I present to you “Lulubelle”. She is a capricious diva.  She’s also a salty and sassy as f*%k motorcycle but she has the softest of purrs. Her favorite song ? “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen. Her favorite cocktail ? 3.4 GAL. / 12.9 LTR of fuel. She easily gets jealous but she prides herself in being one of the fastest of them all…!

“Comfort Food” Part XXIV: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Sneak Peek)

Regina packed her bag, trying to figure out what she would need for two weeks. She also had several suits and dresses in a garment bag but she was worried she would need another one. “How many bags can I check?” she wondered aloud.

           “One,” Robin said, entering the room. “Depending on the airline you’re flying. You definitely are over.”

           She sighed as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Hey, hey. The company is paying for all of this, right?”

           “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I can spend a lot of money,” she replied with a sigh. “I guess I’ll figure this all out and make adjustments for when I’m in Seattle.”

           He kissed her head. “You’ll be fine. I’m sure Gold won’t mind a few extra expenses if it gets him this client. I mean, he wanted to send you out there for two months. He was clearly ready to spend whatever.”

           She had to admit he had a point. Gold had been ready to let her live in Seattle for eight weeks. Whatever she spent in two wouldn’t come close to those expenses. And if Gold had any problems with her expense reports at the end of the trip, she would be willing to fight him. Especially if she landed the Belfrey account.  

           Robin stepped away, picking up some items to start folding for her. “Of course, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you for two weeks.”

           “I’m sure you’ll find something to keep you occupied,” she told him. “I mean, you still have Her Majesty.”

           He nodded, glancing at the dog lying by the door. “Yes, I do. She’s going to miss you, though.”

           “Me? If she were a person, she’d be a daddy’s girl,” she replied, giving him an incredulous look.

           “She just wants me to take her out, clean up after her and to throw things for her to catch,” he said. “She wants you for belly rubs, pampering and cuddles. Her Majesty sleeps on your legs, not mine, because she wants to be close to you.”

           Queen lifted her head and then rose to her feet, padding over to Regina. She jumped up, pawing at Regina’s legs until she crouched down to scratch behind the dog’s floppy ear. Her Majesty closed her eyes and leaned against Regina, tail wagging.

           Regina picked up Queen, holding the dog close. “I’m going to miss her when I’m in Seattle. I’ll miss both of you.”

           “Don’t worry, lovely,” he assured her, gently gripping her arms. “I’m sure it’ll fly by and we’ll be reunited soon enough.”

           She gave him a soft smile. “I hope so.”

           “Well, how about we kick Her Majesty out and I give you something to think about during those cold, lonely nights in Seattle?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

           Regina chuckled before motioning to the bed with her head. “My stuff is still on it. And I won’t have you wrinkling any of it.”

           He let out an exaggerated sigh before nodding. “Okay, okay. Let’s finish packing and then I’ll give you something to think about when you’re away from me. Okay?”

           “Okay,” she replied, kissing him. “Just don’t wrinkle anything.”

           Robin saluted her. “Challenge accepted.”

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Between Now and Nether :: Ch 8 Sneak Peek!

‘The office Gold frequented was always dark and cold.  Dust covered every surface and the lights were dimmed all along the hallway.  Gold had no heavies guarding him, his office at the very back of the shop Gold kept as a money laundering front.  It was inconspicuous, a simple antique store from the outside, selling many high priced items that covered part of his underhanded business earnings, and Gold had settled here to be alone.  People always called him The Dark One and it was starting to become clear as to why.  

The door loomed at the end of the hall, one single light hanging over the door frame and shining a spot of subdued orange onto the floor.  It was a mark, the last circle of light in the darkness.  And it was petrifying.

The door opened and Gold stood with a steady grin spread across his face.’

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Steven Universe - Dewey Wins (Sneak Peek)

Here’s a sneak peek of an upcoming Steven Universe episode that was screened at New York Comic Con!