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Colin Kaepernick donated his massive shoe collection to Bay Area homeless shelters

  • Long before his activism made him famous, Colin Kaepernick was known for something else: his massive shoe collection. 
  • Now, fresh off the football season, Kaepernick’s taken a huge step by donating tons of shoes to Bay Area homeless shelters.
  • It was so big at one point that he converted his garage into a shoe closet.
  • Kaepernick donated the shoes, along with clothes and books, to Bay Area homeless shelters and orphanages shortly after his season ended. Read more

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stylegazer1Yesterday @mrporter previewed its 7th season Kingsman collection & in addition to all the sharply cut tailoring the brand offers a neat capsule collection of casual pieces with great brand collaborations. Reflecting the style of some of the films new characters. These were my favs. Also available in regular sneaker style. Collection drops on site in September #adidas #kingsman#mrporter #trainergeek #sneakers 👟👍


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Fenty X Puma by Rihanna 

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Casual vibes 🌸💜🌺

You really have to invest in your sneaker collection when you’re trying to do the whole walk an entire city thing without being dressed like someone’s uncle 😂

Sneakers:  adidas

Fashion Look by  ownbyfemme

As @kanyewest’s personal barber, it’s a given that @ibnjasper owns a pair of Yeezys in every style and color—not to mention the shelves of @Vans, Jordans, and the @diamondsupplyco shoes he designed that make up his must-see sneaker collection. Learn how he started cutting hair, his thoughts on the role of skate culture in fashion, and why ‘work smart, not hard’ is his personal motto on
“When I got my first job—I started cutting hair freshman year and then I got my first job in the summer between sophomore and junior year. I went back to school junior year and had seven pairs of Girbaud [jeans] and ten Girbaud shirts and a pair of Air Max BW’s and a pair of Scottie Pippen Flights. Then I instantly became one of the popular kids. I got into clothing to be invisible. I wanted to blend in. You get talked about if you have bad clothes. I was like, ‘Okay, everyone is in this, so that is what I’m going to wear so I’m not noticed.’ I am in this style industry, so people think my value is in that, but I’m the opposite—I am fresh to be invisible.”
📷: @tristankallas // styling: @jodtaylor