Experiments (Closed)



Wanda tried so hard to find him when she found out that Steve had been kidnapped, she knew it was her fault. Some of Strucker’s men were still around and still hadn’t forgiven her for turning on them, when Wanda found out she had been watching her back and now she felt like she should have been watching her team’s back a lot better.
When Steve disappeared at first she didn’t think anything of it until they got word of HYDRA kidnapping a super soldier and since Bucky was still on ice it didn’t take much for them to figure out it was Steve. 
Recently Wanda had been tracking HYDRA in an attempt to find him and now she thought she had them, she sneacked into the base running through the labs, attempting at finding him knowing she didn’t have long before they figured out she was there and that was when she finally found it. an observation room over looking a lab and down below being prepped for an experiment was none other than the Patriotic hero she was looking for.