Eagles, butterflies, beetles, skulls and human hearts are just a few of the things that British artist Phil Robson, aka “Filfury” has shaped using sneaker parts. The self-described 90s child defines his work as a “a battle of pop culture vs nature”, turning his obsession with sneakers, hip hop culture, and our own over-consumption of mass products into an unlikely source material. 

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100% Black Owned Tennis Shoe Companies?? Blacks spend over $1 Billion in Tennis Shoes each year. But, do Blacks own any Tennis Shoe Companies 100%? According to my research so far, this answer, sadly, is NO. But, I hope I am wrong on this answer. Early today my very good friend, Michael Allen, asked me what 100% Black Owned Tennis Shoe Company can he buy his shoes from?? Which was a reasonable & legitimate question. However, I was embarrassed because out of all the research I have done, I cannot find 1 credible 100% Black owned Tennis Shoe Company. However, if you know of any please let me know in the comment section below. Starbury was a 100% Black Owned tennis shoe company, started in 2006 by NBA star, Stephon Marbury. The shoes were meant to be price-conscious alternatives for kids from less fortunate backgrounds (they retailed for $15 originally). It was a noble concept: the superstar millionaire who came from the poor streets of Brooklyn, looking to provide kids from similar background affordable kicks. The business never really made a major impact, after quality issues came in to play. BTW, Michael Jordan’s Shoe, is a Jordan Brand subsidiary, of its parent company, Nike. So at the end of the day, Phil Knight, a White Man, & Nike calls all the shots with the Jordan Brand Tennis Shoe…which still leaves the original question..are there any 100% Black Owned Tennis Shoe Companies? This is embarrassing because with us spending over $1 Billion per Year on Tennis Shoes, we Give It All to White Owned Companies. SMDH! We have to create our own 100% Black Owned alternatives, so that if We boycott one White Company, We are not simply giving it to Another..Thus, creating a situation were We are still losing ground in terms of establishing an Black Economic Base. So, I would encourage Us to look into this as a Business Opportunity that We Need…start a 100% Black Owned Tennis Shoe Company, and Advertise It as That, then We can make our own Business Wealthy.