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I've had the absolute worst week. Do you have any headcanons about modern Les Amis at a theme park? Like who wins who the cliche stuffed toys? Whose scared of rollercoasters but goes on them anyway? Who makes innuendos about getting wet on the water rides? Who deliberately poses for the rollercoaster camera? :)

  • Going to a theme as a group of 13 is an ordeal, alright? This becomes abundantly clear when they try to go on the first few rides. So they decide to split into two teams :
  • Team Wildcats (chosen by Joly and Bahorel) : Enjolras, Jehan, Bahorel, Grantaire, Joly and Musichetta on one side
  • Team Seriousdogs (Bossuet and Marius thought they were funny. Thought) : Coufeyrac, Combeferre, Bossuet, Feuilly, Cosette, Marius and Eponine on the other
  • The reason why Combeferre and Musichetta are sorted into different groups is because each groups needs a Mom Friend™ to keep them, you know, ALIVE
  • Theme parks also mean an awful lot of queueing, so Joly and Grantaire engage in a “I spy” contest
  • Enjolras : “R, if you say I Spy-ce Girls on more time I’ll break your fucking fingers”
  • Bahorel takes Jehan on his shoulders because their feet get painful quickly and they can scout if the queue is still stretching for miles and miles
  • Most of the Seriousdogs’ time is spent at the stuff toys booths, with Combeferre and Cosette competing to win the most shit for their significant other
  • Cue Courfeyrac and Marius cheering (ahem SCREAMING) to encourage them, with various degrees of aggressivity
  • Enjolras and Combeferre’s carefully planned outing goes to hell the moment Bahorel, Feuilly and Jehan learn there is a goddamn MINIATURE FARM where you can pet REAL LIFE GOATS. They stay there for an hour, no less. (Jehan sneacked out of their own team to pet the goats.)
  • You would think Bossuet stays away from rollercoasters for safety reasons but the man always loves a good rush. He just finds some wood (or really fake wood) to knock on before going on the ride and it goes alright
  • Courfeyrac and Grantaire are both KINGS of rollercoaster camera posing! Since they’re not on the same, they buy each and every single one pic to compare afterwards
  • On the other hand, Enjolras and Eponine are terrible at these because they have MEAN resting bitchfaces
  • Musichetta carries around a Marry Poppins bag. She has E.VERY.THING. Tissues? Snacks? Water? Grantaire’s fucks? An ironing board? Probably!

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can you write a kissing headcannon of the MFW guys like how you did for the PIL guys?

Yamato: Your wrists were pinned beside your head. His lips were pressed against yours in a bruising kiss. His lips were so soft yet rough at the same time as they moved against yours in heated fervor. 

Ren: He was so gentle. He treated you as if you could break at any moment. His arms were wrapped securely around your waist as he moved his soft lips against yours.

Saeki: His kisses were always so passionate. When he kissed you, it made you feel like you were the most important thing in the world. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, pulling his closer to you.

Takao: He was hovering above you, his body pressed against yours. His hands gently running up and down your sides, caressing your sides. His lips were moving heatedly against yours, soft moans leaving his lips.

Yuta: Your legs were wrapped around his waist, your core pressed against the growing bulge in his pants. Your fingers tangled in his soft locks, causing a breathless moan to pass his lips. You giggled and pulled his lips harder against yours.

Kunihiko: Your cheeks were burning hot from his experienced kisses. His hands had sneacked underneath your shirt, groping your full breasts. When a moan escaped your lips, he took the chance to sneak his tongue into your mouth. He left no part of your mouth untouched by his tongue. 

* sigh * School stars tomorrow. Anyway…


- Lily

Experiments (Closed)



Wanda tried so hard to find him when she found out that Steve had been kidnapped, she knew it was her fault. Some of Strucker’s men were still around and still hadn’t forgiven her for turning on them, when Wanda found out she had been watching her back and now she felt like she should have been watching her team’s back a lot better.
When Steve disappeared at first she didn’t think anything of it until they got word of HYDRA kidnapping a super soldier and since Bucky was still on ice it didn’t take much for them to figure out it was Steve. 
Recently Wanda had been tracking HYDRA in an attempt to find him and now she thought she had them, she sneacked into the base running through the labs, attempting at finding him knowing she didn’t have long before they figured out she was there and that was when she finally found it. an observation room over looking a lab and down below being prepped for an experiment was none other than the Patriotic hero she was looking for.

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8 & theo

Hey :) Thank you for the request. Hope you like it.

Come over here and make me

“Theo, Scott wants you to-” You were coming into the school’s gym to give Theo a message, when you saw him shirtless doing some pushups and you couldn’t help but look to his defined muscles. As soon as you looked, you regretted. You were sure he’d noticed and he would make sure to let you know that. “Scott wants you to go to a pack meeting tonight at his house.” You finished, looking to the ground. 

“Did you like what you found?” There it was. You knew he was going to do this. He got up, smirked at you and went to other equipment.

“Excuse me?” You wouldn’t let him do his game.

“You were staring at me. Enjoying the view?” He said, smiling mischievously.

“You’re not all of this, Raeken.” You crossed your arms.

“You didn’t denied, tho. That you were staring.”

“So full of yourself.” You rolled your eyes and turned to leave.

“Oh, C’mon. You don’t have to pretend to me. We all like hot bodies.” He was determined to piss you off, apparently. You turned to him again and he was looking at you, frowning. 

“Shut your god damn mouth to talk to me like this, Theo.” You were trying not to turn into a werewolf and rip him entirely.

“Come over here and make me.” He answered you, serious, and then the smirk came back. Son of a bitch. That smile made him pretty hot, actually. He saw you hesitating. 
“See? You want me. And want you.” He got up and started to walk slowly to you. “Let’s make this easier, shall we?”

Your mind was telling you to leave, but your body made you stay. When he finally got to you, he pressed his lips against your with some kind of wildness. It was like his soul getting out. His beast. And you were the only thing keeping him alive.

In the next moment, you felt your back hitting the wall behind you and his hands all over your body. Five seconds ago I wanted to kill him. You thought. What changed? You stopped kissing him, breathless and he looked at you, confused.

“I was right.” You put a hand in his chest to push him away a little. “You’re sexier with your mouth shut.” He chuckled and you sneacked under his arms. Before you leave, you turned to him, who was looking confused again, and said: “See you later, then.”