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Being on the Avengers with Peter Parker would include..

- LMFAO y’all a bunch of headasses to begin with

- having the most precious relationship in the world

- A LOT of running around avengers tower

- and annoying tony

- taking dorky polaroids of one another

- becoming the iconic young duo of the avengers that is always talked about in the media

- being inseparable from each other

- reason behind that is that you two were the youngest in the team and felt a connection upon your first meeting

- always training together at headquarters

- (y/n) please don’t do that thing with your leg today’

- helping each other with homework

- natasha thinking that you two are the biggest dorks in the world

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i just have a lot of feelings about peter and mj so here we are. (part two can be found here)

  • peter is not looking forward to junior year
  • he somehow ended up signing up for like 3 different AP classes that he definitely did not remember signing up for
  • but being spiderman, he barely sleeps so his memory has been out of sorts lately
  • anyways so the first day of school rolls around and his first class is AP bio, and ned was his partner in regular bio but Ned is taking environmental science this year
  • and ned is peter’s only friend
  • so our spidey boy is without a lab partner, until michelle walks in right as the bell rings, drops her bag right next to Peter’s laptop on the lab counter, and begins reading catcher in the rye
  • she’s read it multiple times, just fyi
  • peter is shook
  • because he and michelle are friends now? i mean she’s caption of decathlon now that liz is gone and he’s sort of one of the best on the team and they are sort of partners there too
  • so peter rolls with it
  • and michelle ends up making AP bio fun, for example she and peter come up with names for everyone else in their class since they sit at the back of the room
  • flash is named: “dumbass”.
  • not original, but it works for them
  • AP bio is usually after lunch, and so often if there is a quick decathlon meeting during lunch, peter and michelle find themselves walking together
  • it’s not until peter realizes he’s low on webs that he realizes the problem
  • Michelle is sort of his ‘other ned’ if you will
  • basically, she never leaves him alone
  • and she doesn’t know he sneaks into the labs to make more webs
  • this is a situation, because how is peter supposed to distract her long enough to sneak into the chem labs?
  • cue ned the chair guy
  • peter gives ned one job, JUST ONE JOB, to keep michelle distracted during lunch so he can sneak into the chem lab, test out his new webs, and get out.
  • but the only thing ned can talk about is his new lego millennium falcon
  • and michelle is not into hearing ned talk about that for more than 5 minutes because he isn’t peter
  •  so somehow she escapes and finds herself wandering around the halls when she realizes where the hell is peter?
  • eventually she finds herself downstairs and she hears a strange noise from a nearby door. 
  • so she peeks into what looks like the chem lab and low and behold peter parker is shooting webs out of his hands
  • it clicks
  • the bruises, the sudden disappearances, decathlon, why spiderman was in DC out of all places…
  • next thing peter knows, michelle is in front of him, and she’s pissed
  • like, REALLY pissed
  • peter doesn’t catch much of what she’s saying besides the occasional “you could be killed” or “NED knows and i DON’T?” or “is this the damn stark internship?”
  • and peter is staring with his mouth open because even though she just found out his deepest darkest secret in the most obvious place (did he learn nothing from the aunt may incident?) her eyes are a gorgeous shade of brown and she’s kind of adorable when she’s mad
  • but that’s not that point
  • it takes peter the rest of lunch period to calm her down and to convince her not to tell anyone, not that she would, but you never know
  • and it takes him even longer to reassure her that he is perfectly safe and that the suit is very, very, reliable
  • she demands to see it, and peter refuses because they’re in the damn chem lab for god’s sake
  • eventually they head to AP bio, and Michelle doesn’t ask anymore questions. In fact, she doesn’t ask anymore questions for a while
  • peter thinks she forgot, or that she doesn’t care that much, but then a major accident happens in downtown in the middle of the night a few days later and spiderman is seen pulling people from a burning building, but no one saw spiderman come out before it collapsed. 
  • he skips school the next day because he’s “sick” and ned brings him his homework. he doesn’t ask about michelle, because he thinks that if she really doesn’t care after all, it’s better that he doesn’t know
  • he’s proven wrong – because when he does go back to school and walks into AP bio, Michelle launches herself into his arms in front of the whole class. 
  • and while afterwords she makes some joke about how peter saved their project that isn’t due until the end of the semester, peter starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. 
  • and maybe, just maybe, michelle feels them too

anonymous asked:

Mermaid au Shownu please?? I love how well you write Monsta X, especially Shownu and Wonho! (I also wanted to request Wonho but I didn't want to overwhelm you bc I know you said you worry abt the way you write him but I really think you do him the most justice as a writer ❤️❤️❤️ feel free to do either or both if the inspiration strikes! Love you and your writing so much!!) 😊

i actually have an idea for shownu,,,it’s a little bit more angsty than what i usually write, but i hope u like it!! ill write wonho soon too~~
find mermaid!minyhuk (here) & mermaid!kihyun (here

