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fic:  Where Do You Go? (1/?)

Title: Where Do You Go? (1/?)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Relationship: Liam Dunbar/Theo Raeken
Characters: Theo Raeken, Liam Dunbar 
Summary:  Theo needs a shower. 

(Takes place a few weeks after the Anuk-Ite is defeated.)
Rating: T
Tags: Post-canon, Character Study, Sharing Clothes, Touch Starvation
Chapter Title: “He was pointing at the moon…”

Read under the cut or on AO3. Also, there is a [Part 2].

So where do you go
Oh, whenever you disappear
I can’t seem to find you when you slip into the night
So where do you go
I wanna follow you down, down
Down where your secrets hide
Won’t you let me inside?

— Flor, “ Where Do You Go?

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