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lock yourself out // a chapter fourteen sneak peek

“As you can probably tell Harry and I aren’t together anymore which is, surprisingly, not entirely your fault. Maybe there’s still hope for the both of you,” Paulie said bitterly.

“How much of our conversation have you heard, exactly?” Sandra inquired and Paulie thought she could make out the hint of a smile on Sandra’s lips. Given the situation, that seemed pretty low. Even for her standards.

“I think I’ve heard enough. I’m gonna go,” Paulie said and held her coat to her chest. “Bye.”

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Title: 180

n— a complete reversal in attitude or opinion.

Summary: When Kim Yoosung learn the truth, he went on a hunt to this person called Saeran

Note: I did mentioned that I was working on a story but this isn’t the one I was referring. This hit me so hard and I ended up typing it. Hope you guys like it~ It’s just a preview. I’m not done with it yet and I will be posting it on AO3 soon. 

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You’d been best friends with Paul as long as you could remember, ever since you were little kids and you and Bella used to visit Charlie in the summer. To say he wasn’t pleased when he started morphing into a giant wolf and found out that you were Jasper’s mate would be the understatement of the century. 

He went fucking mental.

Then again to say Jasper was happy with you hanging around with “one of those oversized fleabags” wasn’t entirely correct either. Jasper was in fact, completely not okay with that situation. Especially since it was well known that Paul was the most unstable of the bunch. 

He went batshit crazy.

You’d spent some time watching the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob scenario play out however, and that just wasn’t something you felt like being involved in. So with your superior sneaking skills and by generally being a devious little shit you’d managed to get them both to agree to meet you at the bowling alley in Port Angeles. 

Yeah, when they walked in to find each other there, they weren’t pleased. 

“What the hell is this Y/N?” Paul growled, stalking over to the lane as you set up the score board. “You think I want to spend time with this leech?”

“Darlin’ for once in my life I truly agree with the mutt. Why are we both here?” 

Turning and crossing your arms over your chest you stared them both down as they stood toe to toe ignoring the wondering looks from the other humans in the bowling alley. 

“Stop this right now!” You snapped. “Both of you.” 

Fixing them with the harshest glare you could muster you continued in a calmer tone as the humans turned away. “I’ve seen this play out before, the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob bullshit and I don’t need any more of that crap in my life so you want to have your little male pissing contest fine. You want to have your little supernatural male pissing contest fine. You want to prove who’s the best, most controlled species fine. We’ll do that while we’re bowling.” 

The men, for their part, just stared at you open mouthed. “Bowling?” Paul asked. 

“Bowling?” Jasper repeated equally vexed. 

“Yes bowling.” You snapped. “And then Saturday we’re going to play laser tag. Wednesday we’re going to go dirt-bike riding. Hell we can even set up a werewolf/vampire baseball match if there’s a storm coming.” You swallowed before continuing in the most confident tone you could muster. “But pissing matches aside you are going to get on. We will be doing things together. I will continue to date Jasper.” You shot a challenging look to Paul who didn’t respond although he looked to be biting his tongue. “I will continue to hang out with Paul.” Jasper didn’t respond either although he did grind his teeth. “And we will all continue to hang out together until you get along. I am not Bella, I will not put up with the crap she does. Either you both get along or I’m done with both of you. Is that clear?” 

Jasper responded immediately. “Yes Ma’am.” Sometimes his past really did help you out a lot. 

“Paul?” You asked, voice hard. 

“Sure.” He sounded pretty put out but at least he agreed. 

“Good. I’ll bowl first.” Picking up the ball and striding towards the alley you didn’t miss the quips they threw at each other. 

“I bowl well. I’m so going to kick your cold, dead ass.” 

“Bring it on mutt.” 

Progress. You chanted in your head. It’s progress.

A hall full of suitors

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What did you give me?


Context: Our rogue is slowly gaining back his forgotten skills, It’s not so much as relearning everything but unlocking sealed memories. Thus far he’s got his sneaking skills and his perception skills back, and he’s currently working on pickpocketing and other things.

We’ve mainly been doing good deeds and gaining esteem within the realm and the local lord has asked us to investigate an old abandoned tower where strange things have been occurring as of late. In it, we find mainly nothing, but it seems like someone is rebuilding it and furnishing it, one thing in particular is that there are a lot of suits of armor adorning hallways. My party’s past experience with me makes us all cautious around them and no one dares to try them on, but we all run perception checks and as far as we can tell, they’re normal.

Rogue: Friends of yours?

Me: *jokingly* Maybe… I think I made out with that suit over there once upon a time…

*Paladin proceeds to punch the helmet off said suit*

Cleric: *Joining in* Oh, he’s jealous he wasn’t your first kiss!

Me: He wasn’t my first kiss, my first kiss came from a suit that looked more like that one over there

*Points at random suit and the Paladin proceeds to punch this one too*

Rogue: What about that one? Would you kiss that one?

Me: Sure!


Random suit of Armor: OW! FUCK!

And that’s the story of how we stumbled upon the tower’s necromancer, who then summoned ghosts of the dead to animate some of the suits of armor in the hall to make his escape.

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Since their relationship was to be a secret, finding locations other than the hideout for affectionate moments became rather difficult. The people constantly bothered their Hokage, never leaving the man alone as they demanded his attention. At the same time, the immortal was a rogue, and heavily guarded and watched due to past actions. Between them, it seemed that a pair of eyes would constantly desire to interrupt their moments alone. And if someone did enter the equation, the two would have to pretend it was business as usual, as if Lord Sixth was simply checking up on the male placed under house arrest.

Of course, little could be done to aid this problem, and the two elite shinobi had to depend on their skills to sneak about. Kakashi had been right when he said it was not the correct time. He wished to make others forgive the serpent slightly more, so that their developing relationship would not turn in to something hated and fought against. The Sannin understood this.

