Hey guys its saf n uuuh i think its just best for me to delete this blog tbvvh it takes up wayy to much of my time n it like a terrible outlet for when i have my emo moments. Like me typing out 25 words then deleting it just…isnt gonna magically change my mood ya feel n like imma take this opportunity to live my dang life instead of just sitting inside 24/7 smashin like n reblog. Truthfully besides the funny ass memes n A1 interactions with all of u I gain nothing from this site ( they still dont pay us thts wild. )🚶🏾 If ya’ll still wanna hmu lol n like message me if u want my kakao/line/snap/ig

also snatch game rules confuse me??? Like apparently you’re not allowed to impersonate characters but like… when bob impersonated uzo aduba, she was clearly impersonating uzo’s character from OITNB, when jaidynn impersonated raven symone, it was clearly an impersonation of  thats so raven, and i feel like when dela impersonated maggie smith, she was just doing one of maggie smith characters cause the couple interviews I watched of Maggie Smith, she sure as hell wasn’t acting like that lmao. 

(Like why didn’t Max say she was just gonna impersonate colleen ballinger but than just do a miranda sings impression???? )

anyway i sound dumb so ignore this. 

Namjoon is a very respectful prince whose only fault is that he is absolutely horrible at taking care of himself. His parents have arranged a marriage between him and the neighboring kingdom’s prince, Seokjin, who helps Namjoon however he can. They become friends and become closer, until Namjoon is snatched away by a person of your choice! It’s up to Super Prince Seokjin to rescue Namjoon

no shade but my prediction for snatch game is for farrah moan to crash and burn unless she does a character that also speaks completely monotone