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Erode By> @ero-starrain

Meepy sans By> @thatlazyfoxgirl

G!sans & Plain G!sans By> @nyublackneko

Memory!Sans By> @undermemory

Melon!sans By> @missladytale

GZ tale sans By> @golzy

MF!sans  By> @burebu-luxiu

Sugar!sans By> @sugartalesans

Thugly!Sans By> @cursetale

Unnamed sans By> @f-leef

Swifty & Snazzy & Siren By> @extreme-op-wuff

Arrow sans By> Me @paint4234


some sketch


Painting is not good



Hey…snazzy is back kpop lovers hacking kpaaa with airport fashion appreciation posts!! Im starting with queen of fashion G DRAGON ! Love love love his outfits he looks good in ‘everything’ and how he mixes patterns and colors i love love love love it !!!!! I want him to be my stylist-snazzy✿ @snazzydea

(g dragon from bigbang)

NaJ Xahji :D She’s a student ready for success she’s the event planer, news paper editor with Swifty and idle she’s an active student on the go and she’s a fixer she even fixed swifty’s camera after the incident with Gans ;3 She has a crush on someone but it doesnt effect her much Kinda ship her with NaJ Snazzy but were scared fangirls are going to be mad with us *runs away* YOU’LL NEVER TAKE US ALIVE Swifty and snazzy by @extreme-op-wuff Idle by @reyindee NaJ by @blogthegreatrouge

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I had a headcanon about “The Omega Timeline” wich was originally created by @dokudoki featuring their Core Frisk

So my headcanon is if  a charactes that enters TOT for the first time would have to find a partner by just touching another character so that they will gain there thing called timeline wrist watch or else without them they can’t go anywhere and will be stuck in the TOT forever. If a character touches a character that already HAVE a timeline wrist watch, it won’t do any affect because the certain character already have a partner. 

Unlike two character being partners even three characters can be partners depended on if they are siblings or triplets. Despite Siren is the youngest, he and his older big brothers entered TOT when Siren was 1 year old. The three entered the TOT together and gain their watches together.


There will be more about the THe Omega Timeline soon. I’ll promise that i’ll update soon enough. Once i get my laptop properly working again.

Undertale by TF
The Omega Timeline by @dokudoki
The three characters by ME