  • you’ve been working as a lab assistant to a group of marine biologists for almost a month when you overhear that finally,,,,,,the scientists have caught a mermaid
  • and at first you don’t believe,,,,,,,,a mermaid??? do those even exist??? but everyone in the lab is in an uproar about it that you assume,,,,it has to be true
  • and a couple of days later the big tank in one of the labs is apparently home to the newest experiment and when you go over the room is packed with scientists, interns, assistants, divers,,,,,,
  • and you can barely see the mermaid but you catch a glimpse of the huge tail as he swims by and everyone is chatting about how BIG he is,,,how he must have swam too close to the shore or something
  • but since you can’t see anything you just decide to leave it at that,,,,,but something feels weird,,,,,,
  • thankfully the scientists trust you enough to close up every now and then so after most of them have gone home you sneak carefully into lab room 3 where the tank is clear ocean water,,,,, and you see him,,,,,,
  •  and he’s nothing like what you read about in fantasy books,,,,no scary gills or yellow eyes,,,,,,,he’s,,,,,beautiful??
  • and the closer you get the more you see ,,,, the toned upper body,,,,which makes sense he swims to stay alive,,,,but also the pretty emerald color scales on his tail,,,that shimmer whenever the lights in the lab reflect into the water
  • and even in the water it’s obvious that his skin is slightly golden,,,,,and in his ears u can see earrings,,,,pearls,,,, and you’re so caught up that you don’t even notice that you’ve come so close to the glass
  • and when you put ur hand on it he finally seems to notice you,,,,whipping around in the water and swimming toward you
  • so fast that you even jump back a bit,,,,but his face oh god,,,up close ,,,,, you swear no man you’ve ever seen has looked like,,,,,,That
  • but even though he’s so big,,,his broad shoulder and handsome face,,,there’s fear in his eyes and you can’t really read lips all that well but he’s saying something 
  • cautiously you get closer to the glass and you’re like ??? pointing to your ears and trying to motion that you can’t hear
  • so he slows down and you can make out the words : where am i
  • and you look around,,,hurriedly finding a notepad and scribbling down ‘laboratory’ showing it to the boy and the fear in is eyes gets even deeper
  • so you change the subject and write ‘what’s your name?’ turning to show it to him and ,,,,, he hesitates,,,, but slowly says it and you focus on his lips 
  • “shownu?”
  • and you write down ur own name and show it to him,,,,,but u can see he still isn’t settled so u add ‘they’re not going to hurt you here. they just want to look at you because we’ve never seen mermaids before’
  • and shownu suddenly puts his hand against the glass and you turn around because you hear footsteps and you duck under a nearby desk
  • when two scientists walk in,,,chatting about how they forgot their IDs but also,,,,,about some experiments they’d like to perform on the ‘mermaid’,,,,,take samples from his gills,,,,,,maybe do some other procedures
  • and when they’re gone,,,,,you can see that shownu has retreated to the back of the tank,,,,,and u feel,,,,,horrible
  • because as much as you’d thought there was something good about discovering mermaids,,,,,was there really if the scientist forgot that even with his body?? shownu,,,,is still a person,,,,,
  • and you don’t know why but you can’t think of anything else but that you have to get shownu out of there
  • and you get up to leave but hear a knocking on the tank,,,turning around to see him there,,,,,,so powerful and strong but also,,,,trapped
  • and you motion that you have to go but you smile and somehow,,,,shownu understands what you mean
  • and for the next week you see shownu,,,,being ogled by the scientists,,,,the poor boy has an identification tag clipped to his fin and on the daily you see blood samples, scales, and more being taken from him
  • and you realize that there are stairs the scientists use to get to the top of the tank and finally,,,when its ur turn to lock up again u visit shownu except you motion for him to swim to the top
  • and as you go up the stairs,,,,the surface of the water in the tank comes into view and suddenly shownu swims toward it,, head poking out as he throws his wet hair out of his face and shakes off the droplets that run down his neck
  • and once again ur mesmerized by his beauty,,,,,but u shake it off to and kneel down to the edge so you can speak with him and you’re like “i want to get you out,,,,but it’s going to be hard,,,,,” and shownu nods,,,not saying much and you bite back your lip and you’re like
  • “they’ll probably be transporting you to another bigger lab soon,,,when they put you in the smaller tank on wheels i might be able to get you out then,,,,the ocean is really close by,,,,”
  • shownu reaches out,,,and you look at his hand,,,,worried but you put yours in it and he looks at you,,,,,,,,,
  • eyes a dark,,,,beautiful brown and you hear him for the first time 
  • “ill trust you.”
  • his voice,,,is softer than his appearance,,,,but it makes your heartbeat and shownu seems to sense the rise of heat in your body because he makes a concerned expression that you just play off with laughter and ur like!!!! i,,,thank u ill do my best,,,,,ill be back tomorrow!!!
  • and you get up,,,,slightly stumbling in embarrassment of blushing in front of a mermaid you met a WEEK ago
  • but shownu swims down toward the glass as you leave the lab and with a wave you say goodbye
  • another weeks goes by and every evening you try and sneak in to see how shownu is doing,,,it’s obvious not being in the actual ocean where his family and friends are is hurting him
  • and you try to find out when they’ll be transporting him
  • and the day comes,,,finally and luckily some of the scientist tell you to wheel the tank down the hall to where the other assistants will take over and you agree
  • lifting the lid slightly as shownu sits,,,cramped in the space,,,tail scrunched up and big shoulders threatening to burst the damn glass 
  • and youre like “shownu,,,im going to get you out of here!” and even though he doesn’t reply,,,you see him turn his head and smile,,,,,so cutely,,,,,,,
  • and so instead of going down the hall you wheel him toward the back door of the lab,,,,which has a ramp thankfully and you’re shaking in fear that someone will notice but it’s only until you’re at the dock where the scientists come in on their boats that you hear the alarm 
  • and as quickly as possible you try to tip over the tank,,,but shownu is heavy and big and so you do what you can only think off,,,
  • with a running start you push the tank and the cart it’s on into the ocean,,,,, shownu seems to get the idea and as soon as it hits the water he pushes himself out,,,,,,,,and you can hear people shouting and they’re going to find you soon
  • but as you stand there on the dock,,,,frightened,,,, you feel someone grab your ankle and pull you down into the water
  • strong arms catch you,,,holding you tight to their chest and you hold your breathe as you go underwater,,,shownu swimming as fast as possible away from the dock 
  • and once you’re far out enough,,, and he makes sure to take into account that you can’t breath too long underwater,,, he swims back to the surface of the water and lets you go as you gulp for air and cough a bit,,,
  • and you can see that you’ve got to be at least a good 5 miles away from shore and you turn to shownu,,,,who has lost the fear in his eyes,,,,replaced instead with gentle concern as he reaches out but then stops,,,,,dropping his hand and sheepishly looking away
  • murmuring out,,,,are you ok? and you nod,,,,still a bit out of breath
  • but you smile and go “i think i can’t go back there,,,,they’ll probably know it was me,,,” and shownu gives you a slightly upset look,,,something between remorse,,,but also,,,,even with his big frame he reminds u of a puppy dog begging for forgiveness
  • and it makes you laugh and ur like “don’t worry,,,,i was just an assistant anyway,,,,but also,,,,,”
  • you look around and there’s nothing but ocean and you’re like “i need,,,,to get back to land,,,” and shownu nods, coming closer and scooping you back up into his arms
  • and ur like “wa-wa-wha-wait- wha-”
  • and once again you’re being held and shownu is swimming so fast,,,but this time ur not clutching your eyes closed in fear,,,, and it stings a little but the water passing by you two is so pretty and shownu,,,,is so big comfortable 
  • that you wish you’d be able to stay like this a bit longer,,,,but you do need air
  • and once you’re close enough to the shore to swim back on your own shownu bows his head and lets you go and says that he’s grateful you helped him
  • and you’re like “oh! one thing!”
  • and you duck underwater,, swimming and finding his fin,,,unclipping the ID and coming back to the surface holding it and you’re like “i don’t want it to bother you anymore,,,” and shownu ,,,,,,
  • seems shocked,,,,but his expression goes soft again,,,,and u swear u see him blush this time,,,, and he goes “,,,,do you visit the ocean often?”
  • and you shrug,,,saying that you probably won’t since you’ll have to quit at the lab,,,but then you stop yourself and look at him and go “but,,,,ill come by every now and then,,,,,,will i see you?”
  • and this time u see the blush,,, the way he puts up one hand to cover his mouth and nose,,,,,but he nods and u grin telling him you’d like him to take you swimming again 
  • but shownu catches you before you start your swim back and from around your neck he motions to your own ID and he’s like “m,,,may i?”
  • and you take it off,, passing it to him and he points to his ID that you’re holding and he’s like “to remember,,,,,me by.” and you’re like “yes, to remember you by.”
  • and you start swimming back,,,,shownu diving back toward the depths of the ocean,,, clutching your ID in his hand and bring it up once more to see the smiling photo of you,,,,,,the human that risked so much for him,,,,,,,(and that he finds immensely adorable) 
Angel (Jungkook x Reader) Pt. 2

