Sneakachu's face: REVEALED!

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JD: Here is our cutie pie K-TUOPB member Sneakachu~ Finally we get a clear shot of her cute face <3 Sneakachu unnie! Never stop showing up in our boys videos! Even if you’re just a foot, or half a blurred face! Keep up all your hard work <3

Happy: Aye Gurl! Can I haz yo numba? Sneakachu is actually pretty cute :3

Evie: She’s such a cutie patootie, I just wanna pinch her cheeks~ BTW, she’s lost weight, her face is slimmer~ Keep on pervin’ unnie!!!!

Evie: For some reason I started singing the Spiderman theme song…but with Sneakachu
it went like this:

Sneakachu, Sneakachu
Watch your back, she’ll creep on you
Day or night, she don’t care
Watch out for your underwear
LOOK OUT! She’s gonna perv on you!

Oh the things my mind decides to spontaneously create

If we were Sneakachu
  • A:Haha, I hope Sneakachu is being a good noona to our boys, she's the closet pervert of TUOPB, she's so lucky, if I were her I'd be like: "Jinyoung, do you need help putting that thong on?"
  • B:If I were Sneakachu, I'd be like: "Oh CNU...what's that? You can't find your pants? Hmm...I wonder where they all went. They aren't hiding are they? Here let me cover you up...with my body."
  • C:".. honestly, I can see Evie burning all of CNU's pants in the middle of the night while he sleeps "Err... where are all my pants..?" "Hmm, I dunno." And inside she's like *eyebrow wiggle*