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Julia you’re conquering my crushes
u sure ur not an imperialist

manicdepressivebaeddel asked:

If I were dating you, then besides the obvious of me pinning down and tickling you, I would be the cutest partner ever. I'd compliment you like errrrry day and we would hold hands and sneak cute kisses and play tabletop rpg's together and and yeah. It'll be cute and queer and hella rad

-swoon- You had me at sneaking kisses and Tabletop games.  I am thoroughly in support of your idea. 

snarkybimarxist replied to your post: Everyone’s so well read here, I’m still just on…

Don’t feel bad, absorb everything you can while reading. Don’t worry about where others are as much as focus on yourself. And once you are done reading something, read it a second time, a third time, a tenth time!! And also, I’m not that well read either.

Awesome advice, thanks! Spending a lot of time going back over Imperialism really helped me understand it better.