“Operation ‘Get The Guys is a success after all!”

That strawberry dress belonged to Colonna. It was a bit too big for her so she gave it to Xahji.

Also. Swifty, Cil, Cray and Idle were in this too.

Cray: Are you getting this?!
Swifty: Yup.
Idle: Colonna get back here!!!
Cil: *thumbs up*

Snazzy - @anrez-op-skele
Xahji - @azzyloraaandkanto
Colonna - @blogthegreatrouge
NaJ- @coolca4t8


you know what angers me? the fact that whoever created the ship name for simon snow and baz pitch from carry on thought that ‘snowbaz’ was a good one. like, you literally couldve made it 'snazlton’. snazzleton. that sounds so much coOLER. it couldve been shortened to snazz or snazzy or snazzle. that is so much beTter. i am disappointed in the creators. you had a chance, and you never took it.

still luv my bbs tho

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some sketch


Painting is not good