sneak skill

Lance Analysis: sneaky boy values stealth and the element of surprise

ok, i’mma be frank. i have no idea where i’m going with this post, i just wanna talk about an interesting thing i’ve recently noticed with Lance’s character. this is probably gonna be a bit disorganized so i apologize but yeah.

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Days Like These

GUYS It’s Batfam Week! I’m so excited to share with you the stories I’ve cooked up for each prompt this week. I’m looking forward to seeing everything that comes from each prompt and participant! Let’s all have fun, and enjoy!

Prompt: Day 1: Family

Words: 1,427

Rating: Gen

Summary: A day with Alfred

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It was nights like these that Alfred cherished.

Nights when the car came back a little early, its occupants wearing smiles they hadn’t when it left. Where he wasn’t quite finished with anything, but happy to set it aside to take care of the family streaming in.

Dick arriving with a quick, tight side hug and a kiss pressed to his head. Already filling Alfred in on the night, even though he’d been watching the whole time. Dick had never lost the ability to entertain with his words. It wasn’t because he was a good storyteller (he was) it was the innocence in how he told the story. The same way he’d done it when he was ten, fresh back from patrols that included stops for ice cream and rescuing kittens in the park.

Jason would shrug in with a scowl until he spotted the carefully made sandwiches set aside for the family. If Alfred blinked he knew the only one that would be left was the one labeled for Jason, and the man would grin at him, cheeks already stuffed with Bruce’s favorite. Then as the family fumbled over where the food had gone he’d slide next to Alfred and check in with him. His voice always quiet, always asking about Alfred first, telling about his night second.

Where Tim and Damian waved a hello at him before showering and heading to bed, their eyes already heavy with sleep by the time the warm shower water clicked off. Tim heading up the stairs after hugging Alfred, his thin arms tight around him. Damian giving the man a rare kiss on the cheek and smile before darting up, after, and past his brother.

Cass sneaking up to the kitchen to finish tidying whatever Alfred had left out due to the early return and setting up a pot of chamomile for the man to lure him to an early rest as well. She’d sit up with him as long as it took for them both to talk the other into sleep, then escort Alfred to his room before dancing to her own.

Bruce checking in with each of his kids after they’d gone to sleep, head poking into the room for a moment, sometimes longer, before heading off to his own bed. Alfred would do his own check, leaving Bruce for last. Lingering there the longest, as he watched the boy who’d turned into a man sleep one night peacefully.

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my sneaking skills are, on a scale of 1 to 10,  a -13 b/c at all times i’m wearing 50+ necklaces so anyone/everyone can hear me coming from a mile away


lock yourself out // a chapter fourteen sneak peek

“As you can probably tell Harry and I aren’t together anymore which is, surprisingly, not entirely your fault. Maybe there’s still hope for the both of you,” Paulie said bitterly.

“How much of our conversation have you heard, exactly?” Sandra inquired and Paulie thought she could make out the hint of a smile on Sandra’s lips. Given the situation, that seemed pretty low. Even for her standards.

“I think I’ve heard enough. I’m gonna go,” Paulie said and held her coat to her chest. “Bye.”

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Be more chill but in the Friday the thirteenth game universe.

• oh god help him.
• No composure. None.
• He trips a lot.
• Jason finds him first.
• He forgets to secure the cabin because Michael’s begging him for help over the walkie and he’s freaking out.
• Michael just wanted gas for the car.
• Jer gets away because he has firecrackers and Michael turned the radio on in the lodge to distract Jason.
• Jeremy and Michael Fix the two seater and probably almost run someone over with it.

