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If you didn’t hate Amy Schumer before this, maybe this will make you rethink a little.
Snatched was filmed in my little country, Ecuador (South America). Not many people care or even know about us but we are known for our beautiful Galápagos Islands and beaches, and mountains. Amy Schumer made a movie about HER being kidnapped in one of our cities. This, as you may understand, gives ECUADOR a bad rep. WE LIVE OFF TOURISM. Miss Schumer is already a bad person, and this makes me dislike her more. Please don’t watch this movie. And please come to Ecuador, it’s a beautiful country UPDATE! Pls help me with my fundraiser… THANK U .
Rupert Grint: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me
Rupert Grint shares 25 things you may not know about him with Us Weekly — read more

1. I can carve almost anything into the end of a crayon: William Shakespeare, the Statue of Liberty, Gordon Ramsay wearing a fez. Anything!

2. I am definitely a nocturnal creature. I am not a morning person.

3. I currently wear a baseball cap with cross-eyes stitched on the front. It really creeps people out.

4. I like hats. It was an early ambition of mine to be a hat designer.

5. I can’t tell time on analog clocks. The purpose of the big hand and the little hand has never come naturally to me.

6. I’ve never attempted any extreme sports, and I consider running short distances an extreme sport.

7. I am an ambassador for the children’s charity Starlight.

8. My guilty pleasures are Costco pizza and watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

9. I wanted to be an ice cream man when I was younger. So when I was finally old enough to get my driver’s license, I bought an ice cream truck. In hindsight, it wasn’t the most practical first vehicle.

10. I carried the torch for the London 2012 Olympic Games. And now I use it to store pens.

11. My phone screen saver is a painting of my dog.

12. My dog is named after Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

13. I stole Harry Potter’s door number from his house on Privet Drive.

14. My nickname used to be “Poop” because it sounds like “Rupe.”

15. My favorite artist is David Shrigley.

16. My lucky charm is a fake Cher driver’s license.

17. When I was 5, my school asked me to write to media mogul Rupert Murdoch to ask for a donation to fix the pool, their logic being, as we shared a first name, he’d feel more personally invested. It was never repaired.

18. My favorite book is Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

19. I like to watch Bollywood movies.

20. My karaoke song is anything by Oasis.

21. My favorite television shows are Brass Eye and The OA.

22. The best thing I own is a musical Alessi kettle.

23. While I was filming Snatch on a street in England, a guy gave me a five-pack of socks that he designed.

24. I want to visit Canada to see a narwhal. I’m not sure they exist until I see one.

25. I can’t dance. My body won’t allow me to.

Film No. 6 - SNATCH - 2000 - Guy Ritchie

“Do you know what "nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt… me". - Brick Top

Today was the first time that I’d watched this film. And i wasn’t dissapointed.

I think the way I would describe Guy Ritchie is the 'British Tarantino’. Ridiculously complicated plotlines, lots of blood, lots of dying but most importantly, lots of laughs.

Tarantino and Ritchie’s films aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve enjoyed the likes of Lock Stop… or Reservoir Dogs, then you definitely won’t be dissapointed by Snatch.

The story follows the paths of different groups of London-based 'crimesters’, centering around one 84 carat diamond and an underground illegal boxing organisation. The characters include Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham) - a pair of unscrupulous underground boxing promoters, a collection of supposedly Jewish jewellers, Russian gangsters, violent bookmakers and incompetent amateur robbers.

All of these characters’ lives must in someway overlap and interconnect in their quest to track down the infamous, flawless diamond. 

The stand out aspect of this film has to be the brilliant story and colourful characters. There are far too many to write about fully but if I could pick one it has to be the Irish gypsy bare-knuckle boxer Micky, played by Brad Pitt. (By the way, if you’re Irish and easily offended, be warned that the Irish are mocked throughout this film… the word pikey is a common feature so yeah… take it light heartedly). Micky has a thick, dirty and almost unintelligible Irish accent which, mixed with the cockney coming from the other characters makes for a lot of loss in translation. No characters in the film have a huge part - (Brad Pitt is probably only on screen for no longer than twenty minutes) - but when he is on screen he shines.

