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Bendy had had a lucrative day animating a new short film. Aside from his hobbies for casual snooping and forging, he wasn’t much. After a bit of reading and some signature practice, he checked the calendar to confirm his date with cuphead the next day and went to sleep in security.

Title: Vodka Chaser
Pairing: Dylan x Thomas
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,612
Notes: I haven’t written any fanfic in almost two years, so this is major. Um, yeah, I hope you enjoy! :P
Dylan invites himself for a nightcap, and then forgets to leave.

You have a girlfriend.

Thomas kept reminding himself of this, as if, somehow, those four words would make some kind of difference. They wouldn’t, they hadn’t, and they never did. He sat, knees pulled up to his chest, watching the other man from across the room. Caught up in a conversation with Ki Hong, Dylan wasn’t paying attention, too busy laughing and joking. So Thomas took the opportunity to observe him, dark eyes following his every move, a soft smile curving onto his lips. He was well practised in this now, keeping his gaze fixed upon his friend without ever being noticed.

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I wanna see GOM + Kagami + Takao's reactions to s/o showing them a mini figure shaped after them and telling them she likes it more than him.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would let out a sigh as he tells you you’re making a poor choice, but if that was how you were going to be, he would be sure to find a new significant other to fill the hole you left him with in his heart.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine huffs and tells you that you have to be messing with him, snatching the mini figure out of your hand and staring at it, telling you it look far too grumpy to be him.

Kise Ryouta: Kise lets out a gasp as he admires his figure, nodding his head as he tells you he, too, would’ve chosen the mini figure over him just based on how beautiful it is.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko would be fascinated by the mini-figure in your hand, leaning over to stare at it for a few seconds before he realizes you told him you liked it more, causing him to be a bit put off and confused by your statement.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would glare at the smaller version of himself, irritated that mini-him managed to steal your heart far quicker than he did.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara stares at you with wide eyes, mouth gaping as he tries to process the fact you’re leaving him for a smaller version of himself, before snatching it away, prepared to hide it away forever.


Kagami Taiga: Kagami thinks you’re joking at first, but when you show him the mini figure shaped like him, he scowls and says that a copy would never stand up to the real thing.

Takao Kazunari: Takao would comment that his small that his smaller self was pretty cool, but says he’s willing to fight with the little guy for his affection if he’s trying to steal you away from him.

Fifty quid and milkshakes.

Rating: PG-13 // R ???

Warnings: Swearing, smut. (sexual content)

Category: Luke Imagine?

You get a raise and discover his new kink.


Your headlights flash as you lock your car doors.

Today you had gotten tipped fifty, for no reason.
You would love to say that your service was just that great, although you were leaning more towards a random act of kindness, seeing as the coffee and biscuit they bought was nearly 5 pounds.

You could care less about their reasoning, you were up 72 pound, just from tips.
You figured you could do something nice for yourself soon, maybe buy a new pair of trainers or something.

Although for now you were parked outside your boyfriend - Luke’s - house.

You rang the doorbell twice, leaning up against the pillar and swinging your left foot over your right to wait.

After a few mumbled voices and the distinct ‘Get the door Luke!’ shout from Liz the door swung open, Lucas sat behind it grinning.

“Hi baby, what’re you doing here?” He gestured for you to come in, shutting the door behind you.

“I thought we could go out for milkshakes or something?” You suggested.

In all honesty you had no plans, and nothing set up for tonight.
You had left your flat within 10 minutes of being there, only changing your clothes to leave again.

“Yeah, sure. You’re still coming to Cal’s for movie night Friday, right?” He stumbled over his legs in an attempt to put on a pair of vans.

“Yup I am.” You smiled.

“Not that I don’t love seeing you, but don’t you usually go to y/f/n’s house after work?” A blush crept onto your cheeks when he said he 'loved’ seeing you.

“I do, but some bloke gave me a few extra quid and I thought I’d come see you.” You coughed at the end, grinning.

“Let’s go.” You nod your head at the door.


After milkshakes and burgers the two of you had returned to your flat to watch a movie, not to mention the 3rd fatherly lecture on how you need to call your parents.

Saying that maybe being emancipated wasn’t the route for you. You disliked being alone for long.

“Babe.” You whined, turning towards Luke in the middle of an action scene.

The two of you were watching the Avengers - which you had seen twice - and you were bored.

Luke showed no interest in you, his attention fully captured by the fighting superheroes on the screen.

You sighed again, you hated being bored when Luke was enjoying himself, you felt like you should just focus on him being happy.

Although this time was different, you were still excited about having a few extra pounds to spend.

You sighed and attempted to focus on the movie playing, succeeding for nearly five minutes until your boredom dawned on you again.

This time instead of pestering Luke you stood up from the sofa and escaped into the kitchen to find something to eat.

The refrigerator had a few fruits and vegetables, some cheese and a few condiments, the freezer containing nothing more.

The cupboards had a few snacks, you weren’t really in the mood for any popcorn, and Luke didn’t like when it got stuck in his teeth.

No sandwiches, no crackers, nothing seemed appealing to you.

Until - “Jackpot.” You smiled.

Your guilty pleasure, candy.
You loved all forms, a major sweet tooth ran in your family.

You pulled out a variety bag, shuffling through it for the right treat.

You pull out a few mini candy bars, some maltesers and a few lollies and stuff the bag back into the cupboard.

Luke blinks down at the candy you spill onto the coffee table, flickering his eyes to yours for a split second and then returning to the movie.

You sit down with your back against the armrest, legs swung across Luke’s lap and retrieve a peach lolly from the table.