• the “nerd”
• can fix shit like no ones business
• which is literally the most valuable skill
• can sneak the heck around,
• but his stamina is non existent
• if he fucks up he’s very dead
• you bet he knows all the lore
• refuses to leave Jeremy behind or alone
• probably dies sacrificing himself for Jeremy
• or he escapes with Jeremy
• there is no in between

• the edgelord councilor
• has great composure and strength
• but shitty luck and stealth.
• He can take seeing a body, but you ask him not to trip in the woods???
• No way.
• is the one guy who tries to 1v1 Jason with a bat
• it doesn’t go well
• he forgets that bats break
• jake has to save him with nothing but a wrench

• he just runs
• Forever.
• Strength speed and stamina are ideal
• but like his boyfriend he has the worst luck.
• He can be doing nothing and Jason will decide to drop by for a friendly visit
• tries to fix the boat
• he can’t fix things it’s tragic.

• she’s great with intelligence and stealth
• probably goes right for for mom’s sweater
• all of her rehearsing and hard work leads to this life or death situation
• she’s got the mom voice down already look at her go.
• definitely saves Jeremy with mom’s sweater
• because Jeremy is grabbed very often
• Christine is an angel Jason gives her a pity leave in the beginning because she offers to talk about his problems with him.

• stealth, composure, and intelligence
• hoards med spray
• calls Dustin Kropp who is Tommy Jarvis
• She goes right for the phone
• you cannot convince me otherwise.
• She will fix that thing even if it kills her.
• ((It might))

• hides in a wardrobe in a barricaded house the majority of the time
• because she has all stealth
• and could probably outrun Jason if she vaulted out the window.
• probably

• in the wardrobe across from Brooke
• has the shotgun ready to shoot any bitch coming for her gal
• she insults Jason as a diversion
• he grabs her
• she knifes him
• grabs her again
• jokes on him she has all the pocket knives
• She looted every house
• She is ready.

Look it’s 1:00am and I’m tired this probably makes no sense but… eh

006 / 101 kisses

006; sweaty mess
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ university!au
x; when you cling onto his shirt while you kiss

with the crisp, early spring air blowing against your cheeks, you let out a light yelp from sudden gust of wind and held your arms closer to your body as you rushed across the courtyard towards the gymnasium. you could feel your plushie keychains gently bounced against your backpack and tap your hip every now and then with your hasty footsteps.

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quinifer  asked:

Could I give you or anyone a prompt. No one has to write it it was only an Idea but the Voltron team excluding lance in hiding somewhere and they end up kidnapping lance and he just ends up joining their cause whatever it is.

Ohhhh, I had to changed it slightly (sorry) 

I hope you still like it!

“Alright everyone before this mission I’m going to split you all into groups. You must stay in these groups throughout the entire mission. Do I make myself clear?” Allura’s voice echoed throughout the room and everyone nodded in response. 

Allura smiled and started to say the groups. “Now unfortunately we have an odd number so the groups won’t be even but I’m sure everything will be fine. Pidge you will be with Hunk.” 

Lance watched his two friends high five each other and he felt a small pit form in his stomach. Great I’m going to be put with Keith. 

Allura smiled at the two friends and looked at the remaining three paladins. “Keith you will be with Shiro.” 

Keith looked at Shiro and gave him a small smile and Shiro grinned at the boy. Lance felt crushed, I’m going to be alone during this mission? 

“Now Lance I know you probably feel weird because you’ll be all by yourself but you will be sniping from a distance, away from the fight. Keeping your team safe while they go into the base and take it down from the inside. Fun right? You are our sharpshooter after all.” Allura smiled at Lance and Lance forced a smile onto his face. 

“Ye-yeah sounds helpful.” Lance made his way to his lions, ignoring everyone happy chatter with each other. 


Lance was bored, the fight was in the base not outside the base. Man this sucks. Why was I put on this job? Is it because I have the gun? Hunk also has a gun why couldn’t he had done this? Well Allura did call me the sharpshooter after all, but I’m not much of the sharpshooter if I can’t shoot anyone. Lance sighed and rolled on his back, staring at the leaves on the trees he was sitting under. I really am the 7th wheel. 

By the time Lance heard the twig snap it was already too late and he felt pain explode on the back of his head and darkness consumed him. 


