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padme at their wedding: [turns up in a beautiful lace wedding gown probably handmade with hundreds of carefully placed authentic Nabooian Pearls™ and wearing an equally gorgeous veil, looking like an angel sent down from heaven]
anakin at their wedding: [turns up in jedi robes that probably haven’t been washed in a week] lol im ready to wife you (:

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lonely anon here, you're probably my favorite writer and the only tumblr I check on a regular basis, keep up the good work. also I'm jealous of your scepter 4 swag, how did you get your hands on it?

Thanks anon! My favorite place for Scepter 4 swag is Super Groupies – they specialize in what I like to think of as ‘stealth anime merchandise’ and they’ve done several K collaborations, my favorites being the S4 watch and the S4 purse. Daily Dream Closet also did a recent K collaboration featuring a long S4-like hoodie (and I bought all three aforementioned things because I am a sucker and went out in an entire Scepter 4-inspired outfit). Neither place ships overseas but can be purchased from pretty easily using a shopping service. For most of my K merch I just keep an eye out on Tumblr and Twitter when it’s announced, check sites like AmiAmi and CDJapan first to see if there’s an option to buy from a site that does have US shipping and if not go the shopping service route. You can also always check Yahoo Japan auctions for things too, there’s a lot of stuff that’s sold out that can still be found there (I’ve been tempted by Super Groupies S4 hoodie a couple times but it’s expensive and the S4 logo is awfully tiny, I don’t want to pay that much for what’s basically a plain blue hoodie with a teeny logo).

Fic: As Dreamers Do

[gen | 3.4k | ao3 link]

Sam wants to go to Disneyland. Dad and Dean have other plans.

A/N: This is my entry for the @asksamstuff contest, based on this post. As always, thanks to @themegalosaurus for putting up with me and helping me get this in posting shape.

It’s about the time Dean plugs Guns N’ Roses into the tape deck again that Sam decides he’s pretty much done with California. They’ve been on the road for hours through the desert, nothing around them except scrubby brushland and distant mountains. Everything is brown and dry and dead. The sun through the window feels hot enough to melt skin. Every once in a while Dad grumbles about “goddamn hippie drivers,” and Dean keeps craning his neck to look out the window at girls driving sports cars.

In the backseat, Sam picks at a hole in the knee of his jeans. He’s grown another inch in the past few months and the pants—thrift-store bought—are too short in the ankle again. His shirt, a hand-me-down from Dean, is baggy on him, but still sticks to his back and underarms with sweat, heavy and uncomfortable. There’s a sliver of shadow slanting across the seat and Sam tries to find shelter in it, but even with the windows rolled down the July heat is sweltering, and the leather seats are hot to the touch. Sam can feel his heartbeat in his sweaty palms.

The opening chords of “Paradise City” blast through the speakers too loud for comfort, and Sam announces, “I have to pee.”

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i was in the mood for some teencast and including the flux baddies in an au (more about lalnable and five under the cut)

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I feel like an outcast at my school. All these girls wear sneakers and this other stuff. I like wearing heels and all these basic colors like nudes, blacks, and whites. I'm only 14. Any advice?

It’s good means you got the latest fashion sense babe, keep being you 😘