sneak peep

easter w/ the gang hcs

🐣  Two-Bit will either steal Easter candy from the others or he’ll trade with them.

🐰  He surprisingly likes jelly beans the most out of anything.

🐣  Dallas would be all like ‘the hell does Easter exist for?’ while Steve explains its religious importance.

🐰  Darry doesn’t really like the idea of having this candy in his house, it gives Pony and Soda a sugar high.

🐣  Most of the time, Johnny likes getting lil’ stuffed animals (like little duck and rabbit plushies) instead of getting candy. 

🐰  Ponyboy always ends up sharing the candy he gets with Johnny anyway, though.

🐣  The rest of the gang thought that having an Easter egg hunt was childish, but oh my lord, STEVE AND SODA GO NUTS OVER EASTER EGG HUNTS.

🐰  They’ll literally try to beat each other with the number of eggs they picked up.

🐣  Dally just sits back and laughs at how crazy they get.

🐰  Johnny pulls the cute decorative ribbons off of the plushies he gets.

🐣  He ends up putting them over random things like shampoo bottles.

🐰 Darry always gets mad about the ribbons being everywhere and then he realizes that Johnny did it, so he’s like 'oh.' 

🐣  Ponyboy likes coloring eggs.

🐰  He especially likes creating color breeds by placing one-half of the egg in one color for a few minutes and then placing the other half into a different color.

🐣  Two-Bit accidentally ends up frICKINg drinking the vinegar used to dye the eggs at some point.

🐰  Sodapop becomes concerned with Two-Bit’s health after that.

🐣  'Hey, okay, buddy?’

🐰 Two-Bit stays in the bathroom for about an hour and just BRUSHES HIS TEETH the ENTIRE TIME.

🐣  Steve’s gotta love those Peeps.


🐣  Dally passes out on the couch and the guys shove a whole bunch of jelly beans down his shirt.

🐰  Darry doesn’t like this idea either.

🐣  ‘Whoever shoves one more of those damn things in there, you’re cleanin’ all of it up.’

🐰 When Dally gets up from the couch, all of the jelly beans come out of his shirt and everyone dies of laughter while Darry is just like..

Sneak peep for an Invader Zim AMV I plan to work on. I’m trying to work on longer edits, but it’s so hard for me ;-;

I’ll most likely work on this after I’m done with college (in like 2 weeks)

Would you guys like this audio or should I use another one?
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thought  i  would  try  to  make  beautiful  deviantart  type  banners  for  @sunbruise‘s  ken  and  my  julian  !!  this  is  one  of  my  first  attempts  ,  &  by  no  means  are  they  perfect  but  i  tried  !!!  (  also  peep  jules  sneaking  into  kens  lol  )   anyway  ,  goodnight  xo  !!!  just  thought  i’d  share  these  things  bc  i’m  kind  of  proud  .  

This scene is so adorable. It reminded me of Teuchi’s chapter from Konoha Hiden.

“Heyo, lad. Do you wanna come over and eat something?”

Teuchi had called out with a smile on his face, but the young boy jolted with a start, his whole body shaking.

It had just passed dinner time, so the shop was empty. Teuchi had noticed the child constantly sneaking glances towards Ichiraku’s as he wandered aimlessly on the streets.

He hadn’t just seen the boy today, either. The kid been wandering around here a lot the past few days, and Teuchi had gotten used to the sight of him. He would always walk hesitantly towards the shop, and then walk away, back and forth without ever actually coming in.

Sooner or later, Teuchi had found himself getting curious about the young boy always wondering around his field of vision.

It was because every time Teuchi saw him, the child was all alone.

Today as well, the boy was hunching his shoulders against the cold weather, sneaking quick peeps inside the store every few minutes. There weren’t any other customers around to deal with anyway, so Teuchi just instinctively called out to him.

The child approached him slowly, trembling with nerves. But Teuchi slid out a bowl of ramen towards the boy, and that tiny, frightened face instantly lit up.

