6.14 Page 23 sneak peek #1


NCIS Los Angeles - S8E15 Payback - Sneak peek 1 (the only one so far, no geoblock)


The 100 4x01 “Echoes” Season 4 Episode 1 Sneak Peek - SEASON PREMIERE — Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends struggle with how to proceed after the fate of the world is revealed.


The Lightwoods are having none of your shit. (x)


NCIS: Los Angeles - S8E18 Getaway - Sneak Peek 1 (no geoblock)


Switched at Birth 5x01 “The Call” Season 5 Episode 1 Sneak Peek - The final season will include the topical issue of campus race relations — culminating with an episode told from the perspective of several African-American characters — and the milestone 100th episode of the series.


NCIS: Los Angeles - S8E17 Queen Pin - Sneak Peek 1 (no geoblock)

Gameplay Sneak Peek #1

Good day to everyone.

After working on this for so long, it is fun to see progress starting to wrap up!

With the game engine reaching its release build and the scripts being pumped out like clockwork, it really is nice to see what happens when all of the different parts fall together.

Some of you might have noticed we were trying to go in a new direction with the silly Wilson Demo.  That plan has not changed.  For those too thirsty for information on the game, I thought it might be cool to show you some gifs of how the game is turning out.

Tonight, we have the Gift System!

Throughout the game, the player will find many different Items.  Some will give you bonuses to stats.  Some will refill your HP.  Some will do nothing at all.  Most can be given as presents to the various denizens of the Underground!  If they want them that is.

Be careful and choose wisely.  Sometimes you might get hints on what a character likes.  Sometimes you have to find that out yourself.

Please note that this is only a testing build of the game engine and does not reflect final gameplay.

Have a great day!

-Wilson (Lead Coder) and the rest of the UDS team


NCIS: Los Angeles - S8E19 767 - Sneak Peek 1 (no geoblock)


SNEAK PEEK #1 | Grey’s Anatomy 13x16 - “Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?”

Quietus Chapter 50 - Sneak Peek/Status Info

You’ve all been incredibly patient with me, and I can’t thank you enough for that. My computer issues have been fixed. Luckily everything was backed up sucessfully so I haven’t lost anything important.

Quietus hasn’t been updated for a few months mainly due to real life personal reasons and not due to writer’s block or lack of inspiration. I’ve had a lot going on, and since I’m quite a private person online generally, I won’t go into detail about it. But I will say that I’m planning to start picking up where I left off at some point this week.

In the meanwhile, here’s a short preview from the start of the chapter.

Thanks again, everyone, for being so understanding.


What have I done?

The reins gripped tightly in her hands, Sakura’s entire body quivered violently as the full impact of her actions crashed into her, prompting her to release a broken, strangled sob. She had never wanted any of this, knew Sasuke would eventually make her pay for it. How long did she realistically hope to run? How did one go about eluding Death? She had just damned herself to hell for certain, ruined any hopes of salvation. Sasuke would recover, and he would find her in a heartbeat, and then… then he would terminate her pitiful existence.

She was gambling with her life, throwing everything away just to see her mother and friends again. But that was only one reason why she had chosen to go ahead with the betrayal. In reality, after learning about the pomegranates, she had just wanted to harm him in the same manner he had harmed her. The only way she could think of that would hurt him. Physically, she stood no chance.

This emotional attack… it had been the only way to strike a successful blow.

Besides, it would make things so much easier for them both, she reasoned, if Sasuke hated her. So much less complicated. And Sakura knew that after this, he surely would. He would loathe and detest her and want nothing more to do with her.

Eos finally drew to a halt. Sakura hurriedly jumped off the horse, eyes darting wildly in the dimness, seeking Suigetsu’s cell. Immediately it materialised, and his amethyst gaze widened at the sight of her, hair dishevelled, cheeks tear-stained and flushed with exertion.

“Holy shit!” he gaped. “You look like a mess! What the hell happened?”

Sakura stumbled over to him, held out the sword. Suddenly she couldn’t stand holding it, wanted nothing more than to be rid of it, like a criminal seeking to do away with the guilty evidence of their crime.

“I have it!”

Suigetsu exhaled in amazement, visibly astonished. “You actually did it…” Then he shook his head. “And Sasuke…?”

“He’s in the palace,” Sakura swallowed. “The poison worked. But Karin… she told him about our plan before I could make it to the training dome! She almost messed everything up!”

