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What if Teru pulls a Helga Pataki? I’m talking about head-over-heels Teru planting one on Mob during the heat of the moment. Like after a big boss battle leaving Mob totally unresponsive on the floor, everyone’s crowding around him very worried. But then Mob breathes and slowly sits up. An overjoyed, emotional Teru (who was legit crying btw) pushes his way first, goes down on his knees and hugs Mob first. Then he kisses him straight on the lips. Happy and overwhelmed. Drawing back, Teru eyes shine as he says special words. Mob just stares. Teru painfully realises what he’s done. Mob turns red red red. And Teru just prays for death cuz he’s kinda let the cat out of the bag


This is such a trivial detail that probably means nothing, but the lab now has a camera focused on the spot Eleven escaped through. I mean it makes sense that they’re now gonna monitor that spot, especially since El was able to escape undetected through it, but still it raises the question of why they still have a need to monitor it? Are there other experiments inside who they don’t want to escape through it? Are they making sure no one (namely 4 curious boys with a missing friend) is able to sneak into the lab through it? If it is to keep someone (the boys) from entering, is there anything specific inside that they’re hiding now, besides the gate? Is the camera just a precaution considering Eleven got out because that spot wasn’t before monitored? It’s such a small detail, but I want to now if there’s more of a reason why the lab would now watch this spot

Ghostbusters AU: (Or possibly canon as we don’t know yet) Where an upcoming Dr Rebecca Gorin took a small scruffy little blonde orphan Jillian Holtzmann who kept sneaking into her lab, fascinated with science under her wing and showed her the way of her world, showing her that it was okay to be different- it was celebrated in fact.

 Excuse me whilst I give myself feels.

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Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all work at Los Alamos. Pearl is a meticulous mathematician, whereas Amethyst is the scatterbrained engineer who goes through bouts of messy brilliance that result in chalk scrawled across every blackboard and snacks left all over the lab. Garnet is the team leader who keeps everything together. All are ex-military. Rose was a Captain who died in the war. Peridot joins the team when she arrives at Los Alamos in 1947.

The three of them take care of Steven since Rose died. He technically isn’t allowed on site, but Amethyst often sneaks him into the lab regardless, swearing him to secrecy. They refer to these as their “secret missions” which alarms Peridot at one point.

During her time there, Peridot ends up befriending them. Garnet invites her to family dinner and it turns into a routine for her and Lapis to attend at the end of every week.

Peridot’s still new to this………

Headcanon: Being Tony Stark’s Kid

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  • Constantly sneaking into his lab to fiddle with his inventions 
  • Secretly building your own suit 
  • Getting caught after you try and test your first suit (and something inevitably goes wrong) 
  • Tony being mad at first for going behind his back because he worries about your safety 
  • He ends up helping you fix and improve your own suit (making sure to add a communication unit and a GPS so he can always talk to and find you) 
  • “Dad, c’mon, don’t you trust me?” “You, I trust. Everyone else in the world, not so much.” 
  • Bickering a lot 
  • Pulling pranks on one and another 
  • Pulling pranks on the other Avengers together 
  • Blaming each other whenever the other pulls a prank on another Avenger 
  • Matching your father in the sass department 
  • Which almost pisses Fury off (but he also sees your potential and kind of has a soft spot for you) 
  • The Avengers are your family 
  • They’re all super protective of you, and you of them 
  • Patching up everyone’s minor injuries when they come home 
  • Berating your dad every time he gets hurt 
  • And then berating Cap for letting him get hurt 
  • Wanda and Natasha are basically your older sisters, so when you need girl time you immediately go to them 
  • Tony throwing a fit when you inform him you have a date 
  • And throwing an even bigger fit when he sees the outfit Nat and Wanda picked out (which, in all honesty, isn’t that revealing) 
  • Tony trying to follow and spy on you but Cap and Bruce thankfully stopping him 
  • Clint going to spy on you anyway, however 
  • Yelling at Tony and Clint for two hours when you find out 
  • Tony apologizing the only way he knows how: with a giant stuffed bunny 
  • Spending father-daughter days together: working in the lab, curled up watching movies, going through Howard’s old things 
  • Tony sometimes feeling like he’s not a good father and fearing that he’s gonna end up like the worse side of Howard 
  • “Dad, you may not be perfect, but I still love you. You’re a great father, and an even better friend.” “Thanks, kiddo.” 

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headcanon that natasha paints everyone’s toenails when they fall asleep in the commons rooms of stark tower 

it starts out as a joke to get back at tony for eating her leftovers but then she smiles to herself when she catches him admiring his sparkly gold nails & starts sneaking into his lab when he passes out in there to redo them & then moves on to planning out the colors for the rest of the avengers

& then she sees clint telling bruce that his bright purple nails are better than bruce’s pastel purple ones which dissolves into a conversation about the merits of the color purple & she thinks she’s on to something great

steve wakes up from an exhaustion induced nap after a particularly brutal undercover mission overseas in the living room & takes a look at his alternating red white & blue nails & just shrugs because everyone else’s are done & he’s seen other men with polished nails on tv sometimes so it must be a 21st century thing 

when bucky gets comfortable & recovers enough to openly fall asleep in such a communal area he wakes up with his toenails painted black with a silvery glitter top coat but later he asks natasha to redo them so they match steve’s

thor outright asks natasha to do his & his toenails end up a truly electrifying shade of blue that makes everyone’s eyes hurt but thor laughs in delight & thanks natasha & says he cannot wait to show his lady jane

they all get so used to it that natasha stops doing it while they’re asleep & it becomes a tradition during avengers movie night & she sometimes does their fingernails too but rarely because in their line of work it lasts for less than a week & starts taking so many color requests from the rest of the avengers that she has to order more online

meanwhile natasha’s toenails & fingernails are always red & they never seem to chip even after a rough mission & the other avengers always ask how she does it but she just smirks at them & tells them she’s just that good

so when the new avengers team moves in (wanda, vision, sam, rhodey) & see everyone’s nails the avengers just say it’s an avengers thing

wanda just goes with it & immediately asks for red nail polish & natasha is more than happy to oblige & they bond over it & vision doesn’t even blink while rhodey & sam exchange glances & sam wonders aloud, “do all superheroes do this?”

