sneakerhead love

Just focusin on muscles now.  Check out my delts bro.  Fuckin rounded.  Check out my bis.  Flexin all the time.  I wear basketball shorts 24/7/365 now.  Ripped abs and obliques bro.  Always carryin around my gym bag.  New focus, new life.  Time to take a selfie bro.  All that shit about bein smart, fuck it.  Just do like me bro.  Get ripped.  This time next year I’ll be fuckin huge.  Get up, have a shake, go to the gym.  Go to work.  I’ll be a personal fuckin trainer.  Helpin other bros get muscles.  I’ll be known as the BroMaker hahaha.  Bro of Bros.  But that wont stop me from my own quest.  More fuckin muscle.  More fuckin gear.  I’m kind of a sneakerhead ya know.  Always loved lookin at sneakers, but never got a lot for myself.  Now my collection is growin.  I get comments all the time.  Nice sneaks.  Cool kicks.  Wow those are bright.  Wow those look fast.  Old friends fallin behind.  Cant keep up with me bro.  Im going too fuckin fast.  Youre all spinnin around cuz U got smarts still in ur brains.  Get rid of em.  Go bro.  Go bro.  Be bro.  Let go.  Be bro.  Dont think.  Just do.  Be bro.

Nike Just Do it. Just Wear Em.

Keeping sneakers DS is something SOME sneakerheads love doing, but honestly some shoes are just meant to become beaters and all that dirt and all those scuffs definitely add character to the shoe. Now, in my opinion the Air Jordan 1s are the best Js to just beat the hell out of they look so much better like that. Anyone else going to rock the F*** out their Chicago 1s?

Here’s a little preview of what to expect from the Air Jordan 7 line from Jordan Brand. 

From left to right we have the Air Jordan 7’s “For The Love Of The Game” in both a gray and purple colorway and a white, bright red and turquoise colorway and last we will see a return from the Air Jordan 7’s “Marvin the Martian”

Stay tuned to SoleLoveNYC for more pictures and individual release information