snarky heroines

gnolley  asked:

Sorry if this has already been asked a million times (probably likely) but are you going to write more for KiT? Because I super loved them, and I'm already creating theories about the story. Also do you have a place with all your writing somewhere for people to read?

hi! np, hasn’t been asked! 

i probably will write more about kit (because really, there’s no way i can let go of them and their yet unnamed sorcerer now that i’ve established dragon hearing aids in their world), but i’m going to wait to do so until i’ve finished my current project, To Hear Destiny Calling (also about a snarky heroine and an agender knight, but like, they’re totally different. definitely 100%). after that i’ll start thinking about kit getting another short story or, uh, a longer short story

ahem. did i answer the question yet? i rambled, but i think i did. cool.

i think most of my stories/etc posted on tumblr can be found under the my writing tag, except for the stuff that isn’t under the my writing tag and can instead be found on @softlyintothemist, which is mostly poetry and short prose that’s pretending to be deep/clever/emotional and is probably not what you’re looking for (that’s why it has been shunned from the main blog). writing stuff that isn’t stories can be found in the Abi Presents Weird Niche Fantasy Idea Once Again tag, which you might enjoy. i certainly enjoy them, but your mileage may vary, especially if you have an unusually small dragon.

so, uh… i intensely over-answered this, but thank you for asking! this put a huge grin on my face <3