There is therefore ample proof that Henry Tudor had been seriously considered as a candidate for the hand of Elizabeth long before the events of 1483 and the disappearance of her brothers.  It explains why Dr Morton, the Queen Dowager and the Duke of Buckingham accepted Henry as the obvious suitor for the heiress of Edward IV, tacitly recognizing his claim to the throne – which was why they followed Margaret’s lead in plotting against Richard from such an early stage.  Richard’s habitual absence from court indicates that he had known nothing of the proposed marriage and accounts for why he at first failed to identify Henry Tudor as his principal rival.
—  The Wars of the Roses by Desmond Seward

Negan in Every Episode» The Other Side
[This is Dr. Eugene Porter, Chief Engineer, speaking. I’m gonna need a dozen more walkers, a. k. a. “dead ones” in the local parlance, for expanding the fence protocol PDQ. Actually, PFQ. This is per Negan, who I also am, even if it takes all night to procure them, so I need able-bodied persons out there in the surrounding blocks of buildings snoopin’ and snatchin’, stat. Negan will be indisposed in the boudoir, so in the meantime, any questions should be directed to yours truly. Dr. Eugene Porter, Chief Engineer, also known as Negan, who I am.]

it’s 4am and all I can think about are those wings at bambam’s restaurant and how succulent those hoes looked…he shook popeyes..kfc…he been snatchin chicken from the bois his whole ass life so u kno his r good af bc every1 knos chicken that aint urs always tastes better. he’s a man who knos the value of some good ass chicken. when will I get my ten piece certified b’chill bbq wings..

Peter Parker? Gross!

Sure, Peter Parker is the cutest boy ever, but he has his moments. Who doesn’t? This is a list of all the gross things your boyfriend, Peter Parker, does. -A friendly reminder that not everybody is perfect, and that we all do the same disgusting things-

  • He’s a teenage boy! What do you expect?
  • “Babe, let’s go hang out in my room!”
  • Before you even step foot into his bedroom, you can smell something funky.
  • You open the door and it’s a total dump: clothes scattered everywhere, plates with rotting food on the ground and on his desk, his garbage can overflowing
  • “There is NO way I am going in there,” you say while plugging your nose
  • “But how are we gonna kiss without May catching us?”
  • Cue sad Peter trying to convince you with his endearing puppy eyes and frown
  • “Clean it and I’m all yours!”
  • Did you just see a rat scurry across his bedroom floor?

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To be honest, pilot John Watson looks as horny as a sexually deprived buffalo.

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John out for the hunt with shirt unbuttoned for more emphasis on his intentions, also undershirt visible the old-fashioned manly way to point at the raw unceremonious fuck that is promised

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The subtlety of platonic affection right there  *the beast inside me roars verses of eternal friendship*

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seriously what THE FUCK is this come to papa Sherly boy let’s see how accurate your deductions were

I mean, isn’t this frankly a little creepy like  he’s climbin in your windows
he’s snatchin your people up…

I think they were going to make John a five continents Watson instead of three but they eventually realised it was a bit too much, that’s why John now wears 5 jumpers and 3 jackets one over the other

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I have no idea why Yuta's so hot though? Like of course we've got Taeyong and his god-like features, Jaehyun and his prince-worthy handsomeness, Johnny and his daddyness, but Yuta?? Like he ain't ugly ofc, but why does he just exude sO MUCH FUCKING SEX APPEAL HE GETS ME SO HORNY ISTG I only ever cum when thinking about him and he's not even my bias wrecker I hate Naked Mole Toe Judas and his ability to get any girl's panties wet with one look.

like, idk how much time he spends in front of the mirror making those faces to himself, but he really fckin knows wut women want
liek— i guess that’s whut happens when u literally looked the exact same before and during puberty as now. u just been hot ur whole life and this is whut he was made for?

him when 16:

him the fuck now:

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he been snatchin bitches his entire existence…. 

ur choice of words got me cracking up


👑🔥🍾🥂 Lookit this fxckin dude. He really out here making moves & snatchin crowns like. I’m so happy for him. I can practically feel his excitement & happiness for this moment. Having to keep it quite all this time that he was in talks w/them to sign on, wow👏🏽 I hope Chase gets signed as a producer. Honestly tho, OMG. I’m ready to get sappy but imma wait for him first 👀