Synopsis: You were in love with the stars but sadly, was kept apart from them thanks to mathematical equations that made it impossible for you to touch them. They were the South and you were the East, always together but never touching. Until a curious hybrid becomes the bridge and eventually, your personal galaxy infested with stars.

Warnings: Bit of Angst, Fluff, Mentions of Abuse and Childhood Trauma, Mentions of Smut, Kinda Blood Play (I’m sorry)

Genre: Romance, Hybrid

Word Count: 5,276

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by kpopjunkii

Maybe the galaxy is one unity and in its eyes, it holds the stars. Maybe the universe was just one person.

“Why are you always looking at me?” Jungkook tugged on his collar as he sat on the floor of the living room, watching a superhero movie that was honestly boring you. Despite how many times you had told him that he could sit on the couch with you, he would politely refuse and mutter how he would be punished. It was confusing as to why he thought he would be punished for something you tried to make clear to him that was okay, and who was it that would punish him because he wasn’t your son or pet. But then again, he sort of was.

“I’m sorry.” You were forced to turn your attention from the bunny hybrid to the TV. You were never a huge fan of Batman, to say the least but Jungkook could feel your eyes on him, which clearly discomforted him enough to talk, something he rarely did. You watched as the disturbed man did with his ways in Gotham by having a good night job and a shit day job that made him seem like he was pimping himself out in a way. Jungkook would let out a few gasps or if he was very excited, he seemed giddy. You noticed that he would slowly get near your legs and was farther away from the opposing side of the couch.

This caused you to smile.

