hugs and greeting them.

Simon finally came to you and gave you a hug ”hey baby”, you didn't greet him back.

“Someone was being a little too comfortable” but the tone you said it in scared the shit out of Simon, and the death glare you gave him made his know you weren’t joking, but you didn’t want to ruin the night for the guys and start a fight, but Simon was defiantly going to get the cold shoulder from you.

You were never one to accuse him of anything or point out everything but when you did give him a cold shoulder he knew you were really mad.

You stayed with Jay for most of the time and Jay knew why, so he didn’t make a joke about it and just let you.

They guys were getting ready to go on stage, Jay was going to go first so Simon’s turn wasn’t coming soon, so he took the opportunity to talk it out while no one was noticing.

“It’s not what you think” he said in a low voice

“Oh really, so you weren’t flirting with the dancer when I came in, because I’m pretty sure you were”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean for to come out that way” he said in a defeated voice because he knew better then to try and deny anything.

“yeah well it did, and its pretty fucked up, I came here to surprise you and show you my support and I come to that scene” you said in a really angry voice but still kept it low.

“I’m soo sorry, I really appreciate it, and I’m soo sorry I promise it wont happen again”

“oh it better not” you finally said, “no go out there or Jay will think I murdered you or something” you said,

“ok, but know I’m making it up to you” he said then gave you a peck, but you held his shirt and pulled him closer, he was a little shocked from your move but then he kissed you back,

you looked up at him and said “you owed me that kiss” he just smiled,

he knew you didn’t forgive him completely but he was half way there.

“good luck babe” you told him.

you knew Simon wouldn’t cheat on you, but that didn’t mean its fine to flirt with other girl.

Author’s Note: I hope you guys liked it, and thanks to the anon who requested it, I will be making a masterlist for both mobile and regular users, its coming sooon~~~