snarky wizard

anonymous asked:

Prompts for an evil and really snarky wizard and the girl he's fighting (who he has a grudging crush on)?

Hello there! Try these out:

  • “Honestly, could you stop being so insufferable for two seconds? You are throwing off my concentration.”
  • She laughed and danced out of the way of his spell, and immediately took a second to the face.

Hope those help you out!



Person A finally meets Person B, who has been stalking them. Scared, Person A stabs Person B in the chest. Nothing happens, though, because Person B is an angel.

Person A tells a friend that they are looking for a flatmate, and said friend just so happens to know someone else (Person B) who is also looking for a flatmate.

Person A is a snarky wizard who decides to pick a fight with Person B. Unbeknownst to Person A, Person B is a prince whose father absolutely loathes magic.

Person A gets trapped in a time loop that continuously kills their brother in varying ways, caused by Person B.

Person A is a well-known detective, and Person B is a man who sponsors criminals to create crimes that challenge person A.