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Just watched ep 14 and Nina is such a flirt! Imagine how she flirts with cheerios!>3<

!!!! YAAAAH 😍 The faces she had while talking with Jeane eheheheh

Right now I find it weird for Nina to actual flirt with Charioce, as they’re both shy cotton balls towards each other


Episode 13 gave us those charinina scene in which basically it was Nina who had the first move (even if that was because she was forced by the situation)

Soooo, like, with this new ending and her dragging him to dance, but then Chari being the one to comfort her when she feels bad about herself… It was all so beautiful and perfect to me, this is the relationship I’m waiting in the story too 😍 the cheerful girl who actually is broken inside, and the stoic man who actually has a warm side to which help her and restore her happiness

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You’re such a good kid, Mugaro! I bet that’s why Azazel always had you around.

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We know how strict Rurumu was with Sin & Ja'far with their education on their way to Reim. Can I get a HC for Rurumu reacting to a young girl (about SnB!Sin's age) being frightened of her because the girl had an abusive mother that she escaped from. How would Rurumu try to solve this problem?

> It hurts her to hear about the little girls circumstances. No mother should drag their own children through so much sorrow. All the more Rurumu feels the strong wish to help this child, even if it might take more time and patience than with the others before

> While she has her strict and unyielding sides too, when it comes to educating and proper behavior, above all Rurumu is a mother and can easily give off the feeling of being loved and accepted. With her warmth and patience it’s only a matter of time and keeping herself on a low presence, as to not overwhelm the girl again

> Soon enough, once the girl starts to open up from herself, Rurumu is ready to take her on, communicate her the same things as the others in terms of education, but just with the right amount of sensitivity, as this girl doesn’t need the discipline that Ja’far needed for example, but rather giving her the feeling that she belongs and is valid as a person


I haven’t forgotten for a moment. I still remember the day Cocytus fell. I will make them pay. I vow it.