- translation by cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata

Why Garnet WILL break up

I didn’t think I was coming back to this theory. I said what I needed to say, and clarified what I needed to clarify, but sometimes circumstances change in ways that you don’t expect, and new evidence comes to light.

First, a preface: I do not believe Garnet with break up. The name is just a not to previous theories when I say “break up” I mean “spend time apart”. Breaking up implies a rough end. Spending time apart implies a soft pause.

Recently, Steven Universe had it’s annual panel and San Diego Comic Con, and alongside fun pictures of gems in suits we were treated a sneak peek (or rather, sneak peep) at an upcoming song written and sung by Rebecca Sugar herself

Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility love and trust
Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility love and trust
Here comes a thought, That might alarm you
What someone said, and how it harmed you
Something you did, failed to be charming
Things that I said, suddenly swarming
And oh, I’m losing sight, I’m losing touch
All these little things seem to matter so much
That they confuse you, that I might lose you
Take a moment to remind yourself
Take a moment and find yourself
Take a moment and ask yourself if this is how we fall apart
But i'ts not but it’s not but it’s not but it’s not but it’s not
It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay
I got nothing got nothing got nothing got nothing to fear
I’m here I’m here I’m here
And it was just a thought just a thought just a thought just a thought just a thought
It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay
We can watch we can watch we can watch we can watch them go by
From here from here from here
Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility love and trust
Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility love and trust

Okay, onto lyrical analysis.

Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility love and trust

From the second line alone we know immediately what kind of themes we’re dealing with here. Love is the subject here, but there are a number of directions this could go: Ruby and Sapphire, Steven and Connie, Rose and Greg, Rose and Pearl. let’s dig deeper

Here comes a thought, That might alarm you
What someone said, and how it harmed you

And it was just a thought just a thought just a thought just a thought just a thought

All these little things seem to matter so much
That they confuse you, that I might lose you

Thought here is a key word. It’s in the title of the song and it’s a major theme of the one wedge we see between Ruby and Sapphire more than any other pair of characters. Ruby is rather simple and feels more than she thinks, whereas Sapphire is was made to think for someone else. It’s their attitudes on thought and feeling that caused them to split up in Keystone Hotel, and if you follow my other theories you probably know I believe it’s the reason Garnet has three eyes instead of two. This combined with the fact that Garnet is the only living explicit couple in the show leads me to believe that this is about her and them.

Take a moment and find yourself
Take a moment and ask yourself if this is how we fall apart
But it’s not but it’s not but it’s not but it’s not but it’s not

Now this a loaded line if I’ve ever seen one. These themes: finding yourself, fear of falling apart, an indefinite end, these are all the things I discussed and pleaded my case about in my Why Garnet Should [Not] Split Up posts!

I believe this song is a duet between Ruby and Sapphire: two gems who’ve been lovingly entangled so long that they’re beginning to lose individual aspects of their personalities along the way. They are a couple so perfect for each other that they can’t function apart, and are trying to cope with the frightening idea that they might need to pause their relationship for a greater good.

Here comes a thought, That might alarm you
What someone said, and how it harmed you
Something you did, failed to be charming
Things that I said, suddenly swarming

Now, some of you careful readers or listeners might be fixating on this line, the suggestion of a fight between two lovers and what it might mean for this guess. To that I should remind you to pay attention to the pronouns being used here: You, I and Someone. That someone is important because in the presence of the I in the you-and-I context tells us that this was a third party, not an interpersonal fight.

Ruby and Sapphire rarely fight on their own. These are two individuals who are deeply attached to each other, they don’t see their relationships from an outside context. Even after their flirting sabotaged the mission in Hit The Diamond Garnet herself didn’t express shame or embarrassment that things had gone awry, she just accepted it as if it were bound to happen. She doesn’t even apologize to Peridot for risking her safety!

