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heyo!! weird question do i stop being so materialistic? I have enough self-control to budget,save&not spend too much but I always WANT stuff and I hate this mentality!! It doesn't help that I love sneakers/the whole streetwear culture so you always wanna cop whatever new item that drops, especially the $$$ brands. I don't spend much but wanting things all the time is so draining :(

not a weird question at all! well, i think the first place to start is to ask yourself if these materialistic things bring any meaning or true happiness into your life. like, sure, when you first buy it you’ll get that short-lived satisfaction and happiness but after a while, that fades away and you won’t use/touch/wear that item, most likely. some things you will find that you wear almost everyday. then perhaps think of things you can wear them with? my advice would be invest in basics like jeans or a jacket and save on trendy things that will go out of fashion. i guess that’s why people still buy iconic louis vuitton and chanel bags because they’re classic pieces and won’t go out of fashion. you could listen to minimalist podcasts (my favourites are the good life, the slow home podcast, the jess lively show and the minimalists but they’re pretty militant) and books (for example, marie kondo writes a lot about decluttering and “true happiness”).

for me, personally, i like to write wish lists of things i want and i usually leave them for a while and when i come back to it, i realise i don’t even want half of the things on the wishlist or i have found a better alternative. you could also make a list of things you ban yourself from buying and don’t need more of. for me, that would probably be foundations or eyeshadow palettes. say, you have too many sneakers or jeans of the same type/fit/colour or another hoodie.

i don’t think there’s anything wrong with brands, so long as you know they are of good quality, will last you and you know you’ll get some use out of. the other option is buying second hand but i assume you know that already! good luck. i hope that helps!