Luke snatches a mini candy bar, eyes never leaving the screen as he pops it in his mouth.

You unwrap the lolly and pop it in your mouth, returning your attention to the movie again.

You play with the sucker in your mouth, swirling it around, popping it off your lips every few minutes as well.

It was a habit of yours, you always play with things when they get in your mouth, in the least dirtiest way.

Like, if you finish your ice cream you’ll usually just suck on the spoon for a bit, or lick it clean.

You can’t help it though, it isn’t your fault you like to move.

After placing a few kitten licks to the tip you suck on the lollipop, hollowing out your cheeks.

You pop off the sucker and place the tip of your tongue over it, swirling around the sweet and licking it again.

It takes you nearly 2 minutes to notice Luke glancing over to you every few seconds.

You catch his eyes, holding contact as you flick your tongue over the tip, eliciting a groan from Luke as he tips his head back slightly.

His eyes are hooded as you take the lolly in your mouth and suck, and his lips part barely at the sight.

You swing your legs off his lap and stand up, hearing him whine as you trot into the kitchen.

You throw away your sucker and smile, walking back into the other room.

Without saying anything you stop in front of Luke, slowly dropping to your knees without breaking eye contact.

He watches as you drag your fingers up his leg, silently pleading for you to make a move.

You decide to tease him and trail your fingers, feather light across his growing bulge.

His breathing quickens and you smirk, realizing Luke hasn’t passed second base with you.

You lean your head down and place a kiss to his member, still covered by his jeans.

Slowly, you pop the button and drag the zipper down, Luke watching you intently.

He raises his hips as you tug his jeans down to his ankles.

You place your palm flat against his bulge and press lightly against him through his boxers, earning another groan from him.

You begin to palm him, tugging at his clothed length every other stroke.

“God damn it baby, please.” His hands find his way to your hair and you look up at him.

“Please what, Lukey?” You ask innocently.

He creases his eyebrows and looks down at you, whining.

“Y/N.” He drags out your name.

You adjust yourself so that you’re more straddling the floor now, apposed to sitting on your knees.

“Lukey, I just want -” you place a kiss to his inner thigh, near his knee, “- to make my baby happy. You can help me make you happy right?” you ask.

You place another trail of kisses along his thighs, and he nods slowly.

“How?” He asks quietly.

“If there’s anything… else, or more you want from me you can tell me, okay baby?” You can tell he’s still slightly confused and you continue.

“Any, kinks,” you push his boxers up his leg on his left leg, sucking on his inner thigh, near his sex.

He groans, head falling back.

“Yeah, okay.” He says, pausing to think.

You drags his boxers down his legs and to his ankles, allowing his length to spring free against his stomach.

“Shirt.” You tug on his singlet and he quickly dispenses of it, throwing it across the floor.

You raise back onto your knees and trail open-mouth kisses down his happy trail.

Your hot breath fans over his member and his breath hitches, fisting the cushions beside him.

You lightly kiss his balls, finding a certain spot along the side and sucking gently.

“I -god,” he says, “I might like it when you do that.”

You smile, kitten licking at them again.

“And, and I might - um,” his cheeks turn red and he doesn’t make eye contact.

“Yeah, baby?” You ask.

“I might have a, maybe a bit of a -” His eyes flicker to yours for seconds before he looks away, embarrassed, “daddy kink.”

You lick a stripe along the underside of his shaft, flicking the head with your tongue, and he moans.

You place your lips around his tip, and as apposed to how gentle you’ve been you catch him off guard by sucking, hard.

“Fuck.” His voice is low yet quiet as you suck harder at his now swollen tip.

“Does daddy like that?” You bat your eyelashes up at him, kissing down the side of his length.

“Yeah, yeah baby daddy loves it. You’re doing so good.” You trail your teeth along the ridge of his member ever so lightly and he groans.

“You look so pretty on your knees for me darling, can you suck?” He asks, his voice deep.

“Yes, daddy.” You blow cold air right against his tip and he sucks in a quick breath.

You slowly place your lips around his tip, hollowing out your cheeks and sucking, slowly sliding down his length.

You pull back up, swirling your tongue around his tip and sucking back down.

Your hand finds it’s way to his balls and you squeeze them, eliciting a moan from him.

Your head begins bobbing up and down his shaft faster and faster, coaxing Luke to his high.

Luke’s hand tangles itself in your hair and he tugs gently, moans and short breaths filling the room of your flat.

“I’m - shit I’m close baby.” He trips over his words and throws his head back, hips bucking into you as his come shoots down your throat.

You swallow, popping off his length and giving it a few light tugs to guide him through his high as he sighs.

Wiping off your mouth, you pull his boxers up his legs, asking him gently to raise his hips so they can sit normally.

After he comes back a bit he places a kiss to your lips, nose scrunching in distaste.

“You taste like come.” He whines, and you laugh at the child that is your boyfriend.

“You’re the one that came in my mouth.” You laugh and his cheeks turn bright red, hiding his face in your neck.

“Shut up, you can’t say that.” He groans.

You laugh, although it’s short lived as you realize it’s almost ten and Luke’s mum is expecting Luke home soon.

“Baby, you need to leave.” You sigh.

Luke looks up at you, pouting.

“Okay.” He sighs.


You watch as Luke opens his car door, turning back to place a kiss to your lips.

“Bye baby, see you Friday.” He winks, jogging up to his house.

“Twat.” You laugh.


Pet names are kinda my thing.


I thought we were out of vanilla, so I snatched up this mini size on sale for .60 cents. Then Nick pulled out the granddaddy gallon of vanilla extract. I think they’re bonding. Cute, huh?