Ruby and Sapphire have needed to split apart to do their job before, and if the Ruby squad comes back in the future (you know they will) they may need to do so again. Do I think Rubies are dumb enough to fall for that trick twice? Maybe, but not thrice. If they fuck up again the way they did before it would fall on the rest of their team to call them out on it. Who that someone is I can’t say, (amethyst maybe?) but the context seems feasible enough to me that I can guess this sort of thing is going to happen.

Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility love and trust

Flexibility and trust. The flexibility to pull apart, knowing that you’ll snap back together in the end. The trust that your friends can see a problem that you don’t, and that they can function without you as their rock.

This will be an ordeal for them, and an ordeal for all of us that love Garnet just the way she is, but I know they can do it.

Believe in Garnet

Accidental Romance

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Special

Chapter 11. New Beginnings

Moonlight seeped into the bedroom, creating iridescent patches along the floor where Tao slept.  Tucked into your blanket cocoon, your fingers grazed across your lips as the earlier memories continuously played out in your mind.  A foolish grin swept across your face to accompany the royal flush along your cheeks.  Like a teenaged girl squealing over puppy love, you rolled over in bed to habitually admire your husband’s angelic sleeping form.  Today, he slept in a position perfect for you to soak in his gorgeous face.  Hand piled on top of hand and cheek over that, you internally swooned, feeling incredibly lucky for once.  Though, almost immediately, your smile was replaced with a pout at the sight of Tao’s frown.

Was he having a nightmare?  Was he still stressed from work?

With glitters and sparkles twinkling in your eyes, you bravely extended an arm out to physically poke the corners up his lips upward, only, to fall into Tao’s trap.  He opened his mouth and playfully bit your outstretched finger.

“Ahh,” you gasped.  Immediately, you retracted your arm and rolled over in bed, mortified to have been caught red-handed.

Amused, Tao lips gathered into his signature smirk.  “Staring at me everyday like that…I’m going to start charging you.  I’m expensive,” he teased.

“I…I don’t know wh-what you’re talking about,” you stuttered as you picked at the lint on your pillow to calm your racing heart.  “I don’t stare at you everyday,” you denied.

“But I do,” your husband admitted with a goofy smile splashed along his thin lips.  Yours juggled between full-blown euphoria to egotistic dignity.

“Then we’re even!” you cheerfully concluded as you turned around, “I don’t owe you anything!”

Your heart almost imploded on itself as soon as your round orbs met with Tao’s sharp ones.  Electricity ignited down your spine as you openly admired him for the first time.  He was even more handsome; the moon casted light on either sides of his face, showcasing his flawlessly chiseled nose and jawline.  Giggling, the two of you took turns playfully sneaking peeps.  Sometimes, you’d roll over, sometimes, he’d close one eye and open the other.

On the seventh peak, Tao let out a pretend gasps and exclaimed, “It’s not even anymore!  You stole an extra peep.  It was supposed to be my turn!  Now, I have to collect my dues!”

“How?” you blinked.

Before you could even mutter another word, Tao sprung from his blankets and slyly climbed onto the bed.  “Ah, so warm.  So soft and comfy,” he mused as he got under the covers.    

Gaping in shock, you stammered, “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Collecting my dues,” he sheepishly winked, rolled over to close the distance, and proceeded to subdue you with tickles.

“Ahh!” you squealed as your body fell victim to Tao’s attacks.  His skin radiated a certain type of warmth no blanket or jacket could offer.

“Shhh,” he laughed into your ear, “Ma is asleep!”

“Oops,” you mouthed as he stared lovingly into your eyes.  You swore his was made of diamonds and enchanted crystals.

Without warning, Tao leaned in and stole a quick peck.  Your insides melted into puddles; your breathing stilled, your heart skipped a beat.  You shyly looked away but Tao persistently followed your gaze.  He planted another sweet kiss.    

“Hehe,” you timidly giggle.  

In one swift stroke, he tossed the cover over both your heads.  Despite the physical darkness, the light from his eyes shined brighter than the moon in the night sky.  Fingers slyly spider-walked over your stomach before he commenced in his tickle war.  Squealing, you flailed around and tried to escape but he had you locked within his tight embrace.