Lance woke up with a blindfold over his eyes and his arms tied behind his back. Lance released groaned as he picked his head up. Jeez they didn’t have to hit me that hard. 

Lance heard voices surrounding him and the blindfold was tugged off his face. Bright lights blinded Lance and he found himself squinted as he attempted to focus on who was talking around him. 

“About time you woke up Blue paladin.” A rough voice cut through Lance’s throbbing headache. 

“Well sorry I didn’t wake up quicker, maybe next time you should talk to me instead of hitting me in the head.” Lance’s eyes finally adjusted to the light and he came face to face with aliens that looked like trees, well trees standing 4 feet tall. He was surrounded by at least a dozen or more of these aliens and Lance couldn’t hold back his laughs. “Oh my goodness, you look like groot.” Lance kept laughing despite the fact that all of the aliens look at him with confusion and a few even looked pissed at him. 

“What is a groot?” The rough voice that spoke to Lance earlier broke through Lance’s laughs. 

Lance kept laughing and managed to explain himself. “It’s from a movie, he’s a tree person, he’s pretty cool.” 

The aliens looked at Lance with more confusion but eventually dropped the topic. “Well I do not know what a movie is but I am Rožun and I apologize for hitting you.” Lance looked at the alien, now know as Rožun and smiled. His leaves were a bright blue and it reminded Lance of the ocean. 

“Well it’s nice to meet you and I accept your apologize but why did you hit me Rožun?” Lance made sure to emphasis his name since making these aliens mad reminded him of his siblings when he walked into their rooms. 

“Well we didn’t know who you were, and you had your gun aimed at one of our sacred trees so we panic. Yet after we tied you up we realized that you were a paladin of Voltron.” Rožun gave Lance a meek smile and Lance laughed. 

“You are just too cute, but can you just untie me?” Lance wiggled his arms and the vines binded him disappeared with a snap from Rožun. 

Lance rubbed his wrist and crossed his legs on the floor, looking at all of the aliens. “So what are you all called? Like your species?” 

“We call ourselves Heovnenee’s and we are the original inhabitants of this planet, not the Galra.”  As soon as that left Rožun mouth, every other Heovnenee in the room stomped their feet in agreement. 

“That’s what we were here for! We, well my team was in the base fighting the Galra and clearing them from your planet.” Lance gave a small smile to the Heovnenee but they all saw how forced to was. 

Everyone gave Lance a confused look, “why weren’t you in the base with your team?” A small Heovnenee spoke up, and Lance admired her bright green leaves. 

“Well I was assigned to snipe out any Galra that escaped the base, yet Galra aren’t the type of species to run during a fight. Plus I can’t help my team a lot, I don’t have a lot of skills. I’m just the sharpshooter but I couldn’t use that skill for this mission.” Lance gave the little girl a small smile but they all gave him sympathetic looks. 

“You don’t feel respected in your team?” Rožun asked, reaching out to touch Lance’s knee. 

“No no no I feel repestceted, I just feel not needed at times.” Lance’s smile fell and he felt a lump in his throat. 

Everyone was quiet and Lance could tell that each Heovnenee was thinking about what Lance said. 

“You should join us, we could really use a sharpshooter like you.” Rožun said and everyone nodded in agreement. 

Lance laughed, “what do you even do?” 

Rožun smiled, “we fix things. We build things, we make peace with other nations. We are finding our own ways to destroy the Galra. We visit other planets and learn from them, we master skills. We sneak into bases and destroy them from the inside out, we may pull assassinations on important members of certain species.” 

Lance raised his eyebrows in fascianation, “well you are all very well rounded.” 

Rožun nodded, “you should join us Blue paladin, we need a sharpshooter. You could join us when we go into bases and attack from the inside.” 

Lance shook his head no “I can’t leave my team, they need me.” 

The Heovnenee’s all gave Lance a confused look. “If they need you, why would they make sure you couldn’t participate in the mission? If you want the job done well you don’t let anyone escape the base.” The same little girl from before spoke up again. 