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Lost Light Apartment Careers
  • Rodimus: Police officer. Trying to work his way up to being captain. Think's he'll never be as good as Orion Pax. Is correct.
  • Minimus: Police officer, a sergeant who doesn't stop working and won't accept a report if it isn't absolutely perfect.
  • Prowl: Police Officer, Detective, partners with Chromedome. One of the best detectives in the precinct, but not very well liked. Has gone through many partners due to everyone's hatred towards him. They usually end up requesting a new partner. Chromedome is his latest one, and everyone bets on how long he'll last.
  • Springer: Police officer, currently captain. A bit tense and doing his best to remember what Kup taught him. Makes some mistakes but is a good captain.
  • Chromedome: Police officer, transferred to a new precinct so he can be closer and live with Rewind. Only moved in with his boyfriend recently. A bit weirded out by Prowl.
  • Rewind: Data Analyst, loves his job more than anything and will analyze data out of work. Records everything, much to everyone's annoyance.
  • Whirl: Security guard/bouncer. Will fuck you up. Has gotten fired for starting bar fights, and not stopping them like she's supposed to. Lets underage people in clubs, even though she can tell when somoene has a fake ID.
  • Megatron: Used to be the leader of a gang, ex-hitman ect. Should be in jail, and thinks his gang has scattered and is no more, unfortunately, this is not the case. Now has picked up a job as an English teacher at a public school. Refuses to give up information to the cops about his gang, even though it's a case they haven't been able to solve in years.
  • Drift: What does he do? How does he get so much money? No one knows.
  • Ratchet: Head surgeon at the local hospital, also owns a clinic near the apartment block that offers free medical care to those who can't afford it. He works A LOT. Spends more time at the clinic and the hospital than he does at home.
  • Tarn: Took over as leader of the gang after Megatron left. Has much rage at Megatron's abandonment, and is looking for him everywhere. Will not stop if anyone gets in his way. Lots of white collar crime, and will plan heists and kill/torture people for money.
  • Pharma: Is almost equal to Ratchet in rank, but not quite. Is incredibly resentful about it because he thinks he is the better doctor. Scoffs at Ratchet's medical clinic, and spends most of his time at the hospital, or secretly hooking up with Tarn. And sneaking out organs and other body parts to give to the DJD.
  • Sideswipe: Translator and businessman, owns the building. Travels a lot for work, and can speak a lot of languages because of it. Usually, brings Sunstreaker with him when he travels. Dropped out of high school to pursue career, and it worked out quite well.
  • Sunstreaker: Freelance artist. Has illustrated for books and done animations, but loves paintings murals.
  • Skids: Still studying at university, has multiple majors. Gets perfect scores in them all. Could probably graduate uni early, but he enjoys learning. Has a job as a cashier to bring in cash for rent. Also roommates with Nautica, who's also studying and works as a cashier alongside him.
  • Fortress Maximus: Doesn't have a job yet, living off government compensation.
  • Perceptor: Scientist. Metallurgy and electrical engineering. Loves his job, and spends most of his time working.
  • Brainstorm: Weapons engineer. A literal Tony Stark. Wants to work with Perceptor, but gets rejected every time. Has also gotten kicked out for trying to sneak into Perceptors lab. Develops new and dangerous weapons, but keeps the most dastardly ones for himself.
  • Cosmos: Astronomer.
  • Waspinator: Unemployed. Hovers around and lives in the alley.
  • Soundwave: Used to be a part of Megatron's gang, but abandoned it as well. Now works as a computer software engineer.
  • Swerve: Works a bartender, trying to save up to open his own bar. Is failing, always ends up spending saved up money on drinks, video games or excessive amounts of junk food.
  • Rung: Psychologist. Most of his patients are also his neighbors. Likes to volunteer his time at public schools to lend proper help to struggling students
  • Cyclonus: History professor at the local university. Hates all her students. Scariest teacher ever.
  • Tailgate: Quit her job as a garbage woman, and is currently looking to either study, or find a job that doesn't involve cleaning up trash.
  • ____
  • If I missed anyone just pop them in my ask and I'll answer it : )

But imagine Shiro showing up to save the paladins and stop Lotor, but he’s thrown into the alternate dimension. And he finds himself on this strange planet.

Everyone is calm and doesn’t seem quite there. They’re all wearing these odd devices. Altean symbols are everywhere. Shiro’s clever though, he decides to cover his face up. Figures his best chance of getting back is the giant glowy thing imbedded in the planet.

He sneaks into a lab that’s by the weird glowy thing and sure enough, the thing’s a portal. Lab coat and all, he takes a look at what’s going on - makes sure to cover his ears. But he runs into some other scientists. All Altean. None of them wearing the devices. One of them burns a hole in his back while he’s reprimanded by the head scientist for not reporting in when he arrived. He gets a quick look at her, the one shooting daggers with her eyes, and she’s got long hair and she’s beautiful - she’s Pidge. Only with face markings and pointy ears. Shiro gasps but follows head dude’s orders.

Later, she finds him. She’s pissed.

“You,” she points a finger at him.

But she doesn’t call him Shiro, she calls him Sven. And she doesn’t yell, she runs to him and kisses him deeply. Shiro’s a blushing mess, he doesn’t know who she thinks he is. But then she talks about the Guns of Gamara, which he thinks sounds a lot like the Blade of Mamora, and Slav. And she asks what happened to his face since she went undercover. She wonders why he’s risking her cover and what’s going on.