“You’re bullying me!” you jokingly accused as he brought your head to rest comfortably atop his chest.  Da-thump.  Da-thump.  Da-thump.  Closing his eyes, he hooked his chin on the top of your head.

“Goodnight, Wifey,” he hummed into your ear, “Goodnight, Beibei.”

“Goodnight…” you blushed, “Hubby.”  In a baby voice, you twittered, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

“I’ll come back home earlier today,” your hubby promised as his pinky longingly hooked around yours, reluctant to part for even a moment.  

With a soft smile, you nodded and helped him readjust his tie before giving him a gentle nudge toward the door.  Still, he frowned and clung onto your hand; his lips pursed.  Though still bashful and timid, you surprised yourself by tiptoeing and placing your lips firmly over his.  

“Now, go before you are late,” you pushed the pouty male forward.  Finally, he boarded his car and drove off.  

Twirling around, you gasped and pressed a hand against your chest at the sight of your mother-in-law grinning goofily to herself, having witnessed the sweet exchange.

“So cute~” she sang joyfully to herself as your cheeks glowed tomato red.  

As you dashed pass her in embarrassment, the sudden change of temperatures intensified your recent symptoms of nausea.  Cupping your hand over your mouth, you raced toward the closest bathroom and belched over the toilet bowl.  Alerted and worried, Tao’s mother tailed you.  Her eyes followed your palms which cradled and pulled taunt on the fabrics of your blouse to reveal your slightly protruded belly.  Goosebumps tickled her skin as her look of worry slowly softened to the pureness of utter joy.

“Sweetheart!” she rushed forward with a hand on her heart.  Her other one wrapped around and stroked your aching back.  “Are you…?”  You turned around to see those beautiful crystal eyes cloud with hopeful tears.  

With a soft and honest smile, you shyly nodded.  Immediately, she burst into tears, tossed both arms over you, and babbled away at how she’d have to stock up on expensive herbs and Bird’s Nest Soup, and seaweed, and all things beneficial to a pregnant woman’s health.  You clung onto her and rested your wet cheeks against her warm bosom, like a baby swallow safe in her mother’s protection.  

Everything was so perfect.

For the seventh time that morning, Tao dug into his pockets and opened the small velvet box.  A foolish grin widened across his face as the shimmery heart-shaped diamond refracted under the natural sunlight.  The twisted design of the wedding band alluded elegance and gracefulness; something he thought described you to perfection.

“I hope she likes it…” he murmured to himself as his fingers grazed over the inner etchings that read your names.

It bothered him that the he never properly proposed nor held a wedding ceremony with you.  Even the ring the two of you wore were meaningless, unornate golden bands that the Las Vegas church probably gifted you during the wedding.  Today, he’d make it up to you.

Key met lock, as he opened a private safe and pulled out the marriage contract.  A low chuckle escaped his thin lips as he read over the contents.  “Really, Huang ZiTao?” he shook his head.  In all honesty, yes, he desired his father’s approval but back then he created the contract as a last chance to keep you by his side.  Now that it was no longer necessary, he’d formally destroy it with you.      

Skipping over to the conference room, he flapped his long arms happily, earning him several puzzled looks from his subordinates.  Cindy handed him a document, which happened to contain numerous mistakes but instead of scolding her and the rest of the team, he treated everyone to an early lunch.

“What is going on with the boss?” one girl asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and shivered with fear.

“Poisonous last supper!” another observed.

Chuckling, the second-in-command trotted over and analyzed, “Heard his wife is pregnant.”


“I knew it was a shotgun marriage.  I’ve never seen the girl before!  She was probably a one-night-stand but got knocked up so the GM had to marry her!” another hypothesized.

“Shh!” one shushed.

“What?!  I’m just saying.  She probably married the Boss for money!”

“Shh!” her colleague warned and then turned to the doorway, where you had been standing.  “Mrs. Huang!”

Rubbing your tummy, you held a fist up to knock the door but debated doing so to spare the workers of embarrassment.  Everyone gasped and immediately dispersed back to work as soon as they noticed you.    

