sneak preview i guess

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Realistically you think they'll burn Cas' body? I wouldn't think they'd go all the way back to burn his body, if it's after they get put in prison, but I guess anything is possible. In the sneak preview it's definitely earlier in the morning when they light the pyre than the pic of Cas' body on the table in the Lake house with the angel?

A matter of semantics: if you’re waiting to be tried, arrested, or in for less than a year, you go to JAIL. Only long term (a year plus) incarceration is technically called Prison. Legally.

As to Cas’s body? I don’t know. I think burning it might be a really good way to end the episode with ALL THE PAIN, so I still think we’ll see it.


Kyoutani Kentarou x Reader

Author’s Note: So appearently it’s Seijou week? Well, here’s my favourite Seijou boy! Also, kuroko-no-fantasies is super nice and said they were looking forward to my next Kyoutani story soooo…here you go! <3. I wrote this a little while ago, and I guess it also serves as a sneak preview to something I’m working on in the future? Well, hope you enjoy! <3 

 Warning: Some violent/potentially upsetting descriptions below.

It’s Kyoutani’s cry of anguish that wakes you up.

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