When she discovers that he isn’t Sven she’s crushed, but she agrees to help him get back. He doesn’t admit it, but he’s crushed too. He wants to be in a world where Katie loves him that much.

#sanversweek day 4: hogwarts au

Alex is thirteen when Kara gets her letter.

It comes in the mail, glittering green ink on heavy cream-colored parchment.

It isn’t addressed like the rest of their mail to “Eliza Danvers” or “Jeremiah Danvers” or “Dr. and Dr. Danvers” or “the Danvers Family” or even “Alex and Kara Danvers.”

It’s addressed just to Kara.

They’ve never seen a letter quite like it before, with a detailed coat of arms stamped into a real purple wax seal on the back, like in the Elizabethan times.

And Kara opens it, right there at the dinner table, and their lives change forever.


Dear Ms. Kara Danvers,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

They all immediately understand what it is. They may not be wizards, but they’re one of the few families of non-wizards who know about the wizarding world. Alex’s father is a scientist and he worked with a couple of wizards to measure their power, to try to adapt their powers for the betterment of the entire world, not just the wizarding world. He worked closely with Clark Kent before Alex was born, and Clark Kent is basically the second coming of Harry Potter, the golden boy of the contemporary wizarding world, so Alex has always known about wizards.

She just never thought her little sister would be one.

None of them really know it all works, not really.

Alex wonders if her letter got stuck in the mail. She wonders if kids get them at different ages. She wonders if hers is coming next year, or for college, or something.

She wonders about Kara’s birth parents – were they wizards? Alex’s parents had adopted her when she was six, and Kara wracks her brain, after her letter comes, but she can’t remember either of her parents using a wand or doing anything magical. If they weren’t wizards, and the Danvers’ aren’t wizards, there’s a chance for Alex, right?

Alex tries not to be jealous.

But she fails when Kara goes to Diagon Alley with Clark and Jeremiah and comes back with a magic wand and goofy looking witch robes and a live owl and textbook after textbook about doing actual, real, honest-to-god magic.

And she fails when Kara pulls out a ticket for a train leaving King’s Cross Station from Platform 9 ¾ on September the first.

And she fails when Eliza and Jeremiah can’t talk about anything but how wonderful it will be to have a witch in the family.

And she fails when her letter doesn’t come.

They all go, on September the first, to take Kara to the train. The Hogwarts Express, Clark tells them it’s called. They all stand in the station, awkwardly between platforms 9 and 10, and Clark puffs out his chest and says that probably only one of them should accompany Kara through the barrier onto the platform.

And Alex hates, in that moment. Hates Clark, hates her stupid parents, hates Kara, hates Hogwarts, hates Kara’s dumb owl, hates magic. It burns in her, hotter and sadder and more lonely than anything she’s ever felt before.

Kara refuses to be separated from Alex yet, so she insists that they all come through the barrier with her. Clark is clearly frustrated but he agrees, and they all walk briskly through the wall together. Kara and Alex go first, holding hands.

They walk through a wall.

The train is scarlet and steaming, and the crowd is wild and kids are screaming and some of them are older than Alex and she wonders if she’ll get her letter next year, or maybe the one after next.

Clark is immediately swarmed with fans. He’s the second-most famous wizard with black hair and glasses, after all. Alex knows all about Harry Potter from her parents and from Kara and from sneaking Kara’s new History of Magic textbook into her own bed during the night and devouring it, cover to cover.

Clark helps Kara get her trunk onto the train, and Alex still doesn’t understand why she couldn’t have used a rolling suitcase like a normal person (because she isn’t normal, the hateful voice in her head whispers). Kara pops back out, after stowing her owl and, knowing Kara, probably making about five new friends in the process, to give them all hugs.

Kara cries when she hugs Alex goodbye and promises to write her constantly until they see each other at Christmas, but Alex doesn’t cry.

She’s too sad and jealous and hateful and lonely and miserable to cry.

That waits until she’s back home again, back in the room that now feels so completely empty.

Back an only child again.

They all wait with baited breath for Kara’s first letter. Clark tells them it’ll come by owl post, which none of them completely understand but Eliza and Jeremiah just nod knowingly, so Alex doesn’t ask.

Apparently it means that Kara’s owl will swoop in Alex’s bedroom window at 3am and wake her up by pecking the bottom of her foot, scaring the shit out of her. She knows, logically, that the bird isn’t going to peck her eyes out, but she moves cautiously anyway, telling the bird out loud that she’s going to untie the envelope from it’s legs, okay?

And she can’t wait for her parents. She opens the letter, and when she gets to the very bottom her heart shatters.

“P.S.” Kara had written, “All the new students are eleven, like me.”

It seems casual, but it’s code. She knows what Alex has been wondering – they’d talked about it before she’d left.

She knew exactly what she was saying.

Alex’s letter is never coming.

She’s too old.

She’ll never be a wizard.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your dad used to be a scientist. After his passing, your sister and you have to take care of everything left behind. As it turned out, he had been experimenting with a lot more than simple 3D printing… In front of you stand a young boy, Jimin, as sweet as can be, that is now your responsability. 

Word count: 6871

A/N: Halloween is back! And so are my Halloween inspired oneshots. This year I decided to experiment a bit with more ‘magic’ or ‘supernatural’ concepts. I’ll be posting the stories in random order, here you have the fifth one!