“I-Is the GM in his office?” you inquired as the receptionists awkwardly pretended to tap along her keyboard to avoid confrontation.

“Yeah.  He’s just finishing up a meeting right now.”  As soon as the female replied, your name whistled from down the hall.  Already smiling until your cheekbones hurt, you spun around to peer into your husband’s glimmering orbs.

“ZiTao,” you blushingly greeted.

Soft lips glided over yours for a quick smooch, causing all the females in the office to swoon over the fairytale of Cinderella and her prince.  Automatically, your head lowered to hide your deepening cherry red cheeks.

“Gotta grabbed something from my desk and then we can go out for lunch.  Gimme a second, Babe,” Tao excused himself to his office.

Whistling gleefully to himself, Tao flipped through files and folders on his table.  His brows dove in as his cheerful demeanor subsided to a weary frown.  Walking around, he sieved through stacked papers, hoping that the marriage contract had just been misplaced in between pages, to no avail.

“I swear I left it here…” he mumbled under his breath as he collected the documents back into a neat stack.

Even his dusty drawers fell victim to Tao’s scavenger hunt.  Rocking on the balls of your feet, you quietly waited outside his office, debating whether or not you should offer your help.  But as the old Chinese saying goes, a woman shouldn’t interfere when her man’s in the battlefield or else he’d lose focus and reveal his weaknesses.

“Cindy, have you seen a document with a golden wax seal?” Tao pressed his intercom and questioned the front desk.  The girl refuted knowledge of the contract’s whereabouts.

As Tao scooted his chair to search the floor, he finally noticed you by the door.  With a quizzical expression, you innocently asked, “Is something the matter?”

“Oh no,” he was quick to deny.  You stroked your tummy and raised your brow with skepticism, which your husband found too adorable for words but refused to admit it.  With a light chuckle, he shrugged off his pre-proposal jitters and decided he’d return later for the missing contract.

“Let’s go feed my little BeiBei,” he straightened up and nudged you out the door.  “Is he behaving today?  Not causing Mommy too much stress?” Tao baby-talked in the elevator.  Other passengers sighed in awe at the sweet scene while you bashfully shook your head.

Outside, newly fallen snowflakes cover the sidewalk like cotton carpets welcoming your arrival.  Each step, each stroke left longing imprints, proving your existence.  Frozen icicles clung to rooftops and tree branches.  Drip.  Drop.  Drip.  Drop.  Tiny droplets cascaded down like maple syrup drizzling on fresh stovetop pancakes.  You skipped ahead, mesmerized by the romantic aura of Valentine’s Day decorations.  Hearts and arrows, reds, pinks, whites – chocolate cakes displayed deliciously along bakery shelves.  Filling your lungs with sweetness, your eyes lit up at the sight of a beautifully decorated red velvet cake.  Tao bought you a gigantic slice despite your contentment in the restaurant’s entrees.

“Chapter o7 of ‘How To Keep My Pregnant Wife Happy’ states that it’s critical to surrender to her cravings,” he teased as he dotted the tip of your nose with whip cream.

Giggling shyly to yourself, you nibbled on the dessert; your sweet tooth partied in honeyed rejoice.

Was this really happening?  Were you really happily married and expecting a bundle of joy in several months?  Habitually, you rubbed your baby bump to remind you of your blessings.

After lunch, Tao and you strolled down the block, enjoying the breathtaking scenery of a wintry afternoon.  His jacket clung effortlessly along your shoulders; the helm flowed airily as you ambled from one corner to the next.  Tao’s tall figured reflected in glass windows like a guardian angel protectively walking behind you.  Your hands collided for the fifth time but neither of you make a move to intertwined them.  It dawned on you that this was Tao and your first real date together.  Both of you succumbed to rosy flushes, of which seemed foreign yet adoring on your husband’s cheeks.  You giggled and hid your shyness by directing your attention to baby accessories displayed on a shop’s window.