Lance laughed in agreement but stood up, his height making him tower over the Heovnenee. “Look everyone, I appreciate the offer but I’m not leaving my team. I have to big of a mission just leave. I’m part of Voltron after all! Plus this is the first time I’ve been excluded from a base raid before, it won’t happen again.Now how to I get back to my team?”  Lance looked around the room. 

Rožun sighed and quickly told Lance the direction back to the base and Lance nodded and started to exit the room. “Oh, Blue paladin? If you ever change your mind, please come back. You could help us greatly.” 

Lance looked at Rožun and smiled again, “I’ll keep that in mind!” Lance made his way back to his team, knowing they were concerned about him just leaving.

Sorry for changing it!

After writing this I realized I low key based them off the aliens Pidge meet in season 2 :/

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! <3

Fantasy AU Headcanons!


  • He’s a dragon tamer (in training) and came to the town in hopes of learning more on how to train them, then gets taken in by All Might - a fellow dragon tamer and famous knight - because of how skilled Izuku is with his dragon despite being in training
  • His dragon has smooth milky white scales with red glossy eyes that have no pupils, she has a few horns atop her head and small nubby spikes lining her tail and back with a distinct black sun pattern on her stomach that stretches to her chest, she has decently sharp claws and her wings are small yet still not fully developed, but she’s still able to fly a little bit
  • He named his little dragon Sunny (not because of her sun mark, he found her as an egg and almost ate it, so her name is a reminder to be careful when he finds a random egg)
  • He can safely assume Sunny is an albino dragon, but he doesn’t know yet if dragons are sensitive to the sun so Izuku keeps her safely tucked in his vest when they’re outside on a sunny day
  • He carries around plenty of notebooks, some are about dragon behavior, diets, habitats, others are about types of dragons with small sketches of them, he’s never seen without the notebooks and often checks his notes
  • Becoming a dragon tamer was an accident, in fact Izuku never knew he could tame a dragon until he met Sunny, before that he was planning on becoming a knight, which didn’t work out too well because he wasn’t very strong and was quirkless


  • He gave himself his title of king at a young age after running away from his parent’s kingdom since he didn’t like the title of prince, and he didn’t want to wait to become king, so he found an abandoned kingdom and now calls it his own
  • It usually gets lonely in his kingdom despite all the animals (though Bakugou would never admit it), so he has a tendency to capture people and make them stay at his kingdom, which is how he got his two loyal henchmen Kirishima and Kaminari
  • He’s a special one, he’s not a dragon tamer, but he’s a beast tamer, they’re similar in means of taming something, but beast tamers are more focused around a variety of animals instead of just one species like dragons (but he’s never been able to tame a dragon and it pisses him off)
  • He’s greatly feared and respected because he’s able to tame these beasts, which only boosts his ego even more, in fact one of Bakugou’s greatest feats that he brings up the most is managing to tame a gryphon, which he often calls to his side at will by whistling
  • He greatly despises other kings and princes, but he holds a special hatred for Todoroki because he thinks that half and half bastard is a snob and needs to go back to his own turf
  • Kidnapped Izuku because he needed an alchemist, but wasn’t expecting to get a dragon tamer instead, he kept him anyway in hopes of getting a dragon and gave him the name Deku (despite Izuku already having a name which he ignores)


  • Comes from a wealthy noble family
  • She’s the kingdom’s alchemist, her intelligence is well known and her main source of income is selling the information she knows, the information is mostly about the lands outside of the kingdom and different types of brews and potions that can be created
  • Another way she makes money is by her creation quirk, however she’s constantly studying in order make exactly what people ask for since some requests can range from something simple like a doll to something a little more heavy and difficult like a canon 
  • She gets along pretty well with Satou, she’s a regular customer of his, stopping by daily for whatever is on the menu that day, if she sees a beggar on the street on her way there, she’ll buy extra and give it to them


