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Check out the first look for Season 2 of The Good Place, then watch the premiere, Wednesday, September 20 at 10/9c on NBC.


Episode 303 “All Debts Paid” SNEAK PEEK - Lord John Grey Sets Eyes on Jamie


Supergirl 3x02 Sneak Peek “Triggers” (HD) - Lena assumes control of CatCo in this sneak peek clip of tonight’s Supergirl.


Episode 302 “Surrender” SNEAK PEEK - Jamie Talks Sex with Other Women

OK, after venting with @caprelloidea, I’ve come up with a headcanon for Sunday that I am going to cling to for dear life. In order to make Emma’s reaction in that sneak peek make sense and not be over the top, I am wondering if Gideon has left Emma a fake note from Killian where he tells her that he’s gone for good, that he can never forgive himself for his actions and she needs to move on. And he somehow hides the Jolly Roger with magic or something.

Cause without something like that…well, I guess we’ll see.

Someone get the new sneak peek clip on tumblr and/or gif it now because I am freaking out over agents “Stark and Martell” because honestly what the fuck John Bring. If Sam is Stark, as it would seem from the order of introduction it’s really perfect. There are so many Starks that have such a complicated relationship with honor and doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and then fucking everything up. This could be Sam this season, this could be him playing into the bad guys hands with his ideals - Same with Mary.

But Dean. Dean as a Martell. Who would be the most famous Martell? Oberyn. The extremely bisexual tragic hero. I just…fuck. John Bring gave us Dean being super fucking bisexual all over Gunnar Lawless and now he’s specifically fake naming him after a famously Bi character???

And that’s just the extradiagetic stuff. Think of this in world. Sam or Dean making those IDs and thinking: “You know who Dean is like…”

I’m dying guys. Dying.


Fully animated version of the 3x06 sneak peek clip from a few month back


Episode 302 “Surrender” SNEAK PEEK - Jamie is a wanted man.



If you can’t wait for episode 7, here are the sneak peek clips from tonight’s episode!! Exclusive clip of Betty & Jughead!! EEEP. They’re so adorable. Plus scene with Cheryl and Betty ~
Exclusive 'Outlander' Clip: Jamie Goes Head to Head With Captain Raines
Things are not going well for the Frasers.

No matter how horribly your day is going, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Jamie Fraser’s is going worse. If spending the past few weeks aboard the Artemis sailing towards Jamaica with an unruly crew to find his captured nephew wasn’t stressful enough, Jamie now has to deal with Claire being held hostage by the captain of a passing British ship.We last saw Claire willingly step off the Artemis and onto the Porpoise to put her medical prowess to good use and help the British crew contain a typhoid outbreak. But, of course, nothing ever goes according to plan on Outlander, and the Porpoise sailed off without letting Claire return to her husband.

In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s upcoming episode, Jamie discovers that Captain Raines knew the Porpoise crew intended to hold Claire against her will—and naturally, Jaime isn’t thrilled. Captain Raines adds insult to injury when he tells Jaime, “I have more than your wife to think about, Mr. Fraser.” Guns and knives are drawn and it’s all rather stress inducing.

Considering Jamie’s only options are to jump overboard or continue with Captain Raines until they reach Jamaica, tensions will no doubt be high while Jamie and Claire wait to reunite for what feels like the millionth time. Don’t miss this week’s episode when Outlander airs at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.


American Gods - Episode 8: ‘Come to Jesus’ sneak peek clip