With his heart pounding over and over again as he silently recited his proposal speech, Tao extended his hand out to hold yours but you scurried off to marvel at some baby panda shoes, leaving him awkwardly hanging.  Scratching his head, your husband murmured to himself, “Really?  Huang ZiTao?  You’ve made out with her; you’ve even made a baby with her but you’re too scared to hold her hand?!  Man up!”

Beaming, you spun around with glittering iridescent orbs of light, melting your lover’s heart into a puddle at his feet.  Your large round eyes and blushing cheek combo easily stripped the warrior of his guard as it once did during your first meeting at YiFan’s wedding.  Though, your first meeting occurred by the wishing well, his heart had already been captivated by your presence hours before – as you walked down the aisle holding the bride’s dress, as quiet tears filled those gorgeous eyes, as you innocently stood at the back and blinked in confusion to the tottering bouquet in your arms…everything…everything you did that day made him fall in love.

“ZiTao,” you glowed as you pointed to an adorable panda onesie, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

“You’re beautiful,” he absent-mindedly replied as his fingers dug in his pockets for the jewelry box.

“Hm?” you blinked, confused as to why he was slowly lowering himself to one knee, “ZiTao??”




Your lashes filled with excess water.  Just as he parted his lips to speak, your phone rung in your pockets.  Releasing your withheld breath, you swiped the screen and picked up the call.  Tao straightened himself back up and awkwardly fidgeted with his sleeves to calm his nerves down.  It wasn’t the perfect moment anyway; he wasn’t too upset over the interruption but more over the fact that the sweet colors of your face evaporated into thin air the moment you answered the phone.  Tao apprehensively stepped closer.

“Wh-what?” you leaned against the glass window for support.  Strengthless, your fingers loosened around your phone enough for it to skid down.  It dove into the wet snow, splashing remnants of crystal shards against your calves.  In split seconds, your world came crashing down.  Your knees buckled as you collapsed against your husband’s chest.  

A/N: Ah, crap.  I forgot I put that ending in there.  I thought we’d get a full chapter of fluff OTL Lila, wtheck LOL don’t even remember your own story…  I still gave you loads of fluff though ~nervously sweats~

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How The Danish Girl has already achieved filmmaking’s highest honor by BespokeRedmayne

BespokeRedmayne (along with redbatchedcumbermayned) was fortunate to be included by Focus Features and Eddie’s team at an advance screening of The Danish Girl Nov. 16 in NY. This is not so much a review as some thoughts for Eddie’s fans.

Even before its two gifted lead actors stepped onto their artfully designed London sets, The Danish Girl had been labeled “Oscar bait.”

Fueled by the guidance of an Oscar-winning director and its newly minted Oscar-winning star – a cisgender male, cast controversially in the role of a pioneer in gender confirmation – so much of the buzz about The Danish Girl has been about its awards potential – or, snarkily, the lack thereof.

Most of us in Eddie Redmayne’s Tumblr fandom – this blogger included – have constantly fed into the speculation about how the film would be reviewed (stunning to disappointing), received at the box office (opening figures will come this weekend) – and ultimately, rewarded with industry honors (starting with nomination announcements in December).

Exiting a New York theater last week with tear-stained cheeks and a throbbing heart, I felt ashamed for being so shallow.

The Danish Girl, Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Tom Hooper – and the artisanal contributions to the look, sound and feel of the film – transcend mere reviews, ticket receipts, and awards.

It is a film that is socially important, gorgeously mounted, and acted at a soul-searing level. Its worth has already been established in its very existence. A vast audience and little statuettes would be lovely confirmation of its excellence – but The Danish Girl has already succeeded as cinematic storytelling at its most compelling and groundbreaking level. And it is an affirmation of Eddie Redmayne fans’ belief in his brilliance and artistic integrity. However remarkable you have imagined him to be in The Danish Girl – prepare to be left awestruck and dreaming of what heights he is capable of attaining in a career that could stretch another half-century.

