snatch is a good movie

If anyone in my feed promotes or talks good about that new Amy Schumer movie, “Snatched”, I will unfollow you so fast.

Human trafficking is not a joke. This movie is making light of a truly horrific epidemic of our times and pushing out more misconceptions than truths. Don’t go see it. Don’t let it make any money. Please, I beg you, as the daughter of someone who works in a home for the victims of human trafficking.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm really sad, do you have any movies I should watch?

here are some suggestions for movies that are all pretty different but can always cheer me up, I hope that one of them sounds like something that could make you feel better!

what we do in the shadows fantastic funny and clever vampire mockumentary 

robot & frank often overlooked touching movie with a lot of charming moments, it’s a bit slow though 

airplane! good old 1980s comedy with leslie nielsen, it’s perfect

intouchables if you haven’t seen it already, it has so much heart and good vibes it’s one of those movies that leave you with a smile on your face

hot fuzz has rad moments combined with hilarious moments combined with action, if you want that with zombies, go for shaun of the dead

rain man great classic with a lot of serious but also heartwarming moments

the lego movie trust me, it’s great and SO MUCH FUN to watch

snatch really good fast paced crime movie with extremely witty dialogue and a rad vibe

guardians of the galaxy if you like marvel, science fiction, action, jokes and a movie that seems to have as much fun with itself as the viewers have watching it

dead snow 2 over the top gore, ridiculous, surprisingly good, funny, and incredibly entertaining if you’re into that sort of thing

the grand budapest hotel oozes charm and is fantastically put together

zoolander a over the top comedy about male models, enough said

the truman show it’s a drama but it always makes me feel good, jim carrey’s best role in my opinion, its incredibly good and one of my personal favorites

napoleon dynamite silly and weird but in the best way imaginable