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Reebok InstaPump Fury “Kaws Tribute”

Tribute to the famous Kaws, we have combined more than 10 differents painting from the artist to create one of our most detailled custom


Vans US Open 2017  |  DIY Buttons with Lizzie Armanto

We took a trip to the Vans US Open pop-up shop with Lizzie Armanto in search of the perfect piece to add some DIY flare. The winner? None other than the already adorable Funville Mini Backpack. Lizzie showed off her creativity (damn this girl can draw!) and her other hidden talent (Japanese!) while making custom buttons to add the perfect bit of flare to her backpack. Want to decorate your own backpack like Lizzie’s? Get the Funville Mini Backpack in stores or online

Photos 1, 9, and 10: Life Without Andy


Painted myself Voltron shoes in celebration of s3 and I really love how they turned out <3 Drew the blue lion of course on the other shoe since Lance is my fave and yeah <3 <3 Wanted to share them here for you guys to see! Can’t wait to rock them tomorrow along with my Voltron shirt when I binge watch the new season.

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