anonymous asked:

I have been wondering about this but what do you think it is about Adam that Ronan finds so appealing enough to lead to a crush.

That’s a bit of an interesting question, anon, since one could argue that in most cases where one has a friend they find attractive, a crush of some size is likely to happen. And for all their snarkage at each other, the two are friends. But, if I had to guess what Ronan finds attractive about Adam, I’d imagine it’s his strength even when he’s shattering to pieces. Ronan’s very drawn to control and power (see Kavinsky, Gansey), likely because he himself doesn’t feel like he has any. Adam has lived through things the others can’t even imagine, and yet he still perseveres. Is top of their class, works himself to the bone, and (as frustrating as it probably also is) takes nothing from no one. It’s a very appealing trait, if also partly related to why he is collapsing.