natasha just smirks at them as she gets out the huge box that contains her extensive collection of nail polish 

concept: trans jace
  • frantic use of illusions plus a tight bra because he used to try to bind and it hurt too badly, especially with his scars
  • liliana knows, jace is super afraid she’s going to tell the rest of the gatewatch and they’ll hate him
  • sometimes he worries that it’s all because he screwed with his head one too many times
  • of course eventually they find out
  • Nissa is like “well that’s who you are, of course it’s fine”
  • Chandra is just like “I am so confused as to why this would matter”
  • Gideon goes out of his way to be supportive and ask Jace if he needs anything and reassure him that of course this isn’t something wrong with him, why would he even think that
  • Ral immediately starts researching biology and sneaking around Simic labs, even though he doesn’t have an expertise in the area, because Jace, as the Guildpact, doesn’t think he can just go to the Simic himself

Bonus college AU: the Gatewatch at a beach party and Jace is refusing to undress until everyone finally just gives up and is like “okay, so he hates fun”.  Liliana gives him this smirk, and Ral, who is, if anything else, not an idiot, is like “do you want me to punch her dude”?  and is like “I don’t like swimming either, let’s go stare at tide pools instead.”  And Jace hasn’t paid a lot of attention to Gideon’s roommate until now but the two of them get really into SCIENCE and ECOLOGY together and there’s gonna be a kiss but Jace freaks out and finally comes out to Ral via text later in the evening and Ral is like dude I do not give a fuck, I literally could not give less of a fuck if I tried and again there’s all sorts of supportiveness and general people being nice to Jace because he totally deserves it.  

Jim Kirk likes to watch.

No, come on, not like that.

He indulges in the simple pleasure of people watching. There is much beauty on his ship to be appreciated.

Spock, for instance. This Vulcan masterpiece is the picture of elegance, the finest example of intelligence, and he’s quite easy on the eyes. Now, Jim enjoys watching Spock from his chair on the bridge as much as the next guy. But what he really likes is getting to watch the man in his natural habitat.

Sometimes Jim finds himself sneaking into the labs for no reason other than to get a glimpse of Spock doing what he loves. A collection of potted plants near the bulkhead make an excellent hiding spot. Contrary to popular belief, Spock actually smiles a lot. When he’s sure no one is around to see it, that is.

When he’s working on an experiment that yields particularly interesting and unpredictable results, he does the most magnificent thing. It’s more beautiful than space, probably.

His eyes widen like a Terran kid on Christmas, and the corners of his mouth turn up slowly as he takes it all in until he’s outright beaming. His eyes get all light and sparkly and the first thing he does is pick up his padd and record the results with an impassioned ferocity.

Of course, Jim also likes to watch his friend during their nightly chess matches. Spock’s eyes burn with such an intensity and determination to emerge victorious. He takes his time, calculates every possible move and the subsequent consequences of each. And then there’s his hands. Jim loves Spock’s hands. They treat the chess pieces so delicately. It’s amazing how they can be so deadly, yet so graceful.

Okay, so maybe it’s more person watching than people watching.

scanning the skiesfor the punk pre-med & her spooky psych major: investigating crop circles after lab, sneaking into the observatory at midnight with dog-eared ufo guides, spring break road trips to roswell, religiously listening to college FM airwaves for alien interference, and slowly falling love  {art by punkscully}

1. must have done something right - relient k // 2. let’s talk about spaceships - say hi to your mom // 3. unbelievers - vampire weekend // 4. outlaws - delta rae // 5. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf // 6. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // 7. subterranean homesick alien - radiohead // 8. science/visions - chvrches // 9. borne on the fm waves of the heart - against me! // 10. outerspace - catey shaw // 11. anna sun - walk the moon // 12. i’ll believe in anything - wolf parade // 13. i’d lie - taylor swift // 14. 1996 - the wombats // 15. take me to the riot - stars // 16. ends of the earth - lord huron

It Starts with You

Summary: Dan goes missing and everyone assumes he’s gone for good. In class, Phil receives a text that changes everything.

Word Count: 1709

Author’s Notes: flawlessdan​ had a great idea and in a matter of two hours, i made this happen and i am sorry.

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Hiding the evidence [ Closed rp with purpletechtyrtle]

Alright, now the teen was in big trouble….And not even a little. His mate was sure gonna kill him if he would find out about this. Casey, like usual, couldn’t resist to sneak into Donnie’s lab…Even with Donnie’s clear answer to not do it. Oh well..What could have gone wrong back then huh? Well NOW he found that out!

He looked at the spilled chemicals on the floor that was clearly not looking good. He looked around and took some kinda cloth and tried to clean the substance from the ground, clearly a bad idea because he soon got some on his hands..And what that gave wasn’t good either. 

His hands got a weird color but right now, he couldn’t care. Right now he needed to clean this mess he had caused! He turned his gaze in slightly panic when he heard the voice of his boyfriend coming closer, together with the footsteps..Alright..Now he was BUSTED!

The real reason Pepper wasn't in AOU
  • Tony: In a world this vulnerable, we need something more powerful than any of us.
  • Pepper: No.
  • Tony: But I'm just gonna insert the--
  • Pepper: No.
  • (Tony sneaks into the lab at 2 AM)
  • Jarvis: Sir, Miss Potts has instructed me to inform you, no.