As of now, they had fled to somewhere outdoors, the forest granting coverage while the rest of the world remained unaware of their absence. The location came with its own downfalls, for starters the cold, and since the immortal had always been sensitive to cooler temperatures, he had sought out his partners warmth, the grassy plain beneath them as the Sannin rested in his partners form. A light smile came to his face as he felt his lovers hands begin to wander, trailing up his leg and thigh, causing golden eyes to impishly look up to an onyx pair.

Soon Kakashi began to place his hand in an even more intimate area, causing the softest of shudders to run across the serpents form, earning him a slightly breathless sound of appreciation. He turned his own upper body back, facing his partner as he placed a kiss to the mans jaw, littering his neck in more pecks and light nips as he purred softly in to the brilliantly scented flesh, “your taking chances starting something here my love.”

Someone could see them if they were found, but then, the immortal was not going to be the one to draw away due to the riskiness. 

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Flat tiddies are just assassin tiddies in hiding. Very high sneak skill. Impressive.

LMAAOOOO ok when u look at it that way..


The Blacklist | Scenes from a Global TV sneak peek for S1E14

Friendly reminder that when you’re over encumbered in Skyrim, walking or sneaking with a notched arrow allows you to move faster. It’s also a great way to build your sneaking skill for those who are playing as sneaky snoopers.

Some Skyrim Tips For Sneaky Thief/Assassin Players

I know everyone’s moved on to Fallout 4, but I’m replaying it now, and I have some tips I think might be useful? 

I play mostly a thief/assassin character (I’ve never actually completed the Companions questline and I’ve only completed the College Of Winterhold questline once) so these are mostly for that sort of player.

  • Pickpocket bandits. 
    • This won’t be possible for a while, until you’ve raised your sneak skill, but once you have, do it. You can level up your skill quickly and easily with no risk of bounties. 
  • Stolen ingredients don’t make stolen items.
    • This is probably obvious, but it took me forever to work out. Stolen ingredients, or stolen gems or ingots don’t mark the items they’re made into as stolen. So, if you went on a pickpocketing spree and now have like a zillion garnets, make ‘em into rings or necklaces.
  • Don’t invest in lockpicking unless you really hate the lockpicking minigame.
    • I personally think investing in the Lockpicking skill is kind of useless. Unless you really hate the minigame, I suggest investing the points elsewhere.
  • This is more for roleplaying purposes, but if you plan on joining the Dark Brotherhood, wait until you have access to the ratway cistern before you fall asleep to get kidnapped. 
    • I always wondered how Astrid found me if I fell asleep in a dark dungeon somewhere, or how she dragged me from my house to a shack in the middle of nowhere all by herself. By falling asleep in the Thieves Guild, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Astrid and Delvin are exes, and still good friends. She asked him for his help to collect you, and then spirited you away, with his help, through the sewers.
  • Actually build up your alchemy skills.
    • I never did this in my first playthrough, or my third, or my fifth, or any until my current one, and I strongly regret it. Not only is it a good sideline to make money, outside of Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests, but it’s useful for those quests. 
    • If you make friends with them, some of their ingredients, their lower value ones, are free. And even though they’re lower value, that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile. Like, one of the highest value potions in the game is made with vampire dust, 25 septims, chaurus eggs, 10 septims, and garlic, 1 septim. 
  • Another RP one: You can make it through the entirety of the Goldenglow job without killing a single person. Give it a try sometime. 
    • Plus, you can get some pickpocketing experience taking the key from Aringoth instead of talking to him to get it.

jokes about Danse that are funny

  • danse danse revolution
  • buzz lightyear
  • his shitty sneaking skills bc he’s always clanging around in power armor
  • the fact that he never takes his goddamn power armor off
  • that ugly hood and jumpsuit under the power armor that makes him look like some sort of bald orange tadpole

jokes about Danse that are not funny and never will be

  • Danse being suicidal
  • Danse having PTSD
  • Danse having his entire world thrown upside-down and becoming depressive and dissociative because of it

Wee little Sam using his puppy-dog eyes on his dad because he can’t have a store bought sunbeam costume, it just has to be homemade like the rest of his classmates and John going out to learn how to sew and put a costume together for Sam. 

And Dean knowing that no one would believe this story without photographic proof honed his sneaking skills as he took photo after photo of their dad sewing. 

The Little Gobber and the Evil Necromancer

I am currently running my 4th Iron Kingdoms campaign and my large party have always managed to surprise me with their incredibly lucky and unlucky rolls. Whether it is failing to sneak with a skill of 5 or somehow missing the massive wolf in front of them, this party always do something to entertain.

The most recent incident was during their trip to explore an Orgoth Tomb; they happened across a necromancer in the middle of performing a ritual.

My players, being the violent sort they are, charged headlong into battle with the necromancer’s Thralls leaving their Priest/Alchemist to duel the necromancer with magic. Why they didn’t assign the Mage Hunter/Inspector, who specializes in killing mages, I’ll never know. However, finding herself not locked into combat, my sister’s Pirate/Pistoleer Gobber (small goblin with 2 guns) decided to put an end to the fight. She had been struggling to get kills during the first few encounters and so I didn’t think too much of it. She also has a history of incredibly bad rolls. However, she casually walked up beside the priest/alchemist, who was still shooting magic at the necromancer, and fired both of her pistols at the necromancer hiding being the altar.

She killed him.

And she managed to force me to make some alterations to my plot (I had predicted the necro would be wounded and/or captured but dead meant shenanigans). Granted I had a back up plan, but the fact she managed to kill off a mini-boss so easily.

Never assume the tiny character can’t kill off your villains before they get their big reveal.