The direction and camera work is also brilliant. There’s a lot of really interesting shots and different techniques used which made it really enjoyable to watch from a  'film-buff’ point of view. If you don’t care about all that 'cinematography bullshit’ then you might still enjoy the way the fight scenes are filmed. Ritchie uses a stop/pause/go effect which makes the fight scenes engaging and easy to watch. 

This film is also laugh-out-loud funny. It’s got the one-liners we’ve come to expect from the likes of Vinnie Jones and the stupid gags that have only got better since Lock Stop - the squeeky dog is a particular highlight.

This, in my opinion, is British Cinema at it’s best. 

Snatch is currently #112 in the IMDB ratings with a rating of 8.3

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“The world needs a really great comedy ASAP”


              Rough Night is the latest comedy starring Scarlett Johansson as a bride-to-be who goes out with her longtime friends, played by Jillian Bell, Zoe Kravitz, Ilana Glazer, and Kate McKinnon, to Miami to have the best bachelorette party ever. After hiring a stripper to come to their place and accidentally killing him, the coked-up friends much work together to resolve the situation before anyone finds out. It has been a very long time since we had a great straight-up comedy. It’s the third time this summer that a comedy releases that has the potential to be the next comedy event but fails on its execution. While Rough Night is a funnier film than Snatched or Baywatch, cliché writing and unnecessary drama drag this comedy down to be simply okay.

              There are four plotlines going on in this film; the dead stripper main story, the jealous friend conflict, a misunderstanding of the groom incorrectly assuming their spouse is cheating on them, and a last-minute crime subplot involving stolen diamonds. Every time the movie cuts to anything besides the main story of the dead stripper, everything becomes cliché and predictable. The jealous friend storyline between Jillian Bell and Scarlett Johansson and the sudden crime twist needs to be completely ditched for more room for the main story to expand. Also, the first half of the plotline with the groom, played by Paul W. Downs, worrying with his best men about his future wife cheating on him needed to be cut too. All that his film needed was completely focus on the dead stripper main story and possibly the second half of the groom storyline where he is jacked up on adrenaline and energy drinks as he drives down to Miami. Rough Night could have been the comedy event of the summer if it has more focus and fewer cliché elements.

              Now that the critical story development segment is addressed, let me back up and go into the main purpose of seeing this movie; is it funny? I had my fair share of good laughs throughout the movie. There are some really funny moments that land, while unfortunately also having some failed comedic parts too. The entire movie is very hit and miss in both what you will find funny and the performances of the main actresses. While I found Scarlett Johansson to be fine in the movie as the more down-to-earth character, my other family members who I saw it with found her to be terrible and miscast in the role. Some people will also find Jillian Bell’s character to be the funniest one while others will find her irritating. The overall comedic tone throughout goes back and forth from being really funny to be pretty lame. Personally, I found the movie to have more laughs than groans.

              The biggest problem with the movie is how much it plays it safe with its dark material. Especially near the end when all is revealed, everything wraps up in a nice bow thanks to the convenient and typical writing. There are moments that push the bar that truly do work, but the movie needed to keep going with its dark moments to fully succeed with its premise. I’m not asking for a depressing ending by any means, but the way everything wraps up feels like a very Hollywoodize happy ending. There’s a precise moment where the humor is completely ditched in favor of developing the main characters’ friendships and making everything about their situation turn in their favor. The filmmakers are so afraid of offended their audiences that they restrict themselves from delivering a hilariously dark movie.  I truly believe that this could have been the next big comedy if the filmmakers took more of a risk in delivering something that audiences haven’t seen before for the sake of comedy.

              I really ache for a truly well-made and hysterical comedy. It might appear that I’m bashing Rough Night for not being that great comedy that I want, but it does have a mediocrity to it that needs to be fixed. Just basing my recommendation on the film, itself, it would make for a really fun rental. The movie does have some really big laughs and some surprising moments that I didn’t see coming, but it never reaches that level of having to see it in a theater. The movie doesn’t damage anyone involved but it also doesn’t help them either. Plenty of enjoyment to have with Rough Night, but not enough quality to be worth seeing it right away.



Just saw the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie with my folks on a whim. It was… interesting. Total rubbish from an Arthurian legend standpoint, great from an action movie standpoint, super fun as a Guy Richie film. (Think Snatch meets Game of Thrones meets 300.) And the soundtrack was something else.

In related news, now I want to watch all kinds of high fantasy now.