  • Currently the only gunslinger among the other knights in training, and a damn good one at that
  • She became a gunslinger because she prefers long range, plus she isn’t about to lug around a huge sword everywhere she goes
  • When Jirou runs out of ammo she uses her earphone jacks as a last resort  as she doesn’t want to break the rings on them
  • The rings on her earphone jacks were a gift from Momo, given to her as a sign of respect, they’re her good luck charms and she’s never seen without them
  • She’s another common customer at Tsuyu’s pub, although Jirou doesn’t drink when she’s on duty, she just stays for the company


  • Is the kingdom’s most famous cook, mostly known for all of his delicious sweets
  • Many of the neighboring kingdoms come to visit during special occasions just to get a chance to try his sweets, and so far no one has been left unsatisfied
  • If not for his cooking, he’d mostly be overlooked as some peasant, which he won’t allow
  • He keeps most of his major recipes a secret, he remembers them all and has never written them down so his recipes aren’t stolen and made better by some other cook


  • The main owner of the pub in the kingdom called “The Floppy Frog”, it’s extremely popular with the locals and wandering travelers
  • She doesn’t really drink she only serves them, when asked if she’d like to drink she’ll politely refuse and say that she’d prefer to be sober on the job
  • Usually has someone strong or intimidating inside the pub to keep everyone safe and to prevent bar fights, like an assassin or a knight (she favors Tokoyami, not only does he do the job, he also stays later than most, he’s good company when in a conversation too)  
  • Her cooking is a force to be reckoned with, it’s not better than Satou’s, but it’s near there, and so far her best dish is her homemade jello
  • When she’s not working at the pub, she’s away at her parent’s babysitting her younger siblings


  • She’s a common customer at Tsuyu’s bar, coming in daily to check up on Tsuyu and anyone she happens to stumble upon there
  • She’s labeled as a psychic because of her quirk, but mistaken as a witch due to her attire, Uraraka prefers being called a psychic since witch doesn’t fit her at all
  • It’s not unusual to see flying logs around her hut, she practices using her quirk with them, but also sells them to those who need firewood
  • Her parents are carpenters and Uraraka tries to help them when she can, but they usually refuse when she asks to work full time with them
  • She’s never in one place for too long making her difficult to find, it’s her daily routine to travel constantly around town for more ways to improve her quirk, or to just visit with someone


  • A well known assassin due to his quirk and amazing sneak attack skills, he’s nicknamed ‘The Reaper’ because he strikes at night and his dark feathers are mistaken has a hood
  • Dark Shadow likes to toy with his victims, but Tokoyami disapproves of this as he likes to get the job done quick and sees it as needlessly cruel
  • There have been times where he’s let his victim live out of pity, since some of the people who hire him are out for revenge instead of an actual purpose that would benefit them
  • Someone once tried to hire him to assassinate All Might, he laughed for the first time that day
  • He would never do something dishonorable such as take down his victim while they’re asleep, instead he’ll wait until they wake up (or wake them up himself, which has happened before because he got impatient, it was an awkward experience)

Fun list

So, what I’ve learned watching Mark play The Evil Within 2:

-Sebastian doesn’t know how to pronounce his name.

-Every house needs a spookin chair

-The lamps are a doozy

-Coffee is the nectar of the Gods(Knew that one already)

-That’s not good, that’s the opposite of good

-Male, 5'10" black hair, believes himself to be an artist, apparently Mark is in the game

-Glue monsters are disgusting

-We all live for the soup specials

- You shouldn’t let Lala ladies come near you

- You don’t need combat skills, just sneaking ones

-There’s never enough bullets

-“Sebastian what are you doing?!”

-Pat dat ass

-Guns and knives are the best way to deliver soup

-Sneak snonking is the best way to sneak

-Liam’s last name is O'Potato

-Herd mentality


If you have any more add it to the list.

cemizu  asked:

In your Agent AU: Is Amelie evil or...? What's your whole take on this?

Wrote some mini bios for the Agent AU!

Agent Widow: Formerly France’s top agent but has gone rogue. Now ruthlessly acting alone on a mysterious mission. It seems personal. No one knows what her true motives are, but she is extremely dangerous.