If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote this year you can find them here:

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

I had been three days after dad’s death when you got a call from your older sister telling you she had finally arrived in town. The funeral, the family gatherings… it was all very tiring and emotionally draining. The truth is that your dad was an old man and his death, as sad and unfortunate as it was, it was a long way coming.

Your mom passed away when you were a child, so it was only the three of you left. Your father was loving and caring, and your sister and you were his entire world. He studied medicine and became a rather eccentric scientist. Your sister followed his footsteps and became a physician;  you, on the other hand, decided to specialize in a more humanistic field.

Because of her job, your sister had to move to a different city, and could only go visit when her job allowed her to, you on the other hand stayed with your dad until you graduated college, then moved to a neighborhood that wasn’t too far from your dad’s house. It was a good arrangement, it allowed you to take care of him but also have your personal life.

Much to your father’s disappointment, neither your sister nor you had gotten married. Your sister dated a lot, she was very beautiful and men often fell for her rather quickly, but none of them were what she was looking for. It was very frustrating for your dad and he often complained about it to you. But, at least she tried, you were an even bigger problem for your father. You had never dated, you barely met any guys and even if you met them, you simply didn’t feel interested in them. It seemed like your dad had lost all hope for you, and as much as you didn’t like disappointing him, it allowed you to have some peace.

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Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Choromatsu-08 - Does Choromatsu dream of electric sheep?

Choromatsu: Hello. Dekapan. 

Dekapan: They’re finally complete!! The sextuplet androids who will save the world!! 

Choromatsu: (Sextuplet androids…!? …Huh? Why am I hiding? Well, whatever. I’ll wait for the right time and show my face.) 

Dekapan: With these we’ll be fine even if the trend towards an ageing population continues. And we’ve secured a supply of young labourers too. This is the greatest invention of the century. Winning the Noble Prize is no longer just a dream. I must keep these androids a secret until then. 

Choromatsu: (Hmm hmm… In other words, those aren’t cleaning robots, but earning robots… ) No way, I could get a lot of use out of those!! 

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Preference #18- Details of Your First Kiss with Them

Warnings: Probably a swear word or two

Tony: It was sloppy. The two of you had had a bit too much to drink at the party Tony had thrown after yet another successful mission. Alcohol was making the both of you a bit more cheeky than usual and it led to the two of you locking lips in his lab. You two had sneaked away to his lab to get away from all of the people and then it just sort of happened. The kiss was short while being full of clashing tongues and Tony almost missing your mouth. It may have been a bit sloppy, but it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Steve: You hadn’t expected your first kiss to be with Steve after a mission and you certainly didn’t expect to be the one who initiated it. Steve had once again been reckless in the mission and it had scared the hell out of you. When you all got back on the jet, your eyes were blazing with anger at the blonde haired man. The two of you hollered at each other until your throats were burning. Steve was in the middle of a long-winded rant when you couldn’t take it anymore. You grabbed him by the back of his neck and smashed your lips to his. This stopped his rant completely as he kissed you back. That was one hell of a first kiss.

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What if Teru pulls a Helga Pataki? I’m talking about head-over-heels Teru planting one on Mob during the heat of the moment. Like after a big boss battle leaving Mob totally unresponsive on the floor, everyone’s crowding around him very worried. But then Mob breathes and slowly sits up. An overjoyed, emotional Teru (who was legit crying btw) pushes his way first, goes down on his knees and hugs Mob first. Then he kisses him straight on the lips. Happy and overwhelmed. Drawing back, Teru eyes shine as he says special words. Mob just stares. Teru painfully realises what he’s done. Mob turns red red red. And Teru just prays for death cuz he’s kinda let the cat out of the bag

If "Agents of SHIELD" was a sitcom with a laughtrack
  • *Daisy is looking through different models of quake gauntlets*
  • Daisy: Hmm...I think I like model A better. 'Fitz' my knuckles perfectly. Pun intended (laughtrack).
  • Fitz (sarcastic): Ha, good one (laughtrack).
  • Daisy: But seriously, this thing is a good fit. Mind if I test it out in the field?
  • Fitz: Sure, but if you break it...let's just say a certain 'Doctor' will want to see you when you get back (laughtrack).
  • Daisy: *grabs an apple from a nearby apple basket and starts eating it*
  • Fitz: Oh come on, I was just kidding!
  • Daisy (confused): What did I do?
  • Fitz: 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'? Ha, you're really funny.
  • Daisy: Bro...I'm just hungry (laughtrack). I never kid around about my hunger (laughtrack). Speaking of which, why do you keep a basket of apples in your lab?
  • Fitz: Well, between you and me...Coulson sometimes sneaks in the lab to steal the leftovers in my fridge (laughtrack). So I decided to put the apples there, just for him.
  • Daisy: Coulson does NOT sneak in your-
  • *door opens and Coulson walks in. Daisy and Fitz look at him, puzzled. Audience is laughing at their reactions*
  • Coulson: Oh, hey Daisy, hey Fitz (laughtrack). I was just...looking...for...May?
  • Daisy: May's on a Bulgaria (laughtrack).
  • Coulson: Oh, right...I'll just be going then (laughtrack).
  • Coulson: *awkwardly grabs the basket of apples before leaving the room*
  • Fitz (smirking): Told you (laughtrack).
  • *music plays as we fade to the next scene*
Lunchtime At Sweet Amoris

Candy and Alexy walks into the cafeteria together with your stomach growling.

