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How I feel about this character: My reason for sticking with OUAT as long as I did.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Emma

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Killian and Baelfire.

My unpopular opinion about this character: A little whiny at times but I still enjoyed his character

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: that he had lived and that him and Emma were the ones that got married and got that happy ending

Knee-Jerk Review: 5.12 Souls of the Departed

Trying something new for post episode meta just a quick initial reaction review. For new followers I ship CS, I am Regina neutral-ish and I LOVE to hate Rumple. Neal gets no love in this. Any really anti stuff will be tagged. 

Full disclosure I spoiled myself for this one by reading a write up by someone that saw a screener. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it much because of that read through but I actually found myself really digging it. As a 100th episode it had lots of cameos but didn’t feel overly forced or even smaltzy which I actually liked. Maybe for 200 they can do a musical episode though? 

We opened with Neal and the bug. I loved the scenery for that shot and the vividness of the colors and the return of the Swanfire theme got me a little nostalgic; mostly because it’s a beautiful piece of music. I am still not on board with Neal continually coming out of things smelling like a rose though. I don’t need an argument or recriminations I just want them to be real about what Emma and Neal were at the end. But I guess nobody speaks ill of the dead….except me….

Neal (on screen): I don’t have unfinished business
Me (in my PJs on my couch surrounded by people): Because you had no real life goals and a lack of moral compass and thus no regrets?
Neal: I’m happy where I am.
Me: With Tamara the woman you were engaged too and in love with or…? 
Neal: How is our son?
Me (whispering): Did you forget his name?

Literally these were the words that came out of my mouth. But I get it Neal is dead and his character is really only there for the warning. Which gave me pause. Who sent him? How does he know to warn her? Favorite part was the big red sign that said “Revelation” right over the bug. Subtle.  

Emma wakes up in the boat and tells not a soul about her revelation. Methinks her walls have rebuilt themselves a bit. 

Gotta love that the show doesn’t even bother to explain the “why” of the Underworld looking like Storybrooke. Rumple just Jedi mind tricks them into asking another question which he also kind of sidesteps. I think Adam and Eddy wishes we could be so easily put off. I found it interesting that Rumple said “this” Underworld because it implies others. Not that I think they will address that. It’s just an interesting word choice to me. Also Rumple’s snark was on point this episode. It’s good to have you back Rumple! I missed you! 

Quick everyone split up because we haven’t seen a single horror movie ever. And seeing obvious henchman leads us to the flashback! (sidenote you think Regina remembers killing him?) 

Random Question: What does Snow White smell like that’s so distinctive? Bird poop probably…

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