Agent Tracer: A newbie agent. ^^ Previously a vigilante exceptionally skilled at sneaking around, breaking in, escaping and running very very fast. Was recruited into the Secret Service.

Bonus: Tracer was required to be fluent at speaking numerous languages (and not to speak in Cockney but the struggle is real lol XD) as part of her Secret Service training. She went to Paris incognito as a student and her French tutor just so happened to be an undercover Agent Widow. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So most of the French she knows was learned from Widow.

Super Strange Things

Chapter Two: Not Exactly the Scooby Gang

Pairing: Eventual Johnathan Byers x Reader

Summary: Y/N Winchester, middle child of John and Mary Winchester, arrives in Hawking’s with her family to investigate a series of disappearances and hearsay of a strange, faceless monster, along with a girl who can supposedly move things with her mind.

Warning: Warped time line. Also its long af

Tagging (If you would like for me to tag you in the upcoming chapters, please feel free to message me): @yoursmilemakesmeloveyou

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(Requested by thelittlewolfpup)

You’d been best friends with Paul as long as you could remember, ever since you were little kids and you and Bella used to visit Charlie in the summer. To say he wasn’t pleased when he started morphing into a giant wolf and found out that you were Jasper’s mate would be the understatement of the century. 

He went fucking mental.

Then again to say Jasper was happy with you hanging around with “one of those oversized fleabags” wasn’t entirely correct either. Jasper was in fact, completely not okay with that situation. Especially since it was well known that Paul was the most unstable of the bunch. 

He went batshit crazy.

You’d spent some time watching the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob scenario play out however, and that just wasn’t something you felt like being involved in. So with your superior sneaking skills and by generally being a devious little shit you’d managed to get them both to agree to meet you at the bowling alley in Port Angeles. 

Yeah, when they walked in to find each other there, they weren’t pleased. 

“What the hell is this Y/N?” Paul growled, stalking over to the lane as you set up the score board. “You think I want to spend time with this leech?”

“Darlin’ for once in my life I truly agree with the mutt. Why are we both here?” 

Turning and crossing your arms over your chest you stared them both down as they stood toe to toe ignoring the wondering looks from the other humans in the bowling alley. 

“Stop this right now!” You snapped. “Both of you.” 

Fixing them with the harshest glare you could muster you continued in a calmer tone as the humans turned away. “I’ve seen this play out before, the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob bullshit and I don’t need any more of that crap in my life so you want to have your little male pissing contest fine. You want to have your little supernatural male pissing contest fine. You want to prove who’s the best, most controlled species fine. We’ll do that while we’re bowling.” 

The men, for their part, just stared at you open mouthed. “Bowling?” Paul asked. 

“Bowling?” Jasper repeated equally vexed. 

“Yes bowling.” You snapped. “And then Saturday we’re going to play laser tag. Wednesday we’re going to go dirt-bike riding. Hell we can even set up a werewolf/vampire baseball match if there’s a storm coming.” You swallowed before continuing in the most confident tone you could muster. “But pissing matches aside you are going to get on. We will be doing things together. I will continue to date Jasper.” You shot a challenging look to Paul who didn’t respond although he looked to be biting his tongue. “I will continue to hang out with Paul.” Jasper didn’t respond either although he did grind his teeth. “And we will all continue to hang out together until you get along. I am not Bella, I will not put up with the crap she does. Either you both get along or I’m done with both of you. Is that clear?” 

Jasper responded immediately. “Yes Ma’am.” Sometimes his past really did help you out a lot. 

“Paul?” You asked, voice hard. 

“Sure.” He sounded pretty put out but at least he agreed. 

“Good. I’ll bowl first.” Picking up the ball and striding towards the alley you didn’t miss the quips they threw at each other. 

“I bowl well. I’m so going to kick your cold, dead ass.” 

“Bring it on mutt.” 

Progress. You chanted in your head. It’s progress.