You see Dajan already in there chowing down a plate of pizza.

Dakota caught sight of you from across the room.

Iris and Violette wave at you from their table and motion you to join them.

You see Kentin at their table just like…

From the corner of the room, Lysander smiles at you the moment he sees you.

Castiel sitting at the same table, right next to him, seems annoyed.

Turns out they are sitting next to the bitch-squad table. Amber, Charlotte and Li.

The moment they see you, they give you “that look”.

Then they went back to gossiping and Peggy from another table is trying to listen in for the dirt.

Kim just looks at her like…

You tried to look around for Rosalya but you saw her out at the school gate meeting up with Leigh.

Jade joins your group and suggests that you guys should go get something to eat.

Everyone went to get food together. Capucine was hoping Jade would notice her as he was walking past her table… she was disappointed. 

Nathaniel just took one look around the cafeteria and went back to his papers.

Melody sitting next to him is also finishing up her homework that will be due tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Armin sneaks into the computer lab to play games.

Note: Hey everyone, Lily here. Since I’ve been away and got back to this recently I’m still catching up on the story and just found out that Capucine got a bf. So let’s just imagine that this was before that xD
I know there’s nothing about her liking Jade in the game but I read somewhere that the original creator intended for her to crush on Jade, so in a way I’m paying homage to that.

Able to check one thing off of my long ass list of headcannons to do.
Enjoy some Tony.

Tony Stark headcannons:

-Low key thought you were going to be another one night stand.

-Probably feels bad about doing this to you, but on the other hand, realized he actually harbored some feelings for you.

-Who am I kidding, he thought you were hot af the fist time he saw you, that’s why he hired you in the first place.

-Pepper feels shocked when she sees you in the morning because you never seemed like the type to do this.

-She’s low key pissed at Tony because he probably ruined this job for you.

-Shocked when Tony tells her about his feelings he has for you, but not in a mushy way, the usual stark, blunt way.

-“She’s hot”
-“Tony you say that about all the women”
-“Yeah,but this ones different”

-Gives you his usual playboy smile the next time he sees you.

-Totally asks you out to dinner.

-You 10/10 say yes and really thrilled about this.

-You having second thoughts about going on the date because everyone’s said to keep relationships out of the office.

-Cancelling the date because of these insecurities.

-Tony being Tony, he doesn’t take no for an answer and shows up to your place with the dress he bought for the date he set up.

-“Tony what are you doing here?”
-“Didn’t I say we were going out today?”
-“But I told you I couldn’t go.”
-“Wow, you look so busy at the moment, come on get the dress on, we’re heading to Paris”

-Shocked that he knew your dress size.

-Like seriously, the dress fit like a glove.

-The date ends up being the best date you’ve ever been on.

-Actually falling in love with him.

-Him securing that feeling and telling you he felt the same.

-After keeping the relationship in she shadows for a while, he finally releases it out into the public.

-This shocks everyone because Tony is known as the “billionaire playboy philanthropist”

-It hurts you a bit when everyone thinks you’re just dating him because he’s rich.

-Probably the best relationship you’ve ever had in a REALLY long time.

-No joke, he’d give you the world if he could.

-Nobody knows stark like you do, not even pepper. He’s told you thinks that Jarvis doesn’t even know, and he built the damned thing.

-Speaking of which, Jarvis has seen you so much that he’s called you Mrs.Stark.

-Tony not wanting children, but changes his mind when he sees you holding your friends baby.

-Low key whipped for you, but not being able to admit it.

-You are his weakness, so if anyone thinks about fucking with you, they have a WHOLE nother thing coming.

-Waking up at 1 am and having to drag him away from his newest project.

-“10 more minutes babe, I’ll be up soon”
-“Tony you said that last time and you never came”
-“Just trust me, I’ll be there soon”

-Actually trusting him and getting pissed when you find out he’s not in bed in the morning.

-You actually ground him from being able to do ANYTHING other than spend time with you or sleep.

-He probably sneaks into the lab when you’re not paying attention.

-This leads to an unwanted fight.

-Feels like shit seeing you cry, so he buys you anything you want.

-You opt out on the object.

-“I’d rather buy your time.”

-He totally melts into a puddle after hearing you say this.

-(y/n) 1 — Tony 0

Truth Corner

I’ve shipped Snarry since 2000.

I used to sneak into the computer lab every free second I had and read it. I must have looked insane, hunched over eyes flickering rapidly back and forth as I tried to devour every word on the screen. I would stay late, pretend I had extra curriculars just to get a bit more time to myself.

I didn’t even know what shipping was, I just knew I was in love with this tragically wonderful pairing.

I was shunned because I wouldn’t shut up about it. When the other kids were going as generic Hogwarts students to the book releases, I dressed as Snape.

I printed out fics to read on the bus home. Epic amounts of paper I kept in binders, treasured. I wrote fics too…they’ve since dissapeared from one of my originals, saved by some lovely person on lj can be found on my ao3 under the same username as here. IYAP by Cybele made me cry like a baby the first time I read it, and still does. #snarry was my first ship and holds my heart

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Mission Tonysitting

I’m sick and cranky so I wrote something to cheer myself up. It turned into this half crack-y, half cute ficlet. Since it was so amusing to write, I hope it’ll make someone else’s day better too. Enjoy (and please don’t take this too serious)!

