sneak previews

Earth signs won the poll ~

Here is a sneak preview before I redraw them:

I love how she looks. I doubt I will change her much.

The lime green hair is going XD  I wonder if I should give her a mermaid tail to go with the Aegipan (Sea goat) mythos.

Gonna maybe swap her and Capricorn’s skin color. Not sure yet. I want to add some gold make up to her.


VIDEO: JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer Sneak Peek!


Behind the scenes of my @bellusmagazine shoot!


the journey of the purple scooter though

first you see it with the child who it clearly belongs to

then you see niall deciding to ride it across a table for whatever reason

then you see the Brilliant idea that narry had to run it into a wall in a bathroom so that harry could use the pun “platform nine and wee quarters”

and then you get a sneak preview of harry’s oscar worthy acting abilities


VIDEO: WONDER WOMAN Sneak Peek #2 (2017)


she had the world || panic! at the disco

Skaiheda: First Look

We’re releasing this tiny snippet in honor of @clexaweek2017‘s Canon Divergent theme day! 

For those of you who don’t know: Here’s our summary: 

Lexa Woods, a guard on the Ark, never expected to fall so deeply in love with Clarke Griffin, a prisoner in solitary. When the 100 are deployed to Earth, Lexa becomes a stowaway, swearing an oath to protect her love when they reach the ground. Before they can really gather their bearings on Earth together, they are separated, and think each other dead, until their fates collide once more, and Clarke is taken to meet the mysterious Grounder Commander.

This particular scene is Clarke and Lexa on the Ark, preparing for the masquerade party! 

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Bernese Mountain Dog (6 w/o), Oley, PA • A sneak preview from my next book, coming this Fall: The Dogist Puppies • Happy National Puppy Day!


“No da-daddy.” You stuttered out, beginning to gag from crying to hard.

Dean glanced over at his brother, “Sam, you have to-you have to take her.” He said, as the tears began to flow, “I can’t just, I can’t walk away. Take her.”

A tear fell down Sam’s cheek, nodding his head he walked forward and put his hand on your shoulder, “Come on little bug. Your dad has to go.” He told you while trying to pull you away from Dean.

“No.” You cried, wrapping your arms tightly around Dean’s neck, “Daddy can’t leave me.”

“Come on Y/N, we-we gotta go.” Sam tried to convince you, but you weren’t having it. This time you ignored Sam and continued to hold onto your dad.

“Sam.” Dean said in a broken voice, Sam glanced up at his brother and for the last time the brothers shared a silent conversation. Nodding his head Sam wrapped his arms around your stomach while Dean held onto your hands that were clinging to each other behind his neck. He loosened them, causing you to release your hold on him which allowed Sam to pull you away. Giving your hand a kiss as they slid away from them Dean looked at you.

“No! No! Daddy! Don’t go! Uncle Sammy let me go!” You shouted while you were kicking and screaming, “Daddy please don’t leave me!”