The ocean deity didn’t look surprised at all. “Aha… did she…?”

The hand holding the sword lowered. Sakura’s heart skipped a beat. “You… aren’t angry…?”

Suigetsu hastily shrugged it off. “C’mon, hurry up and slide the sword through the bars. It negates electrical energy, so you won’t get hurt.”

But Sakura stared at him in horror. “You knew?” she accused. “About Karin!”

Suigetsu rolled his eyes. “Okay, okay! Fine, I knew. I didn’t think you’d pull through on your own. So I got Karin to interfere. She doesn’t really want to leave this place, anyway. She’s too obsessed with that loser.” At Sakura’s indignant look, he waved his hands at her. “Look, it doesn’t even really matter now-”

It didn’t matter? She’d never felt as terrified as she’d been the moment when Sasuke had turned his eyes up to her after she’d overheard Karin revealing all to him.

“You forced my hand after we already agreed on a plan! I almost panicked- I could’ve messed up- I thought he was going to kill me!” Sakura cried.

“But he didn’t. And I told you, he won’t!”

“You should have told me-!”

“It was a precaution, okay? A backup, just in case. Look,” he sighed. “I’m sorry, alright? It was a pretty dick move. I shouldn’t have ever doubted you. But can you blame me, after all the hesitating?” He shook his head again. “Now’s not the time to argue. Give me the sword!”

Sakura was still upset; however she knew time was of the essence and finally passed the weapon over to him. Smirking, he grabbed it, and immediately sliced across the lightning charged bars. Sakura expected metal to strike against metal – but watched in astonishment when the blade passed straight through them. Immediately, they vanished, and the Ocean God stepped out.

“Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Finally!” Suigetsu grinned, hoisting Kusanagi triumphantly into the air. Then he chuckled. “Man, that’s gotta sting. That asshole is gonna be so pissed at having his precious weapon stolen.” Turning back to Sakura, his luminous purple eyes cast an appreciative look over her. “Heh. You look so innocent, Pinky. Who would’ve thought you’d have the guts to double-cross a death god? I’m impressed,” he winked, before reaching for her arm. “We’ll catch up properly later. Let’s get out of this hell-hole, first. Follow me!”

Behind Sakura, Eos whinnied, as if she understood what was happening – as if she knew that her mistress was abandoning her. Sakura hesitated for a moment, looking back at the beautiful horse. She hadn’t even really said goodbye…

“Eos,” she began anxiously, stretching out her free hand to caress her mount one final time. If only she could take her along! But Sakura knew Eos belonged in the Underworld.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I-”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” An incredulous Suigetsu tugged unrelentingly on her arm, began to drag her away. “Forget the dumb horse! We don’t know how long the poison will last. We’ve got to go. Now, Sakura! We can’t waste any more time!”

Eos neighed again, stomping her hooves, visibly restless and distressed. Sakura bit her lower lip, shook her head regretfully – and then turned away, allowing Suigetsu to pull her along and lead the way as they fled together in the shadows, toward the river bank.


Watch this space for further status updates/previews.


Riverdale 1x03 “Body Double” Inside - New information about Jason’s death is uncovered and Cheryl comes under suspicion; a difficult decision leads to strain on Archie’s relationship with Miss Grundy; and Betty revives the school newspaper and seeks Jughead’s help in looking into the death.

A few things I loved about the new sneak peek:

1) “Do you really think you can destroy the thing?” “We don’t want to destroy the thing, we want to understand it.” “Yeah… it’s fated to kill my gf. Pretty self-explanatory me thinks…” “Actually, the hooded figure is fated to kill me. We need to figure out who that is.” “And then we can worry about destroying things. Hookypoo, why don’t you do what you do so well and look pretty next to your gf while us adults take care of the situation as always, kay?” Well, she might as well have said that (lol). Also, love the wifeys finishing off each other’s sentences again.
2) “Regina, don’t let her get to you.” Always looking out for her best girl.
3) “The only way to hurt me is to hurt you.” Yes, Regina- why don’t you listen to your other half for a change? Vanquishing your own darkness will only destroy you in the end.
4) “See? Love is weakness!” I love the EQ’s confidence in the fact that Emma would never hurt Regina to get to her. Maybe not even if she had to?
5) Emma’s gasp when she thought Regina was hurt. I mean, come on- it was a little over-dramatic considering the fact that she only nicked the EQ on the cheek. XD