For @arboreal-elm-ash-oak because an embarrassingly long time ago you asked about a tiny!Tony/protective!WS story which still hasn’t happened. This is just a ficlet but I hope you’ll like it all the same :)

Also @ketlingr Yay, I wrote something! Does that mean I get those cupcakes now, please? *huge tiny!Tony puppy eyes activated*

“We need to talk,” Tony says with all the grave severity a seven year old is able to convey whilst dangling his feet from a desk, as he observes his companion riffling through the pockets of an unconscious security guard.

The Soldier grunts in acknowledgement, causing Tony to beam proudly. It’s taken him a couple of days to get under his silent companion’s skin, but now they’re almost having something approaching an actual conversation. It’s great. One day soon, Soldier is gonna tell him his real name and they’re gonna be best friends and Soldier is gonna wave his huge gun at anyone who’s ever mean to Tony.

It’s gonna be amazing.

All in good time though. [It’s what Ana says when she’s baking cookies and he’s not allowed to try one until after they’ve cooled off a little–but Tony thinks the same rules apply probably apply for other things as well.]

For now Soldier is taking paintings off the wall and Tony is supposed to talk about The Rules.

Usually The Rules are set by his minder. Don’t disable the kitchen appliances, for example, or Don’t set my shoes on fire, I don’t care about what experiment you needed them for or Don’t sneak into your father’s lab or Don’t set anything on fire, ever.

It’s taken Tony less than four hours to figure out that Soldier isn’t very good with children though–which, Tony can totally relate, he isn’t very good with children either, his mother always tells her friends that with a mournful sigh. And because Tony can be nice and not be a brat, no matter what his father says, (and because he doesn’t want Soldier’s mother to sigh sadly at him) he’s decided to help the poor man out.

And it’s not like Soldier isn’t trying. He bought Tony a hot dog and a lollipop when he complained about being hungry–well, he’s never seen Soldier hand over any money, but Tony’s pretty sure the owner wouldn’t have just given them away, so he must have been sneaky about it. Soldier is very good at being sneaky.

He doesn’t seem to know about The Rules though, which is why it falls to Tony to make them up. That’s exactly what he’s explaining to Soldier now–though he still looks far more interested in the now bare wall.

Soldier makes another sound of acceptance.

“Great!” Tony carefully slips off the desk, then claps his hands together once. “The first rule is that you have to tell me why we’re committing a felony before we do it.”

Technically he’s stolen that line from a joke Aunt Peggy made a couple of weeks ago but he’s sure she won’t mind and it’s also kind of appropriate. “Don’t look at me like that,” he scowls when Soldier turns around to face him, “I just helped you break into a government facility, I’m not stupid,” Tony crosses his arms and frowns up at Soldier. “I’ve been in one before, you know?” Well, almost. It wasn’t Tony’s fault that the security didn’t check the entire car, and if his father hadn’t found him he would have made it.

Luckily Soldier is already losing interest, his gaze fixating on the bookshelves on the opposite site of the room. Tony spares a second to pity the books for their undignified end before he continues. 

“It’s not that it’s gonna stop us,” he feels the need to clarify, not that it isn’t obvious by now, because if there’s one thing his father has taught him is that laws need to be broken to get things done all the time. “But that way at least I have all the facts.”

Soldier doesn’t disagree, so Tony considers the motion passed.

“What are you looking for anyways?” He tilts his head to one side, watches his friend’s destructive actions with curiosity. “Oh, is it a hidden safe?”

When Soldier bars his teeth–Tony assumes it’s meant to be smile, if not a very good one–he whoops in excitement. This is so great! It’s like a treasure hunt, just with more people for Soldier to punch.

“You should check the desk,” Tony points out, eager to help. “It’s very sturdy, and not in the efficient way. And the-”

He doesn’t get to finish because Soldier slams his metal hand–his metal hand–down onto the surface of the desk and the wood just cracks, pieces flying everywhere. A few, thankfully pretty small ones, get stuck in Tony’s arms, but he’s too hyped up to feel the pain right now. 

Because this is so cool. Because he was right. And also because Soldier actually listened to him.

“See, this is what we have the first rule for!” Tony tries to sound reproachful but he suspects the giggles he can’t keep from spilling over his lips ruin that effect.

Then Soldier bends down and pulls something out of the mess–it doesn’t look very interesting, just a couple of those boring files Aunt Peggy carries around with her all the time–and his lips stretch into that terrible, terrible not-smile but his eyes are so bright, and really, Tony smiles pretty enough for the both of them anyways.

Soldier takes a step towards him to ruffle a hand through Tony’s hair almost gently and says, in actual words, “Good job, kid.”

The sound of yelling and heavy footsteps from further down the hall ruins the moment and Soldier reloads his machine gun and gestures for Tony to hide. It doesn’t work out too well, there are just too many men coming in and Soldier has to protect Tony too. In the end, there’s no other choice but to surrender–

By which Soldier apparently means slinging Tony over his shoulder like a sack of wiggly potatoes and jumping straight out of a five store building to the sound of screams and gunfire.

Best babysitter ever.

Yep, that’s literally it lol. Thoughts? Opinions? Anything you guys have to add?