Joe’s (all-too-rare) moments of happiness. (Halt and Catch Fire 3x07)

For @halapipita :-)

Sought and Snatched (Part 9)

You and Spencer Reid work as profilers for the BAU. You have been in some sort of relationship for a while. When a case brings you to Chandler, Arizona to find a serial Valentine’s Day killer, you find that you look a lot like the victims.  When you become a victim, will Reid and the team be able to find you before it’s too late?

A/N: So, technically it is still Thursday (where I live at least). I’m sorry this is so late. But please enjoy and I swear, shit’s about to go down.

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My friend was looking at pictures of Spencer Reid while on the phone with me.
  • Friend:Is he gay for the black man?
  • Me:A lot of people seem to think so.
  • Friend:So yes?
  • Me:They are just friends.
  • Friend:I don't buy it.
  • Friend:*spams our chat with Moreid pictures*

Rebecca Black (aka The Goddess of Bops) is back!!!!