Same basic armor set: Clovis Snaregrin (a female charr) is wearing the level 15 version (plus a mask, gloves and shoes), Random!Norn is wearing the level 5 version, but it’s the same skin. I love the game, but the human/norn/sylvari female armor options are frankly embarrassing, especially light armor (the starting light armor for humans/norns is lingerie. Not even joking: there’s a garter, for fuck’s sake). And that’s not even touching the “phyisque” options, or rather, lack of same.

In case it occurs to anyone to ask why all my characters are charr.

So Clovis Snaregrin joined the Nightmare Court, reckoning that the unparalleled fashion sense was worth some prerequisite animal cruelty. Plus, after The Incident With The Cats In Beetletun, she was halfway there already.

Seriously, though, this armor is the only reason to get a light armor class character to level 80. It even looks great with Clovis’s preferred color scheme (annoying purple and orange. MESMERS).