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Lila Kathlene DMAB Bigender (gender switch between trans-girl and non-binary) looking for a couch to crash on in the Tampa, Florida area.  I’ll be heading down this weekend sometime via Greyhound most likely from Atlanta, I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be needing a place.  I have to get out of Georgia because I’ve failed out of college and cannot face my parents in the closet anymore.  I will need a couch to stay on while I get on my feet and hopefully can kind of start over.  I won’t be able to bring my truck with me as it is in my parent’s name still, so will need a ride from wherever I am at the time to the house.  I swear I’m not a bother, I will be content with whatever, I don’t have any dietary restrictions, and of course am willing to clean and help out around the house as well as getting and maintaining a house.  One important thing to note, I do have a bad panic/anxiety disorder, and it has been flaring up during this time do to the extreme circumstances.  Somebody please get back to me soon…not trying to sound demanding I swear, I just need to know how to plan the Greyhound ride.  

my phone number is 706-992-8943, and my email is and snarkybimarxist is my tumblr

With desperation and love, 

Lila Kathlene