Unlike the pre-release barrage with The Theory of Everything, The Danish Girl has been preceded by only two trailers and few other sneak peeks. This means that even for those of us who have read David Ebershoff’s novel and Lili Elbe’s own Man Into Woman memoir, on which the film is based – and who have scrunitized every shot from location filming and the trickle from Focus Features – there are still vast surprises.

The marriage between the picture-perfect Einar and Gerda Wegener, as the film opens, is sophisticated and passionate, sparkling with clever repartee and physical intimacy. (Unlike anything else Eddie has done, it makes a fan yearn for him in a light, contemporary romance.)

Although we’ve become used to seeing Eddie as Lili Elbe, the first scene of him on Gerda’s arm, playing their “game” at the artists’ ball, is still a jolt. Next to the petite Alicia, his height and rangy build is even more stark. Still, it is a testament to Eddie’s skill that immediately – through his movements, the shy lowering and blinking of his eyes, the flash and quivering of his smile – you begin to realize that the clothing and makeup are merely confirming Lili’s identity within Einar’s body. Eddie’s use of his hands and his subtle reshaping of his gait, speech, and lines of his body into Lili are mesmerizing.

Aside from a few light moments in the beginning, and the uplifting bravery of Lili, though, this is a painful movie to watch. The love story is indeed complex and survives only on deeply unconventional terms that result in one of the most memorable scenes – where Gerda, who has supported Lili’s emergence, plaintively beseeches Lili to send her husband back, and Lili must refuse tearfully.

Eddie’s sweetness brings added poignancy to the physical and mental anguish Lili endures. And he needn’t have worried about being “pretty” enough to do justice to Lili. His vulnerability lights him from within, even as he encounters craven analysts, barbaric doctors, and vicious street thugs. (Accused so often of ugly-crying in his acting, Eddie even pretty-cries in this.) The brief scenes where he attains happiness and authenticity are a joy to watch.

A lurid-sounding episode where Lili sneaks off to a peep show is enthralling as Eddie studies the stripper for a lesson on feminine pleasure. They play out an affecting game of copycat as he attempts to connect through her and manifest what is stirring in his body.

The reviews that have pitted Eddie’s performance against Alicia’s – as if they are in competition – are foolish. Theirs is an absolute partnership, a feat of genius casting and carefully developed chemistry by two artists whose deep research helped them internalize their characters and blend them into an utterly believable love story.

Also puzzling are the criticisms of Tom Hooper, which frequently cite a sameness among The Danish Girl and his previous films including The King’s Speech and Les Miserables.  Yes, there is a common demoninator: meticulous attention to the sets, costumes, and look of his actors, and the ability to elicit natural, nuanced performances from them. I’m baffled as to why, in a visual medium, that is cause for derision.

So far, I have seen a number of films that are mentioned as awards contenders – Bridge of Spies, The Martian, Steve Jobs, Trumbo, Spotlight. They are each wonderfully entertaining in their own ways – but nothing matches the depth, artistry and performances of The Danish Girl.  Nothing comes close.

Eddie Redmayne fans were spoiled last year when he was thrust, most charmingly, into the awards campaign, then scooped up every significant prize for which he was nominated in a blur of red carpets and heartfelt acceptance speeches.

No one will cheer more loudly (or post more voluminously) than I if history repeats itself. But neither will I feel sad or cheated if that doesn’t happen. The Danish Girl isn’t mainstream, popular entertainment like The Theory of Everything. It delves into complex human matters that we are only beginning to explore and are far from understanding and accepting. It ennobles on film a real person from nearly a century ago whose counterparts today are still marginalized by society in the cruelest possible way.

The great director Ingmar Bergman – from Alicia Vikander’s homeland – once said, “No art passes into our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”

Illuminating those dark rooms is a rare gift – as Gentleman’s Agreement did with anti-Semitism, To Kill a Mockingbird with racism, and Philadelphia with homophobia. The luminous Danish Girl follows in that tradition. Let us hope for audiences more than awards – because in the end,  the social and artistic impact of such filmmaking can be more meaningful and enduring than any engraved statuette.

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