you know what angers me? the fact that whoever created the ship name for simon snow and baz pitch from carry on thought that ‘snowbaz’ was a good one. like, you literally couldve made it 'snazlton’. snazzleton. that sounds so much coOLER. it couldve been shortened to snazz or snazzy or snazzle. that is so much beTter. i am disappointed in the creators. you had a chance, and you never took it.

still luv my bbs tho


I wanted to draw those Cards thingys so…I drew this! Sorry for the huge watermarks, trying to prevent any art theft on this one! 

Snazzy and Cell © @anrez-op-skele (Told ya I’d draw smth for ya :D I hope you like it! O3O)

grumpy-kat  asked:

have snazzy a ship/canon? when yes, with who? i want to know please

Snazzy: Why are you always following my brother? He’s in love with someone else so you DONT need to budge in his space!

Xahji: I-I-I’m not trying t-to get i-in between G and S-Swifty, Snazzy! I-I was just-..

Snazzy: I DONT want to hear any excuse! Tsk…Girls are so weird with their love shit..*walks away*

Xahji:…. *looks down*..I’m not going after Swifty..*cries and runs down the hall*


Xahji by @azzyloraaandkanto

NAJ by @blogthegreatrouge